Jan 242015

IMG_2125Even before skating onto the Edward Bennett Rink on Friday evening, the Amity Spartans knew that they had a battle ahead of them going up against an undefeated division 1 team from Scarsdale New York. 

The first period was a heartbreaker for Amity. The Raiders wasted no time posting on the scoreboard with Captain James Nicholas (#16) making his first of four goals at :33 on an assist from Devon Schell (#15). 

The Raiders showed Amity why they are undefeated, firing on Spartan goalie Tyler Cole (#30). Then, at 5:07 Stephen Nicholas (#17) scored, assisted by Sam Stemerman (#3). 

Less than 2 minutes later Stephen Nicholas added another point on an assist from Michael Roberts (#2); and a minute after that James Nicholas and Schell repeated their moves from the game’s initial point; just two minutes later James Nicholas got his hat trick on an assist from Dunkan Hindmarch (#5). Ending the first period at 5-0. 

Scarsdale Freshman Sam Seltzer (#1) made 5 saves; Cole made 12 saves. 

The second period action was fast and furious with Cole deflecting the puck on every shot until the duo of Nicholas and Schell got one past him at 9:15.

Four minutes later, Hindmarch scored for the Raiders on assists from Jonathan Schwartz (#29) and Blake Ruggert (#24), broadening their lead to 7-0. 

Finally, :48 later with only :32.1 remaining in the middle period, Amity Senior Zach Shelnitz (#8) snapped one in past a stunned Raiders goal keeper Gabriel Harousseau (#30). Amity fans saw it go into the net, Shelnitz saw it get by the goalie, but the two referees stopped to discuss it before making their call, which seemed to take forever. (See video on the Orange Live Facebook page). 

Spartans fans roared when the decision went their way. 

Second period score 7-1. 

Harousseau made 7 saves; Cole made 11. 

Unless you were in the locker room, you don’t know what the Spartans coaches said after they left the ice, but when the boys came back in the third period, they were on fire, playing a lot like the 2013-14 team. 

Skating fast and furious, passing, intercepting and shooting like they never have this season. 

Just 4:19 into the period, Nick DeGennaro (#5), scored for the Spartans, assisted by Dalton Luciani (#28).

To everyone’s amazement, Amity scored on a pass from Mac Deane (#22) to Shelnitz. 

A little more than 5 minutes later at 12:06 Scarsdale got its 8th and final goal, with Jake Zurkow (#11) scoring off an assist from Stephen Nicholas. 

With 2:14 remaining in the game, Shelnitz got a hat trick, assisted by Jeremy Cable (#14) and Kevin Ryan (#9). 

Scarsdale outshot Amity 40-22. 

With this 8-4 victory, they remain undefeated. 

Amity’s record is 2-1-9.

The Spartans play Guilford (3-5) in West Haven on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 1 p.m.  (In December, Amity defeated Guilford 7-2)

Jan 222015

Graphic1As many residents know, Amity girls are part of a co-op Hockey team called the Blades, composed of players from Amity, North Haven and Cheshire.

Their home ice is The Rinks at Shelton. They play hard, but you’ve never seen a story or photos of them on Orange Live. Why Not?

Actually, it’s quite simple, the schedule keeps changing. Sometimes games are canceled within hours of game time.

I’ve driven up to Shelton three times in the past 2 months. Once, I left a holiday party so I could shoot a 6 p.m. Blades game. When I arrived I learned that the game was scheduled for 8:30 p.m. Evidently the time had been changed since I originally plugged it into my calendar and 2.5 hours was a long time to wait around when I had so many other things that I could be doing.

The second time I arrived and there was no game, even though it was still on the CIAC website schedule.

This week I went up there for an 8:30 p.m. game, checked the board in the lobby and was happy to see it was still up. I watched the Zamboni make its runs around the ice and waited, and waited… After I got back home I noticed that the Athletic Director had Tweeted out its cancellation earlier in the day.

On Wednesday, I planned on attending the 8 p.m. game, but the Boys Hockey in West Haven went into Overtime and by the time I finished talking to the coach, it was around 8:30 p.m. It didn’t make sense to try and make it over to Shelton for 15 minutes of play time.

