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Link: Photos of the Odyssey Greek Festival (Saturday, Aug. 30)

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Aug 312014

The weather was perfect for picture taking at the Odyssey Greek Festival in Orange on Saturday.

Here are a few of my favorites. To see the complete album or to order photos click HERE.

Labor Day Weekend Forecast — Get Out And Celebrate OPA!

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Aug 282013

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 10.48.21 AM

According to the forecast by WTNH Meteorologist Gil Simmons the Labor Day weekend festivities in Orange will not be a washout, although humidity can be troublesome for some folks who tend to be more sensitive to it.

Friday may be the best day for the Greek Festival with temps in the high 70s to 82 degrees. It will be sunny, but humid.

On Saturday, we may see passing showers in the late morning or early afternoon, otherwise partly cloudy and highs in the 80s.

The weather should be fine for the concert at the fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m.

On Sunday, get to the festival in the afternoon, as showers or thunderstorms may pop up in the evening.

On Monday, Labor Day, sunny, with temps in the upper 70s to 80 degrees with late day rain possible.

The forecast looks great for the first day of school on Tuesday with cooler temps in the 70s.

Three Days To Go And St. Barbara Bakers and Cooks Are Still Hard At Work

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Aug 272013


The annual St. Barbara Odyssey Greek Festival begins on Friday, Aug. 30 at noon and with just three days left the volunteer cooks and bakers are still hard at work preparing magnificent pastries and Greek specialties to tempt the thousands of guests who will flock to the event this Labor Day weekend.

The Schedule of events is attached with all the information you need to plan your weekend.




Have a Sweet Tooth? St. Barbaras Can Take Care of That

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Sep 032012

Fresh Loukoumades sell like hot cakes at the festival.

What goes into making all those pastries that we grab up at the Greek Festival?

Have a craving for Baklava, Koulourakia or anything else you can’t pronounce but know you love?

At the St. Barbara Odyssey Greek Festival, none of these delicacies are store bought, parishioners, young and old, bake every day during the festival so everything is fresh from the oven.

It is estimated that they make 40,000 pastries for the festival, using about 950 lbs sugar; 1,000 lbs butter; 1,000 lbs flour; and 750 lbs filo dough.

If you don’t have time, or don’t want to eat your pastries there, they have thought ahead and prepackaged a variety of these sweets in carry out containers for your convenience.

Up on top of the hill, you can watch the women make the Loukoumades (donut balls) and get them “to go” in a Styrofoam container — but be sure to grab a fork, they won’t last until you get home.

Today is the final day of the Greek Festival, don’t miss out, it won’t be back til NEXT Labor Day.


VIDEO: The Odyssey Greek Festival 2012

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Sep 032012

An image capture from the video.

Our summer intern, Amity student Lauren Ide captured the spirit of the Greek Festival on video.


Come on down today to join the fun and experience the food, fun, music and dance of the Greek people.

Evening Scenes From The Odyssey Greek Festival in Orange

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Sep 032012

The Senior Odyssey Dancers entertain a full house on Sunday night.

The 32nd annual Odyssey Greek Festival has been going strong for three days. Sunday’s crowd was phenomenal, the food was going out as fast as the cooks could prepare it.

The senior Odyssey dancers – high school students ages 14-17 – entertained, with the boys wrapping up the show with the “Zorba Dance.”

Today is the final day of the festival, so if you haven’t gone yet, or even if you have, come on by and enjoy the great food, music and dancing between 12-8 p.m.

Remember, the Greek Festival only comes once a year.

OPA! Odyssey Greek Festival Today 12-8 p.m. Odyssey Dancers, Food, Music, Kids Rides

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Sep 012012

St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church invites you to the Odyssey festival Labor Day weekend.

For some, Labor Day means the end of summer, closing up the pool and preparing the kids for full weeks of school. But in Orange, it means it’s time for the St. Barbara’s Church Greek Festival, with the smell of roasted lamb floating through the air as the Odyssey Dancers entertain on the grassy field below.

St. Barbara’s has gone through changes in the past few years, in fact during a construction project during the last decade, some out-of-towners wondered if the festival would go on at all. But the church had it covered, borrowing parking space from neighboring churches and town locations and shuttling visitors in to the festival without missing a beat.

Why does everyone love the Greek Festival so much? Some appreciate the beauty of the Church with its stained glass windows and painted walls; others enjoy strolling through the Hellenic agora (marketplace) and checking out the wide variety of  items it has to offer; crowds always gather for the Greek cooking demonstrations and others sit in the grass for hours listening to the live band and watching the Odyssey Dancers of all ages perform traditional Greek dances each day; children look forward to the rides and games.

But if you ask anyone no matter what their heritage, it’s the food that keep them coming back year after year.

Scenes from last year’s Odyssey Greek Festival

The menu includes appetizers (meze), Greek pastries; (glyka), lamb roasted on the spit; (souvla), moussaka; gyro; spanakopita (spinach pie) and pastitisio (Greek style lasagna) and don’t forget the loukoumades (fried dough balls).

Some prefer the “Meze Grill” with specialty gourmet appetizers (meze), including saganaki (Greek cheese flamed with brandy), grilled seafood, and more, and featuring live Greek and Anatolian music.

The Greek Festival is open Rain or Shine, through Monday, Sept. 3.

Parking and admission are free on-site at 480 Racebrook Road and next door at Holy Infant Church.

Sunday, Sept. 2 and Monday, Sept. 3, festival open noon to 8 p.m.

For more information, call 203-795-1347.



Blue Moon: Coming To The Sky Above You On Friday

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Aug 292012

The Moon as seen on the NASA website (Image by universetoday.com)

What is a Blue Moon?

Before you get excited and start setting up your camera on a tripod on the beach, you should be aware that a blue moon is nothing more than a full moon. What is unusual is that it is the second full moon to appear in the month of August.

The Blue Moon is a rarity, it comes every now and then, and you can’t expect to see one every year. So Friday’s full moon is special in that sense, but it won’t have a blue hue to it. There’s nothing special about this moon in appearance, but it is the timing that it comes “once in a blue moon.”

There was no Blue Moon in 2011 and there will be two Blue Moons in 2018 (January and March).

Perhaps we are most familiar with the Blue Moon from the 1961 song by the Marcels that we baby boomers heard on the radio and learned to love again in the movie “American Graffitti.”

Still, enjoy the full moon on Friday as it illuminates the field at the Odyssey Greek Festival and as it wanes over the Orange Fairgrounds on Saturday for the British Invasion concert. After all, a full moon is a full moon, and there is always something magical about that.