Jan 182014

Two of the trucks that were auctioned off in November. (not on the list)

Two of the trucks that were auctioned off in November. (not on the list)

On Nov. 22, 2013, Orange sold off old equipment and vehicles in the town auction at the Highway Department.

Unlike past years when there were all-out bidding wars, some of the items went for amazingly low prices: $5 for 2 file cabinets ; $10 for 2 chainsaws; $15 for weed wackers; and the highest priced item (on this list) $1,800 for a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria police car.

Steve Cifarelli from the Highway Department put a lot of work into getting the vehicles and items ready and logged for the auction and hoped to make several thousand dollars, but, he said, “You never know what’s going to happen. It all depends on the crowd, the weather… We have some real good vehicles this year.”

The weather put a damper on the auction. It was chilly and drizzly out and no one was really in the mood to empty his wallet, so things went cheap.

Still, the town did bring in a profit, just not as much as hoped.

Nov 012012

UI and Highway Department trucks out on the road Thursday afternoon.

Town Highway and UI continue to work together to restore power.  UI reports that restoration will begin on Friday.  There may be periods of outages while power is being restored.  Travel can still be difficult.  Be aware of low hanging wires and branches. Use caution at intersections as traffic controls may be out.  Report new power outages to UI at 1-800-722-5584.

Continue to use generators in a safe manner.  Generators should be at least 20 feet from the home.  They should not be covered. They should never be used indoors or in open garages.  Residents should not overload the generator with extension cords.  Cords can become hot and cause a fire.   Residents on generator power can cause damage to power lines if the main switch in their home is not off.

Residents should use extreme caution when using chainsaws or other tree clearing tools.  Always be aware of wires and other people when clearing debris. Trees may have been weakened by the storm and can fall when working beneath.

Perishable food left unrefrigerated for an extended time should be discarded as it may be unsafe to eat.

Dump hours have been extended to Sunday 830 to 430 for leaves and storm debris.  The Public Works Department will pick up storm debris cut to 6-8 foot lengths at curbside through middle of November.

The Emergency Shelter at High Plains Community Center is open.  Showers and Charging stations are available 24 hours a day.  Residents should bring their own toiletries, bedding and medications.  Pets are welcome.

Residents can elect to receive these messages via cell phone, text or email by visiting ctalert.gov.

Please be safe during this recovery period.