Letter: Auxiliary Member Explains The American Legion’s Golf Tourney Cancellation

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Aug 022015

hall_photoTo the Editor:

Approximately a month ago I sent an email to the local newspapers as well as Orange Live and Orange Patch concerning the cancellation of the American Legion Golf Tournament due to conflict with Orange Hills Country Club. As of right now the only media outlet to even mention the cancellation was Orange Live by posting the announcement the next day.

Here it is a month later and not only has no one else even mentioned the cancellation but no one has even questioned the “conflict with Orange Hills Country Club.”

In case anyone is interested the story goes like this:

In February the golf course was booked for Monday, August 17th (the same Monday as last year) for the American Legion Post 127 Annual Golf Tournament. This is the group’s main fundraiser for the year, the money raised going to improve the building and grounds at 630 Grassy Hill Road. Sometime in April the date was verbally confirmed.

Then in the beginning of June the Country Club called saying the course was double booked for that day and asked if the American Legion could change the date. At this point 150 letters and flyers had already been mailed out or personally handed out while looking for not only golfers but also sponsors, donations and raffle prizes. Emails had already been sent to the local papers, websites, and social media outlets. So of course the answer was no, we could not change the date.

Over the following four weeks many phone calls were made from the Country Club owners again asking to change the date or the time, they tried to get town officials involved, money was even offered to change to another golf course. All of this back and forth was for the Milford Police Department Golf Tournament… because they would bring in more money for the golf course that day.

Please understand that I support all men and women in uniform and thank them for the job they do… but when an out of town department receives priority over the veterans of the town of Orange, there is something wrong with this community.

And I think what bothers me the most is that no one has done or said anything, publicly, about this situation. I just thought people should know why such a fun and worthy event had been cancelled. As well as why next year’s golf tournament may have to be held out of town…


Tricia Cenami

Resident of Orange

Member of the American Legion Auxiliary