Apr 012017

I may possibly be the only person on earth that has never seen Fiddler On The Roof — Not the movie, nor in a theater — yet, on Friday March 31, when the lights went down in the Amity High School theater and Phil Dolan began conducting the orchestra, it all seemed so familiar.

The first number, “Tradition” included nearly the entire troupe and was so tight, beautifully choreographed and well executed that the audience was immediately sucked in. — This was going to be another Amity classic.

In Act 1, Tevye, the poor milkman’s daughters find love and break the tradition of being paired by a matchmaker.

Rob Kennedy’s staging and Dan Hassenmayer’s lighting bring out the best visually for the Sabbath Prayer, and the haunting presentation of The Dream will leave you asking “How did they do that?”

Julie  Chevan, Brenda Burt and their tremendous crew of costumers outdid themselves with dressing the huge cast to fit the 1905 period.

During the 15 minute intermission, veteran actor and theater enthusiast Robert Drobish (Father of Andrea Kennedy) praised lead actor Eric Greenbaum (Tevye) for his opening night performance.

There are so many great performers in this production that it’s hard to single an one out. Each year, Amity seems to have more talented soprano singers than the last.

Personally, I appreciated the performances by the three actresses who played Tevye’s eldest daughters, Emily Kilian “Tzeitel,” Gabrielle Aversa “Hodel” and Talya Braverman “Chava.” Each did a wonderful job.

If you paid attention and reserved your seats when tickets first went on sale as I suggested, you will be enjoying this show in the final three performances next week.

Another job well done by the Kennedy’s and everyone involved with the Amity Theater Department.