Nov 042019

The Amity Football team is having one of the best seasons in years. They are 4-3 so far.

On Friday, Nov. 8, they host Hamden in Woodbridge at 7 p.m.


Next week, Nov. 15,  they are away at Wilbur Cross at 7 p.m.

And the Thanksgiving Game will take place at Amity on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27 against North Haven at 6 p.m.

Go Spartans!




Amity Swimmin’ Women Now 10-2 For The Season

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Oct 262019

file photo

The Lady Spartans competed in Cheshire against the Rams on Friday, Oct. 25.

Amity has had a fantastic season so far, but Cheshire outscored them 97-78.

Cheshire’s Winning Events:

200 Medley Relay: Cheshire – Stevens, Newton, Stevens, Chen (1:51.54)

200 Free: Cheshire – Julia Stevens (1:55.86)

200 IM: Cheshire – Bella Tejeda (2:16.05)

50 Free: Cheshire – Sophie Murphy (24.37)

100 Fly: Cheshire – Julia Stevens (57.83)

100 Free: Cheshire – Avery Potyrala (56.36)

500 Free: Cheshire – Nora Bergstrom (5:16.03)

200 Free Relay: Cheshire – Chen, Newton, Gulati, Murphy (1:43.82)

Amity’s Winning Events:

Diving: Amity – Gianna Cooper (191.93)

100 Back: Amity – Lauren Sender (1:04.50)

100 Breast: Amity – Emma Grabowski (1:13.66)

400 Free Relay: Amity – Snow, Robinson, Mahon, O’Connor (3:55.67)

Amity School Board Moves December Referendum Forward

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Oct 222019

Last evening (Monday, Oct. 21) the Amity Regional School District No. 5 Board of Education voted in favor of two resolutions that will move two facilities projects forward to a referendum in December.  The referendum will take place on December 4, 2019.  Polls will be open 6:00 am – 8:00 pm at the Bethany Town Hall, the High Plains Community Center in Orange, and the Center Building in Woodbridge.

The first of these projects will address improvements to the building and grounds facilities at all three schools.  Included in this project are ongoing upgrades to the HVAC system at Amity Regional High School, as well as adding air conditioning to the small gym, the last space in the building that is not air-conditioned. 

These improvements are part of an ongoing plan to address needs identified in the vanZelm Condition Assessment report from January 2016.  Chillers will also be refurbished at the high school and phase three (of three) of parking lot paving will be completed at Amity Regional High School. Additionally, the project seeks to design and improve the acoustics in the gymnasiums and cafeterias at both middle schools.

The second project aims for improvements to the Amity Regional High School outdoor athletic facilities.  This project includes a complete upgrade of the athletic stadium, as well as upgrades to our competition field.  The athletic stadium was last improved 30 years ago, and almost all aspects of the stadium are at end-of-life. 

The asphalt track, constructed in 1999, would be replaced with a post-tensioned concrete track with an expected lifespan of 50 years or more.  The metal halide lights and wooden poles, installed in 1988, would be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights on metal poles. 

An all-weather field would be installed, replacing the current sod field.  Installation of an all-weather field would increase the use of the stadium from its current single sport, football, to all six-field sports by adding competition space for girls’ field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, and girls’ and boys’ lacrosse. 

The proposal also includes the installation of an LED scoreboard, which would allow the scoreboard to be adjusted to the sport or competition being played in the stadium.  Lastly, the proposal includes enhancements to the current Amity competition field.  This field, originally designed as a practice field, would be upgraded with permanent spectator bleachers and an ADA compliant walkway, as well as an LED scoreboard.

Additional information can be found on the district website at https://www.amityregion5.org/  direct link to the presentation is HERE

Girls’ Swimming: And The Beat Goes On

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Oct 192019

Amity(9-1) hosted North Haven in Orange on Friday, Oct. 18.
Amity defeated North Haven 95 to 89.
Amity’s Winning Events
200-yard Freestyle: A- 2:01.63 Julia Snow
500-yard Freestyle: A- 5:25.65 Julia Snow
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:43.08 Katie O’Connor, Emma Tirollo, Julia Snow, Grace Mahon
100 Butterfly: A- 59.76 Katie O’Connnor
North Haven’s Winning Events
200 yard Medley Relay: NH- 1:52.90 Brooke Nebor, Angela Gambardella, Mikayla Rapuano, Madeline Bergin
200 Ind. Medley: NH-2:13.95 Angela Gambardella
50-yard Freestyle: NH- 25.06 Madeline Bergin
Diving: NH- 227.70 Ava Santacroce
100 Freestyle: NH- 55.50 Madeline Bergin
100 yard Backstroke: NH- 1:04.39 Mikayla Rapuano
100 yard Breaststroke: NH- 1:07.55 Angela Gambardella
400 yard Freestyle Relay: NH- 4:04.60 Mikayla Rapuano, Riley Jooss, Giulia Faulkner, Taya Laborde

