Oct 242014

Chief for the Day

Chief for the Day

Amity Middle School eighth-grader Colton Varholak participated in Amity’s Government Day on Thursday, Oct. 23.

Colton was paired with Police Chief Robert Gagne, and as “Chief for the Day” he learned about police work and the administration of the municipal police department.

Other students partnered with the Fire Marshal, Town Clerk, First Selectman, Tax Collector, etc and each learned about their particular duties during this very special annual event.


Sep 162014

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.01.27 PMAmity Middle School Principal Kathi Fuller-Cutler released this fund-raising information today:

The first fundraising event of the year has begun. With the PTSO, we are selling KidStuff Coupon Savings Books. Homeroom teachers have passed out a Ziploc bag containing KidStuff books and directions, for each student to bring home. We are asking students to sell at least two books. The books sell for $25.00 and we make a 50% profit on each book.

If a student is enrolled in the band, strings or choir, the first book sold will go to the PTSO and the second book’s profit will go to the music department to be allocated towards the individual student’s cost of his or her spring trip.

This is one of the largest fundraisers of the year and we need your support.

The fundraiser will run from Sept. 15 to Sept. 26.

Jun 152014

Amity Middle SchoolIt’s that time of year again, school graduations and the Middle School Eighth Grade Step-Up Ceremony.

The Middle School ceremony will take place on thursday, June 19 at noon. (school will be dismissed at 10:15 a.m.)

Parents are reminded that parking will be allowed on one side of the street only. The police will place cones and direct traffic. The school staff will park out back so most of the front parking lot and side lot will be available for parking.

The Last Day of School is Friday, June 20 – dismissal at 10:15 a.m.

May 232014

 swissgear-backpack1The “Help the Homeless” club at Amity Middle School, Orange, is collecting gently used backpacks to donate to local homeless people. 

The backpacks will be used to carry their belongings in.  

A collection box box is located near the nurses office at the school. Parents, make sure your children remember to contribute. 

May 062014

The Amity Middle School PTO extends a special thanks to the Teachers and Staff at Amity Regional Middle School with this commemorative poster of the 2013-14 staff.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of Orange’s dedicated educators.


Feb 232014

Amity HIgh SchoolThe scheduling process for the 2014-15 school year at Amity High has begun.

This past Thursday and Friday, counselors met with students at the Middle School in Orange and the Middle School in Bethany to review course recommendations and assist 8th graders with the selection of 9th grade electives.

This week, 9th, 1oth and 11th grade students will meet with counselors in computer labs to review course and level recommendations, and select electives.

In preparation for these meetings, parents and students are asked to review the 2014-15 Amity Regional High School Program of Studies, which is posted on the high school website, and available by clicking: http://www.amityregion5.org/file/612/view.

I clicked the link and got this message: 

Oops! No file here by that name

If you are a parent and could not access the list, either call the school in the morning or pay close attention to the form your child brings home from school.

Students will bring home paper printouts of course verification forms. Parents are asked to review the selection of academic courses, course levels and electives, and sign the course verification form. Students are required to return the signed course verification form to the counseling office before the end of the school day on Monday, March 3.

Parents who have any questions may contact their child’s school counselor. Questions about course and course level recommendations should be addressed to teachers.

Feb 112014

Amity Middle School, Orange

Amity Middle School, Orange

From Middle School Principal Kathleen Fuller-Cutler:

Due to a problem beyond Amity’s control, the Amity website is temporarily down; however, you can still schedule parent-teacher conferences for Wednesday, Feb. 12, using THIS LINK

When you go to the website you will have to type in the master password for Amity Middle School Orange before you can enter the system. You must enter amso in the field labeled “School’s Master Password.”

For the accounts that you created during the last sign-up session your user name and password have been preserved; you will not have to create a new account.

If you do not remember your username/password, then check the box labeled, “I forgot my password/user name” for instructions.

Online Registration Is The Only Way To Make An Appointment For A Conference.

It is user-friendly and will be easy for most people to use.

