Bus Routes: Peck Place School 2017-18

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Aug 222017

Following are the school bus routes for Peck Place School, provided by Tirollo Bus Company.

Route No. 70

Driver Dave Woodmansee

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:44 AM

386 Orange Center Road

374 Orange Center Road

372 Orange Center Road

Merry Circle (Cul-de-Sac)

369 Orange Center Road

419 Orange Center Road

Hitchcock Ct & Orange Center Rd

477 Orange Center Rd

150 Christian Circle

Christian Circle & Barton Drive

Barton Dr & Crocker Ct

465 Barton Dr

482 Orange Center Road

220 Karen Drive

230 Karen Drive

241 Karen Drive

254 Karen Drive

265 Karen Drive

Karen Dr & Petrose Circle

252 Petrose Circle

Karen Dr & David Court

David Ct & Argyle Rd

259 Argyle Rd

224 Argyle Rd

234 Currier Dr

Currier Drive & Rustic Court

297 Currier Dr

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM 


Route No. 71

Driver Nancy Pedula 

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM

530 Ridgeview Road

512 Ridgeview Road

470 Ridgeview Road

455 Ridgeview Rd

421 Ridgeview Rd

397 Ridgeview Rd

Clark Lane & Janet Lane

355 Augusta Drive

343 Augusta Drive

357 Grassy Hill Rd

381 Grassy Hill Rd

Treat Lane & Augusta Drive

549 Treat Lane

Ridge Road & Treat Lane

Hitching Post Dr & Ridge Rd

382 Hitching Post Dr

342 Ridge Road

393 Clark Lane

376 Ridge Road

418 Ridge Road

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM


Route No. 72

Driver Donald Beck

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:38 AM 

100 Neenan La

Sybil St & Smith Farm Rd

354 Sybil St

Smith Farm Road & Diana Street

7 Putting Green Lane

307 Manley Heights

336 Manley Heights

Manley Heights & Wellington Dr

43 Wellington Dr

55 Wellington Dr

385 Woodland La

Bear Den La & Lambert Road

438 Taulman Rd

406 Taulman Rd

387 Valleybrook Rd

Taulman Rd & Valleybrook

417 Taulman Rd

469 Taulman Rd

444 Lambert Rd

414 Lambert Rd

404 Lambert Road

396 Lambert Road

356 Lambert Rd

Demarest Drive & Old Tavern Road

235 Old Tavern Rd

255 Old Tavern Road

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM


Route No. 73

Driver Mary Benoit

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM

310 Old Tavern Rd

320 Old Tavern Road

447 Treat Lane

398 Old Country Rd

425 Old Country Rd

Ridge Road & Clement Lane

Clement La & Michael Ct

340 Ann Rose Dr 327

Ann Rose Dr

Ann Rose Dr & Clement La

485 Woodruff Road – Milford

Old Tavern Road & Narrow Lane

404 Narrow Lane 390 Narrow Lane

263 Sarah Circle

305 Sarah Circle

323 Sarah Circle

329 Narrow Lane

Narrow Lane & Cross Court

377 Narrow Lane

Miles Rd & Knight Lane

334 Hotchkiss Rd

Arnold La & Miles Rd

317 Arnold Lane

281 Arnold Lane

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM


Route No. 74

Driver Amy Pomerenk

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM

532 Carriage Dr

Carriage Dr & Forest Rd

260 Harvester Rd

238 Harvester Road

221 Harvester Rd

211 High Plains Dr

277 Pine Tree Dr

301 Pine Tree Drive

248 Pine Tree Drive

394 Hawthorne Lane

258 Hawthorne Lane

230 Hawthorne Lane

Hawthorne Lane & Pine Tree Dr

355 Pine Tree Dr

379 Pine Tree Drive

402 Pine Tree Drive

391 Rosebud Lane

Ridge Road & Rosebud Lane

474 Oakview Dr

Ridge Rd & Hollow Rd

Ridge Rd & Hemlock Rd

275 Hemlock Drive

544 Ridge Road

Ridge Rd & Sycamore La

487 Pine Tree Drive

498 Pine Tree Drive

352 Pine Tree Drive

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM 


Route No. 75

Driver Shirley Nielsen 

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM

41 Old Tavern Rd

335 Lambert Road

Old Tavern Road & Saybrook Rd

Lambert Road & Silver Manor Drive

