Oct 012014

IMG_8097The Amity Girls Soccer team defeated Cheshire in an “away” game on Monday, Sept. 29.

After a scoreless first half, Cheshire got things going when Alexandra Pelletier, assisted by Hannah Bonitz scored at 55:00;  6 minutes later Amity’s Alissa Beedle, assisted by Jess Hauser shot one past goalie Zoe Riccio at 61:00. 

Then, in another 6 minutes Alexa Gibbs, assisted by Emma Gehr got the winning goal at 67:00.

Final: Amity 2, Cheshire 1

Cheshire outshot Amity 12-10


Amity’s Zoie Reed made 9 saves; Zoe Riccio made 8 saves for Cheshire.

Records: Amity 5-2-1; 3-0-1; Cheshire 3-3-2; 1-2-1


Sep 302014

IMG_8308The Lady Spartans Field Hockey Team tied the Sheehan Titans at Wallingford on Monday, Sept. 29.

Amity was first to get on the scoreboard in the first half with Alayna Dellatorre, assisted by Casey Bishop getting the ball past goalie Carly Femniac at 20:43; Sheehan’s Emily Budds, assisted by Brittany Vansteenburg scored for the Titans at 8:08.

With the score tied at 1-1, both teams were determined to win in the second half. Again, Amity was first to score, this time with Kaitlin Thomas making an unassisted goal at 24:58; Sheehan’s Eileen Hinman, assisted by Emily Budds tied the game at 7:42.

Amity 2, Sheehan 2

Amity outshot Sheehan 7-5.

Amity Goalie Ashley Powers made 5 saves;  Carly Femniak made 6 saves for Sheehan.

Team records—Amity 2-4-1; Sheehan 3-3-2

Sep 302014

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.35.35 AMWho can ever forget Michael Corleone’s quote from The Godfather Part III: “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

That may have run through former Amity cheerleading MVP (1982) Peggy Witheril Choiniere’s mind when her husband’s cell phone rang and they found Amity’s new Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin on the other end of the line.

Longtime announcer Stan Gedansky retired and Goodwin was looking for a permanent announcer for the Amity football games, and since Ed Choiniere filled in for the ailing Gedsnsky last season, he seemed like the obvious choice.

A Lifetime At Amity

The Choinieres have been involved in Amity sports for a long, long time.

Back in the day, Choiniere was an Amity Spartans linebacker/offensive guard, who was named the 1982 Football MVP.

30 years ago, he married the cheerleading captain and the two had four sons and have supported their athletic and educational endeavors for decades.

Eddie coached and announced for the Shoreline Football League. He Coached Baseball for the Bethany-Woodbridge League. Eddie and his band volunteered to play at fundraisers for the boys’ teams, and if you are familiar with them, you know the couple attends every one of their sons’ games.

At Amity, Billy was Captain of the Football and Lacrosse Teams; Michael was Captain of the Lacrosse Team; and most recently, in 2013-14, Joey was Captain of the Lacrosse and Football teams — and Amity’s Male Athlete of the Year.

All three boys went on to play Lacrosse in College, Billy at Towson; Michael at Albertus Magnus and Joey at Sacred Heart.

For the past 3 years, they divided their time between Joey’s games at Amity, Billy’s games out of state at Towson and Michael’s games in New Haven. So after Joey graduated in June, Peggy breathed a sigh of relief, “We’re finally done.”

The Final Decision

So, with Peggy in the car next to him to offer her input, how did that conversation go between Ernie Goodwin and Ed Choiniere?

Goodwin said it wasn’t a slam dunk and it took a little convincing.

Choiniere said they talked for about 20 minutes, and Goodwin was really pushing for it. “He’s such a nice guy. And he was an announcer once, too.”

That said, why would this newly established empty-nester commit to going back to high school?

“The fans won’t let me go,” Choiniere said with a laugh.  “I got a bunch of calls and luckily the schedule this fall works out for me.”

Choiniere wants the fans to come out and show support for the Spartans because a lot of noise from the stands really helps morale on the field.

“We have some tough games ahead of us, Xavier (Oct. 10), Notre Dame (Oct. 17) and Prep (Oct. 31) are all home games, and we need the fans to rally,” he said.

Choiniere takes the mike this Thursday at 7 p.m. for the game between Amity and Lyman Hall. Come on out and root for the Spartans.







