Oct 252014

IMG_1032The Friends of the Case Memorial Library is holding a Book Sale at the library, 176 Tyler City Road, today until 3 p.m.

Bargain hunters young and old can find  a wide variety of books, CDs, DVDs, Record Albums and more.

No one will leave there empty-handed.

The Friends organization is one of the town’s most dedicated groups, and they are accepting new members. The purpose of the organization, is to support the town library with programs and activities that enrich the normal library services.

The Friends provide scholarship money, museum passes, books for babies, special programs for children and adults, delivering items to homebound residents, and preparing the library for the town holiday festival.

If you would like to be part of the Friends organization, membership forms are available at the main circulation desk. Annual dues are $5.00 for a single membership and $10.00 for a family.

Oct 242014

music-notesAmity Music Department presents Music in Motion. 

The theme this year is Music in Motion: City Life.  

The Amity High School jazz ensemble, percussion ensemble, color guard and choir will be featured throughout the show.  It is sure to be an entertaining evening of music and movement unlike anything you have seen before.  

Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the door, online at www.amityband.org, or by calling the Amity High School Box Office at (203) 392-2019.  

If you have children in a Region 5 middle school or BOW elementary school, purchase your tickets at the door and your child will be free with the purchase of an adult tickets.  

Show dates are October 24th & 25th at 7:30 pm in the John J. Brady Center for the Performing Arts. 

Click HERE for a Music in Motion video trailer. 

Oct 232014

IMG_2695Senior Night was a memorable one for the Lady Spartans Volleyball Team Thursday night as they defeated Woodland 3-1 in Woodbridge.

Amity won the first two matches 25-20; 25-19, then Woodland came through with a victory in the third match 28-26. The Lady Spartans would not allow their opponents another win, and rounded out the night with the winning game at 25-21.

Amity’s noteworthy players:

Briana Mirmina had 4 kills and 20 digs; Nina Luciani had 5 kills and Haley Pierson had 31 assists and 5 digs.

Woodland’s noteworthy players: 

Abbey Rosato had 6 kills, 3 blocks and 2 digs; Anna Khalid had 9 kills, 2 assists, 3 aces and 5 digs; Carla Piccolo had 11 digs, 3 kills and 4 aces and Cam Caswell had 18 digs and 2 kills.

RecordsAmity improved it’s season record to 17-3; Woodland fell to 16-4

Oct 222014

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.39.42 PMThe Orange Police Department has recently launched new access on several social media fronts. 

The Department now has a Facebook page as well as twitter and instagram accounts. 

“It is our hope to be able to better inform the community of our activity both on a routine basis and during emergencies,” said Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo. “In the past the department had relied on members individual pages or the Emergency Management pages to get the word out.  This will allow us to showcase our efforts in community policing, whether its in the schools, partnering with youth services, or any of the many outreach programs the department uses.”

We will use the sites to post press releases, although we also will use traditional media outlets to get that news out.

The facebook site can be found under “Town of Orange Police Department,” follow us on Twitter and instagram at  “@orangepdct”

Oct 222014

Bill Hunt, David Hughes, Jane Massey, Pat Romano, and Dennis Marsh. In the front, sitting are Anchor Keith Kountz and weather personality Sam Kantrow.

Bill Hunt, David Hughes, Jane Massey, Pat Romano, and Dennis Marsh. In the front, sitting are Anchor Keith Kountz and weather personality Sam Kantrow.

The 2014 Orange Senior Leadership class recently visited WTNH8 as part of its media day. 

Through the Senior Leadership Program, students learn about government, civic organizations, and team building skills. The class works on a community service project to benefit Orange.

This year’s project is Senior Substance Abuse and Medication Mismanagement.

Two informational seminars will be held at the HPCC café, on Oct 22 and Oct 29 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. The seminars are open to the public.

Oct 202014

Amity Swim TeamWe knew that Monday’s SCC swim meet between two excellent undefeated high school teams that would decide the season Championship winner was going to be tough.

One team would leave the Hamden Hall Pool in the Beckerman Athletic Complex with heavy hearts, but would it be Amity or Cheshire?

Both teams won 6 events, both are known for their talent, professionalism and good sportsmanship.

IMG_3971Here are Amity’s winning events

200 Freestyle: A- 2:01.68 Madeline Snow

200 IM: A- 2:17.96 Maggie Lasto

50 yard Freestyle: A-24.81Dana Chung

100 yard Freestyle: A- 53.83 Dana Chung

200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:43.73  Megan Lasto,  Elise Grabowski, Madeline Snow, Dana Chung

400 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:48.00 Madeline Snow, Maggie Lasto, Hannah Flaherty, Dana Chung

IMG_5247These are Cheshire’s winning events

200 yard Medley Relay: C-1:53.46 Lindsay Smalec, Liz Boyer, Lily Kurtz, Ellie Senft

Diving: C- 226.10 Emily Glatt

100 yard Butterfly: C-58.50 Lindsay Smalec

100 yard Backstroke: C- 1:02.36 Lindsay Smalec

100 yard Breaststroke: C- 1:08.60 Liz Boyer

500 yard Freestyle: C- 5:17.35 Liz Boyer 

Amity Senior Swimmers: Madeline Snow, Dana Chung, Hannah Babbitz and Mollee Lasto

Amity Senior Swimmers: Madeline Snow, Dana Chung, Hannah Babbitz and Mollee Lasto

After all was said and done the still undefeated Cheshire (11-0) had scored 95.5 points; and Amity (11-1) wasn’t far behind at 88.5 but took its defeat with grace.

