Aug 292014

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.04.20 PMMars Petcare announced a voluntary recall this week for a small number of their Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food packages.

The recall is limited to 22 bags that were sold in Dollar General Stores in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, between the dates of August 18-25. The affected bags were scheduled for recall after it was discovered that they may contain fragments of metal.

Click here to see the specific bags affected and read more in the Recall Center.

Aug 292014

police carThe Orange Police Department along with the Connecticut Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office, today announced the kick-off of an Anti-Texting Enforcement Project, as part of the “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” campaign.

This effort by state and local police will enforce Connecticut’s tough law that prohibits motorists from texting and/or using hand-held cell phones while driving. The crackdown will run from Wednesday, September 3, through Wednesday, September 24.

This enforcement mobilization marks the first time the State has utilized dedicated federal funds meant to curb this unsafe driving behavior. Law enforcement patrols will target motorists who choose to ignore Connecticut’s hand held mobile phone ban.

Under Connecticut’s cell phone and texting law, violations involve heavy fines, ranging from $150 for a first offense, $300 for a second violation, and $500 for each subsequent violation.

We want you to know, if you choose to engage in this potentially deadly behavior there will be consequences in the form of a substantial fine. Chief Robert Gagne noted that drivers who use hand-held devices are four times more likely to get in a serious crash.

The State, through the Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Office was the only one in the nation to receive $2.3 million in federal Distracted Driving prevention funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Connecticut’s strong laws and policies aimed at keeping driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the wheel made the State eligible for this funding source.

Orange Police received a grant for $11,100 to carry out this enforcement mobilization.

“Our goal is to make Orange a safer place, and to reduce serious injury crashes. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do behind the wheel.” said Police Chief Robert Gagne.

While the focused enforcement mobilization will end on the 24th, many law enforcement agencies have indicated that enforcing Connecticut’s tough hand held mobile phone ban remains a priority.

For more information about national distracted driving issues, visit www/distraction.gov

Aug 292014

photo just for illustration

photo just for illustration

An Orange resident reported seeing a tan pit bull type dog with a red harness running on and around southbound exit 41 ( Marsh Hill Road) around 10 a.m. Friday.

She stopped her car and called the dog but he ran up the hill into the corn field (former Stew Leonard property).

If your pet is missing Orange Live will get the word out.

Aug 282014

thOne of the best restaurants in Orange is NOT CLOSED. Come on out tonight and show them your support.

While surfing the web today, I came upon a disturbing piece at the top of the page stating that a Boston Post Road restaurant in Orange is…GASP! “Closed.”

No way, I thought, it can’t be true!

Many businesses have difficult months, but to see an excellent restaurant close without a peep would be very sad and unbearable to regular customers who know just how good it is.

The restaurant of which I am writing is the RedFish Grill. A YELP listing shows a photo of one of their wonderful meals and above the map the words, “Location Closed.”

Instead of taking the listing’s word for it, I called the restaurant and was relieved when someone answered the phone.

I explained to her what I had found in my search and she assured me that the RedFish Grill is still open and serving guests as we spoke.

Could this listing faux pas be the cause of slow nights there?

Independently owned businesses need community support to thrive, and something like this could truly hurt business. You know how it goes, someone reads the YELP listing then tells two friends, and so on.

So pass this on to your friends, the Redfish Grill is OPEN and serving its affordable dinner specials and other wonderful food every day. The bar is well stocked with a wonderful variety of wine and other items are always available during lunch, happy hour and for late night dinners.





Aug 282014

Fresh and delicious bread and seasoned oil.

Fresh and delicious bread and seasoned oil.

When is the last time you went to the Redfish Grill? Now is a great time to try it and get hooked.

A friend, and Orange resident said she had lunch there for the first time on Saturday and liked it so much she came back with friends for dinner on Sunday.

We’ve heard nothing but good comments about the food, service and atmosphere but some diners have been put off by the price of their meal.

Well, Spiro has some good news for you, Redfish Grill285 Boston Post Road, Orange, now offers early dining specials, Monday thru Friday from 4-6 p.m.

The special menu, which was introduced in June, includes 10 of the restaurant’s most popular dishes (seafood, beef, pork and chicken) all for $11.95 each.

You will have a choice of Scottish Salmon; Santorini Shrimp; Redfish Mediterranean; Tilapia Florentine; Broiled Scrod; Linguini with Clam Sauce; grilled Pork Chop; Pork Loin Marsala; Filet Mignon or Lemon Chicken.

Side dish selections are: Mac n’ Cheese; French Fries; Cole Slaw, Jasmine Rice; Roasted Potatoes or Seasonal Vegetables.

Even if you are not a bread lover, you will love the bread here.

Come on in and try the Redfish Grill. The food is always fresh and delicious, the service is fast and friendly and now the price is right too.

Don’t forget to mention that you heard about it on Orange Live

Aug 272014

img_shredded_paper_540x360Amity Regional School District No. 5, as per state guidelines, is disposing of student special education records.

The records are of any student who has received special services are maintained for six years after his or her class graduates.

Former Amity students born in 1989 and 1990, and graduated in 2008, who have received special services at the Amity Middle School, Orange; Amity Middle School, Bethany; or Amity Regional High School may obtain their special education records.

