Boys’ Swimming and Diving: Amity Defeats Shelton

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Feb 112017

The Amity Boys Swimming and Diving Team was on the road in Shelton on Friday.

The Shelton Gaels competed well, winning a majority of the events, yet the Amity Spartans outscored them 90-78, winning their seventh regular season meet.

Amity’s Winning Events

200 Freestyle: A- 1:52.37 Kevin Yanagisawa

50 Freestyle: A23.07 Colin Roy

100 Butterfly: A- 55.14 Kevin Yanagisawa

100 Backstroke: A- 1:01.67 Tyler Roy

Shelton’s Winning Events

200 Medley Relay: S- 1:46.77 Marc Maleri, Hunter Wronski, Jack Marciano, Reid Chavez

200 Ind. Medley: S- 2:06.97 Hunter Wronski

100 Freestyle: S- 50.90 Hunter Wronski

500 Freestyle: S- 5:29.66 Jack Marciano

200 Freestyle Relay: S- 1:40.00 Matthew Christiano, Sebastian Musante, Hunter Wronski, Jack Marciano

100 Breaststroke: S- 1:10.93 Matthew Christiano

400 Freestyle Relay: S- 3:47.17 Reid Chavez, Marc Maleri, Sebastian Musante, Matthew Christiano

Records: Amity (7-3), Shelton (8-4)

Boys Swim and Dive Team: Notre Dame Edges Amity in Orange

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Feb 022017

Amity’s Colin Roy wins the 100 freestyle

The Amity Spartans Swim and Dive team hosted the high ranking Green Knights of Notre Dame West Haven at the Orange Town Pool on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Going in, Amity knew this would be a close meet, and both teams did their best, yet Notre Dame edged Amity by one tenth of a second to two seconds in one too many events and won the evening 97-86.
Notre Dame’s winning events:

200 Medley Relay: ND- 1:45.60 Gerardo Lopez, Xisong Huang, Anish Thite, John Deko,

200 Freestyle: ND- 1:49.42 Alfred Hansen

100 Butterfly: ND- 53.17 David May

500 Freestyle: ND- 5:11.44 Alfred Hansen

200 Freestyle Relay: ND- 1:32.24 Thomas Minar, Alfred Hansen, Cameron Jurzyk, David May

100 Backstroke: ND- 56.47 Marco Secchiaroli

100 Breaststroke: ND- 1:08.61 Thomas Minar

400 Freestyle Relay: ND- 3:23.38 Alfred Hansen, Thomas Minar, Marco Secchiaroli, David May

 Amity’s winning events

200 Ind. Medley: A- 2:05.20 Kevin Yanagisawa

50 Freestyle: A- 21.93 Colin Roy

Dive: A- 155.80 Uranik Klobucishta

100 Freestyle: A- 48.22 Colin Roy

Records: Notre Dame 7-1; Amity 5-3

Feb 032015

IMG_1019The Amity Boys Swimming Team went up against undefeated Cheshire at the Orange Town Pool on Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Cheshire (5-0) retained its perfect season, defeating Amity (3-2) 95-79.

Cheshire’s winning events:                          

200 yard Medley Relay: C- 1:45.90 Ryan Mostoller, Michael Goodrich, Kyle Shadeck, Matt Schock

200 yard Freestyle: C- 1:50.92 Karl Bishop

200 Ind. Medley: C-2:05.12 Kyle Shadeck

50 yard Freestyle: C- 23.37 Jamie Eigner

Diving: C- 201.30 Salvatore DeLucia

100 yard Butterfly: C-55.22 Kyle Shadeck

500 yard Freestyle: C- 4:56.05 Karl Bishop

200 yard Freestyle Relay: C- 1:37.19 Jamie Eigner, Dara Malone, Michael Goodrich, Karl Bishop

Amity’s winning events:

100 yard Freestyle: A- 50.90 Ben Clemens

100 yard Backstroke: A- 59.34 Colin Roy

100 yard Breaststroke: A- 1:03.64 Ben Clemens

400 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:43.74 Ben Bacal, Sergey Savelyev, Zac Babbitz, Colin Roy