Update: What’s Being Done To Get Peck Place School Ready?

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Aug 262014

IMG_7128On Aug. 25, I shared an inside view of Peck Place School from a tour I took the previous Tuesday. 

At that time, some teachers were unloading boxes, setting up bulletin boards and getting comfortable in their classrooms, anxious to start the new school year with their students. 

The one thing that was missing was the custom cabinetry … and it is still missing. 

This morning, Supt. Lynn McMullin said the cabinets had been loaded onto trucks and left the suppliers’ — they were expected to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 27).

According to McMullin, the installers made a promise to work the entire weekend, including Sunday in order to get the job done (or as close to finished as possible).

Will Peck Place School have a prefect opening or an “okay” opening on Sept. 2?

Perfect: If the cabinets are completely installed and teachers can get all of their books and supplies put away.

Okay: Classrooms will have boxes on the floor and teachers will retrieve whatever they need from them during the first couple of days of school. 

If the cabinets are not done before school open, the workers will come in after school. The School of the 21st Century will go on normally, and the decision to have the cabinet installers begin work at 3:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. will be made next week. If the noise disrupts the School of the 21st Century, then workers will begin at 6 p.m. after the students have gone home. 

In the event that more time is needed, students at Peck Place School may be put on the half day schedule on Thursday and Friday, so that when they return to school on Monday, Sept.8 they will find the “perfect” school.

The condenser installation and roof trim work will be completed by the weekend. 

“Everything else is done except the cabinets,” McMullin said.

The parent’s open house also may be delayed since Principal Eric Carbone and the BOE want them to get their first look at a “perfect” school – not an incomplete school.