Nov 222018

Back on October 13, I wrote the following:

“The Amity Spartans football team hasn’t gotten, nor earned much credit for several years, but now, under the leadership of new Head Coach Craig Bruno and Asst. Coach John Johnson, the boys are more than impressive this year.”

Throughout the season, I reminded readers not to underestimate the Spartans Football Team, as they were working on the best season in more than a decade.

Amity went onto Vanacore Field at North Haven High School for the traditional Thanksgiving Day rivalry game with a 5-4 record against the Indians with its 7-2 record.

Even though North Haven has crushed many of its opponents this season, I had a feeling that the 2018 Spartans would give them a run for their money. And although I can’t write a decent sports story, or define a particular play, I was right about this year’s team.

Amity showed its true spirit just minutes into the game when Michael Young ran 77-yards weaving and dodging the Indians best defensive players to make the first touchdown of the game, certainly stunning North Haven fans and players. Joe Digello’s 2-point rush gave the Spartans an 8-0 lead.

North Haven struck right back with Devan Brockamer’s 32-yard run TD, extra point failed 8-6, Amity.

At the end of the first quarter, the Indians held a 4 point lead 12-8.

In the second quarter, North Haven’s Shamus Meehan scored a touchdown and Brockamer’s rush added 2 extra points as well, bringing their lead to 20-8.

Then, with no time on the clock, Michael Young scored another touchdown, but the extra point was no good, bringing the halftime score to 20-14 – North Haven.

There was a lot of back and forth in the third quarter, but both teams’ defense was doing their jobs until the end of the quarter when North Haven added another 8 points, credited to Brockamer pushing their lead to 28-14.

Amity’s Nico Semmonella made a 14-yard touchdown, but the rush failed, bringing the score to 20-28 with 7:20 left

With just 3:29 remaining, Semmonella scored a 16-yard touchdown, again the rush failed- bringing the score to a nail-biting 28-26.

Amity had a first and goal at the 7-yard line with 1:30 to go in the game. The Spartans had a couple of opportunities to tie or win the game but, it wasn’t meant to be.



 AMITY                    8  6  0  12  –  26

NORTH HAVEN  12  8  8   0  –  28

I am so proud of the Spartans and grateful to their coaches for leading them this far. We had a great time watching you boys play and admire your integrity and the respect you showed other players on the field throughout the season.

To this year’s 10 seniors: Michael Young, Jacob Lettick, Daniel Beckwith, Gabriel Lipsitz, Andrew Kimball, Brendan Messina, Brenna Dimauro, Ryan Biagetti, Justin Griffin, and James Van Hise, thank you for all you’ve done this year to put the Spartans on the map.

To the fans, remember, next year, we will still have a lot of talent out there on the field when this year’s juniors are next year’s 12th graders leading the team. Among them are: Joseph Digello, James Laubstein, Nico Semmonella, Abyan Nawaz, Andrew Gnidula, Jake Forchetti, Daniel Cavanagh, Aedan Loynsky. With these players and 10 other juniors, along with the 15 remaining underclassmen and any other talent that may be recruited, I think we’ll be in good hands for quite a while.





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