Aug 202012

Amity students perform a scene from Almost Maine in Scotland

The Amity students who were invited to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, are winding down their visit.

On Sunday, Director Rob Kennedy wrote, “A quiet work day here in Fringe Land. This morning we handed out more flyers on the Royal Mile. Saw a student production of a Roman Comedy and performed an 8 p.m. show for our largest and most responsive audience yet. Oh and our door on the set got jammed in the first scene. Our awesome kids just worked around it and blocked the scene on the fly!”

After, they had pizza in the company of their new friends from Alberta Canada.

“Tomorrow (Monday) we close,” Kennedy said.

Visiting parent, Russ Adair wrote on the Amity theater site, “Saw the kids perform the third time in Edinburgh tonight and they were so on. They were led by the best audience yet. Everyone was into the show from the start. Major laughs and moving moments. Even a malfunctioning door (the only real set piece) could not throw them. They all ad libbed around it. Great job!”

Aug 192012

More than a dozen Amity Creative Theater Students were invited to perform the play “Almost Maine” at the Edinberg Fringe Festival in Scotland. They held Fundraisers to help pay their way and departed on August 11 with chaperones Rob Kennedy and Julie Chevan.

Orange Live has been sharing information and photos from their trip provided by Kennedy and parent Russ Adair.

On Saturday Kennedy reported, “Another fabulous day here in Scotland. This kids got a little rest and hung around here at our accommodations at the University of Edinburgh.”

“We had our afternoon performance of ‘Almost, Maine,’ which had a very nice sized audience of 50 (the average Fringe audience is 8),” he said. ” we had a quick bite for lunch and went back to the Churchill Theater to see a company from Canada perform the Jungle Book.”

After dinner together with special guests Russ and Laura Adair the group split up to see shows.

“Tomorrow (Sunday) is show three! The 14 days are going so fast!” he said.

Here are some photos from Saturday’s activities.

Aug 182012

Amity Students in Scotland

More than a dozen students from the Amity Creative Theater (ATC) Department are in Europe where they were invited to perform the play “Almost Maine” at the Fringe Festival in Edinberg, Scotland. Director Rob Kennedy is one of their Chaperones and has been reporting back to us every day.

On Friday, Day 6, Kennedy wrote, “‘Almost Maine’ opened today and the students were excellent! Great performances both onstage and off!”

“We also toured Edinburgh Castle this morning, saw an “interesting” production of Alice in Wonderland by another AHSTF school and a few of us saw a great Canadian comedian,” he said. “Best surprise of the day was that two of our ACT parents (The Tambis’s) showed up unbeknownst to their daughter!”

The group looks forward to another full day, show two today.

Here are some of Kennedy’s photos from Day 6.


Aug 132012

Rob Kennedy and the Amity Creative Arts kids on the NBC Nightly News from London, England.

On Saturday, Aug. 11, 14 talented students from the Amity Creative Theater and two award winning chaperones, Director Rob Kennedy and Costume Designer Julie Chevan embarked on the adventure of a lifetime — A trip to Europe and the opportunity for the students to perform the play “Almost Maine” before a global audience at the Fringe Festival in Edinberg, Scotland.

They hopped on an airplane in New York, and took an overnight flight to Heathrow Airport in London, England.

The group, wearing matching blue “Almost Maine” T-Shirts immediately began sight-seeing.

Kennedy reports they went “Right onto the Tube and into London. Saw Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace. We also watched the Olympic Mens Marathon. The city is electric! Our group was interviewed by NBC Nightly News which (aired on Sunday) at 6:30 p.m.

They were sleeping at the University of Birmingham Sunday and off to Stratford upon Avon first thing in the morning, today.

Here are some of Kennedy’s photos from the trip so far.



Aug 112012

Amity Students from the Amity Theater Department left Woodbridge today for Scotland. (Photo by Ginger Ballou)

The Amity Performing Arts Kids left today for Europe where they will perform at the Fringe Festival in Scotland.

The talented students were invited to perform the play Almost Maine at the renowned festival.

For several months they held fund-raisers to accumulate enough money to pay for the cost of $1,000 each to attend and now they are on their way.

Orange Live loves the Amity Theater Department and all of these terrific kids.

Good Luck on this adventure, and I look forward to sharing all your photos and stories with Orange Live readers.


A scene from Amity’s production of Almost Maine