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Boys Swimming And Diving: Amity Vs Cheshire — Here’s What Happened

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Jan 232019

The Amity Boys Swim Team was on the road in Cheshire on Monday, Jan. 21.
After a great start to the season, the Spartans experienced their first loss last week and then again, on Monday.
Considering the number of events that Cheshire won, it’s amazing that Amity scored as high as it did. But then, they are a great group of athletes.
Final score: Cheshire 105, Amity 75
 Cheshire’s Winning Events

200 yard Medley Relay: C- 1:46.89 Sam Hanke, Joe Cannatta, Ankit Sahasrabudhe, Nick Brunett
200-yard Freestyle: C- 1:50.46 Sam Hanke
200-yard IM: C- 2:04.95 Joe Cannatta
50-yard Freestyle: C- 23.18 Andrew Lou
Diving: C- 212.10 Noah Duncan
100-yard Butterfly: C- 55.23 Shane Wynne
100 Freestyle: C- 50.29 Andrew Lou
500-yard Freestyle: C- 5:05.25 Justin Finkel
200-yard Freestyle Relay: C- 1:35.02 Sam Hanke, Shane Wynne, Joe Cannatta, Andrew Lou
100-yard Backstroke: C- 56.99 Sam Hanke
Amity’s Winning Events
100-yard Breaststroke: A- 1:10.50 Brodey Lu
400-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:32.80 Shiva Gowda, John Alvarado, Kevin Sweeney, Tyler Roy
Record: Amity(4-2)

Boys Ice Hockey: Zurolo Deflects 42 Shots From (D1) Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe

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Jan 182019

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey Team hosted Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe (D1) in West Haven on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m. 

Amity knew that this was going to be a tough game, and they were ready to fight their hardest for a win. 

Everyone entered the ice with confidence, but the game went sideways rather quickly. In 3:10, Fairfield’s Rhys Davis shot one into the net, assisted by Kyle Mazza. And with barely enough time to get back into position, Fairfield struck again six seconds later as Brendan Carney struck like a cobra, assisted by Ashton Lewis and Finn Hoey. 

Amity made 22 shots, all of which were deflected by FWL’s goalie, Will Capalbo. 

First Period Score: 2-0 Fairfield

The beginning of the second period gave us a glimmer of hope. Just 4:33 after entering the rink, Amity’s Jason Csejka smacked one in past Capalbo, assisted by Nelson Bordeleau and Caleb Marcin. 

Almost five minutes later, Fairfield’s James Pisciotta scored, assisted by Carney and Lewis. 

Both teams kept shooting furiously, yet no more goals were posted until, 20.9 seconds before the buzzer, when Kevin Quinn got one past Amity goal tender Malachi Zurolo, assisted by Bobby Winter and Sam Swanson. 

Second Period Score: 4-1 Fairfield

We know that the Spartans often have a very strong third period, and even though six minutes passed before anything happened, Bordeleau scored on an assist from Csejka, and Amity had 9 minutes to tie or win the game, and boy, did they work at it. 

But, Fairfield pulled ahead even further at 9:32 with Carney’s goal, assisted by Lewis and Hoey. 

Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe handed Amity its second loss of the season (5-2). 

Head Coach Michael Richetelli said Fairfield has a really strong team.

“We played hard tonight, 22 shots in the first period, that shows how hard we worked,” he said. Even with the loss, he added, “We’re okay. The reason we put tough opponents in our schedule is so we can get better. We’ll be fine.” 

Saves: Zurolo, 42 stops for Amity; Capalbo 32 for FWL.

Records: Amity 7-2, Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe 6-1-2

Next Up For The Spartans: Amity is on the road on Saturday for a matchup against Westhill-Stamford (5-4) in Stamford at 4 p.m. 

NOTE: I believe the coach. I believe in this team. I KNOW they will come back, just as strong as they were at the beginning of the season. Their schedule isn’t going to get any easier, they still have West Haven, Hand, Guilford, and Cheshire to face (and second to Hand, Amity has most victories this season than any of them). Amity has what it takes to play in the State Championship Game. All we have to do … is Believe.


Save The Date For The K of C Free Throw Contest

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Jan 172019


It’s time for Orange-area youngsters ages 9-14 to sharpen their basketball free-throw shooting skills. The Holy Infant Council of the Knights of Columbus #12523 is conducting its fifteenth annual Free Throw Contest on Saturday, January 19, at the Holy Infant School gymnasium, 460 Racebrook Road from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

All Orange-area residents ages 9 through 14 as of January 1, 2019, are invited to participate. The contest is not limited to Roman Catholic participants; ALL area youths are invited!. Entrants may arrive at any time during the period the contest is in progress to take their free throws.

