Dec 222014

Save! Tyler Cole shows what he's made of.

Save! Tyler Cole shows what he’s made of.

After a 2-2 tie game with North Haven on Wednesday, Dec. 17, The Amity Boys Hockey Team went up against the always powerful Cheshire team at the Bennett Rink in West Haven on Saturday, Dec. 20.

Starting Goalie, Freshman Tyler Cole, showed that he has the right stuff after shaking off two first period Cheshire goals that got by him in the first three minutes. He had several beautiful saves throughout the game.

With just 19.6 seconds left in the first period, the Spartans got onto the scoreboard making it 2-1 Cheshire at the end of the first period.

The Spartans came out strong in the second period scoring two goals within the first minute. Switching the leaderboard to 3-2 (Amity).

In the third period, Cheshire finally tied the score with 8:45 left in the game, then at 2:31, they got the game-winning goal, defeating Amity at 4-3.

Unfortunately, due to a prior obligation, I had to leave before the third period, so I didn’t talk to the coaches after the game.

Last week I posed the question, “Will this team make us proud this year?”

They appear to be playing much better since the initial scrimmage games and I do believe that with continued hard work, they will indeed make a name for themselves.

Dec 202014

215px-Tarzan_musical_Broadway_PosterAfter the gruelling process of auditioning more than 100 super talented singer/actors (and going through call backs) at Amity, the directors released the cast list for the Spring musical “Tarzan” on Friday.

The actor who is playing the lead character is Max Karsanow, who you will immediately recognize from his roles as Anthony in Sweeney Todd — the young man who wooed Johanna (Shaylen Harger); and he was the understudy for the role of Benny in last year’s “In the Heights,” which he was able to fulfill at least during one performance.

Tarzan: This is the older version of the young Tarzan. He has more friends than he used to. He has his best friends Terk and Tantor, who have each others backs. He is stronger and has enemies to challenge. But, he still wonders of what he is. Songs include: Strangers Like Me, Who Better Than Me? Reprise, You’ll Be In My Heart Reprise.

Since Amity has no young children, Ryan Kennedy will play the role of Little Tarzan: A little boy who is raised in the jungle by gorillas. He tries to fit in and wonders why he doesn’t. He notices that he isn’t exactly like all of the apes that he is around. He has a friend named Terk as well. Songs include: Who Better than Me? and I Need To Know. If the name sounds familiar, Ryan is the son of directors Robert and Andrea Kennedy.

The lovely Addie Robbins will play Jane: She adores species and specimen she hasn’t seen before which makes sense when her, her father, and Clayton their hunter/protector come to the jungle. She befriends Tarzan and comes to like him. She always has dreamed of coming to the jungle. Songs Include: Waiting For this Moment, Like No Man I’ve Ever Seen, and Strangers Like Me.

Max is Tarzan

Max is Tarzan

Josiah Oakley will play Terk: The older version of young Terk. He has more style than the younger one. Still, he is best friends with Tarzan and now Tantor the elephant. He has the rhythm of the jungle. Songs include: Son of Man, Trashin’ the Camp, Who Better than Me? Reprise.

Morgan Guadagnoli has been pegged to play Kala: A mother ape that takes Tarzan for her son. She adores him and keeps him safe. She has a special bond with him that no one can understand. She is the wife to Kerchak, the leader. Songs include: You’ll Be In My Heart, Sure As Sun Turns to Moon and You’ll Be In My Heart Reprise.

Kahari Blue is Kerchak: The strong and powerful leader of the gorilla pack. He doesn’t feel that Tarzan belongs and shuns him for awhile. Doesn’t like humans too much. He finally tells tarzan the way he feels at the end. Songs include: Sure As Sun Turns to Moon.

Jali – (Narrators): Ryan Rattley, Kevin Durkee, Ryan Rappaport, Emily Kilian, Joyce Lin and Julia Goclowski.

Caroline Burkhart is Sabor: (description from wiki) The predator of the jungle. He kills Tarzan’s real mother and father and Kala’s and Kerchak’s baby. He continues to kill and destory until Tarzan comes and ends him. Songs include: none but dances/fights.

Jacob Leibowitz is Porter:  Jane’s father. He knows many things about the jungle. He is a lot like Jane in certain areas. He has his quirks about him, too. Songs include: Like No Man I’ve Ever Seen.

