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Mar 142018

I have been on earth for more than half a century and I can remember all of the shootings and massacres in the United States that sent shockwaves across the nation. Columbine is the one in recent history of which most Americans are familiar, but the one that sticks with me the most is Sandy Hook. For my coverage, I relayed information from a fellow journalist who was on scene and a personal friend of Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who died during the rampage.

Nothing has been done about gun control in the five years since, and the incidents keep coming.

And now, my RANT

The list of school shootings and violence is endless, dating back to 1764 in Greencastle, PA when 10 were killed in the Enoch Brown School Massacre. Do your research, and you will see hundreds of incidents where 1 or 2 people died in senseless acts of violence and know that that ONE person had a family and friends and is sorely missed, and left an impact on many. One Life is TOO MUCH.

Since the president and our lawmakers in Washington are unwilling to take on the NRA, it is up to the youth in our nation to find a way to put an end to gun violence. The pleas of parents of the slain Sandy Hook children and teachers have fallen on deaf ears, so perhaps hearing from the well-spoken survivors of the most recent Florida school shooting.

I believe that people have the right to bear arms. Hunters can own and use hunting rifles for that purpose – Hunting if they have a license. Handguns in the possession or responsible people also is not an issue in my mind. Although I do not like the idea of parents having guns in the house where children have access to them, as there are too many accidental shooting deaths across the nation every year. Lock them up and don’t let the children know where you keep the key.

I used to own a .357 Magnum – the BIG “Dirty Harry” type, and I enjoyed using it for target practice, but I never dreamed of using it for any other purpose. It’s been gone for more than 30 years since I had my children.

Teenagers should not own guns because it’s just too easy to impulsively grab one and do some damage.

The AR-15 is NOT a weapon that anyone should have in his or her home to protect their family from intruders. It does NOT belong in the hands of a depressed teenager who has enough money to purchase one online as a means of getting payback, or a mentally unstable adult like the Las Vegas shooter whose excuse I’m not sure I ever heard.

The ONLY ones who should have an AR-15 ASSAULT RIFLE are members of POLICE SWAT or SOLDIERS who are fighting for our country overseas.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Thanks to the bravery of the students in Parkland, Florida, and all of the students who’ve followed their lead, maybe lawmakers will finally listen and DO SOMETHING. Do not sit with the kids with a note in your hand stating “I hear you” if you aren’t going to listen or do anything.

Let our kids go to school to learn. No more fear. No more anonymous threats that interfere with their education. NO MORE.

The time is NOW, Stand Up and Do Something. #ENOUGH!

When I first posted this online attached to the Walkout story, I received a Facebook Comment from “Aimee” stating: “Instead of looking OUTWARD to blame others, look INWARD to be part of the solution!”

I am looking OUTWARD at our lawmakers to make a decision like they did in Australia in 1996 after 36 people were killed during the Port Arthur massacre. It’s time to make some real changes in the gun laws now.

I have watched our lawmakers dodge the issue for years, I’ve written letters with my concerns, I wrote this “rant” and put myself out there for the public to agree or disagree with.

So I ask you, Aimee, what are you doing to be part of the solution?

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