Property Transfers Filed In Orange In June

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Jul 062018

Town Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan released this list of Property Transfers filed with his office in June.

344 Narrow Lane, $314,900, Phyllis Smith to Craig Lennon, filed on June 1.

826 Quarter Mile Road, $240,000, Yolanda Pope revokable trust to Anthony Volpe, filed on June 1.

637 Brentwood Raod, $440,000, Richard Small to Darryl Pytlak, filed on June 1.

585 Arrowhead Drive, $550,000, Robert Bishop to Jennifer Bosma, filed on June 1.

381 Grassy Hill Road, $355,000, Tamir Battat to Jason Agvent, filed on June 4.

51 Hampton Close, $670,000, Steven Greenberg to Luyan Zhang, filed on June 5.

52 Williamsburg Drive, $450,000, Christopher Lambiase to Javier Lopez, filed on June 6.

600 Ridge Road, $863,000, Michael McClure to Srinivas Vuvvala, filed on June 12.

144 Sunrise Hill Circle, $595,730, Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Andrew Julian Trust, filed on June 12.

481 Pine Tree Drive, $385,000, Henry Chacon to Kristen Anderson, filed on June 14.

754 Lambert Road, $375,000, Debra Lomme to Vasanth Nadadur, filed on June 15.

120 Sunrise Hill Circle, $492,000, James Leahy to Joy Habib, filed on June 19.

552 Lambert Road, $675,000, Two Ninety Six LLC to Christopher Montanaro, filed on June 19.

337 Augusta Drive, $435,000, Dennis Taylor to Joseph Gonzalez, filed on June 19.

337 Racebrook Road, $486,000, I A Construction LLC to Nabia Mouli, filed on June 20,

6 Goldman Road, $275,000, Green Olive Properties Management to Grace Burke, filed on June 21.

607 South Greenbrier Drive, $380,000, Eric Johnson Trust to Robert Amarone, filed on June 25.

644 Racebrook Road, $345,000, Gary Walsh Exec to AnnMarie Williams, filed on June 25.

808 Birchwood Drive, $355,000, Sanjeev Pandit to Jian Xing Huang, filed on June 26.

835 Alling Road, $230,000, Christopher Viera to Andres Bernal Ruiz, filed on June 26.

137 Grannis Road, $360,000, Andrew Ullman Trust to Giovanni DeSouza, filed on June 27.

322 Hollow Road, $487,000, Lipang Lee to Allison Baylis, filed on June 27.

372 Demarest Drive, $426, 250, Robert Lariviere to Sohrb Ismail Geigi, filed on June 28.

338 Augusta Drive, $445,000, Jared James to Melvin Saunders III, filed on June 28.

826 Dentree Drive, $360,000, Charles Terlizzi to Bryan Terlizzi, filed on June 28.

294 Sarah Cilrcle, $462,000, Jeffrey Monda to Ajay Patel, filed on June 29.

172 Englewood Drive, $330,000, Caroline Kai Yu Fong Cheng Revocable Trust to Emilia Diosa, filed on June 29.

174 Sunrise Hill Circle, $535,000, Andrea Grossman Trust to Madeline Potash, filed on June 29.

880 Racebrook Road, $589,000, Baybrook Remodeling LLC to Leah Aber, filed on June 29.