May 242015

Amity Seniors pose for a photo before their prom.

Amity Seniors pose for a photo before their prom.

For many High School students, aside from graduation, senior prom is the most anticipated event of their final year.

Last Friday the guys and girls got all dressed up, perfect hair, perfect makeup and after posing for hundreds of photos for parent paparazzi, they were ready to go.

Here’s one such photo.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015. We certainly will miss you.

Apr 122015

11107368_1555895661338856_4044350448747709272_nAmity High School student Natalie Booth, of Orange, whose mother has battled cancer for several years,  and the Amity Helping Hands Club are sponsoring a week-long fundraiser to support the Get in Touch Foundation which teaches both girls and boys about breast self-exams and breast health to aid in the fight against breast cancer.

Natalie invites everyone to wear pink, make a donation, or order a t-shirt to show your support all week long Monday, April 13 at 7:35 a.m. — Friday, April 17 at 2:20 p.m.

T-shirt design will be revealed later in the week.

Donations will be accepted during the lunch waves all next week.

Parents or members of the community who would like to donate may contact Natalie Booth at [email protected], please cc Amity High School teacher Debbie Davis at [email protected].

Stay tuned to her Facebook Event page for more information and to ask questions.


Mar 182015

An unfamiliar video program has caused some challenges in publishing movies to the site in a timely fashion.

But, now that the video is FINALLY on YouTube here is Costume Designer Julie Chevan talking about the work she and her team has done to create the costumes for Amity’s production of Tarzan, which opens on Friday, March 20.

Click HERE to view the video.

Below are still photos of some of the costumes custom made for this show.

Mar 042015

acs_logo_test_2_0061-thumb_narAmity junior Christopher Hughes is hosting “Voltage” a school dance to benefit the American Cancer Society.

The dance will take place at Amity High School, 25 Newton Road, Woodbridge, on Friday, March 6 from 7 to 10:30 p.m.

Tickets are $12 and are available on MyPaymentsPlus.com.

Cost of admission includes entertainment by three different DJs playing dance music, a variety of free food, and some food that will be available for a small price. Water is always free. All of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

Hughes said, “I am doing this because I see how much cancer affects everyone’s lives on a daily basis.”

Originally Published on: Feb 23, 2015 @ 14:03

Feb 192015

Ryan Kennedy as Young Tarzan.

Ryan Kennedy as Young Tarzan.

There are no “bad” seats at the John Brady Center for the Performing Arts at Amity High School, but, if you want to watch the Amity Theater production of Tarzan from anywhere but the back row you’d better act quickly!

At only $18 each, the cost of admission is one of the greatest bargains around and hundreds of people already have taken action and reserved their seats for this wonderfully entertaining musical.

The production has a 5 show run, including one matinee: March 20, 21, 27 @ 8pm, March 28 @ 2pm & 8pm

Click this link to purchase your tickets today.

Jan 312015

Amity HIgh SchoolThe State Department of Education today announced the winners of a new grant designed to help top-performing schools share best strategies for boosting student performance and replicate those practices throughout Connecticut.

The first Schools of Distinction Best Practice grants were awarded to four schools: Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, Engineering and Science University Magnet School in New Haven, Clark Lane Middle School in Waterford, and Masuk High School in Monroe. They will serve as Spotlight Schools and help lead efforts to replicate their award-winning programs in schools throughout the state.

“With this grant, we want to shine a light on the best practices for improving student performance and make them available to other schools and districts in the state,” said Interim Commissioner of Education Dr. Dianna R. Wentzell. “These four schools have earned recognition as Schools of Distinction by excelling at high levels of performance. By taking their best ideas and putting them into practice, we will strengthen our efforts to turn around underperforming schools. The winning proposals will serve as models for others to follow, and we will be working with them to help disseminate their ideas and practices.”

The grant required applicants to describe a best practice that the school seeks to share, scale, and replicate. They were asked to summarize the results achieved by the best practice—the impact on students, staff and/or families—and explain how the school would share this strategy with other schools, for example, videos, webinars, toolkits, professional development, and site visits.