311 Lambert Rd

Silverbrook Road Cul-De-Sac

Marsh Hill Road & Salemme Lane

254 Old Lambert Rd

230 Old Lambert Road

121 Indian River Road

107 Indian River Road

Indian River Road & Heron Drive

257 Mallard Drive

251 Peck La

269 Peck La

369 Lincoln Rd

360 Lincoln Rd

232 Wilson Road

336 Drummond Rd

356 Drummund Road

Drummund Rd & Fairlea Road

362 Fairlea Rd

Fairlea Road & Wilson Road

303 Drummond Road

254 Wilson Road

Drummond Rd & Peck Lane

351 Peck La

440 Peck Lane

Peck Lane & Karen Drive

458 Peck La

Arrival Time 8:15 AM 

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM 


Route No. 76

Driver John Sporko

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM  

Grassy Hill Road & Wingfoot Rd

314 Grassy Hill Rd

300 Grassy Hill Rd

337 West River Rd

367 West River Rd

387 West River Rd

South Greenbrier & Burning Tree

South Greenbrier & Brentwood-North

650 South Greenbrier Dr

South Greenbrier & Brentwood-South

698 South Greenbrier Dr

722 North Greenbrier Dr

757 North Greenbrier Dr

783 North Greenbrier Dr

496 Derby Milford Road

469 Derby Milford Road

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM


Route No. 77

Driver Tom Pepe

Start Time (1st Stop) 7:40 AM

559 Orange Center Road

Porter La & Orange Center Rd

136 Portor Lane

643 Orange Ctr Rd

154 Englewood Dr

Blueridge Terrace & Wildrose Drive

658 Ridge Rd

Ridge Rd & Farm Hill Rd

564 Ridge Road

308 Meetinghouse La

Meetinghouse La & Farm Hill

563 Meetinghouse Circle

Meetinghouse Cir & Gospel La

Butternut Court & Overlook Terrace

332 Meetinghouse Lane

Meetinghouse La & Lamplight La

282 Meetinghouse Lane

Meetinghouse La & Heritage Hill Rd

209 Meetinghouse Lane

Arrival Time 8:15 AM

Regular Dismissal 3:00 PM 

Get Ready To Audition For Acting Up! 2017

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Aug 222017

The Orange Players will host open auditions for its upcoming winter production of Acting Up! 2017 at the High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Road, on Wednesday, Sept. 6 and Thursday, Sept. 7 from 7 to 9:15 p.m.

Acting Up! 2017 is an evening of 10 Minute unpublished One Acts by local playwrights.

Performance dates are Friday, Nov. 3 and Saturday, Nov. 4.

Auditions are open to anyone 16 years of age and older. The players are looking for a variety of ages and personalities to fill roles.

Performers will be asked to do cold readings from the scripts.

Rehearsal schedules are at the discretion of the directors.

Actors are required to attend Tech rehearsal the week of October 30 (10/30, 10/31, 11/1 & 11/2 from 7 – 11 p.m.).

For more information e-mail TheOrangePlayers@gmail.com

NOTE:The Playwrights and One Acts are: Elaine Alexander – “Car Talk”, Kay Bullard – “Bonnie and Clyde at the 7-11”, Peter Charney – “Math and the Moon”, Hal Corley – “Contemplata Aliis Tradere”, Susan Goodell – “Pie in the Sky”, Jayne Hannah – “Baking Soda”, Betsy MacGuire – “The Nightcap”, John Mehm – “Mirror On the Wall”, Steve Myerson – “The “L” Word”, and Dave Ortoleva – “A Play On Words”.

The Directors are Ann Baker, Patt Brotschul, Noah Golden, Jeanette Harris, Patrique Alton Hurd, Pat Miller, Jess Rodi, Gina Tracy, and Phil Tremblay.

How Well Do You Understand the Pledge of Allegiance?

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Aug 222017

After a long, long summer, Orange (and Amity Schools) open next Monday, Aug. 28.

Children of all ages will be waking up early and heading off to school.

One part of their day, which, during these tumultuous times is very important than ever, will be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Like an old song, we all know the words, but do we really know what they mean?

