Oct 312014

IMG_3513The Dance Team will be hosting a fundraiser at Chip’s Restaurant, 321 Boston Post Road, Orange, on Monday, Nov. 3.

Support the team as they will be traveling to Orlando in January to compete in the National Dance Team Championships.


Tickets are $10.00 and will be on sale during all lunch waves on Monday.

The girls, under the leadership of Kendra Luth practice about 6 days per week and their routines are getting more complex as the year goes on.

Oct 312014

SwimmingThe Lady Spartans Swimming and Diving team had a phenomenal year, we watched proudly as they won meet after meet only losing once — to Cheshire.

The Girls competed in the SCC Swim Championships at Southern on Wednesday and came in a close second to Cheshire.

Dana Chung came in first in the 200 Individual Medley at 2:11.77 and second in the 100 Freestyle at 53.76.

Madeline Snow took second place in the 500 Freestyle at 5:21.46 and third in the 200 Freestyle at 1:59.25.

Snow, Chung and their team mates also won first place in the 200 Freestyle relay at 1:41.72 and the 400 Freestyle relay at  3:40.14.

Team results: 1. Cheshire 1,291.50 points, 2. Amity 1,025, 3. Lauralton Hall 790, 4. Sacred Heart Academy 678.50, 5. Hand 622.50, 6. Branford 555, 7. North Haven 518, 8. Sheehan 501, 9. Lyman Hall 481.50, 10. Mercy 420.50, 11. Foran 315, 12. Shelton 287, 13. Hamden 283, 14. West Haven 242, 15. Law 218, 16. East Haven 173, 17. Career 20.50, 18. 2.

Individual results:

200-yard medley relay: 1. Cheshire (Lindsay Smalec, Lily Kurtz, Liz Boyer, Ellie Senft) 1:52.13; 2. Branford 1:52.57; 3. Lauralton Hall 1:53.04.

200 Freestyle: 1. Liz Boyer (Cheshire) 1:57.85; 2. Jaime Robinson (Sacred Heart Academy) 1:58.72; 3. Madeline Snow (Amity) 1:59.25.

200 Individual medley: 1. Dana Chung (Amity) 2:11.77; 2. Elizabeth Sargent (Lauralton Hall) 2:11.82; 3. Dakota Meyer (Lauralton Hall) 2:11.83.

50 Freestyle: 1. Erika Maercklein (Branford) 25.21; 2. Allie Mascia (Hand) 25.30; 3. Tessa DiDomenico (Sheehan) 25.33.

Diving: 1. Victoria Wall (Lyman Hall) 382.30 points; 2. Kiersty Neeman (Lyman Hall) 382.10; 3. Brianna Buehler (Sheehan) 376.80.

100 Butterfly: 1. Lindsay Smalec (Cheshire) 58.58; 2. Liz Boyer (Cheshire) 59.46; 3. Nikki Robinson (Sacred Heart Academy) 1:00.27.

100 Freestyle: 1. Brittany Driscoll (Lyman Hall) 53.06; 2. Dana Chung (Amity) 53.76; 3. Ellie Senft (Cheshire) 55.64.

500 Freestyle: 1. Jaime Robinson (Sacred Heart Academy) 5:16.42; 2. Madeline Snow (Amity) 5:21.46; 3. Taylor Plumley (Cheshire) 5:23.29.

200 Freestyle relay: 1. Amity (Katherine Alvarado, Megan Lasto, Madeline Snow, Dana Chung) 1:41.72; 2. Branford 1:44.26; 3. Cheshire 1:44.48.

100 Backstroke: 1. Kaitlyn Joy (Lauralton Hall) 1:01.35; 2. Tess DiDomenico (Sheehan) 1:01.51; Marisa Daly (Sheehan) 1:02.04.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Brittany Driscoll (Lyman Hall) 1:08.21; 2. Erika Maercklein (Branford) 1:08.40; 3. Dakota Meyer (Lauralton Hall) 1:08.64.

400 Freestyle relay: 1. Amity (Madeline Snow, Maggie Lasto, Megan lasto, Dana Chung) 3:40.14; 2. Cheshire 3:40.15; 3. Sacred Heart Academy 3:41.71.

Note: First Place, Second Place… The 2014 Swimming and Diving Team will always be number one in our hearts and minds. You all made Amity Proud. 

Oct 302014

IMG_6262Amity defeated Foran 3-1 in the semi-finals on Wednesday night in Woodbridge.
Amity won the first two games 25-15, and 25-22. Then Foran came through with a 25-19 win in the third game. The Lady Spartans beat the Lions in the final game 25-11, winning the match and moving on to the finals.
Amity’s noteworthy players:

Katie Helfenbein had 10 kills and 3 block; Haley Pierson had 26 assists and 2 digs; Kathleen Walsh had 10 kills.

Foran’s noteworthy players:

Janae Owen had 12 kills; Kayla Ellis had 10 kills; Kelly Hunt had 8 kills and Jenna Zacarelli had 37 assists.

The Lady Spartans will play in the SCC Finals against Cheshire at North Haven High School on Saturday at 6 p.m.

Cheshire is one of the two schools that defeated Amity this season (Cheshire 2, Hand 1 – were Amity’s only losses)

Cheshire is the #1 seed and Amity is the #2 seed. This should be quite the showdown.


