Terri Miles

My name is Terri Miles, I've been covering the Town of Orange for about 15 years, first with the Amity Observer and then for an online news site. I was moved to start my own site because of a strong desire to give Orange residents what they want and deserve, a 24/7 news site without fillers, regional stories or blogs. Just news and events from YOUR town and your children's High School. Why? Because I know you and I care. A relative financed the domain name and other little details for me so I wouldn't go stir crazy after departing from my last job.

Aug 232014

Police Blotter Logo thx DaveOn Aug. 20, at 9:03 p.m., police were called to CVS, 279 Boston Post Road regarding someone attempting to pass a fraudulent prescription.

During the investigation, officers learned that a local medical office had reported some of their prescription forms were stolen and possibly being used in the area.

Officers met with Yvonne Henley, 56, 0f 45 Pond Lily Rd #134, New Haven, and informed her that the prescription she gave the pharmacy was one that had previously been stolen.

According to the report, Henley admitted that it was not a real prescription.

She was taken into custody and charged with second-degree forgery and illegally attempting to obtain a prescription.

Henley was held on $1,000 bond for court Aug. 21.

Aug 222014

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.56.32 PMArthur J. Guerri, 89, (retired NHPD) husband of Mary Guidone Guerri of Orange, passed away August 19, 2014, in CT Hospice.

Father of Lisa Guerri of Orange, Deborah Guerri Leighton Mullins of Hamden, and the late Arthur J. Guerri, Jr. Grandfather of Christopher (Adrianna) Leighton and great-grandfather of Lilliana Leighton. Son of the late Augusto and Inez Bucci Guerri.

Brother of the late Hilda Glocowski, Inez Pierce, Irma Ziemiski Beatrice Barboza, and Aldo Guerri.

Prior to his retirement, Art was a Police Officer with the New Haven Police Department from 1952-1991 and also worked for the Corporation Council’s Office for many years.

He was Past President of the Marchegian Men’s Society and a WWII Navy veteran.

There will be NO CALLING HOURS. 

Relatives and friends are invited to a Mass of Christian Burial Saturday morning at 9:30 in Holy Infant Church. Interment will follow in East Lawn Cemetery.

Memorial Contributions may be made to CT Hospice, 100 Double Beach Rd., Branford, CT 06405.

Arrangements are in care of the PORTO FUNERAL HOME, 830 Jones Hill Rd., West Haven.

Sign Art’s guestbook online at www.portofuneralhomes.net 

Aug 222014

Amity Sports graphic.jpg

It’s never too early to start following Amity High School sporting events.

Following is the Amity fall sports schedule beginning next week — prior to the first day of school.

• Wednesday, Aug. 27, 4:30 p.m.  — Varsity Football scrimmage game vs Bunnell— on the William Johnson Football Field at Amity.

• Thursday, Aug. 28 at 3:45 p.m. — Varsity Boys Soccer scrimmage vs Trumbull Field 3 Amity.

• Thursday, Aug. 28 at 3:45 p.m. — Varsity Girls Soccer scrimmage vs Trumbull — Away

• Friday, Aug. 29 at 3:45 p.m. — Varsity Volleyball scrimmage vs Trumbull — Away

• Saturday, Aug. 30 at 10 a.m. — Varsity Football scrimmage vs Pomperaug at Amity

• Saturday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. — Varsity Boys Soccer Alumni Game, Field 3 Amity

• Saturday, Aug. 30  TBA — Varsity Field Hockey, Brookfield High Jamboree — Away

• Saturday, Aug. 30 at 9 a.m. — Varsity Girls Soccer, Bethel Jamboree — Away

Aug 222014

A scene from last year's fair.

A scene from last year’s fair.

Orange Community Services will host its annual Health and Safety Fair in mid-September. 

“As in the past, we have a really great show planned.  We have a wide range of vendors that come hoping to reach out to our town’s seniors,” said OCS’s Denise Stein. “Each vendor has a great product/service to offer our residents.

Additional services will be offered, such as eye screenings from the Lion’s Club and the Medicare Bus to assist seniors with any questions or issues with their Medicare Plans.

Everyone usually has a good time and the fair is typically wrapped up with a free  lunch for the first two hundred people that participated in the fair along with raffle prizes donated by each vendor.

Stein added, “Just a reminder, if you are thinking about donating items to the Food Bank, we could really use paper products this month.  Thank you in advance for any help that you can give us.”

