Oct 192014

IMG_5668Thirteen high schools participated in the SCC Unified Sports Soccer Tournament on October 16 at Amity Regional High School.

Amity, Branford, West Haven, Cheshire, Daniel Hand, East Haven, Foran, Guilford, Hamden, Hillhouse, Jonathan Law, North Haven, and Wilbur Cross participated.

Unified Sports provides an opportunity for students with special needs to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Former Amity Athletic Director Paul Mengold, who now works for the SCC, said the Unified Sports Program partners special needs students with non-disabled peers for team competitions. He added that the special needs athletes wore even numbers on their shirts.

Members of the Albertus Magnus College women’s soccer team volunteered their time to be officials at the event.

Amity High School Principal Charles Britton watched the games along with Supt. Charles Dumais and Athletic Director Earnie Goodwin.

“After an exciting afternoon of soccer, all the teams gathered in the cafeteria for a pizza party and awards presentation,” Britton said. “Our congratulations are extended to all the athletes on Amity’s Unified Sports team for their sportsmanship and hard work.”


Oct 192014

IS9x7hbkok6wkq1000000000Here’s a 1,200 square foot, second-floor ranch style apartment with three bedrooms, new bathroom, new furnace, updated kitchen, for $1,650 per month. 

The rental agreement includes furnace service contract, energy audited, lawn maintenance, snow removal, use of yard on 1.12 acres. 

A basement laundry room is shared and includes your own washer and dryer. Window air conditioning units for summer comfort. 

The home is located at 532 Derby Milford Road, Orange. Two-month security and credit check are required. 

If you are interested, call Dan Del Vecchio, Weichert Realtors-Regional Pro at 203-795-2700.

Oct 192014

7355383_origThe Orange Historical Society will host an open house at the Bryan-Andrew House, 131 Old Tavern Road (said to be the oldest house in Orange) on Sunday, Oct. 19 from 12-4 p.m.

Parking will be at the Old Tavern Road Baseball Complex with a shuttle bus running to and from the historic home.

Come and see what your donations have allowed the society to do to open the house museum for your enjoyment and education of colonial times in Orange.

Admission is free. Light refreshments will be served.

The town of Orange purchased the Bryan-Andrew House (circa 1740) in 2000. The Bryan family was associated with Milford from its founding in 1639.

With grants from the State of Connecticut, donations, and fundraisers, the Orange Historical Society has restored the home. It will be used as a house museum for local school tours to experience a day in the life of early Orange using Bryan’s Farms as its historical site.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

In the summer of  2001 and 2002, an archeological dig took place at the home and artifacts unearthed are now cataloged and available for viewing.  If interested, call 203 795-3106 for an appointment.

Restoration is continuing with plaster walls and ceilings with original lath underneath to recreate the 1740 construction.  The fireplace in the parlor was altered many years ago and is now undergoing an original restoration.  The hearth brick which was obviously 20th century was removed to show the original red brick which is in excellent condition.

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Oct 182014

IMG_8275The Lady Spartans were on the road in Wallingford for Friday’s game against Lyman Hall.

The Trojans were first on the scoreboard with Sami Forster scoring a goal in the first half at 11:05.

The Lady Spartans came on strong in the second half with back-to-back goals by Lauren Duhl (one at 21:27 the second at 13:21)

Final Score Amity 2 – Lyman Hall 1

Amity outshot Lyman Hall 10-9.

Amity Goalie Ashley Powers made 8 saves for the Spartans; Finley VanHowten made 9 saves for the Trojans.


Team records: Amity 4-9-1; Lyman Hall 3-9-1-1




Oct 182014

A woman carries a large box of paperwork to be shredded at High Plains on Saturday.

File Photo: A woman carries a large box of paperwork to be shredded at High Plains on Saturday.

On Saturday, Oct. 18, more than 175 Orange residents made their way to the Orange Community Center for a chance to have all of their important personal documents and other paperwork securely shredded free of charge.

Mitch Goldblatt, Chairman of the Orange Recycling Committee, said the Orange Rotary Club made a generous donation to make the event possible.

Last Year hundreds of residents took advantage of this opportunity to dispose of personal paperwork that could make them vulnerable to identity theft.

The process is secure, no one is allowed to touch your paperwork or examine the contents of your boxes or bags. The papers are dumped into recycling bins, which are emptied into a truck via mechanical equipment and then shredded inside the enclosed truck.

Goldblatt said although the inaugural year was successful with 35 bins filled, this year surpassed all of their expectations by filling nearly half again as many large recycling bins (47) and the driver for the licensed and bonded PROSHRED SECURITY Truck estimated that about 10,000 pounds of paper was shredded today.

The paper is shredded on-site and then delivered to a local recycling facility.

Goldblatt added that a few participating residents made donations to the Rotary Club to show their appreciation for their help.

Oct 182014

Kevin Nusdeo put Amity on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter.

