Aug 022018

Mika the tiny 7-pound “minpin” that ran away from the home of his Orange caregiver while his family was on vacation, has been found!

He was on Forest Road in Milford, not far from where many people spotted him yesterday (on Burnt Plains Road).

His frantic family, who drove all the way back home from Virginia once they learned that he ran away, had just pulled off the thruway when they got a call that he was in a driveway in the area where his caregivers had searched all day.

His family went straight there and called for him — Mika literally jumped right into their arms.

Best Reunion Ever!

Thank you to everyone who stopped their cars when they saw him running along the side of the road and kept track of his whereabouts.

Orange and Milford united in this Lost Dog Tale. We’re all so happy that this one had such an incredibly happy ending.

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