Feb 022018

How do you feel about the sub-freezing temperatures tonight? The biting cold making you want to scream as you rush from your car to your warm home.

Well, imagine not having a car or a home or a warm place to sleep.

About 20 young people, ages 10-18 are experiencing  what it’s like to be homeless tonight inside cardboard boxes in front of the Orange Congregational Church for the annual “Freeze Out.”

This year the event is a fundraiser to benefit the Columbus House.

The youth and their adult advisors are taking shifts outside in the freezing 14-degree air to spend time in the cardboard boxes. When they are not outside, they participate in activities indoors, including learning about police work during a visit from Orange Officer Chris Brown and his K9 Loki.

If you would like to help the youth group raise money for the cause, you may stop by the church overnight or in the morning and drop off a check or cash to help those who have nothing.


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