What Will This Vehicle Be Doing In Your Neighborhood?

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Mar 062017

The town wide revaluation has begun. State law requires towns and cities to revalue real estate every five years. The Town of Orange’s last revaluation was October 1, 2012.

The town has retained J.F Ryan & Associates Inc., Facet Technology Corporation, and Pictometry International Corporation to assist the town in various phases of the revaluation project.

Mr. Gerd Sommelroggen of J.F Ryan & Associates Inc., will be conducting the inspections of homes. Since the 2017 revaluation is interim, only exterior inspections will be performed.  Data mailers will be sent to all homeowners in the summer of 2017.  The new valuation notices will be sent in November 2017.

Facet Technology Corporation will perform street level digital imagery of all primary residential, commercial and industrial structures by use of their collection van captioned below. The street level digital imagery will be available to all Town departments including the Police and Fire.