Dec 282018

The Garden Club of Orange hosted its biennial Holiday House Tour, “Deck The Halls” on Sunday, December 9.

Five charming and unique Orange homes were beautifully decorated by members of The Garden Club of Orange and available for paying guests to view from Noon to 3:30 p.m.

The Garden Club keeps the locations a secret until the tour begins, and the homeowners are sworn to secrecy as well.

This year, one of the homes chosen for the tour was that of Selectman Mitch Goldblatt and his wife, Abby.

They told us that the process was intense, with members of the Garden Club visiting the house long before the event and taking notes on the color scheme, existing artwork, and decor.

A team of about 5 Garden Club members is assigned to each home, and they work with the homeowner on the preferred colors of flowers that they’ll use and which, if any of the existing bowls, dishes and vases they can use.

Unlike many of the homes that are decorated with greens and holly for Christmas, the Goldblatt’s home was a little different, since they are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah. Blue and Silver replaced the Red and Green at Christian homes.

The Goldblatt’s could not have been happier with the end result, their entranceway, living room and fireplace, den, and kitchen all were adorned with beautifully crafted fresh flower arrangements that complimented their home perfectly. 

Mitch said the women who decorated his house really paid attention to every detail, they even baked Star of David Sugar Cookies with blue icing. 

Abby loved the way they made arrangements to “go with” the family’s artwork and utilized some of her decorative bowls.

This was not the first Hanukkah house the Garden Club has done, they featured one late year, too, but no one could give us an exact number since the tours began. 

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