Congratulations to the winners.

Note to Amity’s Seniors: Thank You for an exciting four years. It was an honor watching you compete. 

Oct 202014

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 7.30.00 PM

The Amity Annihilators lived up to their team name at the Yale Physics Competition.

The team won Gold!

Congratulations to Coach Deborah Day and these brilliant students.

The Annihilators and Day, wearing their medals pose for a photo with Amity Supt. Charles Dumais and Amity High School Principal Charles Britton.


Oct 202014

Amity Senior Swimmers: Madeline Snow, Dana Chung, Hannah Babbitz and Mollee Lasto

Amity Senior Swimmers: Madeline Snow, Dana Chung, Hannah Babbitz and Mollee Lasto

The Amity Girls Swimming and Diving team is 11-0 this season.

The team will face one of their toughest competitors Monday night when they take on the undefeated Cheshire High School team.

After losing to Cheshire for more than 20 consecutive years, this year’s seniors (in photo) have not lost to them for the past three years.

Come out to help cheer on our Lady Spartans; be there to support an amazing 4-year run for the Spartan seniors.

The meet will take place at the Hamden Hall pool on Skiff Street in Hamden at 7 p.m.

Come on Amity Army, Car Pool the meet and Make Some Noise for the girls!


Oct 172014

IMG_0154On Friday, Oct. 17, Amity went up against Sacred Heart Academy for the second time this season, and again the Lady Spartans were victorious.
Amity lost the first match 16-25, but came on strong for the next three beating Sacred Heart 25-11; 25-17 and 27-25.
Amity’s Noteworthy players:
Micaela Cardozo had 8 kills, 3 blocks, and 6 digs; Nina Luciani had 9 kills and 3 digs; and Haley Pierson had 35 assists, 9 digs, and 2 aces.
Sacred Heart’s Noteworthy players:
Maryanne Bauman had 10 kills and 9 blocks; Alisyn Naracci had 5 kills and 6 blocks; Caitlyn Keish had 8 kills, 4 blocks, and 27 digs.
Records: Amity, 15-2;  SHA 8-8.

Oct 172014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.08.08 PMOrange resident Kyle Beaudette placed first in the 21st Annual Southern Connecticut Conference Cross Country Championship, 5 kilometer race at  Hammonasset State Park, Madison on Friday, Oct. 17. 

Amity won the 2014 SCC title. Cheshire came in second. 

  1.    42  AMITY            (  16:31  1:22:32   1:11)
  1      1  Kyle Beaudette            15:56     
  2      3  Harrison Block            16:15     
  3      9  Sricharan Kadimi          16:30     
  4     12  Matthew Arovas            16:44
  5     17  Brendan Purcell           17:07
  6   ( 18) Timothy Cannata           17:08
  7   ( 26) Michael Cannata           17:31
  2.    86  CHESHIRE         (  16:57  1:24:43   1:43)

  1      2  Brendan Murray            16:12     
  2      8  Russell Adam              16:28     
  3     15  Jordan Kolpak             16:58     
  4     19  Mark Fusco                17:10
  5     42  Jacob Lawlor              17:55
  6   ( 68) Ryan Shalagan             18:44
  7   ( 82) Steven Caldwell           19:11

  3.   131  XAVIER           (  17:19  1:26:34   1:34)
  4.   132  HAMDEN           (  17:27  1:27:14   0:55)
  5.   134  FAIRFIELD PREP   (  17:27  1:27:13   1:09)
  6.   157  BRANFORD         (  17:31  1:27:32   2:03)
  7.   170  DANIEL HAND      (  17:42  1:28:30   0:52)
  8.   176  GUILFORD         (  17:38  1:28:10   1:50)
  9.   239  FORAN            (  18:07  1:30:33   1:39)
 10.   240  SHELTON          (  18:03  1:30:13   2:10)
 11.   322  NORTH HAVEN      (  18:35  1:32:55   3:02)
 12.   351  NOTRE DAME-WEST  (  18:49  1:34:04   1:30)
 13.   356  JONATHAN LAW     (  18:59  1:34:51   2:23)
 14.   425  LYMAN HALL       (  19:27  1:37:11   2:00)
 15.   434  HILLHOUSE        (  19:29  1:37:24   1:42)
 16.   445  WILBUR CROSS     (  19:35  1:37:51   1:45)
 17.   446  SHEEHAN          (  19:36  1:37:59   2:01)
 18.   571  WEST HAVEN       (  21:37  1:48:04   3:54)
 19.   588  EAST HAVEN       (  21:48  1:48:58   2:38)