Mar 192015

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.54.49 PMFrom Amity Middle School Orange Campus:

Tonight’s PTSO meeting (Thursday, March 19) that will take place in the Amity Regional High School at 7:00 p.m. followed by Superintendent Charles Dumais presenting the 2015-2016 Amity Budget.   Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

 Here is the calendar for the remainder of the 2015 school year.

  • March 20 – No School for students (Teacher PD)
  • March 24 – Solo/Ensemble Concert, 6:30 p.m. in the gym
  • April 3 – No School, Good Friday and Passover
  • April 20 – 24 – Spring Recess
  • May 7 – Spring Concert, band, choir, strings, 7:00 p.m. in the gym
  • May 13 – 14 – Eighth Grade overnight trip to Philly
  • May 15 – Career Fair (if you would like to be a presenter, please call Pam Pero in the guidance office).
  • May 22 – Music Adjudication and Six Flags Field Trip …time schedule TBA in April
  • June 19 – Eight Grade Step Up Ceremony (if there are no more storm days)
  • June 22 – Last day of School (if no more storm days)

Mar 122015

Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan – 5 yr


On Tuesday, March 10, the Orange Volunteer Fire Department hosted its 90th annual meeting/dinner at Grassy Hill Lodge.

Fourteen members were presented their service awards.

5 Years of Service

Lieutenant Joseph Duplinsky

Firefighter Lisa Kaplan

Firefighter Dave Evans

Firefighter Jeremy Bartow

10 Years of Service

Lieutenant Drew Panapada

Firefighter Greg Lockwood

The following Firefighters received citations from the state, presented by Selectman Mitch Goldblatt, and from the town, presented by First Selectman Jim Zeoli.

20 Years of Service

Firefighter George Geane

25 Years of Service

Firefighter Roman Oleschuk

35 Years of Service

Secretary Peter Daniel

Chief Engineer David Gagel

40 Years of Service

Past Chief Charles Gagel

Firefighter Don Foyer

45 Years of Service

Past Chief / Assistant Chief Dr. Charles Sherwood

50 Years of Service

Firefighter Fred Palmer

Mar 112015

Orange Police Headquarters

Orange Police Headquarters

Orange Asst. Police Chief Anthony Cuozzo presented the following information during the monthly police commission meeting on Monday afternoon.

Here are some of the challenges we faced in the month of February, 2015:

2810 Calls for Service
1 Robbery
5 Burglaries (3 residential, 2 commercial)
112 Activated Burglar Alarms
28 Criminal Arrests
19 Shoplifting/Larcenies
15 Fights/Disturbances
5 Arrest for DWI
79 Traffic Accidents
161 Motor Vehicle Citations Issued
109 Medical Emergencies

Mar 072015

Screen-Shot-2015-01-19-at-10.20.20-AM-300x206What is an officer looking for when she patrols a shopping center parking lot?

Is a shoplifting investigation an easy 5 minute job, or can it take several hours to complete?

Why do the Orange Police need all those vehicles? What is that truck used for? Does Orange have a SWAT unit?

A group of 20 pre-registered students will get the answers to these questions and so much more when they take part in the Orange Citizens Police Academy, beginning on Wednesday.

The academy is a unique opportunity for regular citizens to see first-hand all the behind the scenes workings of the Orange Police Department.

This is an eight-session course that includes lessons on the traffic division; firearms; legal issues in the court system; crime scene processing – fingerprinting techniques; how patrol officers deal with intoxicated drivers; meet the K-9 officers Trent and Loki (and their handlers, of course) and much more.

The course may even culminate in a ride-along with a patrol officer during his or her regular shift, during which students would get the feel of what it’s like to be an officer (but not put in harms way).

The class begins on Wednesday, March 11, and will run every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Orange Police Department, 314 Lambert Road.

Registration was first come first served, with preference given to Orange residents, and limited to 20 students, age 18 and older.

Mar 022015

DSC08005Hey, Orange residents, here’s some great news, the consumer advocacy site NerdWallet has released the second annual edition of its study, “Best Cities for Young Families in Connecticut,” and Orange ranked #5 statewide.
Last Year Orange Was Ranked #9.
To create this ranking they analyzed U.S. Census data to assess four key factors:
  • Home affordability
  • Growth and prosperity score
  • Education quality
  • Family friendliness
You can see the full methodology and findings HERE. `

Feb 032015

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.36.07 PMThe Orange Town Plan & Zoning Commission met Tuesday night at Town Hall.

The commission heard a site plan application submitted by Adnan Akil for 254 Bull Hill Lane, owned by the New Haven Islamic Center.

The proposal was to locate a 3,000 sq. ft. restaurant and bakery in an existing building.

Several parts of the application were not completed, so it was unacceptable.


Adnan Akil

Commission Chairman Beau Clark said the paperwork has to be done properly before the commission can vote on it.

Even though the plan is a proper use of the building, the amount of parking spaces on the provided paperwork did not match.

After a brief discussion, Akil said it takes a lot of time to do the paperwork and he changed his mind. “I give up, I’ll just go to West Haven it’s just a couple of blocks away.” With that, he withdrew his application.

Old Business

Regarding the discussion at the last meeting on making a Zone Change for two properties on Indian River Road, the commission will refer the issue to Consultant Planner Glenn Chalder of Planimetrics for review.

Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer 

• 158 Ohman Ave. was a littered mess when ZEO Paul Dinice went to check on it.

