Jun 112017

There is one very disturbing trend that we see every year around graduation week, and that is the THEFT of congratulatory balloons from the tri-town area.

Kids, remember, if you didn’t get any balloons of your own, you do not have the right to STEAL someone else’s.

Last year in Orange, someone or a couple of people went around and cut the strings on bundles of balloons, at the expense of the family members who dished out $5 each for the gifts.

It is uncertain if the nasty culprits simply let the helium filled mylar balloons fly or if they took them for themselves. In either instance it is wrong. The loose balloons most likely will end up killing sea turtles or whales (so congratulations, genius).  And the sudden appearance of these grad balloons on your own mailbox several days after the deliveries were completed, earmark you as a selfish individual.

If the individual(s) is/are caught they could face charges of criminal mischief or sixth-degree larceny (depending on just how many balloons you stole) and won’t it be embarrassing to have THAT on your record when you go for a job interview? — It tells a LOT about your character.

Urgent Message: Help Needed Delivering Graduation Balloons

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Jun 112017

Amity-balloonsFI-300x187Please help! The Amity PTSO is in desperate need of drivers to deliver more than 4,000 balloons to graduates.

If you have time tomorrow, please come to Amity Regional High School. PTSO members will be here to provide bundles of balloons and addresses.

The task involves delivering the balloons to the addresses and tying the balloons to a graduate’s mailbox.

The bigger your car the better; so, if you have an SUV and a few hours available tomorrow Monday, June 12 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. in the ARHS cafe. Please lend a hand and help brighten the community.

Please consider signing up for a time. If you can only do an hour, that is fine.  Please include your e-mail address in the comment section of the doodle sign up.  We appreciate any time you can give to this event. Any questions can be directed to Kathy Sabitsky at  ksabitsky@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.

Note: I did this last year, and it was not a “chore” it felt good to help. You can take as many bundles as you’d like and when you are done you are DONE OR you can go back and get more. 

HEARTBREAK: Staples Breaks Amity’s Winning Streak — 5-1 Final

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Jun 102017

Max Scheps pitched the first 6 1/2 innings.

This will not read like a story as it was updated periodically. 

Amity was first to score in the CIAC Class LL State Tournament getting one run in the bottom of the fourth.

The Staples Wreckers came on strong in the top of the fifth with a RBI triple, then a 2-run homer, they snatched the lead 3-1.

Bottom of fifth, Hague brothers in scoring position, Jack Nolan at bat 2-2 and 2 outs — Pop up fly… he’s out… on to the sixth inning.

Top of seventh Staples RBI double. then a RBI single and Staples has a solid 5-1 lead over Amity.

Scheps pulled and Lumpinski finishes the final inning with the bases loaded and two outs. BAM, 3 strikes…

Bottom of the seventh. It’s now or never Amity.

Al Smith first up. 1 out

Colin Beaulieu – single!

Andy Hague, pop up … out.

Teddy Hague hits it to center … it was caught…

Staples gets the win.

Ray Curren from the SCC tweeted “All things come to an end. 28-game postseason win streak and 4 straight LL titles may never be matched.”

Congratulations to the Wreckers.

Amity, we Love You and admire you for everything you’ve accomplished over the years.





Baseball: Witness History In The Making (Again)

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Jun 082017

Last year, the Amity Spartans became the first baseball team in CT history to win four consecutive state championships, now they’re hoping to break their own record to make it five.

Amity Baseball fans, consider coming to support the baseball team as they “Drive for 5” and play for the Class LL State Championship this Saturday, June 10 at Noon!

The game is at Palmer Field in Middletown.

Here is the LINK for tickets. It is best to buy them in advance.

Don’t forget to wear your AMITY gear or Black and Gold!

Jun 072017

The number 1 Amity Spartans Baseball Team played in the CIAC Class LL semifinal against Danbury in Waterbury today.

The Spartans got a quick 2-0 lead and just kept going.

Danbury picked up two runs in the first six innings but simply couldn’t pass Amity’s 3 to 4 run lead.

The Amity Spartans won 5-2 and advance to their fifth consecutive state championship game, this year against Staples.

Baseball: CIAC Class LL Semifinal Tonight!

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Jun 072017

Clear skies and pleasant temperatures make for a nice night to Play Ball!

The CIAC Class LL State Tournament Semifinal game that was postponed last night will take place this evening at 7 p.m.

Amity goes up against Danbury at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury at 7 p.m.

Get on out to the ball game and cheer on our Amity Spartans and remember, there IS an admission fee.

