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My name is Terri Miles, I've been covering the Town of Orange for about 15 years, first with the Amity Observer and then for an online news site. I was moved to start my own site because of a strong desire to give Orange residents what they want and deserve, a 24/7 news site without fillers, regional stories or blogs. Just news and events from YOUR town and your children's High School. Why? Because I know you and I care. A relative financed the domain name and other little details for me so I wouldn't go stir crazy after departing from my last job.

Get Ready For the Arctic Chill

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Feb 112016

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.15.34 PMThe National Weather Service is warning us of the bone chilling cold coming in this weekend.

A wind chill watch is in effect from Saturday evening through Sunday morning
Get ready for extreme cold weather and wind chill values as low as 25-30 below zero, with the coldest wind chills Saturday night – Sunday morning.

The frigid air temperatures have the potential to result in frozen pipes, frostbite and hypothermia.

There are several things to consider when the temperatures dip below zero.

Even cleared roads can be deceptive, and you should be careful of black ice.

If it is necessary to shovel show during this cold snap, dress in layers and don’t overdo it. Protect your face and hands from possible frostbite


In freezing conditions, some may be tempted to supplement their furnaces with space heaters. If you do, remember to keep flammable materials away from the heaters, but the best idea is to refrain from using them if possible.

Your pets are especially vulnerable in single digit weather. Remember, paws, which are bare skin, get frostbite just like humans do. Don’t let your dog (or cats) stay outside for any longer than necessary to do their business. When they come inside, wipe excess snow from their feet and even give them a massage until they are warmed up. If your pet has a coat, make sure to put it on them before they go outside.

Freezing temperatures can deaden vehicle batteries. To avoid it, drivers should crank the engine with their foot off the gas for no more than 15 seconds. If the vehicle doesn’t start, let the starter cool for five minutes, then try again, with the gas pedal floored.

For older cars with a carburetor, pump the gas twice, then holding the gas pedal halfway down while turning the key.

Bursting pipes in homes are a danger in freezing weather. Homeowners should keep sink cabinets open to allow warm air to circulate, and to run a thin stream of cold water through faucets.




Notes In A Nutshell: Board of Selectmen Feb 10

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Feb 102016

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.42.22 PMThis month’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting took place at Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m.
Following are notes of what they discussed:
Ordinance to Amend the Code of the Town of Orange, Chapter 331, Solid Waste, Article ll. Recycling
Copies available at the Town Clerk’s Office.
Tom George of the Recycling Committee. Now in its 16th year the Recycling effort in Orange has grown dramatically. The town came up with an amended ordinance for which he is grateful.
First Selectman Jim Zeoli said the printer cartridge recycling program is highly successful.
Recycling chairman/selectman Mitch Goldblatt spoke about the grant money
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.42.52 PMTown of Orange gets $20 per ton from the recycled items in the blue bins.
Goldblatt said the number of residents who recycle is unknown, but in the month of December 100 tons was recycled in Orange — between the blue bins and at the transfer station.
VOTE : To consider and act on amending the Code of the Town of Orange, Chapter 331, Solid Waste, Article ll. Recycling.
Unanimously approved.
George Munk an active member of the Orange Country Fair passed away.
Feb. 15 all town offices will be closed, but the transfer station will be open.
March 13 daylight savings time begins.
Sat. July 2 – Independence day fireworks will take place.
Complaint about mail boxes damaged by snow plows. It’s still not too late to put up a “batter board” to protect your mailboxes, but unless they are run over, the town will NOT replace them.
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.37.00 PMDogs on Town Property must be leashed, and you must clean up after them.
Commercial vehicles parked in your residence is not allowed. You may be cited.
Shop Rite is remodeling the interior of the former Stop & Shop on
New Signal Lights including cross walk lights are being installed at the intersection of Orange Center and Old Tavern roads.
1. To consider and act on the approval of the minutes of the January 13, 2016
Regular Meeting of the Board of Selectmen (enclosure)
Two corrections were suggested (Davis and Goldblatt)
Unanimously Approved.
1. To consider and act on the request to hang a banner to promote the Strawberry Festival (enclosure)Marie Gesler, Strawberry Festival Co-Chairperson
Strawberry Festival will take place at the Orange Fairgrounds on June 11.
Zeoli recommends that everyone purchase a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie
The Banner will be erected soon after the Memorial Day Parade.
Unanimously Approved
2. To consider and act on the request to hold the Cinco K de Mayo Road Race, waive the rental fee for HPCC gym/cafeteria and hang a banner on Orange Center Road (enclosure) – Richard Zorena, Chamber of Commerce
Unanimously Approved
3. To consider and act on request for funding to reevaluate and amend the Orange TODD Regulations (enclosure) Paul Dinice, Zoning Administrator and Enforcement Officer
Regulations were drawn up more than a decade ago when a train station was proposed for Orange. The TP&ZC needs $16,000 to pay Planametrics for its work on the plans.
Selectman Okenquist said the printing costs were not included in the request, so should they add money to the request to meet those costs? Zeoli said NO, they asked for $16,000, if they need more they can come back and ask for it.
Goldblatt asked about a timeline. Town Attorney Vin Marino said he would like to have it wrapped up by April.
Unanimous Approval to send the recommendation to fund it to the Board of Finance. 
4. Review of proposed Charter Revision Committee – First Selectman Zeoli
Zeoli suggested Laura Reid, Roy Cuzzocreo and Leo Imperati Jr. for the committee.
Judy Williams said all have history in town and experience.
Unanimously Approved, John Carangelo abstained. 
5. To consider and act on the request to approve Health Insurance Waivers for 19 employees.
Employees would receive a stipend instead of Insurance if person is covered by a spouses insurance.
Unanimously Approved
6. To consider and act on the request to approve the tax refunds totaling $14,606.89
Unanimously Approved
    1. Pension BoardSelectman Goldblatt
    Thurs,  Feb 25 meeting at town hall open to public.
    2. Capital PlanningSelectman Okenquist
    $981,000 proposed expenditures.
    A new phone system is being put into elementary schools so all schools are tied together.
    Pubic Works needs a new dump truck to replace 25 year old model.
    Community Services received $25,000 grant for a new van. town would put in $11,000
    PD needs a new digital console and digital radio system. PD would impose a new incription system to prevent public from hearing their transmissions.
    3. Bond Construction OversightSelectman Goldblatt
    4. PersonnelSelectman Okenquist, Zeoli, Davis
  • Close Regular Meeting convene into Executive Session
    1. Labor Contract Between the Town of Orange and Supervisors Unit
    2. MOA for Correction of Wage Schedule between the Town of Orange and
    the Dispatchers Unit (enclosure)
    Close Executive Session and convene into the Regular Meeting
    3. Upgrade to secretary to Building Department.
    1. To consider and act on the Labor Contract Between the Town of Orange
    and Supervisors’Unit
    Unanimously approved
    2. To consider and act on the MOA for Correction of Wage Schedule between
    the Town of Orange and the Dispatchers’ Unit
    Unanimously approved
    3. Upgrade to secretary to Building Department.
    Upgraded to 37.5 hours and a salary increase.
    Unanimously approved

