Breathing Issues? Be Careful Out There Today

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Jul 102018

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has issued an Air Quality Action Day for our area from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday, July 10.

Anyone with sensitive breathing should limit time outdoors through Friday.

While there is no immediate danger from being outside, young children and the elderly may be negatively affected by prolonged time outdoors.

A warning or warning is issued when a hazardous weather or hydrologic event is occurring, imminent or likely.


Excessive Heat Warning In Effect Through 10 p.m. Sunday

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Aug 132016

IQ7F_BXUL_Excessive_Heat_WarningThe National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning through 10 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14.

Dangerous heat and humidity is expected through the weekend with temperatures of 105-110 degrees today and around 105 tomorrow.

This breaks the 2002 record of 98 degrees.

The highest heat will be in the mid to late afternoon.

The combination of the heat and humidity will increase the risk for heat related health issues, especially for the elderly and those with chronic health problems such as lung and heart disease, those working outdoors and other heat sensitive groups.

If your child is playing on a playground, remember slides and swings can become extremely hot and they may suffer from burns — best idea, find an air conditioned area (library, ice cream shop, movie theater, even the mall) in which you can entertain your child.

Don’t forget, your pets also are vulnerable to the heat. Watch them carefully and don’t leave your dog outside for long periods of time.

Walking your pet on hot sidewalks or streets will not do his or her feet any good either…if it’s too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it is definitely too hot for your pet’s paws.

Make sure your pet has plenty of water and stays hydrated throughout the day.

This heat isn’t good for anyone.

Do NOT leave children, pets or gramma in the car … even for one second! 

Stay clear of alcohol and caffeinated beverages, stick with water instead. Remember this, too, if you are going to the Rotary Lobsterfest!

Currently there aren’t any power outages in the area, but with everyone using Air Conditioners and fans to stay cool, be prepared for possible power problems today and tomorrow.

Everyone please take care of yourselves, your children and pets during this unusually hot weather.