Aug 222014

School BusFollowing are the Bus routes for Amity High School:

Winkle Bus Co., Amity High School 203-795-3112

Route 151
First stop: 6:45 a.m.
1. Grassy Hill and Hyland
2. Grassy Hill and Old Silo
3. Grassy Hill and Haystack
4. Grassy Hill and Laurelwood
5. Wildwood and Wildwood
6. Wildwood and Ox Yoke
7. Grassy Hill and Hilltop
8. Hilltop and Acorn (west)
9. 836 Grassy Hill
10. Grassy Hill and Longmeadow
11. Longmeadow and Bayberry
12. 830 Grassy Hill
13. Grassy Hill and Cranberry
14. Grassy Hill and Robert Treat
15. Grassy Hill and Charles
16. Charles and Robert Treat Ext
17. Robert Treat Ext and Hemlock Hill
18. Sylvan Valley and Grassy Hill
19. Grassy Hill and Hyland
20. Grassy Hill and Skyview
21. 1034 Grassy Hill
22. Baldwin and Old Farm
23. Baldwin and Greenway
Roy Cuzzocreo -Amity High School 203-795-1321

Route 152
First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Buttonball and Old Hickory
2. Buttonball and Lambert
3. 664 Lambert
4. Lambert and Tyler City
5. Orange Center and Tyler City
6. Tyler City and Schoolhouse
7. Lambert and Hall
8. Hall and Chippendale
9. Hall and Bishop
10. Locust and Highmeadow
11. Racebrook and Andrew
12. Racebrook and Hampton Close
13. Racebrook and Pryde
14. Shepard and St. John
15. Shepherd and Royal
16. Shepard and Estelle
17. Shepard and Rogers
18. Lambert and Orange Center
19. Orange Center and Estate Acres
20. 952 Orange Center
21. Orange Center and Green Hill
22. Orange Center and Pinecrest
23. Orange Center and Center Road Circle
24. Racebrook and Williamsburg
25. Racebrook and Wedgewood
26. 974 Racebrook
27. 990 Racebrook, Woodbridge (a.m. only)8/11/2014 3

Joe Moncheski, Amity High School 203-627-1492
Route 153
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Willard and Beechlawn
2. Willard and Patricia
3. Willard and Old Coach
4. Rainbow and Willard
5. Rainbow and Red Fox
6. Red Fox and Rail Fence
7. Derby Milford and Rail Fence
8. Derby Milford and High Ridge
9. Derby Milford and Glenbrook
10. Glenbrook and Garden
11. Garden and Cold Spring
12. Garden and Haystack
13. Garden/Old Silo/Northwood
14. 809 Racebrook
15. 900 Racebrook
16. 916 Racebrook
17. 928 Racebrook
18. 934 Racebrook8/11/2014 4

Winkle Bus Co., Amity High School 203-795-3112
Route 154
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. 899 Derby-Milford
2. Derby-Milford and High Ridge
3. Derby-Milford and East Slope
4. 786 Derby-Milford
5. 772 Derby-Milford
6. 651 Derby-Milford
7. Turkey Hill and Deer Run
8. Derby-Milford and Fawn
9. Derby-Milford and Prudden
10. 644 Derby-Milford
11. Derby-Milford and Cranberry
12. Prudden and North Greenbrier/Arrowhead
13. North Greenbrier and Burning Tree
14. South Greenbrier and Brentwood
15. West River and Derby-Milford
16. West River and Country Lane
17. West River and Flax Mill
18. 375 Grassy Hill
19. 360 Grassy Hill
20. 314 Grassy Hill
21. Grassy Hill and Treat
22. Grassy Hill and Wingfoot8/11/2014 5

Loomis Bus, Amity High School 203-671-9319
Route 155 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. 235 Boston Post
2. Boston Post and Smith Farm
3. Boston Post and Lindy
4. Dogburn and Boston Post
5. Dogburn and Spring
6. Dogwood and Sheldon
7. Howellton and Grace
8. Grace and Sheldon
9. Alling Farm and Summit
10. Summit and Harrison
11. Kanuga and Summit
12. Dogwood and Riggs
13. Dogwood and Chestnut Ridge
14. Chestnut and Bittersweet
15. Bittersweet and Harborview
16. South Indian and Juniper
17. 656 South Indian Hill
18. Johnson and Field
19. Johnson and Clearview8/11/2014 6

Winkle Bus, Amity High School 203-795-3112
Route 156 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Ridge and Hazelnut
2. Ridge and Sycamore
3. Ridge and Clark
4. Ridge and Hitching Post
5. Treat and Ridge
6. Treat and Michael
7. Treat and Ann Rose
8. Treat and Old Tavern
9. Old Tavern and Narrow
10. Narrow and Miles
11. Miles and Knight
12. Miles and Hotchkiss
13. Miles and Arnold
14. Miles and Old Tavern
15. Old Tavern and Peck
16. Peck and Arnold
17. Peck and Hotchkiss
18. Peck and Drummond
19. Fairlea and Wilson
20. Fairlea and Drummond
21. Fairlea and Lincoln
22. Lincoln and Wilson
23. Orange Center and Merry
24. Orange Center and Demarest
25. Orange Center and Old Tavern
26. Orange Center and Hitchcock
27. Orange Center and Crocker
28. Orange Center and Martin

