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Jan 122018

Amity Swim team member Tyler Roy is not only an excellent athlete but now you can add underwater photographer to his resume.

On Friday evening I attended the Amity vs Cheshire swim meet at the Orange Town Pool.

I had recently purchased a small “point and shoot” camera that has many nice features, perhaps the best being that it is waterproof.

I asked coach Todd Rainey if one of the boys could take some underwater photos for me while the team was warming up. At first, he sort of looked at me like I was nuts, but, I assured him that it was waterproof and Yes, I meant to bring it into the pool, put it underwater and do the best he could.

You will NEVER see me in a bathing suit taking photos for Orange Live, but once I figure out a way to get it done, you will be seeing more underwater photos in the future from the actual Amity swim meets. In the meantime, enjoy these photos by Tyler Roy.


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