This May Be Disturbing, But Do Not Fear Our ‘Regular’ Ladybugs

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Apr 132018

‘Good’ American Ladybug

NOTE: I apologize for the graphic image in advance. I tried everything I could to get the pretty ladybug to display on the home page. 

A photo that was making the rounds on Facebook a while back sent many pet parents into panic mode.

The disturbing image, published by Hands & Paws, a rescue in Pasco, Florida, showed Japanese beetles embedded in the roof of a dog’s mouth. The caption read in part: “Symptoms are constant drooling for no apparent reason and sudden horrid breath. Lady Bugs can also do the same thing.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association quickly responded, eager to clear up any misconceptions about “ladybugs” being a danger to dogs.

“Here’s the real scoop,” the AVMA wrote. “There are invasive Asian ladybugs that can cause problems, but our ‘regular’ ladybugs DO NOT. So, there’s no need to panic and pry open your dog’s mouth to look for zombie ladybugs.”

Hands & Paws reiterated with this statement, “Don’t panic. This post is for informational purposes. This does not indicate this will happen to your pet. But it is good information to have.”

By the way, the 16 critters in the dog’s mouth have since been removed, and he is doing fine.

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