Winkle Bus, Amity High School 203-795-3112
Route 157 
First stop: 6:50 a.m.
1. Meetinghouse and Heritage Hill
2. Meetinghouse and Lamplight
3. Meetinghouse and Ridge (south)
4. Oak View and Spruce
5. Pine Tree and Pine Tree
6. Pine Tree and Timberlane
7. Pine Tree and Hawthorne (east)
8. Orange Center and High Plains
9. Orange Center and Nan
10. Orange Center and Porter
11. 584 Orange Center
12. 586 Orange Center
13. 589 Orange Center
14. Orange Center and School House
15. Englewood and Laurie
16. Orange Center and Orchard

Winkle Bus, Amity High School 203-795-3112
Route 158 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Prindle Hill @ Avalon Apartments
2. Indian River and Old Lambert
3. Indian River and Heron
4. Peck and Mallard
5. Boston Post and Silverbrook
6. Lambert and Silver Manor
7. Lambert and Old Tavern
8. Lambert and Bear Den
9. Wellington and Woodland
10. Wellington and Manley Heights (east)
11. Lambert and Putting Green
12. Lambert and Rolling Ridge
13. Lambert and Sunset
14. Lambert and Porter


Winkle Bus Co., Amity High School 203-795-3112
Route 159 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Herbert and Wheelers Farm
2. Herbert and Wolcott
3. Windy Hill and Wagon
4. Wagon and Fairway
5. Wagon and Broadview
6. Broadview and Aspen
7. Aspen and Cedar Grove
8. Aspen and Wagon
9. Aspen and Fairway
10. Golf and Scenic
11. Skyline and Scenic
12. Cart and Coram
13. Coram and Herbert
14. Yellowbrick and Beverly
15. Wheelers Farm and Hawkins
16. 455 Wheelers Farm
17. Wheelers Farm and Stonehill
18. Wheelers Farm and Glenwood
19. Wheelers Farm and Cobblestone
20. Wheelers Farm and Hundred Acres
21. Old Grassy Hill and Riverside

Tirollo Bus, Amity High School 203-799-7745
Route 160 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Racebrook and Hall
2. Racebrook and Crofut
3. 535 Racebrook
4. Russell and Ferry
5. Russell and Halliwell
6. Russell and New England
7. Russell and Alpom
8. Russell and Dogwood
9. Dogwood and Kennedy
10. Dogwood and Dogwood
11. Dogburn and Cricket
12. New Haven and Dogburn
13. New Haven and Spring
14. New Haven and Halliwell
15. New Haven and Ferry
16. New Haven and Marble
17. Racebrook and New Haven
18. Grannis and Racebrook
19. Grannis and Andrew
20. Grannis and Chelsea
21. Cummings and Avon (west)
22. Cummings and Dogwood
23. Dogburn and Glen8/11/2014 11

Tirollo Bus, Amity High School 203-795-4795
Route 161 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Racebrook and Rolling Ridge
2. Racebrook and Wellington
3. Racebrook and Diana
4. Racebrook and Whitewood
5. Racebrook and Norman
6. Racebrook and Neenan
7. 48 Old Tavern
8. Old Tavern and Saybrook
9. Old Tavern and Lambert
10. Old Tavern and Valley Brook
11. Old Tavern and Demarest
12. Old Tavern and Orange Center
13. 215 Old Tavern Rd
14. Old Tavern and Arnold
15. Peck and Karen
16. Karen and David
17. David and Argyle
18. David and Currier
19. Currier and Rustic
20. 716 Racebrook
21. Racebrook and Muirfield
22. Racebrook and Woodside
23. 747 Racebrook


Nadine Gilbert,  Amity High School 203-298-4868
Route 162 
First stop: 6:45 a.m.
1. Grassy Hill and Prudden
2. 546 Grassy Hill
3. Grassy Hill and Butternut
4. 511 Grassy Hill
5. Grassy Hill and Sportsman
6. 456 Grassy Hill
7. Grassy Hill and Clark
8. Augusta and Clark
9. Clark and Janet
10. Ridgeview and Clark
11. Ridgeview and Sycamore
12. Ridgeview and Hazelnut
13. Ridgeview and Ridge
14. Ridge and Hemlock
15. Ridge and Meetinghouse (north)
16. Ridge and Farm Hill
17. Ridge and Old Grassy Hill
18. Ridge and Riverdale
19. Ridge and Mulberry
20. Orange Center and Oak Tree
21. Orange Center and Pardee Manor
22. Pardee Manor and Mapledale
23. Mapledale and Cherry Hill
24. Mapledale and Peach Tree

