Fire Department Suffers Giant Monetary Loss

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Nov 162014

Carnival Chairman Donny Foyer (forefront) and a screen shot of one of the 2014 raffle tickets.

Carnival Chairman Donny Foyer (forefront) and a screen shot of one of the 2014 raffle tickets.

In July, Orange Live was the first to tell Orange residents that the Orange Volunteer Fire Department was in trouble.

The tried and true decades old method of selling Carnival Raffle tickets was squashed by the US Postal Service and ticket sales were down.

By the time all the vendors were paid and the receipts were counted after this year’s carnival, the Volunteers were down by $30,000 from last year according to carnival chairman Donny Foyer.

The carnival is the department’s biggest fundraiser and year-after-year it’s been more than profitable, padding the bank account enough to enable the men and women to purchase the equipment they needs to serve the town of Orange, and to pay for training and turnout gear for every volunteer.

How Will They Sell Tickets?

Since they can no longer send tickets through the mail, the firefighters looked into other options that nearby departments use.

The tentative plan is to mail every resident a card asking if they would like to purchase raffle tickets and if so, how many. The residents would then return the card with the number of tickets marked, along with a check with their donation.

The firefighters will fill out the resident’s information on the tickets, then return the corresponding stubs by mail.

This would mean a significant amount of extra work for the volunteer firefighters, but earning the proceeds that they were accustomed to would be well worth the effort and the additional postage.

When the firefighters decide on a definitive plan, Orange Live will release the information (late in spring 2015 or early summer 2015) so you will know what to expect.

When you help the Orange Volunteer Fire Department’s fundraising efforts, you are contributing to the safety of your town.