Oct 292014

SwimmingTonight (Wednesday, Oct. 29) is a big night for two of Amity’s best girls sports teams.

The Girls Swimming and Diving will compete in the SCC Championship meet at the Moore Fieldhouse at Southern at 6 p.m.

Also at 6 p.m., our Girls Volleyball will take on Foran in the SCC semi-finals at Amity High School.

Come out tonight and cheer on at least one of these excellent teams as they battle for the SCC Championship title.


Oct 272014

IMG_5944The Lady Spartans had a pretty stellar season with only three losses (2 to Cheshire and 1 to Daniel Hand), so when they went up against Hand in the first round of the SCC Championship competition (the Quarterfinal) everyone knew it was anyone’s game.

Amity came out on top in all three games: 25-19, 25-23, 25-14

Spectators could not help but notice that Hand played well, but with the same six players all night and they were tired by the third game.

Amity, the number 2 seed moves on in the tourney and will play the winner of the Mercy-Foran game on Wednesday (at Amity).

First year coach Seth Davis said it is very rewarding to win the first game leading into the tournament.

“Hand has a good team and they played well,” Davis said. “From here we move forward.”

Amity’s noteworthy players from Monday’s game:

Katie Helfenbein had 11 kills and 1 block; Kathleen Walsh had 8 kills; Haley Pierson had 35 assists and 3 digs.

Hand’s noteworthy players:

Krissy LaSance had 8 kills and 14 digs; Chika Ogbejesi had 18 assists.

Oct 272014

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.58.53 PMJoin the Amity Lacrosse team and their families for a fundraising dinner at Katz’s Deli, 1658 Litchfield Turnpike, Woodbridge, Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 5-8 p.m.

15% of all proceeds (eat in or take out) go to Amity HS Boys Lacrosse Program.

In 2013, the Varsity Lacrosse Team went all the way to the playoffs.

They had the first CIAC Tournament win since 2009

Also, they had their first Semi-Final appearance in Class L – which is the cream of the crop for High School lacrosse in the COUNTRY.

This year’s team has a lot of talent even after graduating so many senior players in June. Under the leadership of Coach Brandon Pepe, we should expect to see some good things on the field when their season begins.

Oct 232014

IMG_2695Senior Night was a memorable one for the Lady Spartans Volleyball Team Thursday night as they defeated Woodland 3-1 in Woodbridge.

Amity won the first two matches 25-20; 25-19, then Woodland came through with a victory in the third match 28-26. The Lady Spartans would not allow their opponents another win, and rounded out the night with the winning game at 25-21.

Amity’s noteworthy players:

Briana Mirmina had 4 kills and 20 digs; Nina Luciani had 5 kills and Haley Pierson had 31 assists and 5 digs.

Woodland’s noteworthy players: 

Abbey Rosato had 6 kills, 3 blocks and 2 digs; Anna Khalid had 9 kills, 2 assists, 3 aces and 5 digs; Carla Piccolo had 11 digs, 3 kills and 4 aces and Cam Caswell had 18 digs and 2 kills.

RecordsAmity improved it’s season record to 17-3; Woodland fell to 16-4

Oct 222014

IMG_8344On Monday, Oct. 20, the Lady Spartans Field Hockey Team showed the visiting North Haven Indians how it’s done in Woodbridge.

In the first half Cassie Bishop got one past North Haven goalie Rylee Bathrick on an assist from Lauren Duhl.

The second half saw a lot of Amity action with Marissa Mizzone scoring on an assist from Duhl; then Gabby Torrenti had two goals (one on a Duhl assist). Ending the game at 4-0 Amity.

Rylee Bathrick made 4 saves for the Indians; Ashley Powers made 1 save for the Lady Spartans. 

Records — Amity 5-9-1; North Haven 0-11-1


Oct 212014

DSC_0076Amity Pop Warner cheer season starts at the same time when the football season starts in the beginning of August.

In addition to cheering on the Amity Pop Warner Football Teams, They compete at a minimum of two competitions every fall. So far, they have won the Southern CT Pop Warner championship and the State championship.

After the excellent performance at the Southern CT championships which helped clinch the Grand Town Champion Trophy for Amity for the first time in Amity Pop Warner history, The Amity Pee Wee cheerleading team has qualified for the regional competition in Springfield, MA on Saturday, November 15.

If they are placed in the top two in Massachusetts, they will earn a chance to compete at the National Pop Warner Championships at Disney World in December. 

Amity Cheerleaders had won the National Title in the past, and this year, they are determined to get it back.


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Oct 212014

IMG_3109 2Amity (15-2) traveled to Wallingford for a battle with another challenging team — Sheehan (12-4) on Monday night.

The Titans got a leg up on the Lady Spartans with a 25-20 win in the first game, but Amity got it done in the remaining three games: 27-25, 25-16, and 25-13, to walk away with a 3-1 victory, improving their record to 16-2. Sheehan dropped to 12-5 for the season.

Amity’s noteable players:

Micaela Cardoza had 14 kills and 3 aces, Katie Helfenbein had 8 kills and Haley Pierson had 35 assists and 9 aces.

Sheehan’s noteworthy players:

Makayla Ricci had 9 kills, 3 blocks and 3 aces, Nicki Petit had 13 digs and 9 kills and Sara Pisanelli added 15 digs.