Walt Hine, Amity High School 203-795-0571
Route 163
First stop 6:45 a.m.
1. Derby and Opekun
2. Derby and Garden
3. Derby and Fernbrook
4. 750 Derby
5. Derby and Pleasant Hill
6. Derby and Abbey
7. Green Circle and Trillium
8. Derby and Mapledale
9. Derby and Ironwood
10. Derby and Mapleview
11. Derby and Dogwood
12. Derby and Chestnut Hill
13. Derby and Lakeview
14. 74 Derby
15. Derby and North Lakeview
16. Indian Hill and Tall Timber
17. Indian Hill and Hillcrest
18. Hillcrest and Beechwood
19. Hillcrest and Derby
20. Derby and Alling
21. Derby and Sheffield
22. Derby and College
23. Derby and Oakwood
24. Derby and Dentree
25. 315 Derby
26. Derby and Birchwood
27. Derby and Ogg Meadow
854 Greenway
29. 890 Greenway
30. 929 Greenway
31. Greenway and Baldwin
32. 927 Baldwin
33. Baldwin and Laurel


B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 170 
First stop –6:50 a.m.
1. 369 Amity
2. Cedar and Overlook
3. Cedar and Clark
4. 1886 Litchfield
5. Litchfield and Bishop
6. Litchfield and Bond
7. Litchfield and Robert
8. Litchfield and Warren
9. Litchfield and Raymond
10. Litchfield and Lawrence
11. Litchfield and Bradley
12. Litchfield and Landin
13. Litchfield and Lucy
14. Amity @ Ted’s Cleaners
15. Amity and Cedar Rock
16. Amity and Old Amity (north)
17. Amity and Highland
18. Amity and Justin
19. JCC driveway – p.m. only


Dorothy McCrum, Amity High School 203-903-5813
Route 171 
First stop – 6:35 a.m.
1. Northrup and Pine Hill
2. Northrup and Fawn
3. Northrup and Milan
4. Milan and Mulberry
5. Mulberry and Chestnut
6. Chestnut and Ford
7. Ford and Osborne
8. Ford and Mulberry
9. Ford and Aldo
10. Ford and Milan
11. Ford and Shepard
12. Ford and Ansonia
13. Ansonia and Davis
14. Ansonia and Wepawaug
15. 189 Ansonia
16. 1086 Racebrook
17. 1074 Racebrook
18. Racebrook and Buttonball
19. Racebrook and Homewood
20. Racebrook and Wedgewood
21. Racebrook and Bunker Hill
22. Racebrook and Country Club
23. Racebrook and Overhill
24. Racebrook and Woodland
25. 1093 Racebrook
26. 121 Northrup
27. 174 Center
28. Center and Ledge
29. 146 Center
30. 140 Center
31. 130 Center

B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750 
Route 172 
First stop – 6:35 a.m.
1. Bethany Veterans Memorial Park
2. Beacon and Horseshoe Hill
3. 93 Beacon
4. 83 Beacon
5. 6 Beacon
6. Beacon and Litchfield
7. Grant and Lacey
8. Amity and 1st
9. Amity and Edwards
10. Amity and Grant
11. Amity and Tollgate
12. Cheshire and Doolittle
13. Cheshire and North Humiston
14. Cheshire and Oak Ridge
15. 171 Cheshire (Tuesday’s only)
16. Carrington and Sabrina
17. Carrington and Woodcutters (south)
18. Carrington and Brookwood
19. Rainbow and Carrington
20. Rainbow and Old Litchfield
21. Old Litchfield and Perkins
22. Old Litchfield and Ann


B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 173 
First stop at 6:50 a.m.
1. 4 Seymour
2. 18 Seymour
3. 28 Seymour
4. 30 Seymour
5. 150 Seymour
6. Peck Hill and Evergreen
7. Peck Hill and Roseview
8. Peck Hill and Carriage Hill
9. Peck Hill and Elderslie
10. Peck Hill and Old Quarry
11. Peck Hill and Christmas Tree
12. Peck Hill and Barberry
13. Peck Hill and Knollwood
14. Peck Hill and Wolf Tree
15. 291 Rimmon
16. Rimmon and Rimmon Hill
17. Rimmon Hill and Deepwood
18. Rimmon Hill and Hemlock Hollow
19. 344 Rimmon
20. Rimmon and Westward
21. Rimmon and Redwood
22. 162 Center
23. 130 Center