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship is sponsored annually, with winners progressing through local, district, regional and state competitions. Boy and girl winners are recognized for each age group. In recent years, more than two dozen winners of the Holy Infant competition have gone on to the state Regional contests, and there have been four state champions and twelve state finalists who came from the Orange contest.

All contestants on January 19 will be recognized with a handsome certificate of participation. Contestants are requested to furnish written proof of their age, but it
is not mandatory to submit this proof on January 19. Any category winners will be required to furnish proof of age (copy of a birth certificate is best) before the winner can participate at the district championship. Previous years’ participants need not provide proof of age again.

Each contest participant will be given three warm-up free throws. The contestant will then take fifteen consecutive free throw attempts. Nine through eleven year- old contestants may shoot from 12 feet, instead of the “regulation” 15 feet. Participants aged 12-14 will shoot from the standard 15 feet. Girls will use basketballs sized for women and girls. Otherwise, normal rules of basketball regarding free throws apply for all levels of competition. For example, violations include stepping on or over the free throw line prior to the ball reaching the rim.

The Knights of Columbus Holy Infant Council was established in Orange in 1999. With more than 70 members, they sponsor projects to benefit their church, community,
families and youth.

Boys Swimming and Diving: Amity VS Xavier (How Did The Spartans Do?)

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Jan 152019

The Amity Spartans Boys Swimming and Diving Team hosted the Xavier Falcons at the Orange Town Pool on Monday, Jan. 14.
Amity was hoping to retain its perfect record. Our diver Kevin Tian was exceptional and beat Xavier’s diver Nick Kirejczyk.
But in the end, Xavier simply outscored Amity 103-77.
Amity’s Winning Events:
50-yard Freestyle: A- 23.38 Tyler Roy
Diving: A- 140.25 Kevin Tian
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:35.02  Shiva Gowda, Ray Lu, Jared Sullivan, Tyler Roy
Xavier’s Winning Events:
200 yard Medley Relay: X- 1:43.39 Ben Howell, Andrew Mitchill, Mitchell Wollen, Donald Frost
200-yard Freestyle: X- 1:51.93 Nikita Zuev
200-yard IM: X- 2:03.48 Mitchell Wollen
100-yard Butterfly: X- 57.27 Yavier Carbo-Colon
100 Freestyle: X- 49.92 Andrew Mitchill
500-yard Freestyle: X- 4:57.82 Mitchell Wollen
100-yard Backstroke: X- 57.00 Ben Howell
100-yard Breaststroke: X- 1:05.79 Donald Frost
400-yard Freestyle Relay: X- 3:26.92 Mitchell Wollen, Andrew Mitchill, Nikita Zuev, Donald Frost
Records: Xavier 5-1, Amity 4-1

This Week’s Amity Varsity Sports Schedules

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Jan 142019

Here are all of the Amity Varsity Sports schedules for this week, Jan. 14-19.

Come on out whenever you can and support the Spartans athletes.

Monday, Jan. 14

Boys Swimming and Diving vs Xavier Home at Orange Community Center Pool at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Boys Indoor Track SCC Novice Meet Away at Floyd Little Center at 3:45 p.m.

Girls Indoor Track SCC Novice Away at Floyd Little Center at 3:45 p.m.

Boys Basketball vs Xavier Home at Amity High School at 7:00 p.m.

Girls Basketball v. Guilford Away at Main Gym at GHS at 7:00 p.m.


Wednesday, Jan. 16

Boys Alpine Skiing RACE Away at Mt. Southington at 4:00 p.m.

Girls Alpine Skiing RACE Away at Mt. Southington at 4:00 p.m.

Boys Ice Hockey vs Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe Home at Bennett Rink, West Haven at 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 17

Girls Ice Hockey vs Masuk-Barlow-Newtown-Lauralton Home at Hamden Ice Rink at 4:30 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 18

Boys Basketball vs Cheshire Home at Amity High School at 7:00 p.m.

Girls Basketball vs Sheehan Away at Sheehan HS Gymnasium at 7:00 p.m.

Girls Gymnastics vs Greenwich Away at Greenwich YWCA at 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 19

Boys Indoor Track SCC Coaches Invitational Away at Floyd Little Center at 9:00 a.m.

