Orange Among The 12 Small Towns To Receive STEAP Grants Today

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Oct 062015


Fred Wolfe Park was booming on Tuesday night.

Dannel P. Malloy today announced that, in the third installment of several rounds of grants this year, twelve towns throughout Connecticut have been approved to receive funding under the state’s Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), which assists with infrastructure improvement projects.

“By partnering with our smaller communities, our state can assist towns with infrastructure projects that will help them grow, remain competitive, attract businesses, and bring added value to residents for years to come,” Governor Malloy said.  “These STEAP grants allow us to get funding directly to municipalities to complete projects that make Connecticut a better place to work and live.”

So far this year, Governor Malloy announced two rounds of STEAP grants – the first in March and the second in April.  Over the course of the administration, Governor Malloy has allocated $80 million in STEAP funding for towns across the state.

The grants announced today are:

Orange – $300,000 to reconstruct the main point of access to Fred Wolfe Park. The Park serves as a central public location for various sporting events and already houses several lacrosse and soccer fields. Improvements to the new entrance are a part of a larger, comprehensive revitalization plan for the 67-acre park. By investing in new roadway construction and aesthetic improvements, the community can anticipate more opportunities for beneficial recreational events and community-wide engagement.

Chaplin – $200,000 to contribute to the ongoing effort to rehabilitate the Darling Pond Dam.

Clinton – $500,000 to upgrade facilities at the thirty-two year old Ethel Peters Recreation Complex.

East Lyme – $500,000 for the extension of water and sewer mains and construction of public restrooms along the pedestrian way that connects Cini and McCook Point Parks and the Hole-in-the-Wall Beach with downtown Niantic’s Main Street.

Fairfield – $500,000 for updates to the historic Burr Mansion in Fairfield Center. 

Hartland – $450,000 for the complete replacement of the Peck Orchard Road Bridge.

Monroe – $500,000 to build a headquarters for the volunteer emergency medical service of Monroe.

Montville – $475,000 for improvements to the Montville Transfer Station.

North Branford – $290,000 for the renovation of five existing tennis courts and two basketball courts at the North Branford Intermediate School and High School campus.

North Haven – $500,000 to demolish and replace the existing Vanacore Field House.

Prospect – $125,000 to repair existing sidewalks and install new sidewalks along Center Street and Columbia Avenue.

Somers – $165,000 for the repair and repaving of the Somers Police Station Parking lot located on Main Street.

Watertown – $200,000 to replace the roof and preform a door enlargement at the Watertown Volunteer Fire Department Company No. 2 facility.

Orange First Selectman Jim Zeoli said the grants were awarded for very specific aspects of different projects, statewide. In Orange, the money cannot be used for any part of Fred Wolfe Park except for the main access reconstruction.

There will be additional STEAP announcements made in the near future.

Campaign Fundraising Reception Planned For Ken Lenz

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Oct 062015

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.36.19 PMSelectman Mitch Goldblatt and his wife, Abby will host a Fundraising reception for Ken Lenz, Democratic Candidate for First Selectman, at their home on 291 Drummond Road, Orange, Sunday, Oct. 11 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Members of the Democratic Town Committee along with current and former Mayors, First Selectmen, Council Mmmbers and Democratic Leaders, including Ben Blake, Joseph Blake Paul Davis, Linda Fusco, Derry Gorski, Toni Harp, James Maroney, Gayle Slossberg, Richard Smith and James Tickey will join the Goldblatts in honoring Lenz and wishing him the best in the upcoming election.

Special guest is Former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.

Suggested contributions are $50-$100-$250. Contributions up to $1,000 will be accepted.

RSVP to Mitch Goldblatt at [email protected] or Susan Bysiewicz at [email protected].

Girls Volleyball: Amity VS North Haven in Woodbridge – Did The Spartans Pull It Off?

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Oct 062015

IMG_8791The Lady Spartans Volleyball team hosted the North Haven Indians on Monday, Oct. 6.

North Haven won the first match 25-22, followed by three consecutive wins by the Lady Spartans – 25-9, 25-13 and 25-23.



