Nov 202018

High Schools Across the state are canceling their traditional Thanksgiving Day Football Games due to the subfreezing temperature forecast.

Although some people may be disappointed in the news, I, for one am relieved that I’ll be able to stay for the entire game on Wednesday evening when it will be played in 40+ degree weather, rather than shivering through a couple of quarters on a frigid Thursday morning and being forced to leave because my fingers and toes would feel like they’re going to fall off.

What does it mean for everyone who planned on going to the game on Thursday morning? Well, our Spartans will be able to play their best and we won’t have to worry about Kim, the trainer, having to treat frozen extremities while these athletes battle it out on the field.

Also, it will give families more quality time together, and perhaps time to think about what they are grateful for.

Thanksgiving Day games are tradition, and I wouldn’t want to see it changed every year, but under the circumstances, I think that the decision to switch it to Wednesday evening is wise and in the best interest of the fans and players alike.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone. And to our Amity Spartans, you guys have been awesome this year, and believe it or not, I think you can hold your own against North Haven. Sure, they only lost 2 games (Fairfield Prep and Shelton and their closest game was by one point against West Haven).

But You Gentlemen had the best season of any Spartan Football team in 11 years. No matter what happens we are proud of you and all you’ve accomplished in 2018. We are Thankful for you. Do your best, it’s all we can ask. Have fun and enjoy your last game together.

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