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UPDATE: No Justice For Orange All Stars

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Jul 142016

Orange All Stars Home Run hitter Jackson Lee, 11. (Photo by Jen Cifarelli)

Orange All Stars Home Run hitter Jackson Lee, 11. (Photo by Jen Cifarelli)

It was a stressful day for the 11 Y Orange Little League team, its coaches and parents as they awaited a decision from the highest level of the LL Organization as to whether Jackson Lee’s Home Run call would be upheld or reversed.

Sadly, the folks in Williamsport, PA denied the Orange coaches protest against a “bad call” by the home plate umpire who declared Lee “out” on interference as he ran home past his elated teammates.

The semi-final game would have been a 6-6 tie had it not been for the call, instead, Orange went home with a 6-5 loss while everyone present knew full well that they did not lose.

Coach Powell Chodus said he was upset about the final decision, but he felt worse for the boys who practiced every day during the season just to have it come to this.

Jackson’s father, Frank wrote (in an e-mail) “Another boys dream moment crushed by a misinterpretation of a rule.”

Orange Live may have more on this story after all the district teams are done playing for the year. 

BREAKING: Orange Little League Files Formal Protest Over Devastating Bad Call

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Jul 132016



The 11 year old Orange All Star Team went up against North Haven in the Semi-Final Play-offs Tuesday night.

North Haven crushed Orange 11-2 in the pool play last week.

Before they took the field, coach Powell Chodus told the boys that it wouldn’t be another 11-2 game. He said it would be close, but it would come down to whoever executed better.

After two innings North Haven played better than Orange and was leading 6-0, but at the bottom of the third, Orange gained a little momentum and got two runs, closing the gap to 6-2.

In the fourth inning North Haven didn’t score and Orange stole home when the catcher was throwing the ball back to the pitcher, making the score 6-3.

No one scored in the fifth inning, and North Haven didn’t score in the sixth either. Down 6-3, Orange stepped up its game in the bottom of the sixth. With two men on (1st and 2nd bases) and one out, the team’s number 9 hitter Jackson Lee stepped up to the plate. After two strikes, he hit one over the fence for a three run homer that would tie the game.

“It was incredible. The boys were jogging around the bases, the fans were so excited and our players came out of the dugout and lined up behind home plate to congratulate Jackson when he came in,” Chodus said. “The kids were milling around home plate as their teammates were coming in and the home plate umpire called interference. The first two runners were safe, but the kid who hit the home run was out because he was touched before he tagged home plate.”

According to Little League rules this is NOT interference and with the rule book behind them, the Orange coaches immediately protested the call.

This led to a 90-minute delay as the chain of command was contacted, from the district official to Bristol, CT, to Williamsport.

During this delay, North Haven had plenty of time to warm up a new pitcher, and the decision to uphold the umpire’s decision was announced. So, with the score at 6-5, bottom of the sixth and a fresh pitcher on the mound, the first Orange player at bat was struck out and North Haven won the game.

But Wait! It’s not over yet!

The district administrator told Chodus that they still had recourse, and if they submitted a letter of protest by this morning, she would present it to Williamsport and argue their position.

With any luck the call will be reversed and Orange will still be 6-6 in the bottom of the sixth and they will play North Haven until someone wins the semi final fairly.

“This was the most dramatic home run I’ve ever seen,” Chodus said. “I hope they do what’s right.”

Orange Live will post an update as soon as the final decision is announced. 


Amity Babe Ruth 13U Wins District Championship — Now On To The States

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Jul 112016

District ChampionsOn Saturday, July 2, the Amity Babe Ruth 13U District Team won game 2 of a double-header against Milford to win the District 3 Championship and to advance to the CT State Babe Ruth Tournament.
After a tough loss in the first of 2 games against Milford at Old Tavern ballpark, Amity came back for game 2 with big bats, big plays and a big victory, 17 to 5.
Winning pitcher Alex Perry completed the game backed by steady catching from Brian Ficaro and solid defense led by Dane DeYoung in the outfield and Jason Talnose at 2nd base.
Leading To The Championship 
Earlier in the week Amity came from behind at 7-0 to defeat Shelton 10-9. Amity advanced to play Milford once during pool play and won a close game 6-3, then met Milford again at the Championship Game.
Amity’s strong offensive batters included Eric Tudino, Justin Miller, Alex Perry and Jake Williams.
Steady pitching by Ryan Ozolins and Eric Tudino gave the Amity team room to get the bats swinging.
This week Amity competes in Stamford against area District Teams for the Connecticut State Babe Ruth Championship.
Best of luck to these fine ball players as they reach for the State Title.

Orange Legion: 5 Games To Go — Post 127 Wins Again Today

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Jul 102016

eli Oliphant pitchingThe Orange Post 127 Baseball team was on the road early Sunday morning for its third and final game against East Haven in the regular season.

Brian Ronai and Eli Oliphant shared pitching duties and did so masterfully. Ronai taking one inning and Oliphant finishing things up for six.

Orange won this game 3-1, improving their record to 15-7 and retaining their second place standing in Zone 2.