Ethan Smith is Clayton:  He is the hunter that protects the Porter family on this expedition. He likes to shoot things with his rifle. He was sent to protect but he might want some things of his own. Songs include: none.

George Grotheer is Snipes: A sailor.

Ape/Animal Ensemble

Jeff Gallo, Chris Casella, David Linet, Michael Prinz, Ryan Chizmadia, Dean Pocweirz, Robert Worth, Max Seigman, Caroline Burkhart, Cynthia elone, Lauren Flaumenhaft, Sedona Trelleik, Ashlyne Gallo, Christina Genovese, Alayra Dixson, Clara Stirling, Nina Triplett, Sarah Warner, Revekah Haupt, Clara Gamsu, Karalyn Kachmar, Emily McManus, Audrey Grotheer, Rebecca Kaplan, Lauren Duhl, Kendall Dolan, Grace Blanchard, Lily Forchetti.

Expedition Crew

Nathan Stirling, Jacob Lyngdal, Eric Greenbaum

Dance Captains

Caroline Burkhart, Lauren Flaumenhaft

Play rehearsals begin next week. I for one can’t wait to see Tarzan swing across the stage next spring.

Dec 192014

 BasketballThe Lady Spartans Basketball Team is off to a great start this season. Already 2 for 2 with big point spreads.

On Friday, Dec. 12, Amity crushed West Haven 36-13 and on Wednesday, Dec. 17, the ladies bounced Wilbur Cross out 56-23.

Tonight they take on Hamden at Amity at 7 p.m.

Going in, we knew that the experience of Elise Graham would be a force to be reckoned with, but she is by no means a one-woman show on the court.

Surprisingly, Amity has a very good team this year in spite of losing a lot of “star” players to graduation in June including Allison Denny, Chloe Brinton, Molly Ronan, Mikaila Schmitt, Janae Graham, Amanda Vecchio and Kathleen Feng.

Stay on the lookout for great things from Graham, Kaitlin Thomas, Kate Helfenbein, Sarah Kilian and Molly Dragan, all of whom have shown their skills in the first two games.

Dec 182014

boys swimmingThe Amity Spartans Boys Swim Team went up against Haddam Killingworth in the season opener on Wednesday, Dec. 18.
Although Haddam Killingworth won more events, Amity was victorious by 4 points: 87-83.
Amity’s winning events:
200 yard Medley Relay: A-1:48.45 Dan Madsen, Ben Clemens, Sergey Savelyev, Kevin Zhao
100 yard Freestyle: A- 52.38 Ben Clemens
500 yard Freestyle: A- 5:24.66 Zac Babbitz
Haddam Killingworth’s winning events:
200 Freestyle: HK- 1:55.18 Garrett Mazzioti
200 IM: HK- 2:07.39 Mason Revis
50 yard Freestyle: HK-24.15 Conor Champagne
100 yard Butterfly: HK-55.77 Garrett Mazziotti
200 yard Freestyle Relay: HK- 1:39.29  Connor McLaughlin, Garrett Mazziotti , Mason Revis, Conor Champagne
100 yard Backstroke: HK- 1:00.16 Jake Torello
100 yard Breaststroke: HK- 1:09.12 Mason Revis
400 yard Freestyle Relay: HK- 3:36.77 Garrett Mazziotti, Connor McLaughlin, Jake Torello, Mason Revis
Records: Amity 1-0; Haddam Killingworth 0-1

Dec 142014

IMG_7129The 2014-15 Amity Spartans Varsity Hockey Team had some big skates to fill following last year’s phenomenal season.

Sadly, with the graduation of the 2013-14 senior “stars” Goalie Brian Mosher, Adam Shea, Brett McNeil, John Uscilla and Keating Seymour, this is a rebuilding year, with a primarily young team and just five seniors.

Among those seniors are Dalton Luciani, Kevin Ryan and Zachary Shelnitz, whose names we often heard at last year’s games. They have the experience and are good team players, but can they carry the 2015 Spartans on to greatness?

Friday night’s scrimmage games at the Hockey Jamboree in West Haven proved underwhelming.

Last year Brian Mosher was so amazing that any goaltender who follows will have to work ten times as hard to even come close — although of the three who geared up in the $400 goalie padding, Freshman Tyler Cole #30 (Mosher’s old number) shows a lot of promise.

