Jan 112018

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The Amity Spartans were on the road in North Haven for a meet against the Hornets on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

Undefeated Amity won this one 95-77, improving their record to 4-0.
Amity’s Winning Events
200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:46.60 Tyler Roy, Ray Lu, Kevin Yanagisawa, Colin Roy
200-yard Freestyle: A- 1:51.80 Arsenio Bustos
200 Ind. Medley: A-2:10.48 Tyler Roy
50 Freestyle: A-23.72 Kevin Yanagisawa
Diving: A- 189.30 Uranik Klobucishta
100-yard Butterfly: A- 54.91 Arsenio Bustos
100 Freestyle: A- 48.92 Colin Roy
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:35.46 Arsenio Bustos, Blake Wetter, Shiva Gowda, Tyler Roy,
North Haven’s winning events
500-yard Freestyle: NH- 5:11.94 Will McCleer
100-yard Backstroke: NH- 1:03.14 Will McCleery
100-yard Breaststroke: NH- 1:09.48 Carlo Frunzio
400-yard Freestyle Relay: NH- 3:50.62 John Stoeffler, Will McCleery, Thomas O’Connor, Carlo Frunzio
Record: Amity 4-0

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