Post 127 only has 5 more games remaining in the regular season and most of them will be away games.

On Monday (July 11) they play the #6 team New Haven (11-11) at West Rock Field in New Haven at 5:45 p.m.

Then they go up to Bob DeMayo Field in North Haven for a game against #8 ranked North Haven (10-12) at 8 p.m.

On Tuesday (July 12) Bob Mirto’s boys head up to Branford High School for a game against #4 Branford (13-9) at 5:45 p.m.

Then on Wednesday (July 13) the boys will play Branford at their last home game at Brinley Field at 7 p.m.

Thursday, July 14 marks the final game of the regular season, once again against Branford at Branford High at 5:45 p.m.

Legion Tournament games begin on Saturday, July 15 and Orange is good enough to win it.



Legion Baseball: Two Wins Going Into The Final Week Of The Regular Season

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Jul 102016

With just six games remaining in the regular season, the Orange Post 127 Baseball team is playing harder and smarter than ever.

Bob Mirto’s boys have been in the top four of the 19U Zone 2 standings all season long.

Post 127 was ranked third going into the double-header against the East Haven 89ers at Brinley Field in Orange on Saturday.

Brian Ronai and Rohan Patel shared the mound in the first game.

The players gave their all and defeated East Haven 7-3 in the 10 a.m. contest.

Here are some photos:

After a half hour break and some lunch, both teams were ready for round two.

Max Scheps was the starting pitcher, but was replaced halfway through the game after he was injured on the field. Liam Butler took over for the remainder of the game.

The Easties were determined to win the second game and it looked like the 5-5 score could force an overtime. But Orange outfielder Chase Bursinski had other plans. 

In possibly the most impressive play of game two, Bursinski caught a fly ball, scanned the infield for a second, then made a perfect long throw to catcher Al Smith who tagged out the Easties runner. His decision may have been THE move to seal the win for Orange.

After that, Orange got in one final run and took a 6-5 victory, improving their season record to 14-7, landing in second place behind Stratford.

The Easties dropped to fifth place with a 12-11 record.

Post 127 is away in East Haven this morning (gametime 10 a.m.)



Legion Baseball: 2 games, 2 opponents, 2 different outcomes, Post 127 #3 in Zone 2

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Jul 092016

The Orange Legion Post 127 baseball team was at home on Friday night for a double header.

First, at 5:45 p.m. they played against North Haven.

Doug Rives pitched the entire game.

North Haven edged Orange out 3-2 in this one.

North Haven improved to 10-10 in Zone 2.

Here are photos from that game:

At 8 p.m., the boys took to the field again, this time going against Milford 196.

Mike Ficaro pitched this game.

Although Milford rallied hard and hit well, Orange came out on top, blanking their opponents 4-0.

There were three exciting close calls with Brian Ronai, Al Smith and Rohan Patel sliding in to home plate and then waiting to see if the umpire saw the same thing Orange fans witnessed. (All ended in Orange’s favor)

Here are photos from that game:

Orange improved to 12-7, landing in third place in zone 2.

Today the boys are playing NOW in a double header at Brinley against the #5 East Haven 89ers (12-9 record)

Can Anyone Beat The Heat?

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Jul 072016

thermometerToday promises to be another wicked hot and humid day with temperatures in the 90s.

In spite of her protests, at my insistence, my brother carried my mother’s air conditioner upstairs and installed it in the family room yesterday. We just felt that 90 degrees and nasty humidity inside the house was not healthy for our 80-something year old mom, her dog or any of us.

Dr. Oz has these 5 tips to beat the heat posted on his website.

1.    Stay Well Hydrated – Drink plenty of fluids; if you are sweating a lot, consider sports drinks to replace the salts and minerals.

2.    Cover Up in the Sun – Use sunscreen and wear loose, light-colored clothing as well as a brimmed hat.

3.    Limit Activity During the Hottest Part of the Day – Try not to be participating in outdoor activity during midday, which is the hottest part of the day. Pace yourself if you are exercising in the heat; you should not allow your heart rate to be pounding nor should you allow yourself to feel completely out of breath and gasping for air.

4.    If Indoors, Keep Your House Ventilated – If you are indoors and have no air-conditioning, open windows and use fans to circulate the air.

5.    Don’t Delay Getting Help for Symptoms – If you find yourself or someone else might be suffering from heat-related illness, move to a cooler shady place, lie down, drink some fluids, and call 911.

Where can you go?

If you don’t have air conditioning and you are sweating and miserable, consider a trip to the library, it is air conditioned and there are comfortable seats in several areas, computer work stations, private desk areas and plenty of books, newspapers and magazines to keep you occupied.

The Orange Ale House has wonderful lunch offerings and non-alcoholic beverages for its customers. The business is open around 3:30 p.m. and comfortable and COOL.

NuVita Frozen Yogurt has free Wifi, the best froyo around and cool drinks and is well worth the visit.

Restaurants and stores also provide air conditioned comfort.

When we have a heat wave, the town most likely also will open High Plains Community Center as a cooling center like it did last year, but wait for an announcement before you trek over there looking for a place to relax.

But, what about my dog?