North Haven:
Marissa Mocarski:  9 kills 2 blocks
Tone Barbiero: 8 assists 3 aces

Micaela Cardozo:  11 kills 1 ace
Katie Helfenbein:  8 kills 1 block
Jaiden Williams: 25 assists 1 dig 1 ace

Records: Amity 8-1, North Haven 3-8

Girls Swimming: Amity And Sacred Heart Each Win Six Events – So, Who Won The Meet

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Oct 062015

IMG_7955The Amity Girls Swimming and Diving Team was on the road in New Haven on Monday, Oct. 5 for a meet against Sacred Heart at Wilbur Cross High School.
The Lady Spartans and the Pacers won 6 events each, but in the end Amity (5-1) was victorious 96-76.
Amity’s Winning Events
200 yard Medley Relay: A- 2:00.37 Maggie Lasto, Megan Lasto, Kate Alvarado, Kalynna Hauser
200 Ind. Medley: A-2:18.49 Megan Lasto
50 yard Freestyle: A- 27.38 Maggie Lasto
Diving: A- 177.10 Juliet Melotto
100 yard Butterfly: A-1:02.00 Kate Alvarado
200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:52.02  Kalynna Hauser, Elise Grabowski, Katie Jensen, Jenna Lu
Sacred Heart’s Winning Events  
200 yard Freestyle: SH- 2:08.88 Megan Duffy
100 yard Freestyle: SH- 59.27 Nikki Robinson
500 yard Freestyle: SH- 5:31.22 Megan Duffy
100 yard Backstroke: SH- 1:19.07 Jamie Robinson
100 yard Breaststroke: SH – 1:17.59 Nikki Robinson
400 yard Freestyle Relay: SH- 4:08.98 Jenna Tubby, Georgia Rosetti, Katie Gray, Madelie LaGarde

Resident Spots Pack Of Coyote On Porter Lane

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Oct 052015

photo from naturalunseenhazards.wordpress.com

photo from naturalunseenhazards.wordpress.com

A resident sent Orange Live this message today:

We had 3 huge Coyotes running back and forth in our backyard at 6:45 a.m.

We live on Porter Lane behind Maple View Farm and Town Library.

Everyone with pets please be cautious and carry an air horn every time you walk!

Historical Society Plans Last Tag Sale of 2015

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Oct 052015

The AcademyThe Orange Historical Society will host the last tag sale of the season at the Academy Museum, 605 Orange Center Road, Orange, Saturday, Oct. 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The antique shop is open as well with antiques and collectables for all occasions.  Just think about all of the holiday events that we attend and a hostess gift is just the right thing to do and if it’s unique, even better.

The shop  has a variety of items, glassware, silver, china, toys, dolls, small furniture, vintage jewelry, art and much more so come shop the tag sale and take a tour of the 1878 Academy building.

For information call 203-795-3106.

Orange Recycling Committee Hosts FREE Shredding Day

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Oct 052015

Screen-shot-2013-11-10-at-9.53.08-PMThe Orange Recycling Committee, through the generous funding of the Orange Rotary Club, once again offers its FREE Shredding Day for Orange residents.

The event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 17, from 9 a.m. to noon, in the driveway in front of the High Plains Community Center.

Bring all of your important documents and papers that you would like to be shredded and watch them as they are destroyed.

The paper is shredded on-site and then delivered to a local recycling facility.

Last Year hundreds of residents took advantage of this opportunity to dispose of personal paperwork that could make them vulnerable to identity theft.

The process is secure, no one is allowed to touch your paperwork or examine the contents of your boxes or bags. The papers are dumped into recycling bins, which are emptied into a truck via mechanical equipment and then shredded inside the enclosed truck.

Here is a VIDEO from the 2013 event.

Originally Published on: Jul 21, 2015 @ 14:55

Second Publishing on: Sep 21, 2015 @ 00:05

Third Publishing on: Sep 30, 2015 @ 09:45

Couple Falls In Love At Raymour & Flanigan

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Oct 052015

IMG_6312An Orange couple who’ve been married for more than 25 years and raised two children in town, fell in love again at Raymour & Flanigan on Saturday, Oct. 3.

