May 282015

IMG_0669The Lady Spartans are some tough cookies. When all the seasoned sports reporters were predicting that Cheshire would win the semi final game, Amity fans stuck with their team and for good reason — The Lady Spartans Rock!

With a 3-0 victory in West Haven Thursday night, Amity advances to the SCC softball finals at West Haven High School on Saturday at 6 p.m.

Congratulations Girls, I can’t write a sports story to save my life, but I believe in you!

Go get that Title!

Amity (15-6) goes up against Lauralton Hall (17-3) on Saturday. This is the first time the two teams will play since the April Scrimmage matches (of which there is no published score.)

May 282015

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.19.11 PMA resident contacted us about a drone that was lost in flight Thursday night around sunset.

The missing drone is a small black and green model (shown) and is most likely somewhere in the Orange Center, Orchard Road, Englewood, Blue Ridge Terrace, Wild Rose Drive area. (see map)

If everyone could please take a moment to check their back yards, rooftops, trees, driveways, etc. to see if the toy landed on your property, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you find it please contact Orange Live at [email protected], call 203-506-1747 or send a message on facebook.

No, this is not MINE, I still can’t get that one off the ground.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.26.25 PM



May 282015

IMG_2816The Amity Spartans went up against Notre Dame-West Haven in West Haven for the SCC semi-final game Thursday night.

Our boys were relentless and defeated ND 14-2.

Matt Ronai hit a two-run homer in the second inning, 8-0.

Amity will compete in the SCC finals in West Haven, Saturday at 12:00 p.m.

Congratulations Boys, You Earned This. Now Get That Title!

The Spartans 15-7 go up against Fairfield Prep on Saturday

NOTE: they faced Prep twice this season, both times losing 1-4. But Amity is strong and determined, they CAN win the title! Go Spartans!


May 272015

unnamed-1State Rep. Pam Staneski (Milford & Orange) hailed final House of Representative passage of legislation looks to improve the residential care for veterans and address several concerns veterans had with the current structure and organization at the Connecticut Veterans Home in Rocky Hill.

The legislation, House Bill, 6855, An Act Implementing the Recommendations of the Legislative PRI Committee Regarding Residential Services at the Veterans’ Home, contains a series of recommendations arising from an in-depth study of the home and services provided to the veterans.

The bill received unanimous support in the House of Representatives Tuesday night.

“It is appropriate to be debating and passing this landmark veterans legislation the day after honoring our military heroes on Memorial Day. Our state’s veterans, who reside at the home, deserve to receive the necessary services for the needs they require to live. Veterans are asking for three key issues to be addressed, employee accountability, an appropriate level of assistance, and improvements to the physical structure of the facility. We are not asking too much from the state. Veterans that call the facility in Rocky Hill their home, deserve a suitable, adequate and workable institution,” said Rep. Staneski.

Staneski toured the State Veterans’ Home in February and talked to both residents and administrators of the home.

Details of the bill are:

  • Gives the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Board of Trustees more oversight over the department. It requires (1) the DVA commissioner to give certain information to the board to monitor DVA’s performance and (2) the board to review and comment on the DVA budget and major policies relating to the Veterans’ Home.
  • The bill also increases the membership of DVA’s Board of Trustees, from 17 to 19 members, by adding two Veterans’ Home residents as voting members, giving veteran residents more of a voice.
  • Requires (1) the DVA commissioner to report to the legislature, by January 1, 2016, a plan for providing transitional and permanent housing and implementing the Program Review and Investigations (PRI) recommendations and (2) to submit a report to each Veterans’ Home resident on how the institutional general welfare fund was used.
  • Requires the DVA commissioner to continue to provide housing to any veteran residing at the Veterans’ Home or its health care facility upon the bill’s passage.
  • Veterans’ Home residents, their relatives or authorized representatives, or any DVA employee may file a written complaint concerning the home with the DVA Board of Trustees.

The Rocky Hill Veterans’ home is currently home to 217 domicile residents, and 117 hospital patients it was constructed in 1938 and opened for occupancy in 1940.

May 272015

4713291_1432646588.973By now most residents are aware of the devastating, fast-moving fire that destroyed a home at 400 Derby Milford Road on Saturday morning, May 23.

Many have sent e-mails to Orange Live asking for information on any fundraisers that may be planned.

