Abandoned By Family, Cat Needs Forever Home

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Aug 272015

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.13.51 PMThis is a 5-7 year old cat located in Orange. Her owners moved away without her, abandoned her and left her alone. She sat very hungry and without shelter and they never returned.

A sweet woman took her to the vet. She was only 3 pounds and declawed. Since then she is still outside and in need of an immediate home. She is living under a neighbors deck.

She is spayed. The neighbor had her combo tested, fully vaccinated, full physical were all done, and she is perfectly healthy.

She would do best in a home without other animals and no small children. Please share this everywhere so that she can find a great house and home to live and I don’t have to try to survive the winter (difficult being an outdoor cat when you’re declawed, but also this winter is supposed to be very bad just like last winter).

She is very friendly and loves to talk and nuzzle your head with her head. Please adopt me. You will fall in love with her.

Contact 203-231-8109 or email [email protected]

UNH, Milford Hospital Partnership Creates Laboratory for Student Learning

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Aug 272015

milf hospThe University of New Haven and Milford Hospital announced a partnership to provide real-life learning opportunities for UNH graduate students.

The partnership will further UNH’s long tradition of providing real world opportunities for students, said  Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. ’85 EMBA of Milford, a long-time UNH benefactor and former chair of its Board of Governors and the chair of the Milford Hospital Board of Directors.

“I am very excited about this partnership,” Bergami said. “It’s just what the university should be doing for students in terms of providing them with real experiences while at the same time engaging corporate/community partners and successful alumni in meaningful ways.”

The program will involve 15 M.S. in Healthcare Administration (MSHA) graduate students this fall. They will be guided not only by faculty and hospital officials but also by UNH alumnus, Dave Fusco, executive in residence for the MSHA program and former CEO of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut.

“UNH has always valued the importance of real-life learning through direct experience in the work place,” said Thad Henry, special executive assistant to UNH President Steven H. Kaplan. “Strategic partnerships like the one with Milford Hospital help students find increased value in their education. They gain valuable experience while working with professionals in their field of study and gain tremendously from faculty-guided research coupled with advice from alumni and industry expertise.”

The program will benefit the hospital by providing a fresh perspective to address real business challenges. The program will also benefit students by giving them unprecedented access to top healthcare executives in the state.

“Milford Hospital is pleased to partner with UNH to provide an exceptional learning environment for the MSHA students” said Joseph Pelaccia, Milford Hospital president and CEO.   “The field of healthcare management offers future executives unique challenges and rewards.”

Pelaccia said healthcare leaders face challenges from pay reform to patient satisfaction that continue to reshape the industry.  “Healthcare executives are not only concerned about the business and financial side of our industry, but also in providing accessible safe and compassionate care for people in the communities we serve,” he said.  “Through this collaboration, future healthcare leaders will gain exposure to the complex operations of a healthcare provider and become engaged in a variety of observational experiences.”

Students in the program will work with the Milford Hospital CEO and COO on this project in the context of a course, the Healthcare Administration Capstone, which is directed by Summer McGee, associate professor and director of the MSHA program

UNH’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration trains more than 100 students a year and has an excellent record of job placement among its current students and graduates.

“Even entry level jobs in healthcare administration require a basic level of experience in healthcare,” said McGee. “Students who have volunteer experience, an internship and/or a real-world capstone experience like this one can more easily find permanent positions in the field. So this program is a real opportunity for students to add to their resume and make professional connections that may lead to that first job.”

The Literacy Center Offers English Language Tutor Training to Help Local Adults

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Aug 272015

1513697_10152052024779092_1858236858_nA wonderful opportunity for you can make a difference in someone else’s life!  Did you know there are more than 25,000 people in Milford, Stratford and West Haven without a high school diploma?  Did you know there are more than 3,400 adults who are not fluent in English and there are 57 non-English languages spoken in these cities?   (Data taken from the Milford, Stratford and West Haven School District Strategic School Profile, 2012-2013)

The Literacy Center of Milford is offering a five-week volunteer TUTOR TRAINING class in ESL (English as a Second Language).  

TUTOR TRAINING classes in Milford will be held at the Literacy Center, 16 Dixon Street, Milford from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16, 12, 30, October 7 and 14.  Please call 203-878-4800 to schedule your orientation meeting.