Girls Indoor Track SCC Coaches Invitational Away at Floyd Little Center at 9:00 a.m.

Cheerleading Cheer Your Heart Out, East Haven Away at East Haven HS at 9:00 a.m.

Wrestling New Milford Invitational Away in New Milford at 10:00 a.m.

Boys Ice Hockey vs Westhill-Stamford Away at Terry Conners Ice Rink at 4:00 p.m.


Boys Hockey: Branford Hornets Sting Spartans, Break Amity’s Winning Streak

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Jan 142019

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team was on the road in North Haven on Saturday for a game against the Branford Hornets.

Although Amity had a great 7 game run, we knew the threat of a loss was possible as the season went on and the competition grew more difficult. They’ve been working hard in practices and at every game, and they were ready for battle.

Going in, Branford had a 4-2-1 record and naturally, they didn’t want to lose and were prepared for a fight.

The first period set the pace for the rest of the game, Branford’s Blake Kustra made an unassisted goal just 1:11 into the game, that was followed by Jack Manware, sinking one in at 6:30, assisted by Max Bunton.

First Period Score: 2-0 Branford

Amity came out strong in the second period with Jay Csejka making a goal in the first 38 seconds, assisted by 10 and 20.

Second Period Score: 2-1 Branford

The Hornets dominated the third period beginning with a solo goal by Manware at 1:32. Exactly four minutes later, Rob Lionetti scored on an assist from Theo Kirby.

Amity made a lot of shots, but couldn’t seem to get anything past goaltender Greg Lucente, who used his best Jedi moves against the Spartans.

Branford continued its attack on Amity goalie Mal Zurolo and at 8:54, Chris Donadio smacked one past him, bringing the final score to 5-1.  With that, the Hornets broke the Spartans’ 7-game winning streak.

Disappointment swept through the stands as Amity fans slowly retreated to the parking lot.

The Spartans’ locker room was quiet, as they went over the game in their heads.

Records: Amity 7-1, Branford 5-2-1

Head Coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli said a lot of things contribute to a loss, on this day, it was because Amity was outworked by Branford. “You’re not going to win if you get outworked. That’s a good lesson to learn,” he said. “They deserved to win today. It’s all about hard work, our schedule just gets tougher from here — that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“If you want to go through this and just skate through it, you’re not going to make anything of yourself,” Richetelli said. “Our goal is to make sure we have a strong competitive schedule and do the things we’re supposed to do. On Sunday, we have practice, we’ll get to work and get ready for Wednesday. We’ll be fine. They learned a lesson today, and we’ll move on, that’s what life’s all about.

Next Up For The Spartans: HOME game vs Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe (D1) (4-1-2) on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m.

Girls’ Hockey: Hamden Defeats The Blades In Overtime

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Jan 132019

The Blades Girls Ice Hockey Team (Amity/Cheshire/North Haven) had a home game in Hamden on Saturday, Jan. 12 against Hamden at 2:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, this time all I can provide is the scoreboard, as the game sheet was not available.

The first period ended in a 2-2 tie. Then Hamden pulled ahead in the second with one goal (3-2-Hamden).

The Blades came alive in the third period with two goals, and Hamden tied it up with one of their own, resulting in a 4-4 tie and forcing the game into overtime.

Both teams had 8 minutes to win this thing, but it was Hamden that broke the tie and skated away with a 5-4 victory

Records: Blades 3-8, Hamden 6-5

Next Up for the Blades: HOME matchup with Masuk/Barlow/Newtown/Lauralton (0-9) at the Hamden Ice Rink on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 4:30 p.m.



Boys Hockey: YES! Amity Spartans Take Down Notre Dame

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Jan 102019

Since the beginning of the season, I’ve said, don’t underestimate the Amity Boys Ice Hockey Team. I knew going into Wednesday night’s game that they were in for a battle with Notre Dame-West Haven, but they were good enough to come through with their perfect season intact.

Prior to the game I sent head coach Mike Richetelli a note stating, Notre Dame is NOT going to want to lose to Amity. They are going to play dirty and will spend a lot of time in the penalty box. Our boys would just have to get it done no matter how much ND pushed their buttons.

Of course “Scooter” already knew this, great coaches have great instincts, and the boys were ready too.

Well, the first period was very fast and very physical, during which Notre Dame racked up 3 penalties to Amity’s 1. And the first period was scoreless.

There was no way that Notre Dame was going to lose this matchup. The second period went on and on, still scoreless, then, with 15 seconds remaining ND’s Charlie Andriole scored the first goal, assisted by Ian Hayden.

