Aug 102018

A lonely little giraffe snuggle blanket was found at the Orange Firemen’s Carnival on Sunday, Aug. 5, and one Orange Police Lieutenant wants to return it to its child.

The CERT members call it a “Wubbie”, others may call it a “Blankie”, while my granddaughter would have called it a “Neigh-Neigh.”

Whatever you may call it, it’s been found and Police Lt. Heather LaRock has taken it under her wing for safe keeping until you come and get it.

As mothers (and grandmothers) we know that the loss of a special friend like this little guy can be devastating for a child, who will undoubtedly lose sleep tonight without their buddy.

If it belongs to your child, or you know whose it is, call the Orange Police Department at 203-891-2130 to claim it.

The Orange Police Department is located at 314 Lambert Road, just off of the Boston Post Road (behind the Orange Fire Station #2)

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