B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 174 
First stop – 6:50 a.m.
1. Fairwood and Old Fairwood
2. Fairwood and Northrup
3. Northrup and Ridgewood
4. Northrup and Ralph
5. Fairwood and Hunters Trail
6. Fairwood and Falls
7. Falls and Tawney
8. Falls and Bachelor Oak
9. Fairwood and Johnson
10. Johnson and Pole Hill
11. Bethmour and Simpson
12. Bethmour and Luke Hill
13. Luke Hill and Green Hill
14. Luke Hill and Split Rock
15. Luke Hill and Amity

Bob Sorenson, Amity High School 203-389-0030
Route 175 
First stop – 6:50 a.m.
1. Miller and Fatima
2. Miller and Coachmans
3. Miller and Crestwood
4. Miller and Falcon
5. Miller and Ridge
6. 58 Miller
7. 20 Miller
8. Miller and Bear Hill
9. Bear Hill and Anella
10.Bear Hill and Keegan
11.Bear Hill and Clay
12. Bear Hill and Hopbrook
13. Bear Hill and Hinman
14. Hinman and Schaffer

Frank Ciarleglio, Amity High School 203-397-0498
Route 176 
First stop – 6:55 a.m.
1. 60 Rimmon
2. Rimmon and Brightwood
3. Rimmon and Deer Run (east)
4. Rimmon and Deer Run (west)
5. 155 Rimmon
6. Rimmon and Robin
7. Rimmon and Cedar Acres
8. Rimmon and Ranch
9. Racebrook and Sunbrook
10.Racebrook and Timber
11.Racebrook and Milan
12. Racebrook and Old Racebrook (north)
13. Racebrook and Hollow Oak
14. 1119 Racebrook
15. Racebrook and Hunting Hill
16. Ansonia and Cross Hollow
17. Ansonia and Milhaven
18. Ansonia and Old Barnabas
19. 117 Ansonia
20. 109 Ansonia
21. Ansonia and Tumblebrook
22. Ansonia and Pleasant Hill
23. Beecher and Ansonia
24. Beecher and Manville
25. Beecher Road School Driveway
21. Beecher and Rimmon
22. Beecher and Dales
23. Beecher and Jenick
24. Beecher and Woodside

B and B Transportation, Inc, Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 177 
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. Pease and Shady
2. Pease and Lisa
3. Pease and Twinbrook
4. Pease and Johnson
5. 47 Pease
6. Pease and Jeremy Gardens
7. Lines and Pease
8. Rimmon and Lines
9. 30 Rimmon
10. 64 Rimmon
11. Johnson and Rimmon
12. Johnson and Manville
13. Johnson and Maple
14. Johnson and Brookwood
15. Johnson and Woodfield
16. Woodfield at Woodbridge CC
17. Woodfield and Fountain
18. Fountain and Park
19. Park at cul de sac
20. Ansonia and Johnson
21. Ansonia and Brookside
22. Ansonia and Beecher

Michael DiGennaro, Amity High School 203-393-1524
Route 178 
First stop – 6:34 a.m.
1. Downs and Brooks
2. Brooks and Rowe
3. Brooks and Carmel
4. Carmel and Downs
5. Downs and Hoadley
6. Hoadley and Wooding Hill
7. Wooding Hill and Porter Hill
8. Wooding Hill and Gaylord Mtn
9. 24 Gaylord Mt Road
10. Carrington and Woods
11. Carrington and Litchfield
12. Carrington and Hilltop
13. Litchfield and Sperry
14. 264 Litchfield
15. 241 Litchfield
16. Bethway and Litchfield
17. Bethway and Sperry
18. Hatfield Hill and Carrington
19. 306 Litchfield
20. Hatfield Hill and Sperry
21. 165 Litchfield
22. 96 Litchfield
23. Litchfield and Brinton
24. Morris and Sperry
25. 1978 Litchfield
26. 32 Center
27. 48 Center
28. 54 Center
29. 63 Center


B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 180  
First Stop – 6:53 a.m.
1. Center and Center View
2. Center and North Racebrook
3. North Racebrook and Hickory
4. North Racebrook and Grove Hill
5. North Racebrook and Hickory Lane
6. North Racebrook and Fraser
7. North Racebrook and Indian Trail
8. Forest Glen and Indian Trail
9. Forest Glen and Landmark
10. Forest Glen and Soundview
11. Forest Glen and Orchard
12. Orchard and White Oak
13. White Oak and Orchard
14. Newton and Dogwood (south)
15. Newton and Dogwood (north)
16. Rock Hill and Birch
17. 20 Old Still
18. Birch and Richard Sweet
19. Richard Sweet and Coachmans
20. Richard Sweet and Maple Vale
21. Maple Vale and Spoke (west)
22. Maple Vale and Spoke (east)
23. Newton and Dogwood Road
24. Newton and Dogwood Circle
25. Newton and Prospect Court
26. Newton and Prospect Road
27. Newton and Hampton
28. Newton and Penny
29. Newton and Old Mill