Kevin Nusdeo put Amity on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter.

On a day when the Amity Boys Cross Country Team clinched its first SCC title in six years, the football team did not fare as well in an SCC Division 1 home game against Notre Dame – West Haven.

The Green Knights crushed the Spartans 40-6.

The game was scoreless after the first quarter, then, in the second quarter, Notre Dame came alive. Zach Cofrancesco caught a pass from quarterback Christian Lupoli and scored the first Touchdown of the game on a 19-yard run. Chris Stanio’s kick failed, bringing the score to 6-0.

Nico Ragaini made a dramatic 53-yard run, scoring for the Green Knights, and Stanio’s kick was good. (13-0 ND)

Next quarterback Lupoli hung onto the ball for a 3-yard touchdown run. Stanio’s kick failed. The game went into halftime with a score of 19-0

The third quarter started with a near repeat of the second quarter. Cofranscesco caught Lupoli’s pass, ran 14 yards and scored. This time Stanio’s kick was good (26-0 ND)

Prince Brooks made a 22-yard touchdown run and Stanio’s kick was good  (33-0 ND)

The fourth quarter was Amity’s time to redeem itself and prevent a shut-out, but things looked dim when Notre Dame’s Josh Witkowsky scored on a 10-yard run, and Stanio’s kick was good (40-0 ND)

Finally, just before end of the game, Kevin Nusdeo caught a pass from Chris Wright at the goal line and put the Spartans on the scoreboard. Jordan D’Onofrio’s kick failed.

Final Score: Notre Dame-West Haven 40, Amity 6

Team records: Amity 2-4; Notre Dame-West Haven 4-2


Oct 172014

IMG_0154On Friday, Oct. 17, Amity went up against Sacred Heart Academy for the second time this season, and again the Lady Spartans were victorious.
Amity lost the first match 16-25, but came on strong for the next three beating Sacred Heart 25-11; 25-17 and 27-25.
Amity’s Noteworthy players:
Micaela Cardozo had 8 kills, 3 blocks, and 6 digs; Nina Luciani had 9 kills and 3 digs; and Haley Pierson had 35 assists, 9 digs, and 2 aces.
Sacred Heart’s Noteworthy players:
Maryanne Bauman had 10 kills and 9 blocks; Alisyn Naracci had 5 kills and 6 blocks; Caitlyn Keish had 8 kills, 4 blocks, and 27 digs.
Records: Amity, 15-2;  SHA 8-8.

Oct 172014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.08.08 PMOrange resident Kyle Beaudette placed first in the 21st Annual Southern Connecticut Conference Cross Country Championship, 5 kilometer race at  Hammonasset State Park, Madison on Friday, Oct. 17. 

Amity won the 2014 SCC title. Cheshire came in second. 

  1.    42  AMITY            (  16:31  1:22:32   1:11)
  1      1  Kyle Beaudette            15:56     
  2      3  Harrison Block            16:15     
  3      9  Sricharan Kadimi          16:30     
  4     12  Matthew Arovas            16:44
  5     17  Brendan Purcell           17:07
  6   ( 18) Timothy Cannata           17:08
  7   ( 26) Michael Cannata           17:31
  2.    86  CHESHIRE         (  16:57  1:24:43   1:43)

  1      2  Brendan Murray            16:12     
  2      8  Russell Adam              16:28     
  3     15  Jordan Kolpak             16:58     
  4     19  Mark Fusco                17:10
  5     42  Jacob Lawlor              17:55
  6   ( 68) Ryan Shalagan             18:44
  7   ( 82) Steven Caldwell           19:11

  3.   131  XAVIER           (  17:19  1:26:34   1:34)
  4.   132  HAMDEN           (  17:27  1:27:14   0:55)
  5.   134  FAIRFIELD PREP   (  17:27  1:27:13   1:09)
  6.   157  BRANFORD         (  17:31  1:27:32   2:03)
  7.   170  DANIEL HAND      (  17:42  1:28:30   0:52)
  8.   176  GUILFORD         (  17:38  1:28:10   1:50)
  9.   239  FORAN            (  18:07  1:30:33   1:39)
 10.   240  SHELTON          (  18:03  1:30:13   2:10)
 11.   322  NORTH HAVEN      (  18:35  1:32:55   3:02)
 12.   351  NOTRE DAME-WEST  (  18:49  1:34:04   1:30)
 13.   356  JONATHAN LAW     (  18:59  1:34:51   2:23)
 14.   425  LYMAN HALL       (  19:27  1:37:11   2:00)
 15.   434  HILLHOUSE        (  19:29  1:37:24   1:42)
 16.   445  WILBUR CROSS     (  19:35  1:37:51   1:45)
 17.   446  SHEEHAN          (  19:36  1:37:59   2:01)
 18.   571  WEST HAVEN       (  21:37  1:48:04   3:54)
 19.   588  EAST HAVEN       (  21:48  1:48:58   2:38)

Oct 172014

Cross Country-DuluthThe 21st Annual Southern Connecticut Conference Cross Country Championship took place Friday, Oct. 17 at Hammonasset State Park, Madison. The Amity Girls finished second as a team behind Mercy in the 5 Kilometer competition.

