Our 1 Year Anniversary — Thank You!

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May 172013

One Year anniversaryMy how time has flown, I remember this day in 2012 vividly. Taking a totally unnecessary trip to Wilton to hear the I was being FREED from my former employer and then continuing my day with a trip to Peck Place School with my dog as planned and later launching the Orange Live Facebook page that evening.

My brother helped me pay for the web hosting and I had several wonderful friends who worked tirelessly with me to make the initial template appealing and easy to move around.

I thank everyone who remained faithful to me and has helped Orange Live and Orangectlive.com thrive during the past 365 days. Last week the Facebook page exceeded 1,000 Likes — a huge milestone.

Orange Live has published 1,647 stories in the past year, averaging 4.5 per day – all of them involving something or someone local.

On a personal note, it hasn’t been easy financially, with no real pay check and mounting medical bills but at least I am doing what I love. I am the toughest boss I have ever had, but by far the fairest.

Now let’s continue to get the word out about Orange Live, the One and Only True Hyperlocal internet site dedicated to the town of Orange. A promise I plan to keep. Because Orange residents deserve their own Online News site … and this is it! There is no Orange News entity that compares to Orangectlive.com. We’re all different, and this is the best one you will find online.

Thank you all for a great first year, here’s to 100 more.

Dec 202012

Last night, Dec. 19, Orangectlive.com made another milestone — 3 Million Hits.

Since its inception, just shy of seven months ago, Orange Live has stuck to its promise of being the town’s exclusive 24/7 Online News Site and except for last week’s coverage of the Sandy Hook School massacre, this site hasn’t gone beyond the Orange and Amity High School borders.

Orange Live will stay true to its promises and will continue to bring you the best, most complete Amity Sports coverage of any news media (online and print) available. We do ask for Sports Sponsors to pay a one-time sponsor fee for a season long, highly visible advertising opportunity. A few winter sports are still available. Call Terri at 203-506-1747 or e-mail orangectlive01@gmail.com for sponsorship information

We offer highly visible ad space with up to 21,000 visitors a day 24/7, your advertisement is visible on every page and the majority connect readers to your website or Facebook page with one click.

On the average day, Orange Live posts 4 to 7 stories written by editor Terri Miles and/or sports writer Phil Brodsky. That is it for staff, there are no blogs. When Amity’s Charles Britton or John Brady sends a letter or memo to us, we print it as an article attributing it to one or the other.

We print obituaries of Orange residents and relatives of Orange residents in their entirety with photos at no charge.

You can LIKE our Facebook page and post comments, links or events and we’ll follow up on it on Orange Live. Our goal for Facebook is 1,000 Likes by Dec. 31. So far, we’re at 753 (not bad for less than 7 months) but we know that 1,000 is possible if you like the page and you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends.

http://www.orangectlive.com/ Thanks to you coming back faithfully it’s working. Thank You So Much!

Now, on to 4 Million.

We’re Back On Track

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Nov 092012

After  nearly 32 hours of unexplained computer problems, it looks like we’re back on track.

Thursday evening around 9:15 p.m. The work computer magically unfroze and allowed access to the e-mail, photos, and programs necessary to make Orange Live the number one 24/7 online site for the town of Orange.

We regret the inactivity on Orange Live between Wednesday afternoon and throughout the day on Thursday.

If you notice that there is nothing new on Orangectlive.com every day, check on the Orange Live Facebook page, which is easier to access using a number of devices, including a cell phone.

Less Than 5 Months, 691 Stories Published, 2 Million Hits — Thanks To You!

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Oct 202012

In May, the naysayers swore it couldn’t be done. One individual with a dream — giving the residents of Orange what they really want — a place to go for Local news from your town 24-7.

The Orangectlive.com news site is accompanied by an active Facebook page where most residents share their thoughts and post events that I then rewrite as a news story and post on the news site for non-Facebook users and everyone else to see.

On August 18, Orange Live made its first milestone with 1 Million Hits. That was less than three months after the official launch date. And NOW, Just 2 months and 1 day later, just shy of the five month anniversary, Orange Live has received more than 2 MILLION Hits.

If we did polls and contests, you might see something asking when readers think we’ll see our 3 millionth hit. But, Orange Live is about the news. Posting your events for you, finding interesting information to pass on  and giving you the best, most complete Amity High Varsity Sports coverage available anywhere.

Knowing how important Amity sports are to Orange residents — Our Numbers Show It — I hired renowned Sports Writer Phil Brodsky “2010 Sportswriter of the Year,” to cover Amity’s Sports Teams. He has done a phenomenal job for us.