Frank Aveni
Route 181 – Amity High School 203-397-0406
First stop – 6:45 a.m.
1. North Pease and Cornfield
2. North Pease and Rice
3. 1 North Pease
4. Amity and Cowpath
5. Amity and Perkins
6. 461 Amity
7. Amity and Walker
8. Dillon and Amity
9. Dillon and Sperry
10. Dillon and Blue Trial
11. Amity and Cassway
12. Apple Tree and Carriage
13. Amity and Round Hill
14. Round Hill and Briar
15. Newton and Sanford
16. Newton and Meadowbrook
17. Newton and Enoch
18. Amity and Spring Valley
19. Amity and Fieldstone
20. Amity and Burnt Swamp
21. Amity and Sturbridge
22. North Pease and Fairgrounds
23. Amity and Vernon
24. Amity and Woodbine

B and B Transportation, Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750
Route 182 
First stop – 6:48 a.m.
1. Amity and Old Mill
2. Amity and Old Amity
3. Amity and Valley
4. Amity and Hilldale
5. Amity and Almar
6. Amity and Sargent
7. Amity and Munson
8. 824 Amity
9. 832 Amity
10. 942 Amity
11. Amity and Tuttle
12. Amity and Judd Hill
13. Amity and Fairwood
14. Fairwood and Deerfield
15. Fairwood and Lebanon
16. Amity and Pleasant
17. 46 Falls
18. Amity and Peck
19. Amity and Dayton
20. Amity and Russell
21. Amity and Hamilton
22. Amity and Village


B and B Transportation,Inc., Amity High School 203-393-9750

Route 183 

6:50 a.m. first stop:
1. Russell and Bethmour
2. Bethmour and Glenwood
3. Bethmour and Rolling Green
4. Bethmour and Bethmour
5. Bethmour and Schaffer and Pole Hill
6. Schaffer and Cedar
7. Schaffer and Emerald
8. Schaffer and Bethmour
9. 229 Bethmour
10. Bethmour and Carriage
11. Bethmour and Atwater
12. Bethmour and Bethany Farms
13. Bethany Farms and Acorn
14. Farmview and Country
15. Bethmour and Poplar Swamp
16. Bethmour and Pine Brook
17. 215 Seymour
18. 265 Seymour
19. 283 Seymour
20. 296 Seymour
21. 5 Acorn Hill
22. Acorn Hill and Hallsey
23. Acorn Hill and Acorn Hill Ext.
24. 68 Acorn Hill
25. Seymour and Crestview

Aug 222014

film-enough-said-2013The Case Memorial Library, 176 Tyler City Road, continues its Film Buffs series with another installment next Thursday.

Come to the library for a showing of the movie “Enough Said,” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini on Thursday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

A divorced woman decides to pursue the man she’s interested in, then learns he’s her new friend’s ex-husband.

The film is 93 minutes. Rated PG-13.

Aug 222014

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.20.22 PMThe Beardsley Zoo, 1875 Noble Ave., Bridgeport, will host its Second Annual Brew at the Zoo event on Saturday, Oct. 11 from 6:30-10:00 pm.

This fabulous event will be bigger and better than last year, feature delicious fare, craft beers, live music, as well as a silent auction.

Guests also will be invited to take part in a soft opening of the annual Howl-o-ween event!

Tickets are $40 per person.


This Years Beer Vendors Include:

  • Two Roads Brewery
  • Victory Brewing Co.
  • Berkshire Brewing Co.
  • Radeberger Brewery
  • Ruckus Brewing Co.
  • Beaver Brewing Co.
  • Charter Oak Brewing Co.
  • Thomas Hooker Brewing
  • Shebeen Brewing Co.
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade
  • Thimble Island Brewing Co.
  • Samuel Smith Brewery
  • Foolproof Brewing
  • The Boston Beer Co.
  • Cisco Brewing
  • Back East Brewing Co.
  • Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
  • Kombrewcha

    ….More to come!

Hosted by: Stepney Wine of Monroe & Black Rock Wine of Fairfield

For information, or If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or donating to the auction, contact Emily Bobowick at 203-394-6569 or [email protected]

Aug 222014

Amity HIgh SchoolAmity High School Principal Charles Britton released the following information regarding new faculty and staff members:

We are excited to welcome 12 new members of the Amity Regional High School faculty and staff.

