A Message From NuVita’s Jason Moon

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Oct 082018

Welcome To NuVita! Take off your coat and stay a while.

Back in 2011, Orange resident Jason Moon, a recent Amity grad opened the NuVita Frozen Yogurt shop at 35 Old Tavern Road in Orange.

As the years went by, he opened a few more stores, one of the most popular being at the Westfield Shopping Mall in Milford.

In 2015, for the fourth anniversary of the flagship store, Moon, with the help of his father, installed new floors, walls, counters, and display cases, giving the place a bright, fresh new look.

Connecticut is a tough place to own a business and not many last more than a few years, but NuVita is one of the lucky ones with a friendly, hard-working staff, and Moon always considering new ideas to keep customers interested and satisfied.

Seven years ago, Jason called me first to announce the flagship store’s opening, and last night he asked that I help him make another announcement — he has had to close the Milford Mall store.

Frequent visitors may have noticed that they never see him at either location lately. He explained that his parents moved out of state and now, his mother is very ill and he has moved down south to help take care of her.

This life-changing event, along with lower foot traffic at the mall, led to the decision to leave the mall.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who supported NuVita over past few years. But my family needs me now and it’s time to let Milford go,” he said.

Fans of the Orange store can breathe easy, it’s hanging in there. Even in his absence, he hopes residents and froyo lovers will still stop in and enjoy a cool treat, coffee or tea drink and kick their feet up and relax with the free WiFi. Small independent local businesses need a faithful clientele to stay alive. Every little bit helps.

“Thank you everyone for the love and support,” Moon said. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me.”

What’s Going On At Nuvita?

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Apr 162015

Nuvita is turned Inside Out this week during renovations.

Nuvita is turned Inside Out this week during renovations.

The one thing that business owners yearn for is having customers flock to their store or restaurant. But this week Jason Moon, owner of Nuvita Frozen Yogurt and Cafe at 35 Old Tavern Road, was turning people away as one-after-one they would walk up and ask, “Are you open?”

On Wednesday afternoon, Jason was already on hour 46 of his work week and he still anticipated at least another 30 more hours before he would have a moment to relax.

So, what’s going on?

Since opening his highly successful Froyo shop in 2011, Jason saw the need to expand his menu and to give the Cafe a new look.

“This winter with all the snow, we had some water leaks and the floor and some equipment was ruined, so it was time to fix it,” he said.

Jason recruited his father and his “crew” — mainly family members with renovation experience to embark on the marathon task of giving Nuvita, a “NU” look.

Jason began tearing the shop apart on Sunday and by Wednesday a new wall was up in the back making a “kitchen” area where he would be making baked goods to go with the already popular coffee and tea that he sells in the shop.

His father was laying an intricate pattern of tiles on the floor and was working to get the entire entry leading up to the counter completed by that afternoon.

Jason had been granted all the permits he needed for the renovations and was determined to open the new improved Nuvita by the weekend.

“We’re introducing more toppings for the yogurt and adding new kitchen equipment to replace the old things,” he said. “It should be done by this weekend.”

Once it’s done, customers will see a beautiful, inviting Nuvita, still 10 yogurt stations and so much more.