Notes In A Nutshell: September Police Commission

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Sep 292017

A new subdivision was on the agenda during the Traffic Authority portion of the Orange Police Commission meeting this month.

Traffic Authority

Brian Baker presented plans for 205 Indian River Road, the old Cuzz Acres Golf Course, for a 4 lot subdivision. The area that used to be a driving range has a lot of frontage space. It’s flat on Edison Raod and slopes down on Indian River across from the Christmas Tree Shops building.

Baker explained that Lot 1 would be used for an office building where 240 parking spaces are required by town regulations, but it will have 302 spaces, therefore satisfying the requirements that will come up at a future TP&Z Commission meeting.

He showed schematics of what could go in on Lots 2 and 3 and told the commission that they were going to submit the plans to the TP&Z for a spot on an upcoming agenda.

The Police Commission discussed the plans and approved them after agreeing that there were no sight line issues, no new roads would be required and they would have no impact on the town infrastructure.

Police Commission

During this portion of the monthly meeting, the commissioners heard Chief Robert Gagne’s report on department expenditures, which included maintenance issues and monies spent for new recruits.


Gagne said there are no concerns with the department’s budget, adding that the environmental service unit in men’s locker room needed fixing to take care of a humidity issue.

Carbon Monoxide in Police SUVs

He also discussed the fact that the Ford Patrol SUVs across the country that were having Carbon Monoxide issues, sickening officers and causing accidents was due to holes that were drilled in the vehicles where they didn’t belong.

He was happy to announce that the Orange PD’s vendor did not do this, so it was not a problem here, adding that C/O detectors were installed in the department’s vehicles as a precautionary measure to keep our officers safe.


The Chief reported that the Sig Sauer guns that every officer carries were discovered to have a design flaw.

According to a memo, if the gun was dropped on the ground in a specific way, it was in danger of going off.

The gun manufacturer found that the trigger was too heavy and could fire if it fell on the ground.

Gagne said, “Of course we tell our officers not to drop their guns, and it has not been a problem in our department.” Still, all of the pistols will be replaced this fall with the same model gun that has been modified to take care of the issue.

Charcoal Uniforms

Gagne shared some good, money-saving news as well.

The Orange Police Department has a unique color choice for its uniforms and no other department uses charcoal colored uniform pants.

For many years, Orange purchased its uniforms from Horwitz Uniforms in West Haven.

Recently, the owner notified Gagne that he had many pairs of charcoal pants in stock that were not selling. He offered the Orange PD his remaining inventory of these pants free of charge, asking only that the officers come to him to have them striped.