Amity and ND had 2 penalties each in the second period.

When the third period rolled around, it was do-or-die for both teams and they would do whatever was necessary to win. (ND 4 penalties, Amity 2).

Amity was ready to show what they were made of and it only took 38 seconds for captain Jay Csejka to make an unassisted goal and tie the game.

The teams battled it out, and both goalies, Amity’s Malachi Zurolo and Notre Dame’s Connor Smith worked extremely hard.

Finally, with just 3:45 remaining in the game, Nelson Bordeleau broke the tie with the winning goal, assisted by Justin Miller.

The Spartans were able to hold Notre Dame off until the final buzzer, and there it was, Amity Won 2-1, still undefeated with 7 consecutive victories under their belts.

Zurolo was named player of the game after making 38 stops.

Next Up: Amity is on the road at the Northford Ice Pavilion for a game against Branford (4-2-1) on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 3:15 p.m.

A million thanks to Kristina Kaoud for the victory photos. 



Boys Swimming: Amity Defeats North Haven, Remains Undefeated

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Jan 082019

The Amity Spartans Swimming and Diving Team was on the road in North Haven on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Although North Haven won more events than Amity, the Spartans outscored the Indians 93-73.

Amity’s Winning Events
200-yard Medley Relay: A- 1:49.67 Tyler Roy, Connor Hallstrom, Kevin Sweeney, and Jared Sullivan
200-yard Freestyle: A- 1:53.49 Shiva Gowda
200-yard IM: A- 2:13.61 Kevin Sweeney
100-yard Butterfly:  A- 59.50 Jared Sullivan
100 Freestyle: A- 50.96 Tyler Roy
North Haven’s Winning Events
50-yard Freestyle: NH- 22.91 J.P. Stoeffler
Diving: NH- Joe Connor
500-yard Freestyle: NH- 5:15.40 Will McCleery
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:36.32  Shiva Gowda, John Alvarado, Ray Lu, and Tyler Roy
100-yard Backstroke: NH- 1:06.15 J.P. Stoeffler
100-yard Breaststroke: NH- 1:21.43 Cameron Cargan
400-yard Freestyle Relay: NH- 3:43.53 J.P. Stoeffler, Will McCleery, Stephen Borrelli, and Cameron Cargan
Record: Amity 4-0
Next Up: Amity faces Xavier on Monday, Jan. 14 in Orange at 7 p.m.

Girls Hockey: Blades Back On Track With Another Victory

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Jan 082019

At the beginning of the winter season, it appeared that the Blades girls hockey team had lost their edge.

After being spoiled by several nearly flawless years of gameplay, fans noticed that the girls couldn’t seem to catch a break. Their record was 0-6 on Dec. 28. 

But things began to turn around after the ball dropped in 2019. First, the Blades (Amity/Cheshire/North Haven) defeated Branford 8-3 on Jan. 2; then Daniel Hand 5-4 on Jan. 5; and most recently Mask 7-4 on Jan. 6.

The Blades were on the road in Shelton on Sunday against Masuk. 

The old Blades showed through on their former home ice, owning the first period. The goals came one after another at a dizzying pace. Haley Cable got things rolling with the first goal, assisted by Sara Cable; then, with 2:52 remaining, Nadia DiNatale shot one past Mask’s goalie, assisted by Tess Csejka; and 13 seconds later Andrea DelVecchio made an unassisted goal; within 10 seconds, DelVecchio assisted Mia Dow on her goal; and wrapping up the period, DiNatale posted her second goal assisted by Meaghan Hogan. 

First Period Score: 5-0 Blades 

Masuk fought back in the second period, Mackenzie Cambra scored the first goal 5:11 after returning to the ice, assisted by Cathryn Gregory and Christina Moniz; 37 seconds later Gregory made a goal, assisted by Erin Webdale. 

With just 59:3 remaining in the period, Masuk posted another goal (player information not provided)

Csejka added another point for the Blades unassisted at 36.1. 

Second Period Score: 6-3 Blades

Twelve minutes passed in the third period before DiNatale got a hat trick when she scored for the Blades on an assist from Hannah Sosensky.

With only 31.5 seconds remaining in the game, Webdale made the final goal assisted by Mari Bischoff and Gregory. 

Final Score 7-4 Blades

Blades goalie Caitlyn Ranciato made 22 Saves

Next Up for the Blades a match up against Hamden at the Lou Astorino Ice Rink in Hamden at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 12.