Feb 212019

On behalf of the House Republican Caucus, we would like to make it clear that we stand with our State Capitol Police and support their donation of the handmade American Flag, created by one of their own officers. This flag is a source of pride and unity for not only our police unit here at the Capitol, but their families, and the families of those in law enforcement around the State of Connecticut.

This flag intended to honor the work, dedication, sacrifice, and lives of our past and present officers. To suggest that this American flag that was donated by the State Capitol Police is anything other than honorable is categorically false. The House Republican Caucus would like to publicly request that the American flag honoring our law enforcement officers here at the Capitol and throughout Connecticut be put back in its rightful and approved location, the Police Memorial Hall here at the Capitol.

This flag was approved by the Chief of Staff of each caucus, House, and Senate, Democrat and Republican. The flag hung in the memorial hall for two months before being removed yesterday. The placement of the flag was rightfully assigned to hang in the Police Memorial Hall as the 2019 contribution from State Capitol Police and we would like to see the flag promptly reinstated.                                                                                                                                                                                         

House Republican Caucus

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