There is a $20 fee for course materials.  Knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary.  All prospective volunteer tutors will be interviewed in advance.  For further information, call The Literacy Center office between the hours of 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at 203-878-4800.

Additionally, if you are interested in working with students preparing for their GED (General Equivalency Diploma) examination, or prefer to help adult students with basic literacy skills, call the Center’s office for an interview.

“The Literacy Center of Milford is part of the ProLiteracy network of adult basic education and literacy programs. ProLiteracy is working with its member programs to raise awareness of available ESL services,” said Tami Jackson Executive Director of the Literacy Center of Milford.

Amity High School Bus Routes (Orange)

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Aug 272015

flickr-school-busThe first day of school is Aug. 31. Here are the Amity High School Bus Routes (town of Orange area) Courtesy of Winkle Bus Co.  203-795-3112

Route 151- Driver: Winkle Bus Co.  203-795-3112

First stop: 6:45 a.m.

1. Turkey Hill & Deer Run- AM Only

2. Grassy Hill & Cranberry

3. Grassy Hill & Robert Treat Dr

4. Grassy Hill & Long Meadow

5. Bayberry & Holly Hock

6. Holly Hock & Long Meadow

7. Long Meadow and Cedarwood

8. 830 Grassy Hill

(where’s 9.?)

10. Charles & Robert Treat Ext

11. Robert Treat & Southland

12. Robert Treat & Hemlock Hill

13. Hemlock Hill & Sylvan Valley

14. Grassy Hill & Laurelwood

15. Wildwood & Wildwood

16. Wildwood & Ox Yoke

17. Hilltop & Acorn (West)

18. Grassy Hill & Hilltop

19. Grassy Hill & Haystack

20. Grassy Hill & Old Silo

21. Grassy Hill & Hyland

22. Grassy Hill & Skyview

23. 1014 Grassy Hill

24. Baldwin & Old Farm

25. Baldwin & Greenway


Route 152 – Driver: Roy Cuzzocreo 203-795-1321

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Buttonball and Old Hickory

2. Buttonball and Lambert

3. 664 Lambert

4. Lambert and Tyler City

5. Orange Center and Tyler City

6. Tyler City and Schoolhouse

7. Lambert and Hall

8. Hall and Chippendale

9. Hall and Bishop

10. Locust and Highmeadow

11. Racebrook and Andrew

12. Racebrook and Hampton Close

13. 642 Racebrook

14. Pryde and Racebrook

15. St. John and Shepherd

16. Shepherd and Royal

17. Shepard and Estelle

18. Shepard and Rogers

19. Lambert and Orange Center

20. Orange Center and Estate Acres

21. 952 Orange Center

22. Orange Center and Green Hill

23. Orange Center and Pinecrest

24. Orange Center and Center Road Circle

25. Orange Center and Racebrook

26. Racebrook and Williamsburg

27. Racebrook and Wedgewood

28. 974 Racebrook

29. 990 Racebrook, Woodbridge (a.m. only)