Since I don’t get paid to cover anything on Orange Live I don’t make it a practice to travel to away games. But Next Wednesday, the 28th, the girls are supposed to play at 6 p.m. — if the schedule doesn’t change, I will be there.

The 2014-15 Blades Team

The 2014-15 Blades Team

Jan 222015

IMG_1670The Amity Spartans Hockey Team (2-1-8) faced off against the East Haven YellowJackets (1-8) at the Bennett Rink in West Haven Wednesday night.

The game had a rough start for the Spartans, as have many match-ups this season, with East Haven’s Tyler Moss scoring a goal in the first 15 seconds on an assist from Joe Lorello. Then, 9:21 into the first period, the Easties hit again, this time with Zach Paquin scoring off assists from Nick Latella and Joe D’Albero.

Yellowjacket Goalie Devin Avena made 4 saves, while the Spartans Tyler Johnston made 14 saves.

In the second period the defensive players and goal tenders kept their opponents from scoring and the score remained 2-0 East Haven.

Avena made 8 saves and Johnston deflected 14 additional shots.

Amity came alive in the third period at 6:13 Nick DeGennaro scored the first Spartan goal off an assist from Liam Caraciolo.

With only 5:37 remaining in the third period, East Haven’s Mike Montesanto received a 5 minute penalty for boarding an Amity player.

(Boarding in ice hockey is a penalty called when an offending player pushes, trips or checks an opposing player violently into the boards of the hockey rink. The boarding call is quite often a major penalty due to the likelihood of injury sustained by the player who was boarded.)

With just two minutes left in the period Mac Deane passed the puck to Kevin Ryan, who tied things up at 2-2 and the game went into overtime.

In the third period both goalies made 8 saves each.

In overtime, it was do or die and both teams really needed a win to redeem themselves. After some fierce back and forth Amity’s Charlie Csejka passed the puck to Graham Hughes who made the winning goal at 1:02 to a thunderous roar from the Amity fans.

Head Coach Gary Lindgren stepped off the ice and said, “I’m smiling” before heading into the locker room where the Spartans were celebrating their sweet victory.

Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli said, “It wasn’t our best first period, but the message was pretty clear, shut it down, keep working, and play our best.  In the second period we played the most intensely that we’ve played all season. Even though we were down by 2 we had a nice edge and we had good momentum to go into the third.”

Of the final minutes, he said, “For us to get two goals after being down by two, showed a lot. And then for Graham get in there, it was a great hustle and a great effort in overtime and we were fortunate to have him be the first guy to make that play.”

“It’s a great feel good win for us. These kids work hard and they deserved this tonight,” Richetelli said. “We are very proud of what they did.”

Amity plays Scarsdale (NY) this Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Bennett Rink.

After that they have 8 more games, some of them against very tough opponents, until the end of the regular season on March 4. 

Jan 212015

IMG_1516Amity hosted Lyman Hall Tuesday Jan. 20 in Woodbridge.

The Lady Spartans has not had the best season so far with a 5-5 record leading up to last night’s game, and senior captain Janaya Young is still on the injured list.

Going up against Lyman Hall with a 5-4 record prior to the game, Amity really needed a win.

The game’s top scoring player was Amity’s junior Molly Dragan (#23) with 20 points, followed by Elise Graham (#24) with 14 points.

Dragan and Kaitlin Thomas each made one 3-point goal. Graham had 10 rebounds and 4 steals and Dragan had 7 assists.

Lyman’s Senior Emma Sears (#4) scored 17 points and Sophomore Sabrina Smith (#20) contributed 14. At 5’5″ junior Alyssa McCann (#1) was a force to be reckoned with, she only scored 2 points, but she was fast and easily sneaked in to block shots and kept things interesting.

Sears made a 3 point goal and Smith made two for the Trojans.

Quarter by quarter

The Lady Spartans took a quick jump on the Trojans, ending the first quarter 12-10.

In the second quarter Amity piled on 14 points to Lyman’s 6, keeping a sizable 26-16 lead going into the half.

Amity stayed strong in the third quarter adding 16 points to Lyman’s 10 and went into the final quarter with a comfortable 42-26 lead.