If, however, ou feel the need for more detailed instructions, you can access a full User’s Guide after you log in.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, send an e-mail to [email protected]

The Virtual Paragon system is designed to accept reservations at 2 different times so that the teachers can prepare in advance for those who have registered.

The conferences will take place at the Amity Regional Middle School Orange Campus at 100 Ohman Ave., Wednesday, Feb. 12 from 5-7:30 p.m.

AMSO phone 203-392-3200.

Jan 262014

book driveThe students at Amity Middle School Orange campus will be collecting gently used books until Friday, Jan. 31 and donating them to “New Haven Reads.”

Children’s books are most welcome, but any gently used book will be appreciated.

Students can deposit books in the back of ‘LGI’ during homeroom.

The Orange campus is competing with Bethany to see which of the Amity Middle Schools an collect the most book.

If Orange wins, Principal Kathleen Cutler will buy ice cream for everyone.

So clean out those closets and bookshelves and make sure the kids bring in those books by next Friday.

Jan 072014

Amity Middle SchoolThis week the hot water heater will be replaced at Amity Middle School Orange. This work was scheduled for the holiday break but the delivery of the hot water heater was held up and the work rescheduled to Friday, Jan. 10.


The lack of hot water impacts the school lunch program since dishes cannot be washed. I met with Joan Conant form Chartwell’s dining services and we have come up with the following menu for Friday. There will be no “hot” lunch a selection of sandwiches and salads.


Bagel for Lunch: bagel, cream cheese, yogurt and fruit


Deli Sandwiches: Turkey, ham or veggie sandwiches and fruit




We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


All the best


Kathleen Fuller-Cutler


Amity  Middle School – Orange Campus


Dec 022013


Amity Middle School, Orange

Amity Middle School, Orange

Amity Middle School released this latest list of honors and citizenship award recipients

Criteria for First Honors

  • A or better in four subjects which meet 5 times per week for at least one semester.
  • B or better in all other subjects which meet 5 times per week for at least one semester.
  • B or better in subjects which meet fewer than 5 times per week or less than one semester.

Criteria for Second Honors

  • B or better in subjects which meet 5 times per week for at least one semester.
  • B or better in subjects which meet fewer than 5 times per week or less than one semester.

Criteria for Citizenship

In order to achieve Citizenship Honors, student must receive five (5) fours; and the remainder of the citizenship ratings must not be below a three.

Grade 7 First Honors

Jenna Aconfora, Mounisha Anumolu, Talia Barry, Sophie Benjamin, Emily Berkeley, Alexandra Bonat, Emily Bretthauer, Jake Bronson, Angelina Carlino, Danielle Casapulla, Carly Chervenak, Madelyn Ciskowski, Alexa Cofrancesco, Rachael Crow, Ira Einbinder, Dize Eron, Cailey Esposito, Elaina Ferraro, Payton Grande, Alexis Halstead, Lien Har, Allison Hummel, Robert Jaques, Thomas Lee, Erin McCormack, Diane Meng, Jay Moon, Arianna Pargen, Dorothy Parniawski, Madelyn Pickett, Jack Pletter, John Poland, Julia Potter, Unaiza Rana, Shelby Ronan, Jonathan Schachter, Spencer Shepard, Anthony Tom, Madison Tom, Daria Torrenti, Colton Varholak, Garrett Young, Xian-Zheng Zhong, and Clare Zorena

Grade 7 Second Honors

Juliana Amici, Lani Beaudette, Katelyn Blake, Nelson Bordeleau, Gabriella Caruso, Marc Chodos, Logan Corris, Amanda Coscia, Molly Cox, Stephen Delaney, Andrea DelVecchio, Joseph DiBenedetto, Gina Driscoll, Anthony Esposito, Mary Foley, Marcelle Gagnon, Sebastian Gonzalez, Kalynna Hauser, Julia Hoddinott, Kaylee Huber, Chloe Kehlenbeck, Nicole Kisiel, Cole Kuchachik, Hyunbeen Lee, Adam Leszczak, Jacob Lettick, Gabriel Lipsitz, Clarens Lopez, Joseph Moncheski, Amanda Moran, Carlee Mulherin, Rakin Munim, Luke Nemecek, Kenneth Page, Liam Palazzo, Soo-Jin Park, Sandrine Pyne, Kelly Shaw, Napoleon Stardellis, Jacqueline Tran, Connor Visnic, Tucker Wright, and Kevin Zheng