Sep 292014

IMG_2584The Lady Spartans met a worthy opponent tonight in Woodbridge as they took on the Lady Titans. 

Amity continued its 8 game winning streak against the hard hitting girls from Sheehan.

The second game was a marathon battle that went on for several minutes until Amity eventually won 32-20, the first game score was 25-22 and the final 25-19.

Highlights from the Amity players include: 
Caroline DelVecchio 10 kills
Haley Pierson 27 assists, 1 ace
Nina Luciani 8 kills
Jenna Pisano 18 digs, 1 ace

Amity’s record: 8-1

Coach Seth Davis said the girls are playing well, but they have to work on their serving.

The Lady Spartans face a formidable opponent — undefeated Cheshire — on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Come on out and cheer on these incredible athletes.

Sep 282014

IMG_2448The Amity Spartans Football team traveled to Shelton to take on the Gaels Friday night. 

Did Amity expect to beat the undefeated Shelton team?  Who knows, but they certainly wanted to.  

In the first quarter Amity came close to being first on the scoreboard but the Gaels beat them to it with a couple of amazing back-to-back plays, quarterback Mark Piccirillo targeted Chris Kanios for a 40-yard touchdown pass with 1:20 left in the first, (the point kick was no good) to make it 6-0. 

Just 15 seconds later, the two repeated the play, this time with Kanios running 45 yards, the Gaels opted for a 2 point conversion, pulling Shelton ahead 14-0. 

At 4:35 in the second, Piccirillo held onto the ball and ran 39 yards to Shelton’s third touchdown (Joe Zoppi’s point kick was good) bringing the score to 21-0. 

Amity finally scored from the 1 yard line with just 17.6 seconds left in the quarter, with a push from quarterback Mike DeVito. Jordan D’Onofrio’s kick was good — halftime score 21-7.

Five minutes into the third quarter the Gaels showed that they still had a lot of energy. Wes Sekelsky made a 45 yard TD. (Zoppi’s kick was good) 28-7. 

At 4:54 the Shelton’s Peter Hoff got the ball and made a 4-yard run to the goal line. (Zoppi again was successful). 

The most unbelievable play may have been during a punt by Amity’s D’Onofrio, Keith Prior flew in and blocked the punt, then, Ed Deptula fell on the ball in the end zone for the final touchdown of this heartbreaker. 

Final score:  Shelton 42, Amity 7

Records: Shelton 3-0 (1-0); Amity 1-2 (0-1 SCC Division I West)

Amity’s first Home Game is this Thursday, Oct. 2, at 7 p.m. against Lyman Hall.

Sep 272014

IMG_0133Longtime Amity Volleyball fans dubbed Friday night’s game vs Sacred Heart Academy the Seth-Mia Battle. 

Sacred Heart’s new coach Mia Malafronte was Amity’s former assistant to one of the school’s winningest coaches for six years. She’s had a phenomenal season so far.

But the Pacers were no match for the Lady Spartans, under the leadership of their new coach, Seth Davis

Amity 3, Sacred Heart Academy 0

Game scores: 25-15, 25-22, 25-6

Amity’s Accomplishments:

Micaela Cardozo 8 kills, 1 block, Nina Luciani 5 kills, 2 digs, Jenna Pisano 11 digs 11 service points 1 ace. 

Sacred Heart’s Moves:

Maryanne Bowman 10 kills 4 blocks, Alison Narracci: 10 kills 6 blocks, Kelly Mordecai: 5 kills, 5 blocks, 7 assists, Caitlyn Keish: 8 kills, 4 blocks 5 digs.

Sep 272014

DSC01105The Lady Spartans Swimming and Dive team remains undefeated following a victory over North Haven on Friday. 

Amity’s Winning Events:

200 yard Medley Relay: A-1:59.37 Madeline Snow, Megan Lasto, Kate Alvarado, Kayleigh Foley

200 Freestyle: A- 2:06.17 Olivia Smith,

200 IM: A 2:13.22 Dana Chung

50 yard Freestyle: A-25.69 Megan Lasto

Diving: A – 151.80 Juliet Melotto 

100 yard Butterfly: A-1:04.15 Kate Alvarado

100 yard Freestyle: A- 55.25 Dana Chung

500 yard Freestyle: A- 5:20.48 Madeline Snow

200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:48.05 Dana Chung, Maggie Lasto, Sydney Formica, Madeline Snow

North Haven’s Winning Events:

100 yard Backstroke: NH- 1:10.19 Tracy Nguy

100 yard Breaststroke: NH- 1:16.47 Molly Duffy

400 yard Freestyle Relay: NH- 3:58.68 Jasmine Nguy, Lauren Spencer, Tracy Nguy, Laura Borelli

Sep 262014

IMG_0133Opinion, as I have said before I shoot photos of sports, but don’t take notes during the games and if the coaches don’t send a recap after the game, I have nothing to write about.

