May 242018

The sneaky little *$%#@!~S that have been breaking into cars in Orange struck again, this time in large volumes.

According to one resident, 10 cars were targeted on Carriage Drive on Tuesday night.

Another resident added that a few cars on Peck Lane also were “hit” last night, And one on Christian Circle last week.

Carriage Drive is located off of Nan Drive and Orange Center Road, closer to the center of town than the previously targeted neighborhoods. (Like we said, it can happen anywhere.)

Peck Lane, which runs between the Boston Post Road and Pine Tree Drive, also intersects with one of the earlier targeted roads, Currier Drive.

The interest in this subject is so strong and the cooperation we’re getting from the community is wonderful and hopefully helping others by raising awareness.

No matter where you live, remember this! Once again: “Lock your car doors. Keep valuables out of sight, or even better take them with you. And If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to call the Orange Police Department immediately at 203-891-2130.”

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