An Orange Live reader sent us this link to a video of the late comedian Red Skelton reciting the pledge as we’ve never heard it before.

If you have a young child 1-5th grade, why not sit him/her down and give this presentation a watch for a better understanding of what it’s all about.

Solar Eclipse This Afternoon, Do You Have Your Protective Glasses?

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Aug 212017

The once in your lifetime total solar eclipse takes place today, but in CT we won’t be able to experience the 100% coverage that some other Americans will be treated to.

You may watch the eclipse live ONLY if you have approved protective glasses if not, don’t take a chance at losing your eyesight.

There will be plenty of photos and videos on NASA websites and elsewhere, so you can still say you were there when it happened.

Here’s your CT timeline.

1:25 p.m. — eclipse begins

2:45 p.m. — 2/3 of sun will be covered by the moon

4:30 p.m. — it will be over

Go to our Facebook page and share your Eclipse experiences later on.

Victorian Era Stone-Otis House: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Aug 202017

Have you ever traveled a long distance to visit an incredible botanical garden? Well, this week you can stay right here in Orange and marvel in a magnificent display of color, delightful scents and spectacular beauty — and, it’s FREE!

More than a decade ago, the Orange Historical Society won the Federated Garden Club of CT award for the Best Herb Garden in the State at the historic Stone-Otis House across from the Town Hall.

The women of the Historical Society tried to keep up with the gardens, but with the work being done at the Nathan Bryan House and added hours at the Academy Museum, the landscaping at the 18th century home all but fell by the wayside. That’s when Maryellen Bespuda asked if the society would mind if the Garden Club of Orange lent a hand at bringing the gardens back to their former glory.

In April several garden club members began weeding out the dead and weak plants from the herb garden and replanted and redesigned it.

Maryellen Holden redesigned and planted the flowers that grace the new white picket fence that Mr. Ewen built and installed last year, the front and sides of the home and the far backyard areas too.

The well was rebuilt and is adorned with a lovely Hops plant.

With all that said, the Garden Club of Orange and the Orange Historical Society invite you to the Stone-Otis House Herb Garden and House Tour, this Thursday, August 24 from 5-7 p.m. 

Do you know what flower you would use to relieve the pain from bee and wasp stings? What plants can you use for beverages? What flower can be used as an astringent? How well do you know which herbs to use for cooking certain dishes? You will find all of these answers at the Tour!

Come and enjoy the redesigned herb and flower gardens! Free Admission. You may park at the Library or at Town Hall. 

Bring your children and fall in love with this precious, beautifully preserved piece of town history again.

Oh, and bring your camera!

Orange Police: Man Causes Disturbance, Flees From Officers

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Aug 202017

Orange Police responded to Gabriele’s Restaurant, 326 Boston Post Road on a disturbance complaint on August 4 at 10:01 p.m.

Upon arrival, officers saw John M. Miner, 40, of 125 Clark Street, Milford, outside the restaurant and asked him to “stop.”

Miner proceeded to accelerate his pace across the parking lot and ran behind another commercial building.

Officers caught up with John Miner, took him into custody and charged him with second-degree breach of peace and interfering with an officer.

He was released on a $10,000 non-surety bond for court Aug. 18.

Open House Today at Newly Listed 4 Bedroom Home On Hall Drive

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Aug 202017

Do Something Good For The Town and The Earth — The OCC Wants You!

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Aug 192017

The Orange Conservation Commission is seeking new members to help care for and preserve the land on the all of the Town-Owned properties for which the OCC is responsible—Paul Ode Nature Trail (High Plains Community Center), Wepawaug (off Mapledale Rd), Wrights Pond (Old Grassy Hill Rd), Housatonic Overlook (Cedar Grove Rd/High Ridge Rd), Racebrook Tract (Racebrook Rd), Ewen Farm Preserve (Lambert Road/Tyler City), and Turkey Hill Preserve (Derby-Milford Road).

Residents who have an interest in and/or experience in environmental issues, environmental programs, natural resources, conservation, preservation and land management are encouraged to apply for open positions on the Conservation Commission by calling the office of the First Selectman, Jim Zeoli at 203-891-2122, Ext. 737 or e-mail: jzeoli@orange-ct.gov.