Route 153 – Driver: Joe Moncheski 203-627-1492

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Willard and Beechlawn

2. Willard and Patricia

3. Willard and Old Coach

4. Rainbow and Willard

5. Rainbow and Red Fox

6. Red Fox and Rail Fence

7. Derby Milford and Rail Fence

8. Derby Milford and High Ridge

9. Derby Milford and Glenbrook

10. Glenbrook and Garden

11. Glenbrook and Donna

12. Garden and Cold Spring

13. Garden and Haystack

14. Garden/Old Silo/Northwood

15. 1017 Garden

16. 900 Racebrook

17. 916 Racebrook

18. 928 Racebrook


Route 154 – Driver:Winkle Bus Co. 203-795-3112

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. 899 Derby-Milford

2. Derby-Milford and East Slope

3. Turkey Hill and Deer Run

4. 671 Derby-Milford

5. Derby-Milford and Hedgefield

6. Derby-Milford and Fawn

7. Derby-Milford and Prudden

8. Derby-Milford and Cranberry

9. Derby-Milford and North Greebrier

10. Greenbrier/Prudden/Arrowhead

11. North Greenbrier and Burning Tree

12. South Greenbrier and Brentwood

13. South Greenbrier and Derby-Milford

14. West River and Derby-Milford

15. West River and Country Lane

16. West River and Flax Mill

17. 314 Grassy Hill

18. Grassy Hill and Treat

19. Grassy Hill and Wingfoot


Route 155 – Driver: Loomis Bus  203-671-9319

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Boston Post and Smith Farm

2. Boston Post and Lindy

3. Dogburn and Boston Post

4. Dogburn and Spring

5. Dogwood and Sheldon

6. Howellton and Grace

7. Grace and Sheldon

8. Alling Farm and Summit

9. Summit and Harrison

10. Summit and Crestwood

11. Kanuga and Summit

12. Dogwood and Riggs

13. Dogwood and Chestnut Ridge

14. Chestnut and Bittersweet

15. Bittersweet and Harborview

16. South Indian and Juniper

17. 656 South Indian Hill

18. Johnson and Field

19. Johnson and Clearview


Route 156 – Driver:  Winkle Bus  203-795-3112

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Ridge and Hazelnut

2. Ridge and Clark

3. Ridge and Hitching Post

4. Treat and Ridge

5. Treat and Michael

6. Treat and Ann Rose

7. Narrow and Miles

8. Miles and Knight

9. Miles and Hotchkiss

10. Miles and Old Tavern

11. Old Tavern and Peck

12. Peck and Arnold

13. Peck and Hotchkiss

14. Peck and Drummond

15. Fairlea and Wilson

16. Fairlea and Drummond

17. Fairlea and Lincoln

18. Lincoln and Wilson

19. Orange Center and Merry

20. Orange Center and Demarest

21. Orange Center and Hitchcock

22. Orange Center and Martin


Route 157 – Driver:  Winkle Bus 203-795-3112

First stop: 6:50 a.m.

1. Meetinghouse and Heritage Hill

2. Meetinghouse and Lamplight

3. Meetinghouse and Ridge (south)

4. Ridge and Rosebud

5. Oak View and Spruce

6. Pine Tree and Pine Tree

7. Pine Tree and Timberlane

8. Pine Tree and Hawthorne (east)

9. Orange Center and High Plains

10.Orange Center and Nan

11. Orange Center and Porter

12. 589 Orange Center

13. Orange Center and School House

14. Orange Shopping Center

15. Orange Center and Englewood

16. Orange Center and Orchard


Route 158 – Driver:Winkle Bus  203-795-3112

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Racebrook and Indian River

2. Prindle Hill @ Avalon Apartments

3. Indian River and Old Lambert

4. Indian River and Heron

5. Peck and Mallard

6. Boston Post and Silverbrook

7. Lambert and Silver Manor

8. Lambert and Old Tavern

9. Lambert and Bear Den

10.Wellington and Woodland

11. Wellington and Manley Heights (east)

12. Lambert and Putting Green

13. Lambert and Rolling Ridge

14. Lambert and Sunset

15. Lambert and Porter


Route 159 – Driver:Winkle Bus Co. 203-795-3112

First stop – 6:20 a.m.

1. 786 Derby-Milford

2. 772 Derby-Milford

3. Herbert and Wheelers Farm

4. Herbert and Wolcott

5. Windy Hill and Wagon

6. Wagon and Fairway

7. Wagon and Broadview

8. Broadview and Aspen

9. Aspen and Cedar Grove

10.Aspen and Wagon

11.Aspen and Fairway

12. Golf and Scenic

13. Skyline and Scenic

14. Cart and Coram

15. Coram and Herbert

16. Yellowbrick and Beverly

17. Wheelers Farm and Hawkins

18. Wheelers Farm and Stonehill

19. Wheelers Farm and Glenwood

20. Wheelers Farm and Cobblestone

21. Wheelers Farm and Hundred Acres

22. Old Grassy Hill and Riverside


Route 160 – Driver:  Tirollo Bus  203-799-7745

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Racebrook and Hall

2. Racebrook and Crofut

3. 535 Racebrook

4. Russell and Ferry

5. Russell and Halliwell

6. Russell and New England

7. Russell and Alpom

8. Russell and Dogwood

9. Dogwood and Kennedy

10. Dogwood and Dogwood

11. Dogburn and Cricket

12. New Haven and Dogburn

13. New Haven and Spring

14. New Haven and Halliwell

15. New Haven and Ferry

16. New Haven and Marble

17. Racebrook and New Haven

18. Grannis and Racebrook

19. Grannis and Andrew

20. Grannis and Chelsea

21. Cummings and Avon (west)

22. Cummings and Dogwood

23. Dogburn and Glen


Route 161 – Driver:Tirollo Bus 203-795-4795

First stop – 6:45 a.m.

