Former Amity Athlete Suffers Horrible Injuries In Boating Accident

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Aug 122015

Stephanie RyanBy now, many Orange Live readers know about a terrible boating accident that happened on the Connecticut River in Haddam last Sunday around 6 p.m.
A  group of young adults were having a fun day on a 26-foot motorboat. Two of them, the boat’s owner and a woman jumped off the boat to swim in the river, when the owner’s relative drove the boat toward them and the swimmers were struck by a propeller.
Ronald Borruso, Jr., of Hamden, had minor injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene. But Stephanie Ryan, 23, of Bethany, suffered severe cuts to her lower extremities and was taken to Hartford Hospital where she is in stable condition.
You’ve probably guessed that Stephanie attended Amity High School, where she played Lacrosse and Girls Ice Hockey. The 2010 Amity Grad is described by a family friend as beautiful, inside and out, physically fit and athletic. She attended Nichols College in Dudley, Mass. where she continued to play Lacrosse and Ice Hockey. She then transferred to UCONN, and was just two classes shy of graduating.
But since Sunday evening, Stephanie lies in Hartford Hospital with both legs severely wounded. She’s had surgery on her left leg and on Wednesday surgeons will be working on a course of action for her treatment.
The only thing that is certain is that Stephanie will be hospitalized and undergo multiple surgeries for quite some time. 
Melissa Vernik, a friend of Stephanie’s since Middle School, sees first hand through her profession as a nurse the struggles patients face, both physically and financially.
Vernik told Orange Live, “Steph is such a sweet person, no one can say anything bad about her, she is a wonderful, caring person,” she said. “She is one of four kids, and the medical care will be expensive. She’s trying to be optimistic, but she has a long road ahead of her.”
Vernik set up a Go Fund Me page to help the Ryan family with Stephanie’s expenses.
As an intro on the page she wrote:

“As you may know our dear friend Stephanie Ryan was in a boating accident this past Sunday. She is stable but has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Between medical care and physical therapy she will need the bills will be adding up quickly. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.”
Melissa’s mother Cheryl said the one-way car trip from Bethany to Hartford alone uses a quarter tank of gas, which adds up as the family wants to be with Stephanie every day.
Stephanie’s future is uncertain, but we wish her good luck, and hope the doctors are successful in getting her back on her feet again.
If you know the Ryan family from Amity, or even if you don’t, please put yourself in their place and do whatever you can to make this difficult time a little less trying.