Ernie Goodwin: Ernie Goodwin will be serving as the Region 5 Director of Athletics. Mr. Goodwin earned a Bachelor in Physical Education and a Master of Athletic Administration from Springfield College. He completed a Sixth Year Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. Mr. Goodwin taught physical education and health for nine years at Manchester Regional Academy, and spent the last eight years at Simsbury High School, where he served as a physical education teacher, wrestling coach, track coach and faculty athletic manager.

Laura Hamilton: Laura Hamilton will be serving as a Latin teacher. Ms. Hamilton earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in classics and minor in history from Skidmore College, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Sacred Heart University. Ms. Hamilton completed her student teaching at Brien McMahon High School, and served as a long-term Latin substitute teacher at Stratford High School.

Sophie Zhou: Sophie Zhou will be serving as a Chinese teacher. Ms. Zhou earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Zhongshan University in China, and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Michigan Technology University. Ms. Zhou completed a Master of the Arts in Teaching at Rutgers University. Last year, Ms. Zhou was a teacher of Chinese in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mohamedou Moustapha: Mohamedou Moutapha will be serving as a French teacher. Dr. Moustapha earned a Ph.D in Modern Language Literature in French at the University of Noukachott in Mauritania. Dr. Moustapha previously served as a French literature professor in Mauritania, and in the United States, he served as a French teacher at Canton High School and RHAM High School.

Allyson Wuerth: Allyson Wuerth will be serving as an English teacher. Ms. Weurth earned a Bachelor of Art from Southern Connecticut State University and a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. From 2003-2014, Ms. Wuerth served as an English teacher and department chair at Sacred Heart Academy. Ms. Wuerth also served as an adjunct professor of composition at Quinnipiac University and the University of Pittsburgh.

Edward Rostowsky: Edward Rostowsky will be serving as a career and technical education teacher. Mr. Rostowsky earned a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education at Rhode Island College and a Master of Science in Technology Education at Central Connecticut State University. From 2006-2014, Mr. Rostowsky served as a technology education teacher at Terryville High School.

Benjamin Francois: Benjamin Francois will be serving as a physics teacher. Mr. Francois studied chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Art with an emphasis in secondary education in physics from Southern Connecticut State University. Mr. Francois completed his student teaching last fall at Wolcott High School, and served as a long-term physics substitute teacher here at Amity High School last spring.

Nicole Raiola: Nicole Raiola will be serving as a reading teacher and reading consultant. Ms. Raiola earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts, and a Sixth Year Degree in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. Ms. Raiola previously served as a reading teacher and consultant for the Fairfield, Milford, Ansonia, and New Haven Public School Districts.

 Greg Twohill: Greg Twohill will be serving as a mathematics teacher. Mr. Twohill earned a bachelor’s of science with a major in finance from Central Connecticut State University. Mr. Twohill worked in the private sector selling financial products and services for 16 years before beginning a second career in education. Mr. Twohill has served as a mathematics teacher in the Stratford and New Haven Public School Districts.

Cara McConnell: Cara McConnell will be serving as a library media specialist. Ms. McConnell earned a Bachelor of Science in Information and Library Sciences and Master of Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University. Ms. McConnell has served as a library media specialist in the New Haven, Waterbury, and Fairfield Public School Districts.

Karl Wilson: In addition to these new members of the Amity High School faculty, we are pleased to announce that Karl Wilson has transferred from the Middle School in Orange to the high school. Mr. Wilson will be teaching high school mathematics this year. We are also pleased to welcome back Tom Betts and Joyce Narden. Mr. Betts and Ms. Narden are retired Amity High School teachers. Mr. Betts will be returning to teach Spanish, and Ms. Narden will be returning to teach Latin. Finally, Amity Spanish teacher Rob Musco will be serving next year as a library media specialist.

Noel Luth: Noel Luth will be serving as a security guard. Mr. Luth earned an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Housatonic Community College and completed his police training at the Milford Police Academy. Mr. Luth served as a police officer for the Town of Orange for 20 years.

RJ Scott: Mr. Scott will be serving as the School Resource Officer. Officer Scott earned a Bachelor of Art with a major in English from Eastern Connecticut State University. Officer Scott completed his police officer training at the Milford Police Academy and, most recently, completed a school resource officer certification program. Officer Scott has served as a Woodbridge police officer since 2008.

We extend to a hearty welcome to Amity to all of our new faculty and staff.