These records may be obtained any weekday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Amity District Office, at Amity High School, 25 Newton Road, Woodbridge.

Before receiving records, students are asked to call 203-397-4820.

If records are not claimed by Sept. 19, they will be destroyed.

Aug 272014

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.45.12 PM

The Park and Recreation Commission met tonight at the Orange Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. Much of the meeting was dedicated to the Fred Wolfe Park project.

Girls Lacrosse Field Request

Bill McNeil speaking on hopes for Girls’ Lacrosse field expansion at Fred Wolfe Park

Girls lacrosse is the fastest growing sport around, High Plains is much too crowded. 170 players in Orange.

McNeil did his homework on the history of the park, a recent walk-through of the land, found it would be perfect for LAX fields, except now, it is overgrown and filled with invasive plants (bittersweet etc) that are choking the trees.

It will take a lot of money to put grass/turf fields in at no expense to the town (It will be collected through fund-raising)

Jeff Ocheski from Fuss and O’Neil, the same firm hired to do the plans for the Wolfe Park redevelopment.

Commissioners said that none of the fields would be sports specific (ie just lacrosse of just soccer, etc.)

The park could accommodate football games as well. The master plan includes a 400 meter running track/walking track and bathrooms.

The town is hoping for state grant money to become available, and allowing McNeil and his group to begin preparing their desired site may actually get the ball rolling sooner.

Lighting would be the least invasive to neighbors as possible, according to Park & Rec Chairman Joe Lembo.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said the bathrooms and building for equipment storage, etc needs to be strategically placed so the overall plan for the 64-acre is fluid. A one-acre dog park also would be a desired addition to the park. Zeoli said a STEEP grant is available now, and this would be a perfect project for the grant, as it would fall under the quality of life portion of the grant.

It was suggested that  a second entrance leading to the park should be built to give the residents on Hollow Road a break.

Residents on Hemlock and surrounding streets should be informed of any changes that will be taking place at Fred Wolfe Park.

There will be a Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Sept. 10 regarding the plans for Fred Wolfe Park. Residents are more than welcome to attend and offer their input.


Dan Lynch – Old Business

A Park & Rec sub committee will make recommendations about improving fields.

Overused fields get “tired” and worn.

The town pool had regular maintenance and will re-open on Sept. 8. new starting blocks will be in.

Day camp numbers were down this year, but successful none-the-less.

Registration for some  fall programs are already open, but other fall program registrations will begin on Sept. 2 for town residents. A week later for non-residents.





Aug 272014


Jack Damirjian, Sean Grenier and Tyler Burns (screen shot from video) at last year's foodball awards dinner. Matt Attolino was on crutches and did not make it up to the front of the room for the shot.

Jack Damirjian, Sean Grenier and Tyler Burns (Who left Amity to attend Choat this year) at last year’s foodball awards dinner. Matt Attolino was on crutches and did not make it up to the front of the room for the shot.

The Amity Varsity Football team will take the William Johnson Football Field at Amity today in a scrimmage game vs Bunnell at 4:30 p.m. (although it is hot and humid and not quite “football weather”)

Coach Bert Mozealous lost a lot of good players to graduation after last season, but many remain. Quarterback Tyler Burns left Amity to attend Choat this year. 

The 2014 team has 3 captains: Matt Attolino, Sean Grenier, and Jack Damirjian. 

We wish Coach Mozealous, his coaching staff, and the team the best of luck for a tremendous season.

Aug 272014

Weather_Air_Quality_AlertAn Air Quality Alert is in effect until 9 p.m. tonight

Anyone with sensitive breathing should limit time outdoors through Friday.

While there is no immediate danger from being outside, young children and the elderly may be negatively affected from prolonged time outdoors.

See the full story by our friend and meteorologist Kevin Arnone at WX Edge

Aug 262014

IMG_7128On Aug. 25, I shared an inside view of Peck Place School from a tour I took the previous Tuesday. 

At that time, some teachers were unloading boxes, setting up bulletin boards and getting comfortable in their classrooms, anxious to start the new school year with their students. 

The one thing that was missing was the custom cabinetry … and it is still missing. 

This morning, Supt. Lynn McMullin said the cabinets had been loaded onto trucks and left the suppliers’ — they were expected to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 27).

According to McMullin, the installers made a promise to work the entire weekend, including Sunday in order to get the job done (or as close to finished as possible).

Will Peck Place School have a prefect opening or an “okay” opening on Sept. 2?

Perfect: If the cabinets are completely installed and teachers can get all of their books and supplies put away.

Okay: Classrooms will have boxes on the floor and teachers will retrieve whatever they need from them during the first couple of days of school. 

If the cabinets are not done before school open, the workers will come in after school. The School of the 21st Century will go on normally, and the decision to have the cabinet installers begin work at 3:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. will be made next week. If the noise disrupts the School of the 21st Century, then workers will begin at 6 p.m. after the students have gone home. 

In the event that more time is needed, students at Peck Place School may be put on the half day schedule on Thursday and Friday, so that when they return to school on Monday, Sept.8 they will find the “perfect” school.

The condenser installation and roof trim work will be completed by the weekend. 

“Everything else is done except the cabinets,” McMullin said.

The parent’s open house also may be delayed since Principal Eric Carbone and the BOE want them to get their first look at a “perfect” school – not an incomplete school.