Jun 092014

Amity Winter SportsJust a reminder: 

For those interested in playing a fall sport at the High School in the FALL,  there will be a Fall Sports Meeting which is Mandatory for students with their parent/guardian this evening at 6:00 in the Main Gym at the High School.  

This meeting is for those currently in grade 8 through 11.

Jun 052014

f32558724c018238a74154c25e912476cf667b61Come and see the talented students at Amity High School perform in the 45th annual Pops Concert.

The theme this year is Viral Pops.

The show takes place at Amity High School in the Brady Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7.

Tickets are only $10. Click HERE to order your tickets.

May 302014

SupportAmity High School, Woodbridge Youth Services, and the Orange Drug and Alcohol Action Committee have teamed up to invite local parents who struggle with children who are, or may be involved with substance abuse to share experiences and concerns in a confidential setting.

Interested parents may join the Amity Parent Support Group which meets every other Friday morning at 9 a.m. in the Woodbridge Senior Center Lounge on the lower level at 4 Meetinghouse Lane in Woodbridge.

The next meeting will be Friday, June 6, 2014 from 9 to 10 a.m.

For more information, contact Nancy Pfund at 203-389-3429, or e-mail [email protected].

May 212014

CPR not as simple as it looks.

CPR not as simple as it looks.

On May 21 American Medical Response (AMR) provided students at Amity High School a full-day program on how to save lives through compression-only CPR.

Compression-only CPR allows bystanders to keep life-saving blood flowing through a victim’s body just by pressing on the chest in a hard, fast rhythm (100 compressions per minute).

Bystanders who provide compression-only CPR can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival.

Paramedic Mike Morganski led the assemblies throughout the day, taking about 50 students at a time into the gymnasium, where he and about 5 other emergency care professionals spend time in small groups of 10, teaching the kids the proper techniques for approaching a victim, determining if the patient is unconscious and/or not breathing.

After deciding on the victim’s need for assistance, make sure that someone is calling 911, then get down on your knees and begin doing compressions.

At 100 compressions per minute you become tired and your knees will hurt (Yes, I tried it too) but you can save a life by acting quickly.

Some of the students stood around hiding behind their friends, while others jumped right into it and began practicing. By the end of each gym class every student had participated.

The way the students acted is pretty close to the way people react in a real-life situation, sometimes people will call 911 without being asked and others may just watch.

The AMR instructors were impressed with the Amity students, especially the ones who dove in and did what they were asked. At an actual scene it’s that one person who acts that can make all the difference in someone’s life.

The event is part of AMR’s nationwide observance of National Emergency Medical Services Week with events being held in 40 states.

For more information about AMR’s World CPR Challenge, visit www.amr-westmi.com



May 172014

059edff3df05f0550091ac5157799e1f0f424096The Amity High School Theater Department will present the Annual 24 Hour Play Festival, this Saturday night, May 17 at 7 p.m.

Students will begin Friday afternoon and work until Saturday Night to create a short one act play in just 24 Hours.

The show will be held in the brand new Black Box Theater at 7 p.m.

Admission is free but students are accepting donations for their Relay for Life Teams.

Originally Published on May 9, 12:33 p.m. 

May 022014

cb10cae208eafb2dc98605d297b93500Amity Health teacher, Joy Shane organized a health and wellness fair at Amity High School this past Wednesday.

About 50 second grade students from Wexler Grant Elementary School in New Haven attended the event. 

Students taking Health and Teen Life courses at Amity organized and ran the fair, staffing a series of developmentally appropriate self-esteem, anti-bullying, confidence-building, healthy choices, and health awareness stations for the Wexler second graders.

The young students rotated through stations set up in the main gym, and ate lunch with Amity students. 

May 012014

Favim.com-26983Dancers at Amity High School will present “Amity Dares to Dance” in the John Brady Center for the Arts (auditorium) on Friday, May 2, 7-9 p.m.

The event will showcase many Amity dancers and the dances they have created for the evening.

Emcees will be Olivia Falcigno, Rishi Mutalik, and Kahari Blue.

Admission is a $5 donation to Amity Dance Programs.

It promises to be a wonderful night to celebrate the motion and movements of dancers who are passionate about their art form.

Gather up your friends and help support the arts at Amity

Apr 172014

Amity Head Football Coach Bert Mozealous and Asst Coach Kevin Mozealous were on hand for the signing along with Lyle's parents.

Amity Head Football Coach Bert Mozealous and Asst Coach Kevin Mozealous were on hand for the signing along with Lyle’s parents.

Amity Senior Lyle Luth, the son of Kendra and Adam Luth, touted as one of the best high school football kickers in the state, signed his letter of intent for the University of Rhode Island last week.

Luth will play collegiate football at URI in the fall.

Apr 112014

band campGive your child something different to do this summer. The Amity Instrumental Summer Camp 2014 Directed by Award Winning Amity Band Director Philip Dolan will teach Drums, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and More!

Camp dates run July 7 through August 1  8am – Noon.

This fun camp, for students ages 8 and up, is designed to teach students instrumental performance skills on the instrument of their choice, as well as build performance experience; build on their creative spirit and sense of accomplishment and, most of all, Have Fun!  All skill levels are welcome.

Camp Includes:  Daily group and individual classes, sheet music and instruction book, studio recording sessions, camp t-shirt, fun camp activities including movie day, pirate day and more, and a performance on stage at the end of camp!  There is a $50 sibling discount if more that one student from the same family registers for camp.

Instrument Rental-Instruments are available for rent, at an additional fee, through Bethel Music Center.  See below for rental fees.  (The renter is solely responsible for the instrument, as Amity Region 5 can assume no responsibility for rented instruments).  The rental period is 3 months, as time is needed to clean and prepare the instruments after they are used.  Contact Bethel Music Center at (800)-276-7974 or visit their website www.bmcmusicsource.com.

Rental Fees:  (3 Months)

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Drumkit:  $24.45

Alto Saxophone, Oboe:  $58.48

Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Baritone:  $77.62

For more information on the summer camp please visit www.amityband.org

Contact Philip Dolan with any questions at [email protected]

Apr 082014

Addie Robbins (Camila Rosario) - yellow shirt makes her way backstage during the intermission break.

Addie Robbins (Camila Rosario) – yellow shirt makes her way backstage during the intermission break.

If you’ve seen “In the Heights” at Amity High School, you may be interested in what happens backstage while you are getting snacks, flowers, raffle tickets or writing notes during intermission.

The cast stays busy, touching up makeup, fixing hair, changing wardrobe (In the Dressing Rooms) and just chillaxing for the 15 minute break.

Visit our Facebook Page for all of the behind the scenes photos at “In The Heights.”

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