Amity Regional High School (Region 5) in Woodbridge was awarded $43,000 for developing a series of remedial supports in math and science aligned to the Connecticut Academic Performance Tests (CAPT) Science. “The faculty and administration at Amity Regional High School welcomes the opportunity to share our best practices related to alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment, and intervention and remedial programming with our colleagues across the state,” said Amity Regional School District #5 Superintendent of Schools Charles Dumais. “We hope that insight into our programming will offer other professionals ideas that will help them better meet the needs of their students.”

New Haven’s Engineering and Science University Magnet School (Grades 6-12) received $40,000 for a school climate and culture program focused on attendance, behavior management, and engaging families in their children’s education. “In efforts to prepare young people for success in college, career and life, engagement has become one of our top priorities,” said New Haven Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries. “It is an honor to be recognized by the State Department of Education for the best practices that Engineering and Science University Magnet School has implemented to meet each individual student’s needs. We look forward to sharing our successes throughout Connecticut to improve student learning.”

Waterford’s Clark Lane Middle School won $20,000 to develop a literacy program focused on deep understanding of complex material. Waterford Superintendent of Schools Jerry Belair said: “This recognition is well-deserved! The Waterford community is very proud of its middle school and the commitment of its teachers and staff to provide the best learning experience for its young adolescents. We look forward to sharing our best practices with other middle schools across Connecticut.”

Finally, Monroe’s Masuk High School was awarded $16,000 to improve student literacy and to use technology for assessing and analyzing literacy data. “The Monroe school community is proud and honored of the achievement of Masuk High School,” said Monroe Superintendent of Schools James Agostine. “Masuk, and all of our schools, have made significant investments in technology integration through Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiatives, inquiry based instruction, and flipped classroom development consistent with the Monroe Board of Education’s Goals and Action Plan. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to share the insights we have gained over the past four years with other Connecticut schools.”

Connecticut recognizes Schools of Distinction as part of its school rating and accountability system. Announced last year during the second annual Schools of Distinction awards in May, 73 schools were invited to submit grant proposals based on their performance that led them to earn the School of Distinction honor.

Out of 10 eligible applications, the Department chose four that were best suited to the purpose of this new grant program. The Department of Education will schedule the four winners to lead a workshop for Alliance District or Commissioner’s Network schools. (Alliance Districts are Connecticut’s 30 lowest-performing districts; Commissioner’s Network schools are the state’s most chronically underperforming schools.)

A total of $122,765 in funding was available with individual awards up to $50,000.

Dec 202014

215px-Tarzan_musical_Broadway_PosterAfter the gruelling process of auditioning more than 100 super talented singer/actors (and going through call backs) at Amity, the directors released the cast list for the Spring musical “Tarzan” on Friday.

The actor who is playing the lead character is Max Karsanow, who you will immediately recognize from his roles as Anthony in Sweeney Todd — the young man who wooed Johanna (Shaylen Harger); and he was the understudy for the role of Benny in last year’s “In the Heights,” which he was able to fulfill at least during one performance.

Tarzan: This is the older version of the young Tarzan. He has more friends than he used to. He has his best friends Terk and Tantor, who have each others backs. He is stronger and has enemies to challenge. But, he still wonders of what he is. Songs include: Strangers Like Me, Who Better Than Me? Reprise, You’ll Be In My Heart Reprise.

Since Amity has no young children, Ryan Kennedy will play the role of Little Tarzan: A little boy who is raised in the jungle by gorillas. He tries to fit in and wonders why he doesn’t. He notices that he isn’t exactly like all of the apes that he is around. He has a friend named Terk as well. Songs include: Who Better than Me? and I Need To Know. If the name sounds familiar, Ryan is the son of directors Robert and Andrea Kennedy.

The lovely Addie Robbins will play Jane: She adores species and specimen she hasn’t seen before which makes sense when her, her father, and Clayton their hunter/protector come to the jungle. She befriends Tarzan and comes to like him. She always has dreamed of coming to the jungle. Songs Include: Waiting For this Moment, Like No Man I’ve Ever Seen, and Strangers Like Me.

