Feb 142013

The Orange Live Facebook page is the best place to find your Orange News. There are others like Orange Connecticut that residents and people from across the country enjoy for its hometown charm and conversation.

When I started Orange Live Last May, I made a promise not to take the easy way out by finding cute tidbits of information from around the region or depend on bloggers to fill space.

I accepted Meteorologist Kevin Arnone’s offer to link to his weather page, because he’s an Amity Grad with access to all the weather information he needs to give us up to date local weather.

If someone asks a question on facebook, I will answer it as soon as possible. When I see that you’ve posted an event on facebook, I’ll do a writeup and put it on the news site and then cross post to facebook to give your event maximum exposure without you having to worry about posting it yourself.

Check out the Orange Live Facebook page and Like It to stay on top of what’s going on in Orange.