Mar 022015

Scholarship-Graphic-for-Inside-Page-276x300Recently, Orange Live told you about scholarship opportunities available from the Orange Scholarship Fund Association.

Orange (High School) Seniors, there are only six weeks left to deadline!

Seniors at any of the local public and private high schools who are residents of Orange and plan to continue their education are eligible to apply, with scholarships being awarded on the basis of need, academic achievement, and community service.

If you live in Orange and plan to apply for a scholarship, time is getting short. Pick up your application to the Orange Scholarship Fund Association at Case Memorial Library, 176 Tyler City Road  and get started.

Completed applications are due April 15.  Complete means fully filled out, with all the references and documentation attached. 

Incomplete applications are not considered, so don’t delay any longer. 

Don’t miss out because you just didn’t get around to it.

Mar 012015

400x266_01101713_145132096The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning that is in effect until 7 a.m. Monday, March 2.

Hazards include snow, briefly mixing with or changing to freezing rain.

Snow accumulation of 4 to 7 inches with a glaze of ice is expected.

Visibility will be down to 1/4 to 1/2 mile at times.

Temperatures will be in the upper 20s.

Snow will be moderate to locally heavy at times into the evening.

Hazardous travel expected due to snow covered surfaces.

Keep travel down to a minimum and be mindful that other drivers may not be skilled in driving in the snow.

Be prepared for emergency situations by keeping an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle.

Feb 272015

Staneski_CPN_02State Rep. Pam Staneski (R-119) attended the Connecticut Prevention Network (CPN)’s annual legislative breakfast at the State Capitol this morning.

Staneski, is the co-founder and past president, member of the Milford Prevention Council and is an ardent supporter of the work done by the Connecticut Prevention Network in their fight against drug and addiction prevention.

CPN discussed the development of a Regional Opioid Work Plans used to mobilize communities to address the state-wide epidemic of opiate abuse and overdose deaths. There were 273 fatal heroin overdoses in Connecticut in 2014, an increase from 257 in 2013.

According the CPN the abuse of heroin is becoming a serious problem in middle class Connecticut communities because it’s inexpensive.

Staneski mentioned how in the last few years Milford has had a growing heroin epidemic in which has claimed two lives and two dealers have been arrested by federal authorities.

Staneski said, “Community and local partnerships are the most effective way to keep drugs and alcohol out of the hands of our children. We need to support their mission.”

The Connecticut Prevention Network an association of the state’s 13 community partnership Regional Action Councils (RACs) that work to provide local communities with education, training, and advocacy for substance abuse prevention and related community concerns such as violence, teen pregnancy, drunk driving, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and suicide.

Feb 252015

firefightersRegional Fire Training Schools are vitally important to volunteer firefighters as it gives them a perfectly designed place in which to learn everything they need to know about firefighting and to brush up on their skills when needed.

After years of a nomadic training schedule our local volunteer firefighters, which includes instructors Jamie Vincent Director of Training at the Valley Fire Chiefs Regional Training School (Orange Deputy Fire Marshal) and Vaughan Dumas (Orange Deputy Fire Chief) have fought for a permanent Regional Fire Training School.

On Wednesday night, dozens of firefighters, including Orange Volunteer Firefighter Lisa Kaplan, were in Hartford at the State Capitol to show their support for the schools.

OVFD firefighter Lisa Kaplan

OVFD firefighter Lisa Kaplan

Governor Dannel Malloy wants to cut funding to the regional schools for operating costs and capital improvements in his current budget proposal to help make up for a $121 million budget shortfall.

If the budget goes through as proposed, the 9 schools would most likely shut down unless they can find other funding avenues.


Feb 252015

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.37.05 PMThe Zeoli family has set up a scholarship fund for Frank Zeoli with the Orange Scholarship Fund Association.

This award will be given yearly to an Orange Resident Senior.

If you would like to make a contribution, please send your check to Orange Scholarships, P. O. Box 1072, Orange, CT 06477, in Memory of Frank Zeoli.

Feb 232015

email-iconTo Orange Live Mail Subscribers: 

At the end of every month I field questions from e-mail blast subscribers as to “Why haven’t I gotten my morning e-mail?”

In Short, because I don’t want to charge Orange Live readers for the service.

This is the explanation the “blast company” — MailChimp provided: “MailChimp’s Forever Free plan allows you to send 12,000 total emails a month to up to 2,000 subscribers. When taking a look into the account, it looks like the subscriber count is below the 2,000 subscriber limit. However, this month, the account has sent close to 12,000 emails. So, in order to continue sending this month, the account will need to be upgraded to one of our paid plans.”

I personally don’t have money to put into yet another bill and I think it’s terrible to ask readers to pay for the service ($5 – $10 year).

So all I ask is that everyone make it a habit to bookmark Orangectlive.com on their computer and check it each day as part of their daily routine.

The e-mail service will automatically begin again at the start of a new month — March — and run steadily through the 23rd before it cuts off again.

I know some see this as an inconvenience, but, it’s my way of saving you money. Please be patient and come back daily to see what’s new on Orange Live.

Thank You!

Terri Miles, Editor

Feb 222015

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 8.02.34 PMIt seems like a lifetime ago that a 16-year-old Amity student from Woodbridge contacted me at the Amity Observer regarding a story idea.

That e-mail led to a collaboration on a story about the food service program at Amity High School.

Scott Feinberg was so thorough and intense, and his hard work led to an award nomination in the New England Press Association competition that year.

While we were gathering our information for the story, Scott shared his love for the movies and I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge he had about movies of all genres and his passion for the Academy Awards.

Scott had a list of Oscar Predictions for that year (whatever year it was) and without his knowledge, I contacted WTNH and suggested they interview him. He was a guest commentator for a couple of years — sometimes dead on accurate, sometimes a little off. (I finally told Scott that I did it just last year).

He went on to college and moved to California where he worked as a film critic for the LA Times, and quickly became a favorite among the stars.

In his dream career, Scott has rubbed elbows with George Clooney, Neil Patrick Harris, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, and so on…

Scott now works as the lead awards analyst for the Hollywood Reporter and is live Tweeting from the Academy Awards right now.

So, what am I saying? … That I’m responsible for Scott’s success? NOOOOO, he did all of this on his own and he deserves it. I’m just happy that I had a little role in his life in the early stages.

Congratulations, Scott! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.


Feb 212015

Screen-shot-2013-11-15-at-10.43.43-PMAfter losing his father today, First Selectman Jim Zeoli offered this message to friends and residents via Facebook.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I can’t thank you all enough. I am truly blessed to have good friends.

Dad had lived a good life with many up’s and down’s.

The time came on Tuesday when he was having trouble breathing and emergency services were needed. Orange Police Officers Kline and Brown arrived and took over and AMR had two paramedics there in a blink. They assessed and to the St Raphael’s he went.

I can’t say enough good things about the Doctors and Nurses there and all they did to try to help him, it was just not to be this time.

He went peacefully in his sleep and for that we are thankful……God Bless.

Feb 212015

OrangeCTHPIt is with heartfelt sympathy that I inform you that Frank Zeoli, husband of Pat Zeoli, and father of our First Selectman Jim, his sister Melissa and brother Micheal Zeoli passed today.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

Further information concerning arrangements will be forth coming.