Max is Tarzan

Max is Tarzan

Josiah Oakley will play Terk: The older version of young Terk. He has more style than the younger one. Still, he is best friends with Tarzan and now Tantor the elephant. He has the rhythm of the jungle. Songs include: Son of Man, Trashin’ the Camp, Who Better than Me? Reprise.

Morgan Guadagnoli has been pegged to play Kala: A mother ape that takes Tarzan for her son. She adores him and keeps him safe. She has a special bond with him that no one can understand. She is the wife to Kerchak, the leader. Songs include: You’ll Be In My Heart, Sure As Sun Turns to Moon and You’ll Be In My Heart Reprise.

Kahari Blue is Kerchak: The strong and powerful leader of the gorilla pack. He doesn’t feel that Tarzan belongs and shuns him for awhile. Doesn’t like humans too much. He finally tells tarzan the way he feels at the end. Songs include: Sure As Sun Turns to Moon.

Jali – (Narrators): Ryan Rattley, Kevin Durkee, Ryan Rappaport, Emily Kilian, Joyce Lin and Julia Goclowski.

Caroline Burkhart is Sabor: (description from wiki) The predator of the jungle. He kills Tarzan’s real mother and father and Kala’s and Kerchak’s baby. He continues to kill and destory until Tarzan comes and ends him. Songs include: none but dances/fights.

Jacob Leibowitz is Porter:  Jane’s father. He knows many things about the jungle. He is a lot like Jane in certain areas. He has his quirks about him, too. Songs include: Like No Man I’ve Ever Seen.

Ethan Smith is Clayton:  He is the hunter that protects the Porter family on this expedition. He likes to shoot things with his rifle. He was sent to protect but he might want some things of his own. Songs include: none.

George Grotheer is Snipes: A sailor.

Ape/Animal Ensemble

Jeff Gallo, Chris Casella, David Linet, Michael Prinz, Ryan Chizmadia, Dean Pocweirz, Robert Worth, Max Seigman, Caroline Burkhart, Cynthia elone, Lauren Flaumenhaft, Sedona Trelleik, Ashlyne Gallo, Christina Genovese, Alayra Dixson, Clara Stirling, Nina Triplett, Sarah Warner, Revekah Haupt, Clara Gamsu, Karalyn Kachmar, Emily McManus, Audrey Grotheer, Rebecca Kaplan, Lauren Duhl, Kendall Dolan, Grace Blanchard, Lily Forchetti.

Expedition Crew

Nathan Stirling, Jacob Lyngdal, Eric Greenbaum

Dance Captains

Caroline Burkhart, Lauren Flaumenhaft

Play rehearsals begin next week. I for one can’t wait to see Tarzan swing across the stage next spring.

Nov 242014

14460985_130130023000The Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation and the Amity High School YA Book Club will sponsor Matthew Dicks, CT teacher and author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, in the AHS library; Tuesday, Nov. 25, at 7 p.m.

This creative, quirky and heartwarming book is narrated by the (very real) imaginary friend of an eight-year-old boy on the autism spectrum.

Matthew will tell stories, do a Q&A, give away prizes and sign books.

Readers of all ages are welcome.

Nov 142014


blue ribbon school plaque

blue ribbon school plaque

This past Tuesday afternoon, Amity Regional High School was recognized by the State Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School.

Amity High School Principal, Charles Britton and mathematics teacher, Scott DeMeo were present at the ceremony in Washington DC to accept the award on behalf of Amity.

Congratulations Amity for all the hard work and commitment that went into achieving this prestigious national recognition. 

Nov 072014

thThe nationally-acclaimed “Pajama Project” has come to Amity High School.  

Throughout the month of November, students enrolled in Ms. Shane’s Health Promotion class are focusing their efforts on children in need.

For many underprivileged children, nighttime often means a hard end to an equally hard day. Many go to bed wearing their street clothes…or wearing nothing at all. 

Amity has teamed up with several elementary schools in New Haven to bring our “Good Night Done Right” initiative.

Would you be willing to donate ONE pair of new pajamas? (Ages 5-12, boy and girls) The pajamas will be delivered to the various schools with a new book, during the December holidays.

Collection boxes can be found in the main foyer of the high school.