Sep 112019

This week, scammers have attempted to victimize Orange residents with a school-related subject.

One mom in town said her call went like thia:

A nice woman called, she sounded older with a southern accent, says she is from SAT/ACT and that she has my daughter’s practive tests and CDs that she requested from May.

I wondered, was she on a waiting list?

She had all of my daughter’s information, making the call very convincing. My daughter denied ordering anything, but you know how that goes with teenagers.

The woman asked for a credit card to secure the CDs until I returned them. (That’s when I became suspicious).

I asked what school district? She said “Orange.”

Wrong Answer! It would be Amity or St. Joe’s.

That’s when she hung up on me.

Beware of any unsolicited phone calls, especially if the caller asks you for your credit card or bank information.

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