Boys’ Swimming: Undefeated Amity Swims Past Branford/Guilford

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Jan 102017

The Amity Boys Swim Team was on the road in Branford today for a meet against Branford/Guilford.

Branford/Guilford (B/G) won 7 events, yet Amity with it’s 5 events outscored them 96-70.

Amity’s Winning Events:

200 Freestyle: A- 1:57.75 Shiva Gowda

50 Freestyle: A- 22.35 Colin Roy

100 Butterfly: A- 54.83 Kevin Yanagisawa

200 Freestyle Relay: A- 1:36.99 Jared Sullivan, Sergey Savelyev, Matt Hill, Colin Roy

100 Backstroke: A- 1:00.51 Tyler Roy

 Branford/Guilford’s Winning Events

200 Medley Relay: B/G- 1:46.70 Corey Gambardella, Kyle Boucher, Aidan Henry, Aleksandras Karosas

200 Ind. Medley: B/G- 1:59.10 Corey Gambardella

Dive: B/G- 138.60 Paul Rosenberg

100 Freestyle: B/G- 47.76 Corey Gambardella

500 Freestyle: B/G- 5:05.80 Harrison Kent

100 Breaststroke: B/G- 1:11.13 Kyle Boucher

400 Freestyle Relay: B/G- 3:37.32 Aleandro Hanaj, Aidan Henry, Aleksandras Karosas, Corey Gambardella

Record: Amity 3-0.