MADD Power of Parents Workshop Planned For Oct. 7

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Oct 062015

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.12.41 AMOn Tuesday, Sept. 29, all eighth grade students at Amity Middle School, Orange came together in the gymnasium for a presentation by Mothers Against Drunk Driving titled “Power of You(th).”

MADD Program Specialist Amber Monck talked with students about the dangers of underage drinking and how to make good choices around alcohol. The school distributed folders to all eighth grade students that afternoon with more information from MADD. Parents may find this information useful when talking with their child about the presentation.

Parents also are invited to come to the school for an evening workshop by MADD, “Power of Parents,” on Wednesday Oct. 7 at 7 p.m.

According to MADD, 74% of kids say their parents are the #1 influence on their decisions about drinking. This free parent workshop will provide you with tips and tools for talking with your teens about alcohol.

Amity Middle School is located at 100 Ohman Avenue.

Contact Monck at 203-764-2566. RSVP to [email protected]

Originally Published on: Sep 30, 2015 @ 00:14

Blotter: Police Charge Man With DUI, Speeding

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Aug 202015

orange police duiOfficers conducting radar patrol on Derby Avenue  on Aug. 17 clocked a vehicle traveling at 70mph in a 45mph zone at 1:52 a.m.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers had the driver,Roberto Lopez, 24, of 30 Russell St, Ansonia, perform standardized roadside sobriety tests. He was subsequently taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and speeding

Lopez was released after posting $50 bond for court Aug. 31.


Orange Police Wrap Up: July’s Incident Log

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Aug 172015

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

The Orange Police were busy serving the community in July. During this month’s Police Commission meeting, the following stats were released:

Officers responded to 3,129 calls for service; 142 activated burglar alarms; 90 traffic accidents; 128 medical emergencies; 29 fights/disturbances; 40 shoplifting/larceny complaints.

Police made 26 criminal arrests; 8 DWI arrests, and issued 220 Motor vehicle citations.

In addition, there were 5 burglaries reported in town (4 residential, 1 commercial).

Here are some of those details:

On July 12 a burglary that occurred in the afternoon or early evening on Avon Drive was reported. Someone smashed a garage window and landscaping tools were taken.

On July 14, someone entered a home (location not given) the TV, electronics and a Discover Card were reported missing. The credit card later was used and Investigative Services officers are working on it.

On July 27th police were called to Wheeler’s Farm Road on a complaint of a main looking into garages. Quick response led to the arrest of Christopher Esteves who was identified by two witnesses. 

(Date ?) A Chainsaw was reported missing on Lakeview Road and police are investigating to determine if there is any connection to the previously mentioned incidents.

On July 29th a chainsaw was reported missing. Preliminary investigation linked it to an employee of Esteves, the investigation continues.

Police: Orange Man Charged With DUI

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Aug 162015

BEST POLICE Patch EVEROn Aug. 13 at 2:45 p.m. Christopher Packard, 45, of 689 Estelle Court, Orange, surrendered himself at police headquarters after learning of a warrant for his arrest.

The arrest stemmed from a February 22 traffic accident caused by Packard, according to police.

The accident resulted in injuries to the involved parties.

Officers conducted an investigation which revealed that Packard was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Officers obtained a warrant which was served when Packard surrendered.

He was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failure to obey a traffic control signal.

He was released after posting $2,500 bond, for court Aug. 27.


Police: Accused Erratic Driver Faces Several Charges

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Aug 162015

Police Blotter Logo thx DaveOrange police patrolling the Boston Post Road reportedly observed a vehicle traveling erratically, weaving within the eastbound lanes on Aug. 13, at 8:50 p.m.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers had the driver, Manolo Paladines, 29, of 143 Filmore St, New Haven perform standardized roadside sobriety tests. He was subsequently taken into custody.

According to police that once he was in custody, Paladines refused to participate in the booking process, and additional charges were added.

Paladines was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without a license, failure to maintain a proper lane, interfering with an officer and refusal to be fingerprinted.

He was held on $25,000 bond for court.


Police Commission Approves Scinto’s Marsh Hill Building Proposal

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Aug 162015

Aerial view of the Scinto building site from Edison Road to the I-95 exit ramp

Aerial view of the Scinto building site from Edison Road to the I-95 exit ramp

Attorney Stephen Studer and Neil Olinski, representing R. D. Scinto presented the Police Traffic Authority with plans for a new building that would be erected on the “Gateway into Orange” on the former Stew Leonard Property at 161 Marsh Hill Road.