Boys Swimming: Amity Improves Record to 7-1 On Tuesday Night

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Feb 102016

3906424-male-swimmers-racing-in-pool-underwater-viewThe Amity Boys Swimming and Diving Team hosted Notre Dame-West Haven in Orange on Tuesday night.
The stellar Spartans splashed past their opponents, racking up their 7th victory of the season 94-89.
Amity’s winning events: 
200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:41.50 Colin Roy, Ben Clemens, Kevin Yanagisawa, Zac Babbitz
200 Free: A- 1:46.92 Adam Ambrosey
200 IM: A-2:09.39 Kevin Yanagisawa
50 Free: A- 23.10 Colin Roy
Diving: A – 174.75 Uranik Klobucishta
100 Butterfly: A – 57.31 Sergey Savelyev
100 Freestyle: A- 49.28 Adam Ambrosey
200 Free Relay: A- 1:35.94 Uranik Klobucishta, Dan Madsen, Zac Babbitz, Adam Ambrosey
100 Back: A- 55.33 Colin Roy
100 Breast: A- 1:02.02 Ben Clemens
Notre Dame’s winning events
500 Free: ND- 4:58.35 North Hansen
400 Free Relay: ND-3:42.18 Dylan Latella, Tony Lopez, Marco Secchiaroli, North Hansen
Records: Amity 7-1; Notre Dame 4-2

Enjoy a Night Of Comedy to Benefit the Orange Community Women

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Feb 102016

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.49.23 PMThe Orange Community Women is having a Night of Comedy fundraising event at the Bridge House, 49 Bridgeport Avenue, Milford, Saturday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m.

The show will feature Stacy Kendro, a regular performer in Las Vegas, who has appeared on Comedy Central.

The opening act is Chuck Burks, whose had appearances on The Sopranos the Chris Rock Show and Conan O’Brien.

Tickets are $20 and may be purchased from any member of the Orange Community Women or by calling 203-627-2022.

All proceeds go to support projects in and around the town of Orange

For more Information e-mail [email protected].

If you would like to make a night of it, you should call the Bridge House at 203-878-2800 and book dinner reservations before the show.

Girls Basketball: Senior Day Heartbreaker For The Lady Spartans

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Feb 102016

IMG_0056Truth be told, we love our Lady Spartans Basketball Team. As in past years this team shows not only great athleticism, but good sportsmanship as well. They play hard and play well together, no one player ever trying to steal the spotlight because they all know “there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.”