The boys showed spirit and drive and had some good passes but they will have to step things up a bit if they want to get anywhere this year.

Cheshire’s team was tight and blanked Amity 5-0, then Immaculate came out and defeated the Spartans 3-1.

I have faith in Coach Gary Lindgren and Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli and their abilities to pull this team together. Let’s just hope the boys can follow their directions.

Fingers crossed.

Who’s on the team?


William Caracciolo, Dalton Luciani, Cristian Mortali, Kevin Ryan, Zachary Shelnitz


Nicholas Gallucci, Graham Hughes, Timothy Johnston, Anthony Uscilla


Jeremy Cable, Charles Csejka, McGovern Deane, Nicholas DeGennaro, Tyler Johnston, Roger Kergaravat, Zachary White


Jamie Blum, Alexander Leyner, Tyler Cole, Jacob Silliman, Chase Kozak, Adam Moscato, Harrison Silver

Dec 122014

Boys Lax_SAT FundraiserThere is a fully proctored SAT exam at Amity High School on Saturday, December 20. The exam is being provided by CT Speed School Academic Advisors. Students will have the opportunity to take a practice SAT exam, and get a detailed score report outlining strengths and weaknesses.
The cost of this exam has been deeply discounted to $30 for ALL Amity Students!
Furthermore, this opportunity is being provided by the Amity Boys Lacrosse program as a fundraiser. All money collected will go towards offsetting costs of the program.
Coach Brandon Pepe said, “The Amity Boys Lacrosse team is thrilled to have partnered with the CT Speed School to present this wonderful opportunity to Amity students.”
This is a great opportunity for all students to gain wonderful experience taking a practice SAT exam without having to worry about the results being sent to colleges.
The Connecticut Speed School offers a full slate of academic and test preparation tutoring.

Dec 102014

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.14.30 AMThe Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation and Amity High School Young Adult Book Club hosted a visiting author event on Nov. 25 in the High School Library.

Matthew Dicks is a local teacher and author of the novels “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend,” “Something Missing” and “Unexpectedly, Milo” and the rock opera The Clowns.

The evening was full of laughter and fun. Matthew discussed how he became a writer, gave away prizes and answered questions.

Dec 092014

Twitter-Adopt-a-FamilyThe Amity PTSO is once again sponsoring a holiday outreach program and “adopting” 3 families for the holidays – one from Bethany, one from Orange, and one from Woodbridge.

Please consider donating a gift card to make a family’s season brighter.

The PTSO welcomes gift cards from Stop & Shop, Target, WalMart, etc… to purchase items on each family’s “wish list” and to prepare a food basket.

For pick up or drop off information, please contact any of the following: Eileen Babbitz (Bethany family) at [email protected], Jeanette Glicksman ((Woodbridge family) at [email protected] or Polly Demirjian (Orange family) at [email protected].

Originally Published on: Nov 28, 2014 @ 20:36

Dec 082014

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.35.37 PMThe Amity Music Department will present the annual Winter Concert in the Brady Center on Wednesday Dec. 10 at 7 p.m.

This is always a great night of music and song showcasing the talents of Amity’s  Strings Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band and Wind Ensemble.  

Some holiday classics and traditional music will be performed such as Carol of the Bells, Hannukah Highlights, The Nutcracker Suite, Angels We Have Heard on High and The World for Christmas.  

Come out and help Amity usher in the Holiday Season!  There will be a 10 minute intermission and goodies will be sold to help benefit the Amity High School Music Department!  

As always, admission to the Winter Concert is FREE.  


Dec 082014

Amity HIgh SchoolParent-Teacher Conferences at Amity High School were cancelled last week due to a plumbing problem.

On Friday, Principal Charles Britton announced that the rescheduled conference date was Tuesday, December 16. 

Today, Britton sent out a new notice, stating: “December 16 is the first night of Chanukah. It would be inconsiderate to hold parent conferences on the first night of Chanukah. So, the new rescheduled date for parent conferences will be Monday, December 15 from 5 – 7:30 p.m. If you are unable to keep your parent conference, please go back into Virtual Paragon by clicking Virtual Paragon, and cancel your appointment so that other parents may access the spot. The master password necessary to register in the system is “studentreport.” I apologize for the confusion.”