Raymond and Beverly Hurteau weren’t there looking for a new love seat or comfy chair, rather, they were there to meet a “little man” with whom they could snuggle on their current living room set.

On hand for the meeting were members of the Emergency Animal Response Service (EARS), Employees of Pet Supplies Plus and volunteers from the New Haven Animal Shelter. The occasion was a pet adoption event that took place both inside and outside the furniture store.

Prior to the event, Beverly had found a little white dog on petfinders, and shared the photo with her husband in a text.

Ray was sitting at home with his daughter’s puppy, Bentley on his lap when the text came through. He liked what he saw and agreed to go meet him.

The family, including Bentley arrived at the adoption event and quickly sought out Tucker. It was love at first sight. He snuggled comfortably in the arms of each family member and happily played with Bentley.

IMG_6306The happily ever after hasn’t quite happened yet though. Every animal that is adopted out of the New Haven Shelter must first be spayed or neutered and prospective parents must submit adoption paperwork. From these applications Tucker’s forever home will be chosen.

As Beverly filled out the application, other people were stopping by and taking a look at Tucker. The pressure was on, but she kept a positive attitude. “If it’s meant to be, then we’ll get him,” she said as she completed the second page.

Orange Live will keep you posted on the outcome of this “love story.”



LETTER: Time Is Running Out To Help Adoptees Achieve Equal Rights

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Oct 042015

adoptionTo The Editor:

This is an issue affecting residents of Orange, as well as across the state of Connecticut.

Time is running out not only for adult adoptees who were adopted in Connecticut before 1983 but for those who love them.

Some of them are literally dying because they do not have access to medical care which if they were allowed to have their information of origin, their cultural, racial, ethnicity, and genetic identity, they would be able to receive. Because they don’t know their biological family’s medical history, they can’t receive comprehensive physical or mental health assessments.

They may be referred for medical tests but they will not be able to pay for them. As a result they may have to choose between feeding their family or addressing any medical issues which have arisen.

This is the story for all adult adoptees across the nation. Ask yourself do you know anyone who has been adopted? Can you make a difference today in the name of someone who has been adopted?

When an individual is adopted, their legal rights to their information is ended. Their original birth certificate is sealed, not to be given to them. Many adoptive parents never knew this information. If I had, I would not have adopted my children. My love for them took away their legal rights. I learned this when we went to Vital Statistics and saw their amended birth certificate for the first time.

It stated my wife and I gave birth to our adopted children. My children are biracial and we are not. I never knew by our providing them with a permanent home, because none of their biological relatives were willing to come forward to provide for them, this would mean they would lose their right to know who they are.

This is bad enough. We did not know this meant they would lose their biological information regarding their health. This should have been explained to us. We would have pursued another legal option for them.

This is happening across the country. We are raising funds so we can go back to the legislature and get them their legal rights. They deserve the same legal rights as non adoptees.

Access Connecticut is a grass roots organization. Everyone involved with this group is a volunteer. As a result we are not a tax deductible organization. Many of us are employed full time in other jobs. 100% of the money raised will go to educating, advocating, and legislating for the legal rights of adult adoptees.

Last year we were able to gain the rights of adoptees adopted on and after 10/1/1983. Now we are asking the public to join us in ensuring all adoptees in Connecticut have the same legal rights as nonadoptees.

The campaign will be ending this Wednesday. We are not looking for big donation. If you have a dollar or two and you feel moved to help adult adoptees we ask you to consider helping. We need to tip the amount already pledged because if not there will be no money towards our effort. The organization will not receive one penny. Help Adoptees Achieve Equal Rights

Help Adoptees Achieve Equal Rights
Visit: www.startsomegood.com/adopteerights to donate.

Advocate for a law that restores the right of ALL Connecticut adoptees to get their true, original birth certificate.

Thank-you so much!
Help Adoptees Achieve Equal Rights Help Adoptees Achieve Equal Rights

Brian Donahue, Middletown, CT