1. Racebrook and Rolling Ridge

2. Racebrook and Wellington

3. Racebrook and Diana

4. Racebrook and Whitewood

5. Racebrook and Norman

6. Racebrook and Neenan

7. Old Tavern and Saybrook

8. Old Tavern and Taulman

9. Old Tavern and Lambert

10.Old Tavern and Valley Brook

11. Old Tavern and Demarest

12. 172 Old Tavern Rd

13. 192 Old Tavern Rd

14. 215 Old Tavern Rd

15. Old Tavern and Arnold

16. Peck and Karen

17. Karen and David

18. David and Argyle

19. David and Currier

20. Currier and Rustic

21. 712 Racebrook

22. Racebrook and Muirfield

23. Racebrook and Woodside


Route 162 – Driver:Nadine Gilbert  203-298-4868

First stop: 6:45 a.m.

1. Grassy Hill and Prudden

2. 546 Grassy Hill

3. Grassy Hill and Butternut

4. 511 Grassy Hill

5. Grassy Hill and Sportsman

6. 456 Grassy Hill

7. 375 Grassy Hill

8. Grassy Hill and Clark

9. Augusta and Clark

10.Clark and Janet

11. Ridgeview and Clark

12. Ridgeview and Sycamore

13. Ridgeview and Hazelnut

14. Ridgeview and Ridge

15. Ridge and Hemlock

16. Ridge and Meetinghouse (north)

17. Ridge and Farm Hill

18. Ridge and Old Grassy Hill

19. Ridge and Riverdale

20. Ridge and Mulberry

21. Orange Center and Oak Tree

22. Orange Center and Pardee Manor

23. Pardee Manor and Mapledale

24. Mapledale and Cherry Hill

25. Mapledale and Peach Tree


Route 163 – Driver:Walt Hine 203-795-0571

First stop 6:45 a.m.

1. Derby and Opekun

2. Derby and Garden

3. Derby and Fernbrook

4. 750 Derby

5. Derby and Pleasant Hill

6. Derby and Abbey

7. Green Circle and Trillium

8. Derby and Mapledale

9. 244 Derby

10.Derby and Ironwood

11. Derby and Mapleview

12. Derby and Dogwood

13. Derby and Chestnut Hill

14. Derby and Lakeview

15. Derby and North Lakeview

16. Indian Hill and Tall Timber

17. Indian Hill and Hillcrest

18. Hillcrest and Beechwood

19. Hillcrest and Derby

20. Derby and Alling

21. Derby and Sheffield

22. Derby and College

23. Derby and Oakwood

24. Derby and Dentree

25. 319 Derby

26. Derby and Birchwood

27. Derby and Ogg Meadow

28. 854 Greenway

29. 929 Greenway

30. Greenway and Baldwin

31. 927 Baldwin

32. Baldwin and Laurel



Amity Grad, 19, Reportedly in Medically Induced Coma Following Fiery Car Crash

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Aug 262015

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.39.33 PMAn Orange teen is lucky to be alive after a concerned resident pulled him from a car fire early Saturday morning, according to Woodbridge Fire Chief Sean Rowland

According to the report, Justin Proto, 19, of Orange was seriously injured when the car he was driving hit a tree and burst into flames in Woodbridge, less than a mile from his home, at 3:56 a.m. on Aug. 22

Proto was driving a friend’s 2014 Nissan Altima southbound on Baldwin Road when he crashed into a tree at the intersection of Greenway Road and it caught fire. A neighbor, who was awakened by the sound of the impact, rushed to the scene where he and officers pulled the unresponsive teen from the car and carried him to a nearby field.

Emergency responders tended to Proto at the scene. An AMR Ambulance transported him to Yale-New Haven Hospital for treatment of serious injuries, where he is in critical condition. A friend said he is now in a medically induced coma.

Proto was the sole occupant in the vehicle, which was fully involved when the Woodbridge Fire Department arrived. Flames licked the leaves in branches about 20-feet off the ground.

“He’s lucky that people pulled him out, or he wouldn’t have made it,” Chief Rowland said.

Woodbridge police are investigating the accident.

The man who helped Proto reportedly said he saw someone drive down the street after the crash, yield at the stop sign and continue driving without attempting to help.

