Pix And Video From The Orange Inauguration

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Nov 182017

On Friday, Nov. 17, the town of Orange hosted its Inauguration Ceremony for all newly elected officials.

Although some of them could not attend, a majority of these fine folks were in attendance to be sworn-in. State Rep. Themis Klarides administered the oath of office.

Now going into his seventh term as First Selectman, James Zeoli gave a nice speech, praising his fellow public servants and giving a nod to his former challenger Margaret Novicki for her hard work during the campaign.

Here is a VIDEO of that speech – For some reason, the 18-minute video cut off after 5 minutes… I will work on fixing that.



Orange Inauguration Ceremony Slated

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Nov 152017

The 2017 Town of Orange Inauguration Ceremony will take place at High Plains Community Center on Friday, November 17, 2017, at 2 p.m.

All of Orange’s newly elected officials will be sworn-in for his or her designated term.

All are welcome to attend.

Dottie Berger’s Endorsement Speech for Incumbent Jim Zeoli

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Jul 262017

The Orange Republicans hosted their caucus at High Plains Community Center on Wednesday, July 19. 

Former First Selectman Dottie Berger gave the following speech to endorse incumbent First Selectman Jim Zeoli for the upcoming municipal election: 

Good Evening.

Charles Dickens wrote = “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.”

Today we are in the times of uncertainty. That is one of the major challenges to be faced by our towns and cities. However, in our town, I see one man who is prepared to address that uncertainty. — That person is James Zeoli, He’s started already. 

Just as Joseph stored the grain for his people in Biblical times and just as the farmer of today maintains a strong hand on the tiller keeping a straight forward line. Jim has done so in governing our town by storing in the barn a healthy fund balance. 

With foresight over the past years, town expenditures have been closely monitored. 

The guiding word for spending town funds is NEED. In an orderly fashion, the town departments’ NEEDS are met. 

As I reviewed the town budget and bond projects it appears that every department received needed funding to maintain the quality of town services expected. 

People make things happen. Jim’s appointments are of those who are knowledgeable and who best will serve the town of Orange. 

Jim’s knowledge of the demands of town operations – trust me he knows – is uncanny. 

Ask about a truck – don’t because for the next 10 minutes he will talk about what it can do; concerned about the habitat at the conservation sites – prepare for a lecture on flora and fauna – and who else finally could get the flag pole painted while the church steeple was being tended. 

At the same time, he is diligently working with Economic Development seeking to improve the tax base with quality businesses. 

So important for this allows the community to maintain an outstanding school system, the leading priority in our town forever. 

He is Johnny on the Spot. He possesses the “common touch” Rudyard Kipling wrote of. He is a roll up the sleeves person. He is committed to providing the best services to the young, the elderly and those in between – through the support of those “helping hand special places” – Case Memorial Library, Community Services, Park and Recreation and Visiting Nurse Association. 

He has provided for the safety and security of the community. He has kept pace in the ever changing business world of electronics and computers. 

He is dedicated to providing a quality of living in our town that we take for granted. He doesn’t take it for granted. He is on the job 24-hours a day making it happen. 

He is proud of our town and his mother and I are proud of him. He grew where he was planted and through his efforts he has produced a better Orange each year of his time in office. 

Without reservation, it is my privilege to nominate James Zeoli for the office of First Selectman of the Town of Orange. 

NOTE: Richard Cenami seconded the nomination and said a few words as well. 

Standing Room Only Crowd At The OVNA Celebration

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May 112017

The Orange Visiting Nurse Association was established in 1937. During the past 80 years, the organization has provided care and comfort to those who need their services.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said the OVNA offers services to the towns of Orange, Woodbridge, and Milford, and Orange is truly fortunate to have them under the town umbrella.

“There are very few communities, and this includes cities that provide home health care and home aid services to their residents,” Zeoli said. “So we are truly blessed to have had them for all these years.”

He added that the OVNA is not as well known as it should be.

Back in 1937, the OVNA had a nurse who performed in-home pre-school screenings of the town’s youngsters.