Grade 7 Citizenship Recognition

Mounisha Anumolu, Talia Barry, Gina Driscoll, Dize Eron, Cailey Esposito, Payton Grande, Julia Hoddinott, Julia Hurlburt, Adam Leszczak, Kaitlyn O’Brien, Dorothy Parniawski, Julia Potter, and Garrett Young

Grade 8 First Honors

Nicholas Abrams, Kayla Abreu, Abigail Allen, Samuel Arnold, Alexandra Ashworth, Amelia Bailey-Schetlin, Jack Balocca, Erin Barillier, Bridget Barnsley, Hailey Benedetto, Nitya Bhattarai, Isobel Browe, Catherine Brown, Lauren Canna, Sarah Cartier, David Chen, Isabella Crasilli, Brianna DiRienzo, Vinh Do, Ulada Dubovik, Christina Emmerthal, Joseph Eschweiler, Ann Foley, Ryan Ford, Shayna Goldblatt, Amanda Granados, Courtney Greifenberger, Tyler Holloway, Hannah Hutchison, Carolyn Kaufman, Sara Kelly, Benjamin Kemp, Emily Kilian, Sam Kruger, Vince Li, Arthur Lihar, Justine Luo, Leah Mongillo, David Nizzardo, Haegan O’Rourke, Jessica Paradis, Marissa Proto, Caroline Rafferty, Hannah Rappaport, Sydney Sachs, Nevia Selmon, Yishen Shen, Christina Skerritt, Grace Vocalina, Maren Westgard, Grace Whitman, Jaiden Williams, and Patrick Winkel

Grade 8 Second Honors

Yusaf Ahmad, Anne Marie Allen, George Antonellis, Stone Bragaw, Roberta Buccilli, Brian Carson, Abigail Chamberlain, Ruby Ciskowski, Sam Coury, Peter DeBassio, Carly DeMaio, Carsan Dziczkowski, Jocelyn Eagle, Richard Fagan, Michael Ficaro, Clayton Fischman, Michael Gulia, Jillian Gusciora, Brian Hackenjos, Michael Holloway, Moiz Jabbar, Alexandra Justo, Traci Kingston, Danielle London, Brooke Matyasovsky, Talia Mayerson, Adam Moscato, Maya Oestreicher, Riana Picagli, Veronica Pisano, Gunnar Poulimas, Morgan Ramadon, Gabriela Robles, Ryan Sabo, Melissa Satonick, Joseph Schittina, Alexandria Smith, Emilia Steinbrick, McKenzie Sullivan, Taylor Walsh, and Catherine Whitaker

Grade 8 Citizenship Recognition

Kayla Abreu, Abigail Allen, Anne Marie Allen, Michael Allen, Fady Amro, Alexandra Ashworth, Bridget Barnsley, Catherine Brown, Lauren Canna, Sarah Cartier, Abigail Chamberlain, Michelle Chimid, Ruby Ciskowski, Carly DeMaio, Vinh Do, Ulada Dubovik, Jocelyn Eagle, Christina Emmerthal, Joseph Eschweiler, Jeremy Gustafson, Nicole Hunt, Hannah Hutchison, Alexandra Justo, Benjamin Kemp, Emily Killian, Vince Li, Arthur Lihar, Danielle London, Justine Luo, Taylor Martin, Brooke Matyasovsky, Leah Mongillo, Haegan O’Rourke, Maya Oestreicher, Jessica Paradis, Veronica Pisano, Gunnar Poulimas, Marissa Proto, Morgan Ramadon, Hannah Rappaport, Ryan Sabo, Nevia Selmon, Yishen Shen, Christina Skerritt, McKenzie Sullivan, Grace Vocalina, Maren Westgard, and Catherine Whitaker