The car’s owner said there is nothing left to the car as it burned from bumper to bumper. He regularly visits his friend in the hospital.

Orange Teacher Honored For 50 Years of Dedicated Service

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Aug 262015

Jim Zeoli presents Anne Fleming with a proclamation.

Jim Zeoli presents Anne Fleming with a proclamation.

This morning, Wednesday, Aug. 26, was a very special day for teachers in the town of Orange.

All the educators gathered at Peck Place School for the 2015 Invocation — the official welcome back to school assembly for teachers.

Board of Education Chairman Bill Kraut addressed the crowd, then introduced new Orange School Superintendent Vince Scarpetti, who called First Selectman Jim Zeoli up to the podium.

Zeoli spoke briefly about the dedication of Orange’s teachers and why the town has one of the most desirable school systems around.

He went on to say that many teachers devote most of their time to their students and the education system.

Then Zeoli did something he almost never does, he took out a document and began to read — He is known for making speeches off the cuff.

Here is what he read, (without the Official “Whereas’s” that you find in a proclamation) as the surprised crowd quickly began to realize what was happening.

Anne Fleming has been an integral part of the Orange Elementary School System since 1966; and Her career has spanned 50 years as Reading Consultant at both Mary L. Tracy School and Peck Place School.

Anne’s school responsibilities were numerous and included serving on the BOW and ACES Language Arts Council, the Curriculum Council, the CT Reading Association Faculty Council, Establishment of the Kindergarten Reading Program, Staff Development Committee, and Language Arts Committee among others.

She co-authored Writing Curriculum for grades K-6 as well as Innovative Grants for Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 at Peck Place, author, creator and presenter of Core Curriculum in Language Arts, and author of Peck’s “Reading Corner” newsletter.

Anne’s passion of travel has taken her to Italy, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Venice, Rome, Austria and Hungary.

Anne has always executed her responsibilities with  integrity, worthiness of purpose, and proof of her dedication to Orange education goes unrivaled.

Now therefore, I, James M. Zeoli, First Selectman of the Town of Orange, convey to Anne Fleming the heartfelt gratitude of the residents of the Town of Orange for her commitment to our children for the past 50 years and further proclaim Wednesday, August 26, 2015 as ANNE FLEMING DAY IN ORANGE.

Fleming received a standing ovation from her peers as she walked to the front to accept her proclamation.

Hers, by far, was the shortest address of the day. She said she wished she had a scrapbook documenting her career. “I have hundreds of stories,” she said.

Fire Marshal Tim Smith said he remembers looking up to her when he was in first grade, “… and now a few years later, here we are.”

He said that the teachers can call upon his office at any time for a fire safety visit and that perhaps this year, everyone can try using a different route for fire drills instead of the same old ones, “because you never know.”

Stop By High Plains Wednesday Morning For A Good Belly Laugh

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Aug 252015

The Laughter Yoga Club demonstrate their moves at a senior health fair.

The Laughter Yoga Club demonstrate their moves at a senior health fair.

You like to have a good laugh don’t you? It just feels good to let loose and let all your cares go.

Several years ago when I was with another news organization, I covered the Orange Laugh Club under the pavilion.

I admit the group looked ridiculous, pretending to catch imaginary butterflies or whatever and letting out a hearty guffaw, giggling, chuckling, shrieking, dancing without a care as they got strange looks from curious passersby on the walking track at High Plains.

If you want to give yourself a boost in the morning and are willing to look silly, and forget about your inhibitions, then you should give laughter yoga at the Orange Senior Center a try.

Connie Pino leads the group every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.
If you’ve never done it before you will feel a little self conscious and maybe even “stupid” but don’t worry about it. Once you forget about how you may look and remember that you’re surrounded by a group of uninhibited new friends who once felt the same way you do, you will feel your stress melting away and you will feel better for the rest of the day.
Classes last between 20-30 minutes. Give it a try and you’ll look forward to coming back the following week and beyond.


Originally Published on: Jul 21, 2015 @ 21:57

Second Publishing on: Aug 19, 2015 @ 00:57

Property Transfers: Here’s What Sold In Orange Aug. 7-24

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Aug 252015

-home-for-sale-sold-sign.167190117_stdTown Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan released this list of property transfers filed with his office between Aug. 7 and Aug 24.