Amity’s Swimmin’ Women Splash Past Lauralton Hall

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Oct 072019

The Amity Girls Swimming and Diving Team defeated Lauralton Hall at Foran in Milford on Monday night.
Amity (6-1) scored 98 points to  Lauralton Hall’s 86 
Amity’s Winning Events:
200-yard Medley Relay: A- 2:03.88 Lauren Sender, Emma Grabowski, Grace Mahon, Katie O’Connor
50-yard Freestyle: A- 25.41 Katie O’Connor
100 Butterfly: A- 1:02.06 Grace Mahon
100 Freestyle: A- 56.12 Katie O’Connor
500-yard Freestyle: A- 5:28.22 Julia Snow
100-yard Breaststroke: A- 1:15.39 Emma Grabowski
Lauralton Hall’s Winning Events:
200-yard Freestyle: LH- 2:02.45 Claire Kehley
200 Ind. Medley: LH-2:19.12 Vivian Freitas
Diving: LH- 199.10 Cassandra Burton
200-yard Freestyle Relay: LH- 1:46.35 Ashlyn Blessey, Elizabeth Long, Caroline Begg, Claire Kehley
100-yard Backstroke: LH- 1:01.13 Vivian Freitas
400-yard Freestyle Relay: LH- 3:54.29 Catherine McLaughlin, Jenna DePasquale, Kacie DeRosa, Alyson Bugge 

Amity Has Early Football Game on Friday

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Oct 022019

The Amity Spartans Football team is 2-1 for the season.

On Friday, Oct. 4, the boys take on Notre Dame-West Haven (1-2) at Veterans Field at 3:30 p.m.

Veteran’s Field is located at 129 Bull Hill Lane, West Haven. Visitors generally park in the Gateway Christian Fellowship lot.

Come on out if you can to cheer on the Spartans as they shoot for a third victory on Friday afternoon.

Get Your Tickets Now For The Amity Alumni Athletic Hall Of Fame Dinner

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Sep 272019

Coach Gary Lindgren

The Amity Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame will induct six new members at the annual Amity Hall of Fame / Hall of Honor Dinner on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange at 5:30 p.m.

The 2019 inductees include:

Gary Lindgren, Ice Hockey Coach, and School Counselor;

Patricia Mascia, Girls Basketball and Field Hockey Coach, and Physical Education teacher

Dawn Stanton, Class of 1986, Girls Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field;

Ted Czepiga, Class of 2004, Football and Lacrosse;

Chris Diette, Class of 2004 Swimming and Lacrosse;

Amanda (Vargo) Zapatka, Class of 2004, Soccer and Basketball;

Dinner tickets for this event are $50 in advance with a purchase deadline of October 14th.

Make checks payable to the Amity Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame and send to Amity High School Athletic Department, Att. Lori Bonney,  25 Newton Rd., Woodbridge CT 06525

Lady Spartans Swim Team 4-0 for season

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Sep 272019

The Amity Lady Spartans Swimming and Diving Team won its fourth consecutive swim meet for the season on Thursday, Sept. 26 at Sheehan High School.
Amity defeated Sheehan 95-81.
Amity’s Winning Events:
200 yard Medley Relay: A- 2:00.25 Lauren Sender, Emma Grabowski, Katie O’Connor, Emma Tiirollo
200 yard Freestyle: A- 2:11.74 Vera Belfonti
200 Ind. Medley: A-2:24.75 Amanda Robinson
50 yard Freestyle: A- 27.11 Julia Snow
Diving: A- 192.40 Halle Syrop
100 yard Butterfly: A- 1:00.65 Katie O’Connor
100 Freestyle: A- 59.34 Lauren Sender
Sheehan’s Winning Events:
500 yard Freestyle: S- 5:39.94 Leila Sofiane
200 yard Freestyle Relay: S- 1:58.10 Leila Sofiane, Rachel Kerrigan, Ludovica Schiano-Lomoriello, Katherine Webb
100 yard Backstroke: S- 1:09.32 Lili Nagy-Leranth
100 yard Breaststroke: S- 1:14.74 Katherine Webb
400 yard Freestyle Relay: S- 4:45.01 Megan Lally, Alanna Dwyer, Amy Bui, Lili Nagy-Leranth

Sacred Heart University Hockey Team Feels The Impact Of A “Zak Attack”

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Sep 262019

The members of the Sacred Heart University Pioneers Men’s Ice Hockey Team gathered in a meeting room at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport to officially welcome their newest teammate on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The team met Amity High School student Zakarai Schneider, 16, of Bethany, last season, and a few weeks ago he geared up and joined them on the ice.

“When we first met Zak, you could feel an instant connection between him and the players,”Coach C.J. Marottolo said.

Zakarai, who is well-known in the Amity High community, was passing the puck with the guys and blew Marottolo away when he scored a goal.

Now, you may think, big deal, high school players score goals all the time, what’s so special about this kid?

