How Well Do You Understand the Pledge of Allegiance?

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Aug 222017

After a long, long summer, Orange (and Amity Schools) open next Monday, Aug. 28.

Children of all ages will be waking up early and heading off to school.

One part of their day, which, during these tumultuous times is very important than ever, will be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Like an old song, we all know the words, but do we really know what they mean?

An Orange Live reader sent us this link to a video of the late comedian Red Skelton reciting the pledge as we’ve never heard it before.

If you have a young child 1-5th grade, why not sit him/her down and give this presentation a watch for a better understanding of what it’s all about.

Wireless Zone, Orange Helps Children In Need

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Jul 192017

The National Retail Federation predicted the average person with children in grades K-12 would spend $97.74 on school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and backpacks.

With more than 16 million children in the U.S. living in poverty, Orange Wireless Zone, 330 Boston Post Road, is working to alleviate the rising costs of school supplies through the fifth annual School Rocks Backpack Giveaway in partnership with The Cellular Connection (TCC) and Culture of Good.

On Sunday, July 23 between 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., the local Wireless Zone and TCC stores will be inviting Orange families and their children to pick up a backpack filled with school supplies, and this is expected to be the biggest year yet with more than 230,000 backpacks full of books expected to be delivered in 2017.

Bus Routes for Race Brook School

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Aug 182016

school busIt’s that time of year again, back to school = the release of the school bus routes.

Here’s the information you need to know about Race Brook School bus runs:

Route No. 50

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Don Gillotti

639 Lambert Road, 691 Lambert Road, 719 Lambert Road, Shephard Lane and Estelle Court, Shepherd Lane and Royal Lane, 676 St John Drive, St John Drive and Farm River Road, 655 St John Drive, 15 Pryde Drive, 64 Hampton Close, 79 Hampton Close, 5 Hampton Close, 53 Woodside Drive, 15 Murfield Road, RaceBrook Road and Murfield Road, 708 RaceBrook Road, 642 RaceBrook Road, 620 RaceBrook Road, Racebrook Road and Andrew Lane, 22 Andrew Lane, 55 Andrew Lane, 64 Andrew Lane.

Route No. 51

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Mike Tirollo

430 Racebrook Road, 354 RaceBrook Road, Avalon Drive (West), Avalon Drive (East), Prindle Hill Road and Avalon Drive (East), 321 RaceBrook Road, RaceBrook Road and Norman Street, 491 Racebrook Road.

Route No. 52

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Joe Moncheski

1091 Orange Center Road, 52 Williamsburg Drive, 10 Williamsburg Drive, 965 Orange Center Road, 831 Walnut Hill Road, 20 Green Hill Road, 47 Green Hill Road, 65 Green Hill Road, 804 Walnut Hill Road, Orange Center and Pinecrest (North), 24 RaceBrook Terrace, 44 Center Road Circle, 1050 Orange Center Road, 940 Orange Center Road (South of Rt 34), 791 Lambert Road No Transportation (Emergency Only) 

Route No. 53

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Ken Mitchell Jr.

834 Sheffield Road, Ohman Ave and Columbia Street,  Woodruff Road and Ohman Avenue,  Woodruff Road and Hadley Road, Woodruff Road and Taft Road, College Road and Ohman Avenue, Ohman Avenue and Alling Road, Hadley Road and Alling Road, 181 Derby Avenue, 806 Oakwood Road, 828 Oakwood Road, 319 Derby Avenue, 341 Derby Avenue, Birchwood Drive and Whitney Lane, 834 Birchwood Drive, 860 Birchwood Drive, 5 Ironwood Way, 20 Ironwood Way, Derby Avenue and Mapleview Road, 643 Dogwood Road, Cummings Drive and Twin Acre Road, 142 Grannis Road, No Transportation (Emergency Only) 

Route No. 54

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Polly Knight

584 RaceBrook Road, 528 Racebrook Road, Locust Drive and Edward Court, High Meadow Lane and Russell Court, 540 Bishop Drive, 63 Hall Drive, Chippendale Lane and Wedgewood Drive, 464 Lambert Road, 29 Rolling Ridge Road, Lambert Road and Sunset Drive, 567 Lambert Road, 546 Lambert Road, 575 Lambert Road, 54 Tyler City Road, 48 Tyler City Road, 16 Tyler City Road, Grannis Road and Racebrook Road, 27 Grannis Road, 80 Grannis Road No Transportation (Emergency Only) 

Route No. 55

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Gary Colello

393 Derby Avenue, 493 Derby Avenue, 931 Green Circle, Trillium Court and Green Circle, 927 Mapledale Road, 916 Mapledale Road, 909 Mapledale Road. Mapledale Road and Peach Tree Drive, Mapledale Road and Cherry Hill Road, 132 Cherry Hill Road, 104 Cherry Hill Road, 122 Pardee Manor, 146 Pardee Manor, Pardee Manor and Mapledale Road, 181 Surrey Drive, 202 Surrey Drive, 810 Mapledale Road, 778 Mapledale Road, 639 Schoolhouse Lane, 669 Orange Center Road, 695 Orange Center Road, 166 Orchard Road, Old Hickory Road and South Hickory Road, 134 Buttonball Road, 125 Rogers Road, 726 Lambert Road, 115 Buttonball Road, 696 Orange Center Road, 116 Tyler City Road, 121 Tyler City Road.