The Trojans fought back in the fourth quarter racking up 19 points to Amity’s 12, still it wasn’t enough to overtake the Lady Spartans.

Amity wins 54-45.

Records: Amity 6-5, Lyman 5-5

Jan 202015

IMG_1019The Amity Boys Swimming Team went up against Daniel Hand at the Orange Town Pool Tuesday night, Jan. 20.
At this meet, the Spartans came out on top, defeating the Tigers 99-86.
The Spartans’ standouts were Ben Clemens who was in 4 winning events; Zac Babbitz, Colin Roy and Ben Bacal each with 3 winning events.
Hand’s top swimmer was Paul O’Connor who won two of his team’s four winning events.
Amity’s Winning Events: 
 200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:46.67 Dan Madsen, Ben Clemens, Sergey Savelyev, Colin Roy
IMG_1159200 yard Freestyle: A- 1:58.52 Zac Babbitz
50 yard Freestyle: A- 24.08 Colin Roy
100 yard Butterfly: A-58.52 Ben Bacal
100 yard Freestyle: A- 51.14 Ben Clemens
200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:39.01 Kevin Zhao, Ben Bacal, Colin Roy, Zac Babbitz
100 yard Breaststroke: A- 1:01.78 Ben Clemens
400 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:38.46 Zac Babbitz, Dan Madsen, Ben Bacal, Ben Clemens
IMG_1048Hand’s Winning Events:
200 Ind. Medley: H- 2:12.33 Paul O’Connor
Diving: H- 168.00 Declan Maloney
500 yard Freestyle: H- 5:13.30 Paul O’Connor
100 yard Backstroke: H- 1:01.59 Michael Healey
 Records: Amity (3-1), Hand (5-3)

Jan 192015

IMG_1267The Amity Spartans went up against the Glastonbury Tomahawks Monday afternoon at the Edward Bennett Rink in West Haven.

Glastonbury quickly got on the board within the first 2 minutes with Matt Holdaway scoring on an assist from Tyler Maclean.

Less than 6 minutes later Holdaway slammed an unassisted goal by Amity goal tender Tyler Cole, giving Glastonbury a 2-0 lead going into the second period.

The Tomahawks wasted no time in the second period firing relentlessly on Cole. Shane Mack scored just 1:44 into the period, on an assist from Trevor Suydam. 38 seconds later, Maclean fired one in on an assist from Adam Yaeger.

The two teams battled it out passing, intercepting, shooting and finally, at 9:22 Amity’s Captain Kevin Ryan scored an unassisted goal, putting Amity on the board, bringing the score to 4-1 (Glastonbury).

In the third period Amity proved it had the stamina to keep up with Glastonbury, and the first 2/3 of play time, the goalkeepers on both teams did phenomenal jobs keeping their opponents from adding to their scores.

But Glastonbury could not be kept down. At 9:21 Zach McGrail scored on an assist from Suydam. Less than a minute later at 10:15 Yaeger also scored, assisted by Maclean and Holdaway.

Final Score 7-1 Glastonbury.

With 1:33 left in the game Jared Roy, assisted by Justin Catinazzo and Logan Underwood brought in the winning goal.

Amity Coach Gary Lindgren said he was sad, but not disappointed in the boys.

“We have a young team and they have a tough schedule,” he said. “They played hard and put a lot into it today. We have two more games this week.”

Of his team, win or lose, Lindgren said, “They’re working hard.”



Jan 162015

IMG_9204The Amity Spartans 1-1-5 faced off against Wilton 2-5 Friday night at Bennett Rink in West Haven.

This time around Amity’s Charlie Csejka was first to score with 9:25 left in the first period, and Wilton was scoreless.

It took quite a while, but finally with just 3:34 left in 2nd, Wilton’s Jameson Hill tied the game at 1-1.

Wilton came out like gangbusters in the third and David Craven scored in the first 13 seconds. One-upping Amity 2-1.

The Spartans  really needed this win, and Kevin Ryan came in and got one past wilton’s goalkeeper with 4:29 remaining, tying the game.

Now, with the score at 2-2 both teams were determined to win in overtime.

And … Kyle Jonas from Wilton slams one in to win the game 3-2.

Wilton outshot Amity 36-24.