With a staff of 30, the OVNA offers a wide range of health care services, including a full-time school health program, home health aides, skilled nursing therapies and so much more.

The OVNA office, 605A Orange Center Road, is open when you need it, someone will be happy to answer your questions and offer their assistance whenever possible.

Here is a Video of the presentations.

The open house on Wednesday, May 11 attracted so many residents, including former school nurses, clients, and well-wishers.

Thank you OVNA for your dedicated service to the town.

OVNA Celebrates 80th Anniversary Of Service To The Community

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May 102017

The Orange Visiting Nurse Association, 605A Orange Center Road, will host an open house commemorating 80 years of service to the town of Orange, on Thursday, May 11 from 12 – 4 p.m.

The celebration begins with a Proclamation Ceremony with First Selectman James M. Zeoli at noon, followed by refreshments.

Here is an opportunity for you to learn more about the OVNA and everything they do for the community.


And Your Orange Volunteer Firefighter Of The Year Is….

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Mar 092016

IMG_1151On Tuesday evening, the Orange Volunteer Fire Association held its annual dinner, during which service awards were presented along with the announcement of the Firefighter of the Year.

One dedicated volunteer who joined the department in September 1960 and recently retired after 55 years of service, was honored as the oldest, active member of the Association.

That person is Elfo (Al) Pol, 90, who with his wife (Anita)’s blessing served the town and continued to do so until his retirement.

He served as a Captain and Treasurer in the department, and he dedicated a lot of IMG_1160time to community service: He was Chief of Staff for the 2006 Memorial Day Parade and Parade Marshal; He served as a volunteer firefighter and Legionnaire, Treasurer of the American Legion Post 127 and was a WWII Army Veteran. He also was named an Orange Living Treasure in 2015.

He will still be involved with the Firemen’s Carnival.

In recognition of all his service, First Selectman James Zeoli declared March 8, 2016 as Elfo “Al” Pol Day in Orange.

Chief John Knight presented Anita with a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for IMG_1193her generosity and understanding during Al’s half century of service.

That said, the time came to present the Firefighter of the Year award. The nominating committee chose Al Pol for the honor.

Congratulations, Al, and Thank You for your service.


Senior Residents Displaced When Apartments Flood

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Jan 142015

Silverbrook Estates

Silverbrook Estates

At Wednesday’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting, First Selectman Jim Zeoli informed the board of a problem at the Silverbrook Senior Housing Community.

Fire Sprinklers at Silverbrook were installed in August as part of an extensive improvement project.

On Monday, Jan 12, with the extreme cold, the pipes froze and burst and six apartments were flooded and damaged. (See Orange Live’s Facebook page for the fire calls that came in that day.)

Displaced residents have been living at the Marriott; one is staying in a vacant apartment in the complex.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said someone is at fault and will be held accountable for it.

Orange Live will update this story whenever new information comes to light.

Legislators Have Roundtable At Orange Town Hall

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Jan 082015

Orange roundtableFour lawmakers representing Orange met with First Selectman Jim Zeoli in his office Thursday morning to get acquainted and to discuss the important issues that affect the town now and in the future.

Themis Klarides, who was sworn in yesterday as House Republican Leader, along with State Sen. Gayle Slossberg and two freshmen State Representatives, Pam Staneski and Charles Ferraro all came with open minds as they sat down with Zeoli and Town Attorney Vincent Marino.

“This was the first time the two new Reps have had a meeting with me, so they were very attentive and took a lot of notes and asked some good questions,” Zeoli said.

The session focused primarily on town business, including the center turn lane on the Boston Post Road; obtaining state funding for important projects; and getting everyone on board so that Orange has a better chance to receive the $300,000 STEAP (Small Town Economic Assistance Program) Grant money that it applied for last fall to help with the Fred Wolfe Park Improvement/expansion project.

Zeoli, who is the chairman of the state Farmland Advisory Board also included farming issues in the discussion.

All in all the morning meeting appeared to be a bipartisan success.