One More Time…”Lock Your Cars, Keep Valuables Out Of Sight” — More Thefts Reported

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Aug 062015

howelltonOver night, Wednesday Aug. 5 into Thursday, Aug. 6 five unlocked vehicles on Howellton Road were entered and in some cases, items stolen.

A resident on New England Lane also reported a similar incident (after 10 p.m.)

One resident told Orange Live that a laptop computer was taken, the glove box was open,  and mail had been opened and strewn about the vehicle.

His neighbor said a GPS was missing from her (unlocked) car.

Since June, Orange Live has reported on four such incidents in different neighborhoods around town.

As always, the Orange Police Department is asking residents to take several crime prevention steps to help stem these thefts from vehicles.

1) Lock your cars.  Forcing entry into a car is the exception not the norm.  Often residents do not want their cars damaged so they leave them unlocked.  Open cars present a crime of opportunity, more often than not criminals will bypass locked vehicles

2) Leave no valuables in vehicles over night.  Criminals will peer into cars and if they see something worth taking, they will.  If it looks very valuable they may take the extra risk and force entry.  This is easily avoidable by stowing GPS units and other valuables in locked glove boxes or center consoles or by taking them inside.

3) Light the night.  Leave outside lights on.  For the pennies it costs to leave  outside lights on you gain a tremendous amount of crime prevention.  During the night, someone on foot can hear or see a patrol car approaching and easily slip into the shadows.  By leaving lights on or installing motion lights , it takes these opportunities away.

4) Never leave keys in the vehicle.  Unfortunately,  we live in a time when it’s just not sensible to leave keys in your car.  Please, Lock your cars and bring the keys inside.

Criminals work on the pretense of  Opportunity, Ability and Target… We can control two of these by hardening the target and reducing opportunity.  As always if you hear or see something,  day or night, report it by calling 203-891-2130.


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Residents, Watch For Suspicious Activity

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May 292014

Car-break-ins-300x200A resident in the Drummond Road area reported that there were “A lot of car break-ins” in his neighborhood on Wednesday night.

Orange Live will try to verify this information tomorrow.

When this happened recently, Chief Anthony Cuozzo had this to say, ““We encourage residents to lock their vehicles and remove any valuables from their cars at night. Always keep valuables, such as cell phones, laptops, cameras etc. out of plain sight to avoid thefts and break-ins. Broken windows and forced entry can lead to some very expensive repairs.”