The Tale Of The Traveling Cell Phone

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Aug 022015

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.36.24 AMIf there’s one thing that the Police Command Post at the Orange Firemen’s Carnival has after the day is done, it’s plenty of tales to tell.

All day long, harried carnival-goers of all ages rush up to the table with a million different dilemmas, most common are lost keys, cell phones, and wallets.

One mom asked if they had any tape so she could fix her brand new “selfie stick” that broke – and she had to use it to take pictures of her son. A CERT member handed her a roll of medical tape, and that did the trick.

The police were happy to return wallets to their rightful owners and pleased to know that all of the money was still inside.

A Gold and Ruby bracelet also was returned to its owner after the husband described it AND produced a photo of it on his cell phone.

This year’s Carnival Announcer Brian Smith reported “lost and found” items over the intercom throughout the day and often followed up with the Command Post to see if the items had been claimed or still needed another announcement.

Smith, the CERT members and Orange Police all shared the same favorite story on Saturday night, that was:”The Tale of the Traveling Cell Phone.”

Someone found a cell phone on the ground near one of the amusement rides and turned it in at the main raffle tent. Smith announced it, then when no one claimed it after a while, sent it over to the Command Post for proper handling and storage if needed.

The phone’s battery was dead, so the folks at the Post charged it. Once it could be turned on, Annie Davis from CERT gave it to Orange Police LT. Max Martins, who checked it out for a phone number that he could call in order to find the owner. “Mom” seemed like the best choice.

Martins told MOM that he had her son’s phone and that it was found at a carnival in Orange, CT.

She was flabbergasted, and explained that her son had lost it on a ride at a carnival in Massachusetts a week or two ago and never thought he’d see it again.

Martins took her name and address and told her he would send it to her.

Another job well done by our great police investigators, CERT and the honest person who turned it in.

Carnival Going Strong Until Midnight, Fireworks at 10:45 p.m.

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Aug 012015

IMG_6560The Orange Firemen’s Carnival has seen some nice weather so far and will throughout its run.

There’s still plenty of time to get in on all the fun. The 50/50 Raffle @ $2 per ticket, gives you a chance to win half of the jackpot — yesterday, one lucky winner walked away with $172 and the Fire Department received $172 to put toward equipment and training. The first drawing tonight at 7 p.m. had a $127 winner — not too shabby for a $2 investment to the town’s fire service.

Operated by the Volunteer Firefighters, the main food tent has a variety of favorites, but did you know that the Auxiliary is selling slices of PIE from Lyman’s Orchard? Get a generous helping of Apple, Apple Crumb, Blueberry, Lemon Merangue or Strawberry Rhubarb to finish off your meal.

Don’t forget the Satellite Food Tent near the fence at Orange Center Road where sales also benefit the Fire Department.

There are a few games that also benefit the fire department, including the Speed Ball — throw a baseball and show your accuracy and speed, the dunk tank, and blower ball.

Today, your Ride Bracelets are good until Midnight.

And one of the best things this year, is the Carny’s new announcer Brian Smith, not since Bob Crocco “The Voice of the Orange Firemen’s Carnival” has there been a more likable person behind the microphone.

So stop by tonight or tomorrow, join in on the fun, Support the Orange Volunteer Fire Department and get your Raffle Tickets for the Big Drawing tomorrow… Top Prize is $5,000 Visa Gift Card!