Route No. 56

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Andy Vasquez

359 Dogwood Road, 377 Dogwood Road, 438 Howelton Road, 471 Howelton Road, 483 Howelton Road, 486 Grace Trail, 450 Grace Trail, 477 Alling Farm Road, 513 Kanuga Trail, 551 Summit Drive, 594 Summit Drive, Crestwood Terrace and Summit Drive, 455 Dogwood Road, 521 Dogwood Road, 537 Dogwood Road, Dogwood Road and Riggs Road, Bittersweet Road and Harborview Road, Harborview Road and Hunting Hill Road, 605 Dogwood Road, 638 Avon Drive, 595 Avon Drive, 579 Avon Drive No Transportation (Emergency Only)  

Route No. 57

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Alicia Abbott-Negron

826 North Lakeview Road, 805 North Indian Hill Road, 825 Tall Timber Road, North Indian Hill Road and Hillcrest Road, North Indian Hill Road and Shagbark Road, 846 Shagbark Drive, Shagbark Drive and Hillcrest Road, 830 Beechwood Road, 841 Dogburn Road, 803 Dogburn Road, 658 Chestnut Ridge Road, 74 Derby Avenue, Juniper Drive and Lakeview Road, 324 Juniper Drive, 303 Great Oak Road, 290 Great Oak Road, 258 Great Oak Road, 616 Chestnut Ridge Road No Transportation (Emergency Only) 

Route No. 58

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m. – Regular Dismissal 3 p.m.

Driver: Peter Danielczuk

317 Lindy Street, Founder Way and Lindy Street, 16 Founders Way, 330 Dogburn Lane, 345 Dogburn Lane, Dogburn Road and Spring Street, 380 Spring Street, 145 New Haven Avenue, 168 New Haven Avenue,  Alpom Drive and Russell Avenue, 120 Russell Avenue, 483 New England Lane, New England Lane and Overland Drive, Overland Drive and Highfield Drive, 523 Highfield Drive, 549 Highfield Drive, 123 Cricket Lane, 141 Cricket Lane, 402 Dogburn Lane, 124 New Haven Avenue, 93 New Haven Avenue, 510 Ferry Road, 483 Marble Road, 518 Marble Road, Quintard Lane and Crofut Road, 16 New Haven Avenue, 5 Russell Avenue, 33 Russell Avenue.


First Day Of School: Busses, Backpacks, and Butterflies

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Aug 312015

Parent Paparazzi

Parent Paparazzi

It’s the first day of school, Peck Place has a newly paved and re-routed parking lot and for the most part everyone followed the rules (and the directional arrows). A steady line of SUVs pulled in past Mike Luzzi, who directed them to the drop-off area. They let their children out, then pulled around the parked cars and drove out through the exit in a safe and orderly fashion — except ONE mom, who pulled in through the exit and later told Luzzi she was “in a hurry.”

“That’s a good way to get into a head-on accident,” he told her, with a reminder that the correct drop-off routine is designed for everyone’s safety.

Over at Mary L. Tracy School, the parent paparazzi lined up and ready for action armed with fully charged cell phones and a few 35MM cameras to document their baby’s first day of school.

There were a couple of apprehensive youngsters and plenty of tears, but not from the children — mothers lined up near the front door wiped their eyes and choked back the sobs as reality sunk in.

We wish everyone a wonderful school year, and minimal snow days.

NOTE: For all the time I spent at these schools, you may wonder why I didn’t take lots of photos of the kids. For security reasons, I can no longer take dozens of pictures like I did 20 years ago. Getting permission to publish a child’s photo online takes a lot of extra legwork, running the pictures by the school office, having them check the permission slips to see if that child is allowed to be photographed OR calling the parent to ask individual permission for an extraordinarily good photo. Last year, I waited 2 days to get permission for 5 photos, by then, it’s old news. I also have smudged out the children’s faces in the past, but the photos look like something from a horror movie — terribly unappealing. So, this year the rule of thumb was backs and waist down, except for ONE photo of a friend’s child with his immediate permission (a breath of fresh air). 

Letter: Middle School Principal Offers Important Back-To-School Information

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Aug 212015

Amity Middle School, Orange

A Letter To Amity Middle School Parents:

In one more week we will be meeting and greeting our new 7th grade students and our returning 8th graders. We also have thirteen new students enrolling in AMSO from other towns and states.

The first day of school is Monday, Aug. 31.  The day begins at 7:34 a.m. and ends at 2:18 p.m. On the first day, students should bring a small notebook and a pencil or pen.