The Spartans Play in Danbury Saturday, Jan. 17 at 4:10 p.m.


Jan 142015

IMG_0248Before they even stepped onto the court Wednesday night, the Lady Spartans knew they were in for a battle of biblical proportions as they faced the number one team in their division — Mercy: a team that averages 70 or more points per game, and … shows no “mercy” for their opponents.

The Tigers wasted no time in proving their dominance, by the end of the first quarter they held a formidable 25-11 lead over the Lady Spartans.

Mercy kept going in the second quarter adding 16 points to Amity’s 10 and going into the half with a 41-21 lead.

The Lady Spartans had a strong third quarter racking up 17 points to Mercy’s 14, but still not enough to get ahead of the Tigers. Third quarter score 55-38 —Mercy.

What happened in the final quarter was just sinful, Mercy holding Amity down to 3 final points while they piled on an additional 21 for themselves.

In true Mercy High School fashion, the final score was 76-41.

The Tigers’ 5’11” Senior Maura Fitzpatrick was the leading scorer with 26 points (three 3-point goals) followed by 5’7″ junior Destine Perry with 18 points (two 3-point goals).

Molly Dragan led the Lady Spartans with 15 points (two 3-point goals), followed by Elise Graham with 12 points

Next up for Amity (4-6): Lyman Hall (3-5) at Woodbridge, Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 7 p.m.

Jan 142015

Jake Cala

Jake Cala

Cheshire came to Woodbridge to compete with the Amity Wrestling team on Tuesday, Jan. 13, winning several matches by forfeit.

The Rams defeated the Spartans 48-30.

Amity’s Jake Cala, Nate Morrisey and Christian Chadwick won by decisions. Ken Seaton won his match, while Josh Sloat and Nick Photos both won by forfeit.


106 Christian Chadwick (A) won by dec 12-0 over Nate Montoya (C)

113 Jake Cala (A) won by dec 15-0 over Sean Black(C)

120 Owen Brown (C) pinned Dave Ford(A) 1:00

126 Nate Morrisey (A) won by dec over Dan Barile (C) 13-11

132 Peter Early (C) won by forfeit

138 Jake Minahan (C) won by forfeit

145 Matt Robidoux (C) pinned Christian Gagliardi (A) :48

152 Mike Marrota (C) won by forfeit

160 Joe O’Donell (C) won by forfeit

170 Ken Seaton (A) pinned Matt Zara (C) :27

182 Nick Benadenna (C) pinned Zeph Cox (A) 3:14

195 Chris Papa (C) pinned Rob Anastasio (A) 2:53

220 Josh Sloat (A) won by forfeit

285 Nick Photos(A) won by forfeit

Amity season record 5-0

Note: The wrestlers on our team are good but they simply cannot win a meet because there aren’t enough members to fill all the weight classes.

Jan 142015


Zac Babbitz on his way to a win.

The Amity Boys Swim Team competed against Hamden at the Orange Town Pool on Tuesday, Jan. 13, and realized its first loss of the season.

Both teams were strong and made a good showing, all of the boys gentlemen, shaking hands and swapping compliments as the numbers rolled up on the score board.
In the end Hamden (4-1) came out on top defeating Amity (2-1) 94-86.
Hamden’s winning events: 
200 yard Medley Relay: H- 1:51.69 Will Munsterman, Abhishek Singla, Myles Whyte, Aedan Morley
200 yard Freestyle: H- 1:52.85 James Ahn
50 yard Freestyle: H- 24.48 Myles Whyte
Diving: H- 146.35 Will Munsterman
100 yard Freestyle: H- 50.19 James Ahn
100 yard Backstroke: H- 1:00.00 Will Munsterman
100 yard Breaststroke: H- 1:09.25 Myles Whyte
Amity’s Winning Events:
200 yard Ind. Medley: A- 2:09.44 Ben Clemens
100 yard Butterfly: A-58.64 Ben Bacal
500 yard Freestyle: A- 5:14.00 Zac Babbitz
200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:37.36 Ben Clemens, Ben Bacal, Kevin Zhao, Zac Babbitz
400 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:36.55 James Ahn, Tyler Cusano, Abhishek Singla, Will Munsterman