I’d like to thank our advertisers for believing in Orange Live, our Sports Sponsors for their generosity, and YOU the faithful readers who come back day after day.

If you have a neighbor or friend that doesn’t know about Orange Live yet, please spread the word. That’s how we’ve gotten where we are today.

When you visit any of our advertisers’ businesses, make sure to tell them you saw their ad on Orange Live. I’d greatly appreciate that!






Orange Live’s Political Coverage Policy

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Aug 222012

Since launching Orange Live in May, some residents, and politicians have been wondering how I will go about covering the upcoming local, state, and national elections as well as controversial issues.

The answer is simple — fairly.

I will post newsworthy information about candidates, issues, and events as they are submitted. If there happens to be more information about one party than another, it is simply that one side has a better publicity person than the other.

I will not be endorsing local candidates on Orange Live but I will do profiles of the key candidates.

If I request a candidate’s profile information or photograph, please send it to me as soon as possible to orangectlive01@gmail.com.

However, I will not run anything that resembles negative campaigning on Orange Live. Some may call that censorship — but I believe that candidates need to run on their own merits, and I plan to allow my readers to learn about the candidates without the mudslinging that will be found on many other newsmedia outlets.

Just as I do not step up to the voting table with you and help you fill in the circles on your ballot, I will let YOU decide who the best candidate is for YOU and your family.

I will go to the polls, take photos of both Democrats and Republicans and try to have an equal amount of photographs from both sides (After 15 years of covering Orange, I know that some people actually count images and judge) and finally I will get the results up online ASAP.

… and that is my political coverage policy.

Thanks To You It’s Working! Orange Live Celebrates ONE MILLION HITS

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Aug 182012

Twelve weeks and one day after launching Orange Live, the only online news site exclusively covering the town of Orange and its residents.

Five hours after I was FREED from my former job, and fulfilling my promise to the after school kids and bringing my dog for her weekly visit, I started the Orange Live Facebook Page — within an hour I had the required 30 “likes” to have complete control of the site.

That night I purchased the Orangectlive.com domain name and with the help of a wonderful friend, began building the website.

Six days later I launched Orange Live and that day, I was delighted to get 1,657 hits — like a grain of sand on the beach now.

Oh sure, there were those who said I didn’t have a plan and that Orange Live would never go anywhere, but here it is, three months later, I’m still working a ridiculous amount of hours every day, including weekends and loving every second.

I’ve never been known to relax and vacations, well they are few and far between by choice. If I go away, who could I possibly trust to do what I do?

Today (Aug. 18) was a huge day for me, watching the statistics as Orange Live received and then surpassed one million hits.

I thank each and every one of you for turning to Orange Live for your daily news about your community.

I promise to do my part by keeping on top of the things that I know are important to you, and Sports Writer Phil Brodsky will be with me for the best Amity sports coverage you will find anywhere.  I’ll attend as many meetings and events as possible and continue to post all of your notices for you, just send them in.

Visit our Orange Live Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/Orangectlive and “LIKE” it for even more local information and conversations with your fellow townspeople.

I Love Orange and I love this Job. Thank You All again for your support.


Orange Live – NuVita Partner On Collection Drive Today 1-4 p.m.

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Aug 112012

Orange Live is teaming up with NuVita Frozen Yogurt and Cafe, 35 Old Tavern Road for a collection drive for the town’s Community Services Food Bank, Saturday, Aug. 11, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Summertime is not the traditional food drive time of year and the shelves often go bare when people are most in need.
Bring an item on the list below and I will give each person a card that will allow you a discount on your frozen yogurt purchase until 4 p.m.
Jason and I believe it is important to help our neighbors. so come on down to NuVita and be rewarded for your act of kindness. Even if the weather isn’t perfect NuVita Frozen Yogurt always is!
The Community Services Food Bank carries much more than just soup and canned vegetables. In the past two years they have greatly expanded their list to better serve Orange families in need — Yes, in this economy there ARE families that depend on Community Services for basic items that you and I may take for granted.
Community Services Food Bank List of Needs by category
Boxed Pasta
Mac & Cheese
Chick Peas
Green Beans
Chicken Noodle
Cream Of (any)
Soup Broth
Breakfast Food
Peanut Butter/Jam, Jelly
Chef Boy R Dee
Cranberry Sauce
Dish Detergent
Laundry Detergent
Paper Goods
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Pet Food
Cat Food Dry or Wet
Dog Food Dry or Wet
Boxed Potatoes
Bagged Rice
Boxed Rice
Pudding mix
Cake mix
Pie Filling
We also will accept cash and grocery store gift cards to donate to the food bank.