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Protect Yourself: The Flu Is Widespread In CT, Wash Your Hands

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Dec 212017


According to the CDC, the Flu is widespread in the state of CT, and everyone, from children to the elderly should do what they can to protect themselves from getting the virus.

The best thing you can remember is to wash your hands! Remind children NOT to pick their noses and keep their hands away from their eyes, mouth and nose. This goes for adults, too. IF your nose is dry, carry some sort of saline spray to quickly make yourself more comfortable. Carry a package of tissues and some sort of soapless hand cleaner to use after you’ve touched some of the dirtiest objects that you come into contact with every — gas pump handles, atm machine buttons, cash from a store, toilet handles and other objects in public bathrooms.

Also, be aware that the flu is a virus not a bacteria.

The following information was taken from a blog by Communicable Disease Investigator Lisa A. Mack MS, MPH.

“Wash Your Hands! Fast forward to 2015 and we still advise Wash Your Hands. It’s simple. It’s basic. It’s minimal. Yet people still skip this step. We also advise if you are sick to please stay home. It is not productive if you come to work sick and get half the staff sick so they have to stay home. Don’t try to be a hero. Just use some common sense. Sneeze and cough into your sleeve. Use hand sanitizer after washing your hands or if there is no access to soap and water.”

“Despite your best efforts, you got the flu. What now? As soon as you feel symptoms take yourself over to the doctors and get some anti-virals, like Tamiflu. These are not antibiotics. You will need to start them within the first 48 hours of symptoms. While it is not a cure, it will help to lessen the severity and length of the illness. Vaccinate, Prevent, Mitigate.”