Here you go:

The victim’s niece, Tiffany Skurjo set up a Go Fund Me page to help him get back on his feet.

On the page, she wrote:

IMG_4768Please help us get my Uncle, Dennis Skurjo, back on his feet! He recently had a house fire on Saturday, May 23rd which destroyed his entire home.

He walked away with himself and his puppies (which we will forever be grateful for), the clothes on his back, his cars, and some pictures and photo albums the generous firefighters were able to save for him.

He has been working hard the past 30 something years of his life and within a matter of minutes his entire home and all his belongings were destroyed.

If anyone knows my Uncle they first know he has the biggest, and most kind, genuine heart out of anyone I know.

A view of the rear of the home and the propane tanks. (courtesy of Art Williams)

He has treated myself and my sisters as if we were his own and he would give the clothes off his back for anyone who needed them and we are trying to do the same for him, it’s our turn to help him.

Let’s come together as a community and help jump start him into his next chapter.

Thank you in advance and God bless everyone!

Tiffany Skurjo

May 262015

unnamedTo protect unpaid interns in our state, State Rep. Charles Ferraro (R-117) supported a measure to unpaid interns in Connecticut would receive workplace protections against sexual harassment and discrimination under legislation approved unanimously by the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

“We are trying to address the lack of any workplace protections for people who take an internship with this legislation. The current absence of workplace protections against sexual harassment and discrimination meant unpaid interns had no grounds to file a civil complaint. The hope is this legislation will protect Connecticut’s unpaid interns,” said Rep. Ferraro.

The legislation SB-428, An Act Protecting Interns from Workplace Harassment and Discrimination prohibits discrimination based on an intern’s race, color, religious creed, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disability, intellectual disability, learning disability or physical disability, including, but not limited to, blindness. The bill also bans an employer from firing or taking other discriminatory steps against an intern for filing a complaint or testifying in a proceeding about a discrimination complaint.

Rep. Ferraro said, “We must remember that a four-year degree is not always the most important factor in hiring decisions, today more and more employers have begun to place a higher level of importance on years of workplace experience. Students who take on internships for school credit do not usually get paid or receive benefits but they should be protected from sexual harassment and discrimination.”

The bill bans sexual harassment of interns and anyone seeking an internship. Harassment is any unwanted sexual advances or any other conduct of a sexual nature when submission to the conduct is made a condition of the internship, the basis for workplace decisions affecting the intern or substantially interferes with an intern’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. The bill’s prohibition covers hiring, firing, and advertising internships.

The bill is supported by the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, the Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.


May 262015

burglaryOfficers were called to a home on Arrowhead Drive Tuesday afternoon around 5 p.m. when a resident returned home to find the rear slider door and window were broken.

According to police, the incident occurred around 4:45 p.m. when a neighbor reportedly observed a white male running through the back yard and hopping a fence toward the Wilbur Cross Parkway.

The property backs up to the parkway rest area.

The resident was only out of the house for about an hour.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, including unfamiliar vehicles or people, call the Orange Police Department at 203-891-2130.

May 262015

A passerby snapped this pic from their car before the fire dept. arrived.

A passerby snapped this pic from their car before the fire dept. arrived.

The Orange Fire Marshal’s Office is seeking the public’s help regarding a house fire that occurred on Saturday May 23 at about 11:15 am at 400 Derby Milford Rd, Orange.

Fire Marshal Tim Smith is asking any one with photos or video of the fire to contact him at 203-891-4709.

These videos and photos can be helpful in determining cause and origin of the fire.

To the right is one of the first photos of the fire, taken by a passing motorist. 



May 242015

IMG_4914Mother Nature woke up in a great mood today and gave us beautiful weather for the Memorial Day ceremonies, parades and picnics.

After the Ceremony at the gazebo, Orange Center Road was wall-to-wall people, waving flags and cheering as the parade passed from the first police car to the last fire truck the energy was strong and patriotism apparent.

The Orange Congregational Church Nursery Group sold hot dogs, treats and cold drinks on the green. A couple of vendors had balloons and other inflatables for sale, but it’s the free stuff that really got people excited: American Flags, pinwheels and Sgt. Stubby pins were gladly accepted on the fairgrounds and along the parade route.

See More Photos on Our Orange Live Facebook Page.