Dog lovers who have a special bond with their buddies may bring them to a park with a pond for a swim or a stroll in the woods, but what happens when they get back into the car?

According to the ASPCA, three years ago, “a Bronx, NY, man left his Maltese in his van—with the windows cracked—while he went for a swim at a state park. The temperature inside the van climbed to 140 degrees and despite intervention by park police, the dog didn’t survive.”

We see dogs in cars in parking lots at local pharmacies and strip malls here in Orange and wonder, what should I do? One of the first things the police dispatcher may ask is, “how long has he been alone?” If you just came upon the car and noticed the animal inside, you can’t answer that question.

Then, the dispatcher may ask, “is the dog in distress?” — to you, a common concerned citizen who would never bring your dog out on a hot day, the answer would be, “yes.”

Even on a relatively mild 85-degree day, it takes only 10 minutes for the interior of a car to reach 102 degrees—and within 30 minutes, the inside of the car can be a staggering 120 degrees. Leaving windows open a few inches does not help. Cars with darker interiors tend to heat up even faster.

According to information from the ASPCA, when it comes to the body’s ability to cool itself, canine physiology is vastly different from ours. While humans have sweat glands all over our bodies that help regulate our body heat, dogs cool down mostly by panting, which is much less efficient than sweating.

In only a short amount of time, a dog with a high body temperature can suffer critical damage to his nervous system, heart, liver and brain.

If you’re out and about on a hot day and see an animal alone in a car, you should immediately try to find the car’s owner (have nearby stores page the owner of the vehicle noting the license plate number) If you have no luck, or if the owner refuses to act, contact the Orange Police Department at 203-891-1080 and/or the Milford-Orange Animal Control at 203-783-3279.

Legion Baseball: Orange Team Gives Coach The Ultimate Birthday Gift

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Jun 292016

File Photo: Players on the Post 127 team are close to their coach Bob Mirto.

File Photo: Players on the Post 127 team are close to their coach Bob Mirto.

There is no denying that Coach Bob Mirto is beloved by the boys on his American Legion Post 127 Baseball team, we’ve seen it over and over again with each passing year.

So what do you give your coach for his birthday when it falls on game day? How about a big shut-out win!

Orange hosted Milford at Brinley Field Tuesday night (June 28) and, even though Milford played well, they couldn’t seem to catch a break and score.

Doug Rives had a very good evening on the mound for the hometown team.

Not that it was a walk in the park for Orange, but Post 127 did kick it into gear and racked up 10 runs in this 5 inning game.

After Orange celebrated its 10-0 shut-out victory, it was time to celebrate Coach Mirto’s birthday with cupcakes. (See VIDEO)

Records: Orange 10-5, Milford 5-8

Orange is once again in third place in Zone 2 behind Stratford (12-1) and Branford (11-1).

Mirto’s boys meet Milford again Wednesday at Foran High School at 5:45 p.m.

Legion Baseball: Brief and Photos From Monday’s Game vs New Haven

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Jun 282016

The Orange Post 127 Baseball Team hosted New Haven at Brinley Field on Monday night.

This is the second time the two have played against one another, the last time was on June 17 in New Haven. Orange won 5-1.

Mike Ficaro

Mike Ficaro

With pitcher Mike Ficaro on the mound for Orange, and Sean Ranz working for New Haven, both teams had a fair share of give and take.

Ficaro limited New Haven to four hits, struck out four and walked two.

New Haven loaded the bases in the third with no joy.

Ranz allowed just four hits, struck out seven and walked two.

In the second inning, Orange’s Rohan Patel managed to walk after two outs.

During the fourth inning a light sprinkle began to fall and the game continued.

The game was scoreless until the sixth inning and Orange came alive when an error, then a series of singles started the cycle that led to the game’s three and only scoring runs.

With that, Orange shut out New Haven 3-0 and improved its record to 9-5.

New Haven’s record is now 5-9.

Tonight Orange (9-5) is at home again, this time, playing against Milford Post 196 (5-7) at 7 p.m.

Legion Baseball: Orange Vs Hamden Again, How’d This One End?

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Jun 272016

IMG_3931The Orange Post 127 Baseball Team faced off against Hamden’s Post 88 for their third consecutive game of the weekend on Sunday at Brinley Field in Orange.

With one win and one loss against Hamden, it was anyone’s game, then, Hamden’s Ron Grant — the 2016 SCC Player of the Year stood on the mound and did what he does best.

Grant’s fastball was hard to hit, but a couple of Orange players were able to connect with the ball once it left his hand (Rohan Patel, Brian Ronai and Al Smith among them) and those with a keen eye earned a walk, although our hometown boys weren’t able to score.

Doug Rives pitched the first inning for Orange, then was relieved by Eli Oliphant.

Orange played well and kept Hamden back a few times when the bases were loaded, but the opponents did manage to score two runs and that was enough for a 2-0 shutout win.

Records: Orange 8-5, Hamden 8-4

Orange is now ranked fourth in Zone 2 behind Branford, Stratford and Hamden.

Tonight they are home again in their first game against the #8 New Haven team at 7 p.m.