Mar 142015

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

At this week’s Police Commissioner’s meeting, Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo presented the monthly reports for the month of February.

Along with two commercial burglaries posted here this week, there also were three residential burglaries reported.

In all three incidents, copper piping was stolen from vacant homes between Feb. 13 – 18.

Officers responded to a vacant house on Peck Lane that is available for sale for a reported burglary on Feb. 13 at 7:40 p.m.

Investigation revealed that a realtor from Coldwell Banker had come to show the house to prospective buyers when she noticed that someone had forcibly entered the home and removed copper piping from the basement area.

Officers responded to a vacant house on Derby-Milford Road that is available for sale for a reported burglary on Feb. 18 at 10:25 a.m.

Officers learned that someone from the management company (West Shore Realty) had come by to prepare the house for prospective buyers when it was noticed that someone had forcibly entered the home and removed copper piping from the basement area.

Later that day at 1:19 p.m., police were called to another vacant house available for sale, this time on Derby Avenue, for a reported burglary.

Through their investigation, officers learned that a neighbor had observed that someone had forcibly entered the home and was in the process of removing copper piping from the basement area.

The perpetrators fled the area prior to officers’ arrival.

Nov 172014


Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

The following information regarding police activity in October was revealed at this month’s police commission meeting.

Officers responded to 2,712 calls for service including: 

• 3 Burglaries (2 residential, 1 commercial), 125 Activated Burglar Alarms and 139 Medical Emergencies.

There were 32 Criminal Arrests; 17 Shoplifting/Larcenies; 21 Fights/Disturbances; 5 Arrests for DWI; 97 Traffic Accidents; and 220 Motor Vehicle Citations Issued

Sep 232014

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

Members of the Orange Police Department had a busy month in August.

Here is the list of stats read at the September Police Commission Meeting:

Officers responded to 2,484 calls for service

• 3 burglaries (1 residential, 2 commercial)

• 143 activated burglar alarms

• 36 criminal arrests

• 29 shoplifting/larcenies

• 25 fights/disturbances

• 5 DWI arrests

• 83 traffic accidents

• 187 Motor Vehicle Citations issued

• 114 Medical emergencies

May 162014

BEST POLICE Patch EVERFrom the Orange Police Department, the activity list from the month of April.

We have been busy serving our community.

Here are some of the challenges we faced:


 2,594   Calls for Service

    0      Robberies

    4      Burglaries (3 residential, 1 commercial)

  124    Activated Burglar Alarms

   26     Criminal Arrests

   20     Shoplifting/Larcenies

   18     Fights/Disturbances

    6      Arrests for DWI

   59     Traffic Accidents

  216    Motor Vehicle Citations Issued

  147    Medical Emergencies

Apr 142014

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters

The Orange Police Department is investigating break-ins at three local homes overnight as well as two cars having been entered and one stolen.  All three residences are in the Argyle Road, Currier Drive, Pine Tree Drive neighborhoods.  The neighborhood is off of Orange Center Road.

Police first responded to a residence on Argyle Rd at 4:45 a.m., where a resident was awakened by shattering glass. Unknown subjects had thrown a large rock through a glass rear door and entered the kitchen, stealing an electronic device, and immediately left.
Detectives found several other windows and doors had been tampered with in an attempt to gain access.  The Department then received a call from a resident of Currier Drive who related that his rear glass door was broken, however no access was gained.
While at that investigation,  a neighbor walked up and advised that his garage had been entered, Officers are still determining what was taken.  A resident reported that two unlocked vehicles in their driveway had been gone through, although nothing was taken.  Police then received a report of a vehicle stolen from a driveway on David Court.  The 2005 Nissan Altima was taken sometime during the overnight hours.  The owner had left the keys in the center console of the unlocked vehicle.
A canvass of the neighborhood residents revealed that an  “Squarish” SUV was seen driving slowly in the neighborhood being followed by a small sedan with its lights out just before the first report was received.
All residents are reminded lock their cars and remove valuables during the overnight hours.  Leaving outside lights on during overnight hours can also be helpful,  Residents should not hesitate to report suspicious activity to police at 203-891-2130.
Detectives from the Orange Police Department processed the scenes and the car was entered as stolen.   Anyone who may have information is asked to call Detective Brian Petrucelli at 203-891-2138

Feb 152013

Police Headquarters

In January, Orange police responded to 2,958 calls for service. Among them were two burglaries, 1 commercial and 1 residential.

Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo said both incidents took place on Jan. 14.

The residential burglary was reported at 8 a.m. from a home on Peck Lane that had been unoccupied while the owners were on vacation.

The commercial burglary was reported at Roebic Laboratories Inc., 25 Connair Road. According to the report, nothing was taken.

In addition to these incidents, there were 134 activated burglar alarms and 99 medical emergencies.

On the roadways, there were 4 drunken driving arrests, 78 traffic accidents and 262 motor vehicle citations issued.

Also, 39 criminal arrests, 21 shoplifting/larcenies, and 17 fights/disturbances.

Yes, the Orange police were very busy in January.

Dec 112012

The green light globes glow at the entrance of the Orange Police Department at night.

The Orange Police Commission met on Monday, Dec. 10 at the Police Department.

Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo delivered the monthly statistics report for the month of November.

Last month, police received 2,569 calls for service. Among these were 124 medical emergencies and 131 Activated burglar alarms.

There were 109 traffic accidents, 249 motor vehicle citations issued, 2 DWI arrests, 23 fights and/or disturbances, 33 criminal arrests and 31 shoplifting/larcenies reported.

In addition, 2 burglaries were reported, one commercial and one residential.

According to Cuozzo, on Nov. 1 someone reportedly stole extension cords and scrap copper from the construction site of Aurora Foods.

An attempted residential burglary was reported on Greenway Road Nov. 27. According to the report, someone set off the burglar alarm when he or she tried to force in a door.

Nov 142012

The Orange Police Commission came together for their regular meeting on Tuesday.

Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo read the following statistics for the month of October:

Orange police responded to 2,550 calls for service, which resulted in 32 criminal arrests.

The LoJack  company informed Orange police that it had tracked a laptop computer reported stolen from The Marriott Hotel. Investigation led to the person in possession of the computer, who stated he’d bought it in New Haven.

Cuozzo said this is the second laptop that LoJack had found, so the software definitely works.

A robbery was reported in the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory. The victim stated he was approached by two men who stole his iPhone.

There were four residential burglaries and two commercial burglaries reported last month:

Officers responded to the parking lot of the Sprint Store, 215 Boston Post Road, on a report of several vandalized vehicles; also a late night burglary at the Orange Ale House.

The Orange Police Commission

The residential burglaries included an attempt on Derby-Milford Road during which the residents were awakened by the sound of breaking glass; an activated alarm on Ridge Road alerted police – nothing was taken; Jewelry was taken from a home on Wheelers Farm Road, and police arrested an individual who’d burglarized a barn on Derby-Milford Road.

Police are investigating a theft from a construction trailer on the former Findlay Property.

Also in October, officers issued 222 traffic tickets, 3 warnings and 3 parking tickets.

Oct 112012

The Police Commission discusses an issue during the October meeting.

The Orange Police Commission met Wednesday at the Orange Police Department.

Chief Robert Gagne read the department’s statistics for the month of September.

There were 2,429 calls for service which included:

1 residential burglary
3 commercial burglaries
351 activated burglar alarms
28 criminal arrests
30 shoplifting/larceny cases
20 fights/disturbances
6 drunken driving arrests
84 traffic accidents
232 motor vehicle citations were issued
114 medical emergencies
Which generated 484 reports

The residential burglary occurred on Garden Road. Electronics and loose change reportedly were taken. Police had partial recovery of the stolen items and developed a suspect in the case.

Commercial Burglaries

On Sept. 17, there were two overnight burglaries. One at a Dunkin Donuts, where the drive-thru was used to gain entry and the second, at a Subway Restaurant, 292 Boston Post Road, where a front window was smashed.

Police said cash was taken in both incidents and there are no suspects in either case.

There is hope though, there have been several similar burglaries at Subway and Dunkin Donuts shops in three other surrounding towns.

The third burglary occurred on Sept. 18 at Orange Hills Country Club where the front door was forcibly opened.

A K-9 track led to the roadway then stopped, indicating that the suspect may have gotten into a car.

The Investigative Services Unit (ISU) is following up on this incident.

The ISU investigated the thefts of beer kegs from the Orange Ale House.

According to the report a suspect was found and allegedly admitted to six such incidents from this establishment.