The plans are for an 80,700 sqft (4 story, 57-foot tall) office building.

The men explained that this would be the first phase of a large building project that Scinto has planned for the property he purchased from Leonard around 2012.

Scinto’s people had a traffic study done that proved the space can accommodate office traffic.

The existing traffic and future traffic may require some timing adjustments with the traffic signals. They propose extending the southbound turn lane on Marsh Hill by about 250 feet or re-striping the road.

Police Chief Robert Gagne said the state would have to get involved considering its’ impact on Route 1 and other roads.

The entrance to the Scinto complex would be from Edison Road (NOT near I-95) to avoid traffic back ups on the ramp and overpass.

The town Wetlands Commission approved the plans at its July meeting and the police traffic authority also approved it pending approval from the state.


Guess How Many People Were Ticketed For Texting While Driving In 13 Days

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Aug 142015

textingOn July 28, Orange Live published an Orange Police release about the  “U Drive, U Text, U Pay” initiative scheduled for August 3 – August 16.

Everyone had fair warning that the Orange Police Department, in conjunction with many police agencies across the State of Connecticut, has begun targeted enforcement as part of the U Drive. U Text. U Pay initiative to combat distracted driving.

Monday, August 3, 2015 was the first day of the initiative here in Orange, and since that day (through today, August 14 at 3 p.m., OPD officers have issued 109 tickets to drivers who were observed using their phones while operating a vehicle. If you weren’t caught texting while driving, don’t worry, you still have 2.5 more days. Or you can obey the law and put down the phone and drive (And keep your money in your pocket next to your phone instead of paying a fine.)

Remember, not only do the phone violation fines begin at $150 for first-time offenders, but distracted driving is one of the major causes of traffic accidents across the country, especially for young drivers.

The goal of this initiative is not to write tickets. The goal is for officers not to have the opportunity to write these tickets because people are driving safely and not being distracted by their phones.

— Much of this story was extracted from the updated stats published on the Orange Police Facebook Page shortly after we requested the information.

Be On The Lookout For This Escaped Rescued Dog

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Aug 142015

old tavern park mapThis Just In:

A black Corgi/Lab mix dog escaped from an Orange Vet’s office this morning around 11:30 a.m.

Last spotted near the Old Tavern Park ball fields along the woods toward Demarest Drive.

The dog was rescued from a hoarding situation.

If you see it, call the Orange police non-emergency line at 203-891-2130 or the Milford-Orange Animal Control at 203-783-3279.

Aug 122015

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.33.55 PMThe Board of Selectmen met at the Orange Town Hall Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

The first speaker said she was not proud to live in Orange because the selectmen approved a gun show at the Community Center in November.

“Shame On You,” she said.

Resident Marilyn Cohen said she knew there would be beautiful antique guns there but also some firearms for sale and she would like the board to rethink holding it at the community center.

The third speaker said she did not believe children should be exposed to guns on town property and asked that the board reconsider the matter.

A Dogwood Road resident said she did not believe the Community Center was a proper venue for the show. She had several questions.

Q: What would be sold at the show?

A: There are several types of items that could be sold, but it is up to the police and state what WILL be allowed to be sold. Any guns that are banned by the STATE will not be available at the show. Whatever is legal in the state of CT

How will the building be secured at night? First Selectman Jim Zeoli said no working guns would be in the building at night.

Police and other personnel will be providing security.

American Legion Commander Lou Merritt said the legion has had two shows recently and the club that is running the show adheres to all the state regulations.

Anyone who is purchasing items at the show must be trained and licensed and must produce all the proper documentation and ID.

Q: Why High Plains and Not The Legion Hall Because High Plains Has Children present for other activities.

A: The Legion is not large enough for the show, parking is an issue and High Plains was chosen by the police.

A: The pool area where children will be is in the rear of the building and separate from where the show is going to be held.

Selectman Mitch Goldblatt asked where the Legion would draw the line on the sale of firearms at the show.

Merritt said if it is legal to sell in CT, then they would not restrict it from being sold.

Q: Will Ammunition be sold?

A: Town Attorney Vincent Marino said he spoke to Chief Gagne and NO Ammunition would be on site.