• Buttonball property Dinice will discuss fine payments with the owner

• 756 Wheelers Farm Road there are 6-7 vehicles on the property

• 449 Derby Milford there is a blight order out for that property and there are 2 campers (occupied) in the yard, for which the property owner also will be cited.

• 420 Michael Court abandoned cars and unkept property

The Open Space Priority List from Conservation Commission is the same list as from 2000, and needs to be updated. A new list has been compiled and will be discussed next week.

Feb 032015

Orange Volunteer Firefighters clear a hydrant

Orange Volunteer Firefighters clear a hydrant

Tonight, after coming home from a full day’s work at their paying jobs, our Orange volunteer firefighters will be out in the freezing cold on Hydrant Detail.

They’ll be shoveling out the fire hydrants in YOUR neighborhoods that are covered in snow and ice.

The firefighters know all too well how long it takes to clear a hydrant, and how precious those extra minutes are when they have to get to a home for a fire emergency.

If YOU have a hydrant near your home, PLEASE shovel it out.

Jan 142015

The Orange Board of Selectmen met at Town Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 14.

Jan. 19 Town Hall Offices will be closed for Martin Luther King Day, but the Transfer Station will be open.

Kim Browe

Kim Browe

 To consider and act on the request to approve the 6th Annual Race Brook School Rockin’Road Race and to hang a banner for the event 

Kim Browe spoke for the event

June 6 the Kids fun run 9 am. 5K at 10 a.m. certified route.

Participation is usually very good, revenue was high last year even though participation was down for whatever reason.

Unanimously approved for race and banner. 

 To consider and act on the request from the Lions Club to waive the customary rental fees for use of the gym at HPCC for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  

53rd anniversary Hunt will be March 28.

Unanimously approved.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.09.00 PM To re-consider and act on changing the boiler at the Orange Center Road Firehouse from gas to dual fuel (enclosure) – First Selectman Zeoli

Furnace at firehouse blew up last week. Insurance will cover part of the cost. $32,388 cost for dual Fuel. (gas would be $30,000 but who knows what the price of either fuel will be at any given time)

Unanimously approved.

 To consider and act to participating in a mattress recycling program (enclosure) – First Selectman Zeoli

 ADDED to agenda Benefit concert for Community Services Charitable programs. Gary Harger and Barbie Harger will be featured along with the new chorus.

Tickets will be $20 each.

The show will be followed by a reception with coffee “and” in the cafeteria.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.10.46 PMThis is a self sustaining fund, meaning it depends upon private donations

Unanimously approved.

 To consider and act on recommending to the Board of Finance appropriations for the new grass fields at Fred Wolf Park 

Money is coming in from different organizations to cover the costs of equipment and work. The town will contribute $20,000 to help.

Unanimously approved

 To consider and act on the 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development 

Sandy Pierson

Sandy Pierson

The Board of Selectmen would discuss it and then offer their thoughts on the plan before the March 17 public hearing.


 To consider and act on entering into a contract with Quality Data Services for on-line collection of tax payments 

Tax collector Sandra Pierson said there is a company that would offer this service by summer and give residents an opportunity to see their information online, including when they paid their bills, how much they paid, what they owe, etc.

Cost would be $2,4o0 annually with a $125 set up fee, and it wouldn’t go into effect until July.

Zeoli said you can check out the North Haven website, which already has it, and see how it would work.

Unanimously approved

 To consider and act on SuperGreen Solutions Window enclosures for the Academy Building 

A sample of the window enclosure.

A sample of the window enclosure.

LOCIP funded project. South side of building — six 40″ X 93″ windows (original to the building) opposite the Clark Building — would get UV protection windows, the other side would receive regular (without UV protection). It would be good for energy efficiency.

Judy Williams said the heat rises and in old buildings like this, the attic could be a huge problem, since they lose a lot of heat through it.

This item was tabled

 To consider and act on the request to approve the re-appointment of Denise Stein as the Municipal Agent for the Elderly

Unanimously approved

 To consider and act on the request to approve the tax refunds totaling $2594.57 (enclosure)

Unanimously approved

Dec 182014

IMG_7976During last week’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting a request to change the name of recently completed Edison Road to PEZ Boulevard was unanimously approved.

PEZ has been making its famous candy in Orange since 1974, and in December 2011 the long awaited visitor center at 35 Prindle Hill Road opened to the public.

Today, Thursday, Dec. 18, the town fulfilled its promise and PEZ Boulevard was dedicated.

Among those in attendance was Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, who was instrumental in making the Edison Road project a reality. She was a tireless advocate for the project from start to finish bringing in millions to ensure its completion.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said the new road, which connects Prindle Hill and Marsh Hill roads and is home to PEZ, Aurora Products and Restaurant Depot, to name a few also opens up the possibility of attracting more businesses to open on the 65 additional acres to which it is connected.

Joe Vittoria, President and CEO of PEZ said the thoroughfare has brought more than 80,000 cars to the Visitor Center so far.

Dec 102014

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.14.30 AMThe Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation and Amity High School Young Adult Book Club hosted a visiting author event on Nov. 25 in the High School Library.

Matthew Dicks is a local teacher and author of the novels “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend,” “Something Missing” and “Unexpectedly, Milo” and the rock opera The Clowns.

The evening was full of laughter and fun. Matthew discussed how he became a writer, gave away prizes and answered questions.