Good Luck Mr. Schumann: We are sorry to announce that the Amity Director of Counseling, Mr. Robert Schumann, has resigned from his position. Mr. Schumann recently accepted a position as the Assistant Principal at Oxford High School. Mr. Schumann served with distinction as the Amity Director of Counseling from 2011-2014. We wish Mr. Schumann all the best of luck as he transitions into his new leadership position. We are currently in the process of searching for a highly qualified replacement.

Aug 222014

Following is a letter from Orange resident Bruce Lindsay, a member of the Orange Tree Committee, licensed arborist and Westport Tree Warden: 


The Town of Orange has not had an active Tree Warden in more than nine months. No appointed tree expert monitoring the recently discovered Emerald Ash Borer, to manage United Illuminating (UI) or work with the town’s Tree Committee,Public Works or Parks Department. So who’s minding the town’s trees?

In 1901 the Connecticut legislature passed a law mandating the appointment of a “tree warden” in all municipalities. This person then has care and control over all municipal public trees and shrubs in that community.

Here are some facts in CT General Statutes, from Title 23 which supports the tree warden:

§23-58. appointment; The selectmen of each town… shall, within thirty days of their election, appoint a town warden.

§23-59. Powers. The town tree warden shall have the care and control of all trees and shrubs. Whenever… public safety demands the removal or pruning of any tree or shrub… The tree warden shall…ten days before such removal, post thereon a suitable notice.

§23-65. Regulations. Permit.

(b) Any person, firm or corporation…who removes, prunes, injures or defaces any shade tree…without written

permission of the town tree warden, may be ordered by the court in any action brought by the (The Town.)

(f) Any person, firm or corporation, other than a tree warden, who desires the cutting or removal…of any tree or shrub…, may apply in writing to the town tree warden. Upon receipt of such permit, but not before, they may proceed with such cutting or removal.

The Orange Town Charter:

Chapter 360, § 360-4 Town Tree Warden:

A. …The Town Tree Warden shall be appointed by the First Selectman… for a term of two years. The Town Tree Warden shall be a licensed arborist and shall have all powers, duties and authorities ascribed to tree wardens in Connecticut.

The United Illuminating Company (UI) began a pilot program, called Enhanced Tree Trimming (ETT) and Removal (ETR), in January to prune and remove trees on their backbone utility lines. They prune and/or remove all vegetation eight feet to the right and left of the top wires on their poles from ground to sky.

This program went unmonitored, unpermitted and without proper posting by a Tree Warden. Miles of roads and hundreds of town trees were hastily pruned or removed. This program has met tremendous opposition in Fairfield, West Haven and Hamden where there are active tree wardens and a concerned public interest.

EmeraldashborerThe Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a non-native invasive insect, was discovered in Orange early this summer in the ball fields beside Town Hall. They infest and destroy an Ash tree in 2-3 years. Ash constitute ~5% of the town’s trees. These trees require diligent management plans and swift removals as EAB can destroy tree budgets.

Trees provide for our town’s rural aesthetics, raise home values, generate oxygen, sequester CO2, reduce storm water runoff, slow traffic and cool our homes. The Town of Orange needs a Tree Warden to efficiently manage our trees, real estate values and public safety to fulfill state and local responsibilities.

So what’s happening to our trees? Who’s monitoring UI? Why isn’t there a Tree Warden?

Bruce Lindsay

Aug 222014

New Amity Supt. Charles Dumais

New Amity Supt. Charles Dumais

Dear Amity Community,

I wish to thank you for your patience and support as I transitioned, mid-year, into the position of Superintendent of Amity Regional School District #5. I have learned a tremendous amount about our students, our staff, our schools, and our community. In the last six months, I have seen the commitment, energy, and passion that the Amity staff has for our students. I have seen the support and positive involvement that our community has for our schools. I have seen collaboration, hard work, and imagination that will drive student learning to higher levels.

The student experience that was once realized mostly within the walls of the school building (e.g., seat time, lectures, final exams …) with a focus on “lifelong learning” has shifted to a need to personalize the student experience.  As Joseph Blatt of the Harvard Graduate School of Education describes, an acute awareness of “lifewide learning,” which is an explicit understanding that learning happens in every aspect of a student’s life, will be an integral part of a high quality education. These shifts will require schools and districts to do things differently, no matter how well they are doing them now.

In the Amity schools, with the help of families and community partners, we will be increasing our efforts to personalize the student learning experience and further promote the success of every student. I have asked every teacher, as they develop their annual goals, to think of ways to foster creativity and innovation in the work that we do and the work that we ask students to do. As the landscape of education changes, we will continue to create opportunities for students that will prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

We are an organization that is continuously learning and growing. I would love to hear how you think that we are doing.

Looking forward to a great year,

Charles Dumais

[email protected]