Goldblatt asked to make a motion to reconsider the prior decision.

Selectman Ralph Okenquist said he’d like to see the issue put on the agenda in September after the Legion has an opportunity to meet with public safety professionals on the 27th of this month.

Zeoli said when the board hears a request from a group they make sure it’s a legal use. He said he is unhappy about the club from Stratford that is joining with the Legion on this show is getting 75% of the profits and the Legion is only getting 25%.

The discussion on this matter will be continued to the Sept. 9 Selectmen’s meeting


DEEP Awarded 7 communities with grants for their recycling efforts. Orange was among the recipients

The Community Services received a grant for a new bus – cost to the town is $10,000 state pays for rest.

Peck Place School, Firehouse #1 and Orange Community Center will be paved next week.

The State’s paving of Orange Center Road has been brutal on resident’s sleep, but it should be done soon.

Thursday, Aug. 13, at 6:30 p.m. at Old Tavern Park. Mom’s Hit The Field Cancer Benefit Softball game. Come On Out!

Indian Tribes that previously applied for recognition and were denied, are exempt from applying again. So, Rainbow Trail residents you are safe for now.


Drones have many positives and negatives, so the Police Chief gave his input and Town Attorney Vin Marino got cracking on it.

The town has the power to enact an ordinance regarding the use of drones in the municipality.

People should be free to do what they want on their own property without fear of invasion of privacy.

Gagne said someone should be allowed to fly one over their own home but…what was the board’s thoughts on the matter?

Everyone loved Kevin Arnone’s Fireworks Video from the Independence Day Celebration, but some people were concerned when they saw the drone flying above them. Kevin was very polite and compliant when asked to move it on over.

Editor’s Note: An inexperienced person like myself may crash one in a crowd. Which would be a serious public safety concern.

The Selectmen would like to hear from the public about their thoughts and customize something for the town.

Executive Session

Discuss refilling a couple of positions at the library.

29.5 to 35 hrs per week for both the adult services and children’s library positions

increase copays for positions by 1%

All unanimously approved.

These decisions were made in the hopes that the Library would be able to re-open on Saturdays.




Orange Police Are “Super Busy” As Thieves Target Unlocked Cars Again

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Aug 092015

police carThe Orange Police increased patrols on weekends, even had Investigative Services Officers out last weekend due to the increase in reported thefts around town, yet overnight Saturday into Sunday (Aug 8 – 9) two cars reportedly were stolen and about a dozen unlocked vehicles were entered and items were taken in the Narrow Lane / Karen Drive area and reports are still coming in.

The official police reports are not completed yet, as the investigations are numerous and ongoing, but the thieves are discarding items they don’t want.

A landscaper found a case of children’s DVDs in his elderly customer’s yard — the items belonged to a neighbor with young children.

Residents are hoping that some of their belongings will be found on someone else’s property. If you find something that isn’t yours in your grass or behind your shrubs, report it to the police or bring them to police headquarters for processing so they can be returned to the rightful owner.

This is the second time in 4 days that thieves have targeted unlocked cars.

In Case You Missed It Last Week:

As always, the Orange Police Department is asking residents to take several crime prevention steps to help stem these thefts from vehicles.

1) Lock your cars.  Forcing entry into a car is the exception not the norm.  Often residents do not want their cars damaged so they leave them unlocked.  Open cars present a crime of opportunity, more often than not criminals will bypass locked vehicles

2) Leave no valuables in vehicles over night.  Criminals will peer into cars and if they see something worth taking, they will.  If it looks very valuable they may take the extra risk and force entry.  This is easily avoidable by stowing GPS units and other valuables in locked glove boxes or center consoles or by taking them inside.

3) Light the night.  Leave outside lights on.  For the pennies it costs to leave  outside lights on you gain a tremendous amount of crime prevention.  During the night, someone on foot can hear or see a patrol car approaching and easily slip into the shadows.  By leaving lights on or installing motion lights , it takes these opportunities away.

4) Never leave keys in the vehicle.  Unfortunately,  we live in a time when it’s just not sensible to leave keys in your car.  Please, Lock your cars and bring the keys inside.

Criminals work on the pretense of  Opportunity, Ability and Target… We can control two of these by hardening the target and reducing opportunity.  As always if you hear or see something,  day or night, report it by calling 203-891-2130.

5) Read Orange Live for up to the minute news. We’re here 24/7/365.