Obituary: Marilyn Ann Marlin, 78, Sister of George Mako Jr.

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Aug 192017

Marilyn Ann (Mako) Marlin, 78, a resident of Harwich, MA, died Wednesday, August 9, 2017, after a yearlong struggle with liver cancer in Bethel Health Care Center in Bethel, CT. Marilyn had been living in Sandy Hook during her illness in the care of her daughters till just before her death.
Marilyn was born on May 31, 1939, in Bridgeport, CT to parents George Mako and Carmella (Savino) Mako (both deceased). The third of four children, her siblings Elizabeth Cowan (deceased), George Mako, Jr. of Orange, CT and Roger Mako of Stratford.
Marilyn graduated from Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport in 1957 and worked as a secretary early in her career. While working for Bridgeport Machines, she met her future husband John C. Marlin at a Memorial Day picnic after being set up by friends. Married August 28, 1965, the couple lived in Monroe before settling in Easton in 1969 where they raised their family.
Marilyn was an amazing wife to John and mother to her two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica, who relished in being a stay at home mom. She enjoyed sewing, gardening, and canning. Family was always her first priority.
Marilyn was very active in the Easton Volunteer Fire Departments women’s auxiliary, the Siren Aide, serving in multiple leadership positions during the 70s and 80s. After taking a break to raise children, Marilyn worked in various positions in the Easton public schools until accepting a full-time position at Joel Barlow High School in 1981. Initially working in the guidance department, Marilyn eventually took on the role of data processing for the school. Marilyn loved her job and the people she worked with. She was a dedicated and diligent professional who took considerable pride in her work. Despite her incredible work ethic, she took the time to make her co-workers laugh, cracking jokes and singing down the hall as she picked up the attendance or seeing to the needs of the staff and students.
She created a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who passed through her office door. Students would often come and visit Marilyn knowing she was someone who would just listen with a caring heart.
Marilyn and her family loved vacationing in Cape Cod where she eventually moved with her husband when she retired in 2001. During her retirement, Marilyn was active in the Harwich Cranberry Festival and volunteering at the Harwich Center on Aging where her friendly welcoming personality brought much joy to the elderly of the Harwich community.
In her free time, she spent her afternoons enjoying time with her friends and walking her beloved dog, Oliver, at Red River Beach.
Marilyn is survived by her daughters, Jennifer Marlin of Sandy Hook, CT and Jessica O’Meara with husband Brian O’Meara, of Sandy Hook, CT, brothers George Mako, Jr. of Orange, CT and Roger M. Mako of Stratford, CT, grandchildren Brenden M. Peterson, Devin J. Peterson and Lindsey M. Civitelli, in addition to many loving nieces and nephews.
Marilyn is predeceased by her beloved husband of 38 years, John C. Marlin of Harwich, MA, parents George and Carmella Mako of Stratford, CT, sister Elizabeth Cowan of Harwich, MA and her beloved Boston Terrier, Oliver.
A memorial service with interment is planned for Saturday, August 19, 2017, at 1 p.m. at Trinity (Episcopal) Church, 36 Main Street, Newtown, CT.
Reception is planned immediately following the service in the Glover Community Room of Trinity Church. All are welcomed.
Arrangements were coordinated by Honan Funeral Home, 58 Main Street, Newtown, CT. Please contact them at 203-426- 2751 with any questions regarding the memorial arrangements.
In lieu of flower, donations can be made to the Bethel Visiting Nurses Association, 70 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801.

Fundraiser: Meet and Greet Brunch With Margaret Novicki

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Aug 182017

Candidate Margaret Novicki

Karen deFur-Maxwell and Jody Dietch will host a Sunday Brunch Meet and Greet Fundraiser for Margaret Novicki, Democratic candidate for the first selectman at 11 a.m. on Sept. 10.

The event will take place at 595 Harborview Road, Orange.

There is a $50 suggested donation.

RSVP to Jody Dietch by Sept. 3 at jldorange@yahoo.com or call 203-314-9975.

If you cannot attend, donations to Margaret Novicki’s campaign may be made out to “Novicki for Orange” and sent to Novicki for Orange, c/o Susan Fernandes, 847 Brookside Dr, Orange, CT 06477.