A packet has been mailed to your homes with important information including bus stops, PowerSchool, InfoSnap, MyPaymentsPlus along with a parent/student packet regarding such things as student absence procedures, appropriate attire, café…..etc. If you have not received this information, please call the school so we can mail it to you, or you are welcome to come by the school and pick one up. The school is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. In fact, students are most welcome to visit and check out their classrooms and teams.

Throughout the year I will send an email at least once a week, mostly on Fridays. I hope you will find the information helpful and informative. Very soon we will be posting a calendar to our website with important upcoming dates and events. The calendar will be continually updated.

The following link will take you directly to the AMSO homepage.

Enjoy the rest of August!

All the best,

Kathleen Fuller-Cutler (Kathi)

Get Ready to Get Pounced Peck Place Hosts First Fundraiser of 2015-16 School Year

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Aug 172015

panther pounce bannerPeck Place School families, welcome back your favorite Peck Place students with a lawn banner.
For a donation of $15 to the Peck Place PTO, a large banner will be placed on your lawn for 3 days to welcome back your children, grandchildren or favorite Peck Place Student.
Contact Marcie Rocchio at teachrocc@yahoo.com with your name, e-mail address, street address, students last name and phone number to sign up or with any questions.
Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.53.42 PMWhere will the Peck Place Banner show up next?
 Try and spot the Panthers as they move around town.

Photos: MLT Kindergarten First Day Of School

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Sep 082014

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, dozens of adorable kids arrived at Mary L Tracy for the first day of school.

As they stepped off the busses, throngs of paparazzi yelled out names and screamed, “look at me!”

Orange Live was there, too, taking dozens of photos. We submitted about 10 to the school administration for approval (you can never be too careful these days) and the following three photos were given the go-ahead.

Often Live will blur the faces of children, but there’s something special about the first day of school that would have been lost. The children in these photos were approved by the school (which means the parents signed permission slips).

Peck Place Back To School Pix

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Sep 042014

The first day of school at Peck Place School had many children stepping off the yellow busses, excited to see their “new” school for the first time since they left there 7 months ago.

Here are three “approved” photos of the memorable event on Sept. 2.



The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Is Here: Orange Students Go Back To School

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Sep 022014

BACK Home at Peck Place School

BACK Home at Peck Place School

Students big and small returned to school this morning in Orange and across the Amity area.

Kent Pierce from WTNH-8 showed up at Peck Place School and took a mini-tour of the inside with Principal Eric Carbone.

Orange Live walked through with Mike Luzzi, Board of Ed Chairman Bill Kraut and Board member Jeff Cap as they checked out the indoor climate control.

The new cooling system was obviously working very well. First-grade Teacher Patty Moffett stood in the doorway of her classroom ready to greet her students and start a new year.

“I love it,” Moffett said of her bright new classroom. The new shelving was installed over the past week and everything was set.


Over in the second-grade section, Teacher Kelly Stevens remarked on how wonderfully quiet the new heating/cooling units are.

Ms Stevens waits for her class to arrive.

Ms Stevens waits for her class to arrive.were.

Stevens has been preparing her classroom for the past two months, and the shelving installation was the icing on the cake. Once they were finished she was able to perfect her classroom’s look.

She thanked the two board members for giving them the minimal schedule for the remainder of the week so everyone can finish.

This morning, in her classroom, everything was “perfect” and the only thing that was missing was the students — But they were on the way.

Carbone greeted the children as they stepped off the school busses. There were no tears, not even from the smallest kids.

Everyone was excited to get into the “new” Peck Place School.



The scene at Mary L. Tracy was entertaining as usual with the largest crowd of paparazzi (parents with cameras and smart phones.)

IMG_7750There were some tears, but nothing uncontrollable, just a little jitters.

The children stepped off the bus, walked past the paparazzi and then led up the stairs where someone greeted them and brought them into the gymnasium to meet their new teachers.

It looks like it’s going to be a good school year.


Photos of the kids will be published only after they are approved by the schools. Hopefully by tomorrow.






Today Is The First Day of School, Watch For Out For Children

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Sep 032013

school-bus-posterThe school season begins today, and it is important to remember that children can be come from anywhere, and drivers often become impatient if they are “stuck” behind a school bus that is picking up children.
In Connecticut, it is against state law to pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights and the offense comes with a $465 fine, according to the DMV website. Parents and others also need to remember that they must observe the no-passing law when traveling near school buses in school driveways.
The DMV says motorists should:• Watch for children traveling to school when driving in neighborhoods with school zones. Children are unpredictable in their actions, and it is motorists’ responsibility to anticipate and prepare to react to what children may do.

• Drive slowly.  Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood.
• Watch for children playing and gathering near school bus stops.Students and parents can also protect themselves by following some rules, too.  They should familiarize themselves with and observe the following rules:

• Be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

• When the bus approaches, stand at least 10 feet away from the edge of the road, and line up away from the street.
• Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says that it is okay before stepping on the bus.