Amity’s  Emily Criscuolo  finished fourth overall out of 116 runners.

  1.    53  MERCY            (  19:55  1:39:31   2:37)

 1      1  Mackenzie Pias            18:32    

 2      3  Bridgid Selfors            19:25     

 3      8  Talia Staiger                19:59     

 4     15  Hannah Albert           20:26

 5     26  Sarah Kohs                 21:09

 6   ( 28) Mia Tompkins          21:19

 7   ( 39) Madison Piel             22:00

  2.    78  AMITY            (  20:30  1:42:30   2:08)

  1      4  Emily Criscuolo          19:41    

  2      9  Lisa Gorham               20:05     

  3     10  Amanda Granados    20:15    

  4     20  Melissa Taggart        20:40

 5     35  Charlotte Gorham      21:49

 6   ( 37) Nicole Feng                21:58

 7   ( 61) Grace Leyden             23:03

  3.    97  GUILFORD         (  20:48  1:44:00   1:51)

  4.   118  CHESHIRE         (  21:00  1:44:58   2:21)

  5.   127  BRANFORD       (  21:07  1:45:31   2:30)

  6.   171  DANIEL HAND      (  21:38  1:48:10   2:10)

  7.   189  HAMDEN           (  21:54  1:49:27   2:47)

  8.   224  WILBUR CROSS     (  22:11  1:50:51   7:43)

  9.   244  SHELTON          (  22:29  1:52:24   2:30)

 10.   287  SACRED HEART ACA (  22:55  1:54:33   1:45)

 11.   292  NORTH HAVEN      (  22:57  1:54:44   3:38)

 12.   331  FORAN            (  23:22  1:56:47   3:55)

 13.   375  LYMAN HALL       (  23:59  1:59:52   3:48)

 14.   388  JONATHAN LAW     (  24:01  2:00:04   0:58)

 15.   423  SHEEHAN          (  24:21  2:01:45   2:06)

 16.   442  LAURALTON HALL   (  24:41  2:03:21   1:51)

 17.   472  EAST HAVEN       (  26:14  2:11:08   5:50)

Oct 172014

Comedy And Tragedy Masks (10)The Orange Players Anniversary Gala will take place on Saturday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. at The American Legion Hall,  630 Grassy Hill Road, Orange.  The Gala is a celebration of 40 years of performances, and rumored to be the second oldest continually performing community theater in the state of CT.

The evening will feature hors d’oeuvres and dinner by Chefs a l’Orange. Ice and glasses will be provided; the event will be BYOB. Raffles, door prizes and a musical revue highlighting past Orange Players shows will be part of the celebration.

Tickets are $40 and checks should be sent to Joan Stenner, 205 Wilson Road, Orange, CT or Margaret Meisenhelder, 77B East Broadway, Milford, 06460 

Founded in 1974, the first production mounted by the Orange Players was “Pajama Game,” presented at Mary L. Tracy School Auditorium. Other shows followed, including “Guys and Dolls”, “Diary of Anne Frank”,“The Music Man”, “The Man Who Came to Dinner’, “The King and I”, “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Whose Life Is It, Anyway”, “Plaza Suite”, “Brighton Beach Memoirs, “The Odd Couple”, Rumors”, “I Love You, You’re Perfect—Now Change!”, “Carousel,”  “Harvey” and “The Sound of Music,” among  many others.

The group has shown its community involvement by  performing many cabarets for community groups and also community fundraisers, including ones for the Library, The Garden Club’s sprinkler system on the Green, the now–departed Tot Lot by the library, Orange Board of Ed’s Schools for the 21st Century, a Chernobyl victim, a local family after a devastating fire.

The Players presented an original musical for children, “Oh, My Stars!” for the Orange Seisquicentennial Celebration. To help support young people interested in pursuing the study of theater arts, the Jerome Honig Scholarship is presented annually to a graduating  Amity High School student.

Performances have been given in several venues, including Mary L. Tracy School, Amity High School, Dodd’s Hall at UNH, the Paugussett Club, the JCC, the Case Memorial Library and churches and synagogues throughout our area.

Workshops that are open to the public as well as members have been held in various areas such as acting, vocal performance, dance, audition preparation, improvisation, set construction, scene painting, stage lighting, and stage make-up, etc

The Orange Players always welcomes new members. All levels of experience ( or even no level of experience) are appropriate. On-stage or off-stage, wherever you want to be—it’s up to you! Check out their web-site at orangeplayers.net

Everyone is invited to join the Players for the 40th Anniversary Gala, celebrating with friends, memories, fun, laughter and music.

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