• 951 Garden Road, $336,000, Barbara Mott to Michelle Shoop, filed on Aug. 7.

• 421 Windy Hill Road, $447,000, Michael Hotchkiss to Sarah Tullo, filed on Aug. 10.

• 51 Sunset Drive, $320,000, William Ho to Gillian Hepburn, filed on Aug. 10.

• 445 Old Cellar Road, $315,000, Irene Cosgrove to Kenneth Dempsey, filed on Aug. 10.

• 606 Grassy Hill Road, $507,000, Solly Melameth to Thomas Toohey, filed on Aug. 12.

• 285 Hawthorne Lane, $355,000, Ethel Oppenheimer Exix to Craig Kasper, filed on Aug. 13.

• 343 Demarest Drive, $285, Samuel Seeley to Mitchell Slater, filed on Aug. 14.

• 433 Prudden Lane, $490,000, Edmund Tucker to Shawn Liu, filed on Aug. 18.

• 80 Wellington Drive, $350,000, Patricia Walsh to Rebecca Viney, filed on Aug. 21.

• 991 Garden Road, $449,900, Robert Cadoret to Brian Shoop, filed on Aug. 21.

• 340 Smith Farm Road, $304,000, Stephanie Deepali Fernandes to Stephen Thompson, filed on Aug. 21.

• 468 Fairway Road, $420,000, Laura Fantarella to Natalia Armel, filed on Aug. 24.


Klarides, Woodbridge Officials Kick Off “Heat Kills” Campaign

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Aug 252015

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.33.33 PMHouse Republican Leader Themis Klarides on Monday joined officials from this community and others to kick off an awareness and response campaign that will have business owners help remind people about the dangers of leaving children and pets unattended inside their vehicles when it’s warm outside.

The “Heat Kills” campaign, unveiled at a Town Hall news conference, will see business owners put stickers in their shop windows that remind customers: “if you love’em, don’t leave’em.” The stickers direct residents to contact Woodbridge Animal Control if they see a child or pet unattended in a vehicle.

“We’re here in a unified fight for the defenseless—it takes just a few minutes for the temperature inside a vehicle to skyrocket, sometimes causing tragedies that are entirely preventable,” said Klarides, who serves the 114th House District covering Woodbridge, Derby and a section of Orange. “By partnering with businesses, places where we all go day in and day out, we’ll be able to get this important message to so many more people.”

Ellen Scalettar, first selectman in Woodbridge, hailed the partnership between several communities

“Woodbridge is happy to participate in the ‘Heat Kills’ campaign,” she said. “So many groups—Woodbridge District Animal Control, the  Woodbridge Police Department, the Woodbridge business community and our partners in Bethany and Derby—are working together to spread this message to help keep children and animals safe.”

The program launched in Woodbridge is modeled after one started earlier this year in Fairfield by state Rep. Brenda Kupchick and supported by that community’s police department.

“I’m thrilled to see another town pick this up and, really, the goal would be to see every town pick this up,” said Kupchick, whose effort in Fairfield was inspired by the heat-related death of a baby in Ridgefield last year.

Beth Heller, deputy first selectman in Woodbridge, was at the news conference and recounted the case of a dog two years ago that died after being left in a car here for two hours. 

Also looking to prevent that type of tragedy is Seymour, which is considering launching a program and was represented Monday by Deputy First Selectman Nicole Klarides-Ditria. Derby’s Chief of Police, Gerald Narowski, was at the “Heat Kills” kick-off as well as Woodbridge police officer Joseph Kubik. Bethany’s State Representative, Lezlye Zupkus, was at the event too.

“The only way we make this better is by doing it together,” Rep. Themis Klarides said.

Any business owner who wants a sticker should call Woodbridge Animal Control at 203-389-5991.

NOTE: This program is important and should extend to all communities including Orange, Milford and beyond. 

Town Workers Almost Done With Paving Projects

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Aug 252015

High Plains project

High Plains project

Three town improvement projects around town are almost completed and oh, what a difference they make.

As recently as this week, town employees have been paving the parking lots at Peck Place School, Fire Station 1 (next to Town Hall) and High Plains Community Center, including creating a new overflow parking area on the grass island along Orange Center Road.

By the time school begins and the Orange Country Fair arrives, the parking lines and directional arrows will be painted and everyone can begin to enjoy the results of the hard work these dedicated highway department workers put in this summer.