But as good as this team is, the Daniel Hand Tigers are extremely aggressive and if you are in possession of the ball you have to shoot it, even if you aren’t in the perfect position to score, because one of the Tigers will steal it from you if you don’t.

The  game on Tuesday night — Amity’s Senior Night — had a lot of back and forth, tied up several times and Hand eventually defeated Amity with successful foul shots.

Amity ruled the first quarter outshooting Hand 18-12.

The Tigers came alive and dominated the second quarter with 18 points to Amity’s 6. 2nd Quarter score 30-24 – Hand.

Going into the second half, Amity fought hard, even tying the score a few times and making double the points as Hand (14-7) yet the Tigers still had the upper “Hand” 38-37.

The heartbreak came in the final quarter when the teams were tie at 49 and Hand won In the final minute after making 4 foul shots.

Amity’s Pointmakers:

Molly Dragan 15, Elise Graham 15 (including three 3-point goals), Kate Helfenbein had an excellent night, contributing 12 points, Melanie Hauser 5, Amanda Granados 2.


Hand’s top scoring players:
Junior Gabby Martin (#3) was the Tiger’s high scoring player with 15 points (including two 3-point goals), Paula Materin 13 (including two 3-pointers), and Colleen Caruth 8.

Records: Hand 14-4; Amity 12-6

Property Transfers: Here’s What Sold Feb. 1-8

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Feb 092016

home-for-sale-sold-signTown Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan released this list of the most recent Orange property transfers filed at Town Hall.

655 Lakeview Road, $220,000, Jacqueline Crocker to Andi Karica, filed on Feb. 2.

473 Ridge Road, $372,200, Mortimore Saffran Est to Latit Garg, filed on Feb. 2.

276 Hemlock Hill Road, $225,000, Ronald Kapp to JHO Realty LLC, filed on Feb. 5.

526 Overland Drive, $340,000, Margery Maass to Scott DeRosa, filed on Feb. 8.

University Of Rhode Island Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Feb 082016

Anyone who knew Joey Ciancola will never forget him. He was a vibrant, kind, talented Amity Athlete, .

file photo of Joey Ciancola

file photo of Joey Ciancola

Back on October 24, 2011, Joey collapsed during a preseason baseball team workout at the University of Rhode Island. He died three days later in a Rhode Island Hospital. He was just 20 years old.

The loss of Joey Ciancola was a tragedy and his mother wanted answers. She filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the university.

On January 8, just days before the case was to go to trial, the university settled with the Ciancola family for $1.45 million.

For the Ciancola’s it’s not about the money. Nothing will ever make up for the loss of this wonderful young man.

The University is setting up a scholarship in Joey’s memory.

Soldier Needs A Home

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Feb 082016

Soldier needs a home

Soldier needs a home

An Orange family has s 4-year-old, sweet, well mannered male cat that they need to give away immediately. They found Soldier on the side of the road at only 8 weeks old and he had a severed nerve in one of his back legs, which caused the leg to be limp and death.  They had the leg removed and he has done much better since.

The problem is, Soldier has a bad habit of urinating on the first floor of their home and all over their 3-year-old twins things.

They have tried everything to resolve the issue, including:  vet visits, medication and moving the litter box to the first floor to make it more accessible.

They have an older female cat around 10 years old and the twins.

They are worried about obvious health issues.

There Is Hope: They did go on vacation for two weeks and boarded him with their vets office.  He did not pee in his surroundings there.  Perhaps Soldier needs a home with no kids or no other pets.  They are looking for a new place and home for Soldier asap.

If interested, please e-mail [email protected] with your name and contact information and we will forward to the owner. 


Police: Orange Man Charged With Attempted Murder Of Mother

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Feb 082016

BEST-POLICE-Patch-EVER-275x300On Friday, Feb. 5 at 3:18 a.m., Orange police officers responded to a complaint of a serious assault at a private residence on Mulberry Lane.

During the investigation, officers observed a female in her 50s suffering from multiple severe knife wounds to her chest, head, face, and both hands.

Officers learned that the victim was the mother of the suspect, Charles Weber III, 20, of 220 Mulberry Lane and that Charles also was inside the house and had suffered a knife wound himself.

All parties were given emergency medical care on-site. The victim was then transported to a local hospital where her wounds were treated. The suspect was taken to an area hospital under guard.

An investigation led to the issuance of an arrest warrant, for Weber charging attempted murder and first-degree assault, which was served on Monday, Feb. 8.

Weber was placed on $500,000 bond, and arraigned at court today, Feb. 8.

NOTE: The arrest warrant affidavit in this case has been sealed by the court and is not available for public release. Orange Police will have no further details available regarding this case.