Amity High School’s Top Athletes Honored

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Jun 232018

The Amity Athletics Booster Club hosted its 62nd Annual Block A Athletic Award Dinner at Race Brook Country Club on Sunday, June 10.

The best of the best in Amity Athletics gathered at the event, which withholds the names of the winners until they are officially announced by his or her coach following a brief biography.

Following are the 2017-2018 MVPs in their respective sports: 

Baseball – Patrick Winkel

Boys Basketball – Tyler Thomas

Girls Basketball – Tara Laugeni

Dance – Sophie Benjamin

Boys Cross Country – Connor Visnic 

Field Hockey – Sara Kelly 









Girls Cross Country – Abby Bowser

Baseball MVP Patrick Winkel and Coach Sal Coppola.

Football – Luigi Luciani

Boys Golf – Jamie Blum

Girls Golf – Bridget Barnsley 

Boys Ice Hockey – Tyler Cole

Girls Ice Hockey – Cally Dixon

Girls Indoor Track and Field – Nicole Koshes

Boys Indoor Track and Field – Connor Visnic 

Boys Lacrosse – Dane Walsh 

Girls Lacrosse MVP Ana Carney and Coach Jenna DeRosa

Girls Lacrosse – Ana Carney

Boys Ski Racing – Henry Molot

Girls Ski Racing – Mary Foley

Boys Soccer – Thomas Kanter 

Girls Soccer – Abby Allen

Softball – Carly Marchitto

Boys Swimming – Colin Roy

Girls Swimming – Molly Cox

Boys Tennis – Marco Delsanto 

Girls Tennis – Hannah Hipona 

Girls Track and Field – Emily Zielinski 

Boys Volleyball – Arvand Golbazi 

Girls Volleyball – Abby Harbinson

Wrestling – Matthew Rothman 

And here are some special awards, and scholarship awards:

Unified Sportsmanship Award Sydney Finch

Versatility Award – Jack Nolan and Brooke Matyasovsky

Scholar Athlete – Jake Silliman and Shayna Goldblatt

Sportsmanship Award – Chris Bierezowiec and Olivia Dittman

Paul Mengold Outstanding Leadership Award – Carly Marchitto

Carly Marchitto, Winner of the Paul Mengold Leadership Award with Mengold, Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin, and her coaches.












Albert J. Seymour Memorial Award – John Benanto and Mckenzie Mcdermott

Thomas G. Laugeni Memorial Award – Colin Roy and Grace Whitman

Kevin Yanagisawa, winner of the Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award.

Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award – Kevin Yanagisawa 

James Dunleavy Memorial Hockey Award – Jordan Conn

Mark E. Greco Memorial Hockey Award – Brian Early

Jeremy Saxe Memorial Scholarship – Henry Molot

Thomas J. Ross Memorial Manager Award – Olivia Dittman

Coach of the Year (Boys Basketball) Jeff Nielsen.

Coach of the Year Award –Jeff Nielsen

Assistant Coach of the year – Nick Dottori

Outstanding Service Award – Bobby Carbone

Athlete of the Year Award – Pat Winkel and Nicole Koshes


Notes In A Nutshell: Plan And Zoning June 19

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Jun 192018

TP&Z Chair Ozzy Parente

The Town Plan and Zoning Commission had a lengthy agenda on Tuesday, June 19. Following are brief notes of what was discussed.

Zoning enforcement: The Hotel on Marsh Hill Road is coming along well, there are a few things that still need to be discussed.

A home on Buttonball that had an issue with trailers is being dealt with.

Urban Air did some outdoor plantings and there is a matter of additional business coming in.

The architect spoke on the request for a larger occupancy in the amusement business originally 400, now requesting 700, which would mean an increase in parking.

The application was approved pending a letter from Fire Marshal Tim Smith.

• The Former Bear And Grill Building had a proposal for a virtual reality business “Spot VR Lounge”, to be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The parking meets the regulations, no changes to the footprint of the building,

Unanimously approved. 

Public Hearings:

The Gherlones on 535 Highfield Road, requested an elderly apartment permit, received all the necessary signatures and meets all the town requirements.

Unanimously approved.

Special request by Chinmaya Mission on Derby Avenue for a 25% reduction in required parking spaces from 80 to 60 spaces. (use an existing basketball court that is not in use, for parking if needed)

This matter has been continued to the next meeting. 

Senior Housing on Turkey Hill Road. The room was filled with concerned citizens who opposed the application.

One concern is that the septic system could fail. The plan includes each building having its own septic system.

Department heads submitted their comments for the record. Sanitarian said soil testing has been done on the site since 2008, and there are areas of “special concern.”

Public Works Director said he also had concerns depending upon how many units there are and if there will be DEEP

Police Chief said the development would put a strain on police and emergency services, both of which already are overtaxed.

The attorney for the applicant said the following revisions have been made:

She clarified that there is no restaurant in the proposal.

The UNH Campus is NOT a part of the site plan.

Waste systems would be privately owned and not the town’s responsibility.

Reduced maximum building coverage from 30% to 15%

Several residents sent in letters expressing their opposition to the application, citing everything from traffic congestion to safety concerns and the idea that a zone change would open a can of worms that would negatively impact this and other areas in town.

The Attorney presented several letters of support (mostly copies of the same form letter) from residents, most of whom do not live in the immediate area of the proposed development.

Turkey Hill resident Mike DeVito, whose property abuts the proposed site. Initially, he didn’t oppose the plan, but as time went on and the site plan changed the idea became much less desirable. The traffic alone would be unacceptable.

His neighbor and her husband oppose the proposed amendment change.

A resident from Wheelers Farm Road, whose children attend Turkey Hill Road, said he is not opposed to smart growth, but why not put this development in an already approved zone instead of changing a zone to try and fit it in.

Dr. Mohammed from the Health Department said this is not an appropriate location for such a development.

One brave woman stood before the opposition crowd and said some people would actually like to live in a development like this.

The attorneys and other speakers later in the meeting were very chatty. Since I had other work to do, I stopped watching and suggest you click on the video on demand link under the OGAT button to the upper left side of this site and watch the remainder of the meeting.

UPDATE: What Happened At The World Record Attempt Today?

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Jun 102018

Amity High School Junior Jake Bronson announced that he is organizing a world record attempt for the most participants in a baseball throwing relay.
This event is taking place on Sunday, June 10, at the Amity High School Track. Check-in will start at 9 a.m. and will continue until 11 a.m. or until he reaches the 251 person minimum.
He and his fellow organizers also are collecting monetary donations for Pitch in for Baseball, a charity that donates baseball equipment to children who cannot afford this equipment to play baseball.
If you would like to help Jake and be a part of this event and possibly make it into the Guinness Book of World Records Mark your calendar and make your way down to the Amity Track, even if it’s just to witness the action — better if you participate, though.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, not enough people showed up to make the record. Jake will try again, perhaps in the Fall.
He worked so hard and filled out all of the paperwork, prepared the track and even had games and entertainment set up for participants. It just became evident that the required amount of people were not going to show up so he reluctantly closed up shop.