CT High School Musical Theater Awards Night – Guilford’s Sweeney Was King

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Jun 062017

We all love the Amity Spring Musicals, the singing, the dancing, the acting, lighting, sets, and music, but evidently, the judges for the Connecticut High School Musical Theater Awards (CHSMTA) thought that Guilford’s production of Sweeney Todd was just “this much” better.

Of its 13 nominations, including its eighth nomination for outstanding musical production, Amity took home one award and ONE very special recognition, but no trophy.

Our own Yuliya Faryna won the Outstanding Supporting Actress award for her role as Golde (the mother) in Fiddler on the Roof.

And CHSMTA founder Brett A. Bernardini took time out from the Outstanding Student Achievement announcements to recognize Amity’s Harrison Paek for his work in the Arts in Education Student Achievement category.

Even though Harrison didn’t receive an award, he did have an opportunity to make a very well thought out speech.

Maybe I’m just partial to our Amity students, but I believe Eric Greenbaum, Tevye from Fiddler on The Roof, brought the house down when he performed “If I Were A Rich Man.” Thunderous applause and a standing ovation followed his song. (Not all of the Lead Actor Nominees received the same awesome reaction). He is a winner in my eyes.

The cast performed the “dream” sequence, including the towering ghost, also getting a standing ovation from their peers and the entire audience.

What do they say, “It doesn’t matter if you win, just being nominated is enough.” (?)

Although we always hope for more, there was an awful lot of talent on the Palace Theater stage on Monday night and Amity was well represented. Principal Anna Mahon did a terrific job making an award presentation.

Congratulations to Yuliya and Harrison for your honors, and to everyone that won awards.

To the Amity Theater Department as a whole, congratulations on all of your nominations. You deserved every one.

Until next year.

Next Up For The Amity Spartans Baseball Team

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Jun 042017

The Amity Spartans Baseball team is still alive in the CIAC State Tournament. Danbury

On Tuesday, June 6, the boys go up against Danbury (10-9 last documented record on CIAC website) at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury at 7 p.m.

Ludlowe Bows To Amity In Third Round CIAC Tourney Game

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Jun 032017

It’s been a long season, but we are almost there, the Amity Spartans Baseball team shut out Fairfield Ludlowe 12-0 today in Woodbridge.

It was like a nice autumn day up on the hill, windy and cloudy – perfect baseball weather. The only ones sweating it out were the Falcons.

The game got off to a slow start with no score in the first inning.

Second inning — Ludlowe failed to score again, but Amity came alive. Colin Beaulieu and Pat Winkel brought in runners on walks and Andy Hague brought one in on a single. 3-0 Amity

Third inning — 0 for Ludlowe. Beaulieu walked and Amity scored a run. Hague hit a two-run single, Jack Nolan hit a two-run triple and Max Scheps had a one-run single. 9-0 Amity

No action in the fourth.

Fifth inning — Nolan had a one-run triple and Scheps had a one-run single. (Somewhere in there another run came in). 12-0 Amity

And that was all she wrote, neither team scored after that and Amity advances in the tournament.

Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin tweeted: “Spartans win their 27th consecutive postseason game, head back to LL semifinals.”

The Lady Spartans ended their season today in Stamford, but they had a really good run.


Jun 032017

Today is Saturday, June 3. Forecasters are telling us that today is the best day of the weekend weather-wise, so get out and enjoy it before the rain sets in again.
First, pack your car with any papers, old bills, documents that you would like safely shredded. Maybe toss an old mattress on the roof of the car or in the back of your minivan, then head off to the Post Road Fire Station for breakfast.
The Orange Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will host its 18th annual Pancake Breakfast at the Post Road Fire Station, 355 Boston Post Road, from 7:30  to 10:30 a.m.
Then drive over to High Plains Community Center to get rid of those old papers and mattress.
The Orange Recycling Committee (ORC) will host its fifth shredding day in the front parking area of the High Plains Community Center (HPCC), 525 Orange Center Road, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. This service is free of charge to Orange residents and includes Mattress recycling.
Then spray on the tick repellant and go for a hike.
The Orange Conservation Commission is hosting an Educational Walk at Turkey Hill Preserve from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. (rain date is Sunday, June 4, same times).  Noted naturalists Anthony Zimba and Michael Ross, will lead the walk.
And finally, cheer on one of the best baseball teams in the state, The Amity Spartans.
The third round of the CIAC Baseball Championship tournament vs Fairfield Ludlowe (10-10) will take place at Amity at 2 p.m.  [The Softball team will be playing in Stamford at 4 p.m.]
Then you can go home and do yard work or simply relax.
Have a great weekend.