Well, Zakarai (I’ve always called him Zak) was diagnosed with a neurological disorder at birth. Doctors said he would never be able to walk, yet with hard work and determination, he not only walks but runs and ice skates. He is non-verbal, but his devoted father, Mark seems to understand every thought and emotion his son has and is quick to share them with you.

“You are all his heroes,” Mark told the team.

This opportunity was made possible by Team Impacta national nonprofit headquartered in Boston, MA that connects children facing serious or chronic illnesses with college athletic teams, forming lifelong bonds and life-changing outcomes. Since 2011, Team IMPACT has matched more than 1,800 children with their dream teams. 

The Schneiders and the Pioneers connected last season, but Tuesday was extremely special. Zak  became the first young man formally connected to a Sacred Heart team through Team Impact,

Dressed in a suit, with shirt and tie to match the SHU school colors, Zak signed a letter of intent during the Team IMPACT “Draft Day” ceremony, surrounded by his teammates, coach, family and several members of the media.

Team Captain Jason Cotton, presented him with his Pioneers jersey, Zak seemed a little overwhelmed. Coach Marotolli led him to the locker room where he geared up, then Zak and his fellow players posed for a team photo. Then Zakarai, AKA “Zak Attack” led the Pioneers out onto the ice, where he was immediately at home.

It was so heartwarming to see this group of handsome, athletic young men treating their new teammate like an equal, and cheering for him when he made a goal during the beginning of their practice. Zak welcomed the fist bumps and cheers as the Pioneers surrounded him near the net.

“Zakarai is such an amazing kid,” said coach Marotollo. “The determination that he shows and the smile he has every time he steps foot on the ice brings great energy and will lift our spirit up as a team this season.”

Cotton led the team in welcoming Zak with open arms. “Zakarai is going to be a part of our team just like everyone else. He wanted the signing to be even bigger by having it in the middle of intermission at the UCONN game,” he said with a smile.

Marottolo watched his new player from the stands. He said Zak’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication to the game make him a perfect fit for the Pioneers Hockey Team. “His smile just lit up everybody on the ice. That’s why you do this. That’s why you get involved,” he said.

As a team member, Zak will attend Pioneers practices, games, team dinners, events, and more.

Amity High School and the athletes on the Football and Hockey teams gave Zak his first taste of being an honored member of their teams. So the shift to SHU is a natural step up for one of our favorite Amity teens.

SHU hockey opens its 2019-20 campaign on Saturday, October 5 at home, versus UConn. The game will be played at Webster Bank Arena with puck drop scheduled for 7:05 pm.


Amity Girls Swim Team 3-0 for season

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Sep 242019

The Amity Lady Spartans Swimming and Diving Team is on a roll for the 2019 season.
Thus far, they have won three meets. The last two with a fairly similar point spread.
On Thursday, Sept. 19, the girls had a home meet vs Hamden in Orange, winning 97-84.

Amity(2-0) – Hamden(0-1)

Amity’s Winning Events:

200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:57.28 Lauren Sender, Emma Grabowski, Grace Mahon, Katie O’Connor

200 yard Freestyle: A- 2:04.53 Julia Snow

200 Ind. Medley: A-2:22.98 Emma Grabowski

Diving: A- 191.00 Elizabeth Buckley

100 yard Butterfly:A- 1:00.29 Katie O’Connor

500 yard Freestyle: A- 5:44.15 Amanda Robinson

Hamden’s winning events:

50 yard Freestyle: H- 26.34 Amanda Wojenski
100 Freestyle: H- 56.71 Emma Panaroni,
200 yard Freestyle Relay: H- 1:51.84 Sinead Masterson, Amanda Wojenski, Selina Deng, Alena Mauhs
100 yard Backstroke: H- 1:03.52 Emma Panaroni 
100 yard Breaststroke: H- 1:14.92 Amanda Wojenski
400 yard Freestyle Relay:H- 4:10.00 Winter Berube, Mya Clouse, Adriana Delvecchio, Emma Panaroni
On Monday, Sept. 23, Amity Hosted Lyman Hall at the Orange Pool, defeating them 95-83.

Amity’s Winning Events:

200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:57.06 Lauren Sender, Amanda Robinson, Katie O’Connor, Emma Tiirollo

200 yard Freestyle: A- 2:05.93 Emma Grabowski 

 200 Ind. Medley: A-2:19.63 Katie O’Connor

 100 yard Butterfly: A- 1:03.83 Vera Belfonti 

100 Freestyle: A- 56.56 Katie O’Connor 

200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:47.35 Emma Tirollo, Grace Mahon, Vera Belfonti, Katie O’Connor

Lyman Hall’s Winning Events

50-yard Freestyle: LH- 25.52 Caroline Krawec 
Diving: LH- 208.30 Alyssa Cervero
100 yard Backstroke: LH- 1:02.44 Caroline Krawec 

100 yard Breaststroke: LH- 1:19.85 Elena Bielesz 

400 yard Freestyle Relay: LH- 4:45.01 Maeve Montante, Zoe Gallo, Alyson Wentzell, Lindsey Hudson