I did report on last week’s Football game and the Swim Meet.

Here are the results of last week’s games from which I received no details.

Boys Soccer vs Lyman Hall on Sept. 19, Tie 1-1

Girls Soccer vs Sheehan on Sept. 19, Win 4-0

Girls Volleyball vs Woodland, on Sept. 22, Win 3-1 IMG_0534

Boys Cross Country on Sept. 23, (low score wins) Amity 15, Lyman Hall 50 – Win; Amity 15, Guilford 48 - Win; Amity 15 Hillhouse 50 – Win

Girls Cross Country on Sept. 23: Amity 15, Lyman Hall 48 – Win; Amity 23, Guilford 35 – Win; Amity 15, Hillhouse 50 – Win

Boys Soccer vs Cheshire on Sept. 23, Loss 4-5

Field Hockey vs Cheshire on Sept. 23, Loss 1-2

Girls Soccer vs Sacred Heart Academy on Sept. 23, Loss 1-4

Girls Volleyball vs Lyman Hall on Sept. 23, Win 3-2

Sep 232014

Katie Jensen  had a winning time of  5:53.24  in the 500 yard Freestyle:-

Katie Jensen had a winning time of 5:53.24 in the 500 yard Freestyle:-

The Lady Spartans Swim and Dive Team continues its winning streak with a huge 102-73 win over West Haven in Orange.

Amity’s Winning Events

200 yard Medley Relay: A-1:59.37 Madeline Snow, Hannah Flaherty, Maggie Lasto, Megan Lasto

200 Freestyle: A- 2:12.92 Katie Jensen

200 IM: WH- 2:23.29 Elizabeth Fournier

50 yard Freestyle: A-28.04 Hannah Babbitz

Diving: A – 166.20 Juliet Melotto

100 yard Freestyle: A- 1:03.16 Jackie Snow

500 yard Freestyle: A- 5:53.24 Katie Jensen

200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:48.05 Madeline Snow, Maggie Lasto, Hannah Babbitz, Megan Lasto

West Haven’s Winning Events

100 yard Butterfly: WH-1:04.77 Elizabeth Fournier

100 yard Backstroke: WH- 1:15.92 Karen Caceres

100 yard Breaststroke: WH- 1:19.43 Mary Luz Heidtmann

400 yard Freestyle Relay: WH- 4:28.40 Elizabeth Fournier, Talia Raucci, Karen Caceres, Mary Luz Heidtmann

Records: Amity 4-0; West haven 0-4

Sep 202014

Touchdown! Dchuan Wilson scores for the Spartans.

Touchdown! Dchuan Wilson scores for the Spartans.

The Amity Spartans crushed the Sheehan Titans 33-6 in Wallingford on Friday night.

NOTE: I was taking photos and did not write down any notes during the game. Although I requested it, no one sent the line scores so I’m winging it from matching the photos to the timeline. Sorry Spartans. You deserve better than this. 

The first quarter was scoreless, then senior Dchuan Wilson stayed ahead of the pack and scored for the Spartans with 1:37 left in the second quarter.  (6-0 Amity)

Amity scored at 8:10 in the third quarter (I believe it was Matt Attolino) and the kick was good.  (13-0 Amity) and (Wilson) again at 4:33 with extra point (20-0 Amity)

Tyler Selmecki put Sheehan on the score board with a 65 yard TD with 33 seconds left in the third quarter. The point kick was no good.  (20-6 Amity)

At 11:01 in the fourth quarter (Attolino) came through with another TD for Amity, and Jordan D’Onofrio’s kick was good (27-6 Amity)

Kevin Nusdeo sealed the win for the Spartans at 6:51 with D’Onofrio’s point kick. Final Score Amity 33 – Sheehan 6.

Records: Amity 1-1; Sheehan 0-2