Once Again, For Those Who Choose To Accuse… Orange Live’s Political Policy

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Jun 222017

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 2.17.31 PMSince launching Orange Live in May 2012, some residents, and politicians wondered how I would go about covering local, state, and national elections.

The answer is simple — fairly.

I will post information about candidates, issues, and events as they are submitted as long as it is not an attack piece on an opponent.

If there happens to be more information about one party than another, it is simply that one side has a better publicity person than the other.

Note: In a past state election, I got some grief from a reader who believed I was taking sides by running one candidate’s press releases and nothing from another candidate. This was because HER camp sent me press releases and HIS didn’t. I do not go out looking for political commentary.

I will not be endorsing local candidates on Orange Live but I will do profiles of the key candidates. I do not attend political fundraisers, simply because if I can make it to one, but am busy during the other party’s event I will be accused of choosing sides. I will though, accept a well-composed photo from these events and publish them.

If I request a candidate’s profile information or photograph, please send it to me as soon as possible to orangectlive01@gmail.com.

However, I will not run anything that resembles negative campaigning on Orange Live. Some may call that censorship — but I believe that candidates need to run on their own merits, and I plan to allow my readers to learn about the candidates without the mudslinging that will be found on many other news media outlets.

Orange Live readers know that I don’t allow comments on the website, but comments may be posted on our Facebook page. BUT If I notice people attacking or insulting others I will remove the negative comments, so, it’s simple, be kind. We DO have many young people who follow Orange Live and we will not be a party to exposing them to political negativity. Be civil. Praise your own candidate, but do not post anything ugly about their opponent on any Orange Live related pages.

Just as I do not step up to the voting table with you and help you fill in the circles on your ballot, I will let YOU decide who the best candidate is for YOU and your family.

I will go to the polls, take photos of  Democrats, Republicans, and Independent candidates and try to have an equal amount of photographs from both sides (After 20 years of covering Orange, I know that some people actually count images and judge) and finally, I will get the results up online ASAP.

… and that is my political coverage policy.


This policy has been in place for 5 years and will never change. 

Kindness Rock Garden Ribbon Cutting Planned

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Jun 192017

The Orange Arts and Cultural Council and Orange Community Services have partnered together to bring a Kindness Rock Garden to town.

Every Friday in May groups of people got together to paint rocks with inspirational sayings for the garden.

The creativity expanded to the community during last week’s Orange Expo, when visitors were invited to paint rocks for inclusion in the garden.

This Wednesday, June 21 at 1 p.m. the OACC and Community Services will host a ribbon cutting for the Kindness Rock Garden at High Plains Community Center near the front cafeteria doors.

All are welcome to attend.


Certified Teacher, High School Volunteer Intern Needed For One-Week Program

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Jun 152017

One instructor (instructor must be a certified teacher-any and all grades) and one high school student (9th-12th grade) volunteer intern are needed for Camp Invention, a one-week K-6 summer camp in Orange.

The camp runs from June 19-23 at Mary L. Tracy School, from 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Student volunteers will receive 40 service hours and a letter of recommendation from Camp Invention.

Certified teacher instructors will receive $750 for the week.

Interested instructors and volunteers should contact Kate Jolly at kjolly@bethany-ed.org or call 860-418-9957. Don’t delay!

For more information about Camp Invention visit: http://campinvention.org/.

After 32 Years At Amity, Deb-bie Da-vis Is Retiring

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Jun 142017

Retiree Debbie Davis

If you attended Amity High School anytime since 1985, even if you weren’t a student and just stopped by for an event, you know Debbie Davis.

The “most beloved teacher” at Amity is retiring after 32 years.

Debbie came to Amity as a Health and Physical Education teacher and got involved with everything over the years.

She was a Senior Class Advisor for 20 years, Co-Chairman of the BOW Relay For Life, helped with the After Prom and was the school’s biggest and loudest cheerleader.

Her former boss Athletic Director Paul Mengold would ask her to do something with athletics and she would dive in with both feet.

Prior to her employment at Amity, Debbie’s husband Paul Davis was the Amity Boys and Girls Swim Coach and she became dedicated to that program. To this day, she still announces at Amity’s home swim meets in Orange.

Legendary Amity Football Coach Bill Johnson, Teacher Debbie Davis.

As she reflected on three decades with Amity, Debbie said, without missing a beat, that her favorite part was, “I LOVE, love, being with my Department. We laugh every day when you go to work it’s like an extended family,” she said. “I’m extremely fortunate.”

Debbie also loves the kids, she loves watching them as they grow from Freshman to Seniors and seeing their academic and athletic accomplishments over the years.

Although tennis is her favorite person sport, at the school she is partial to girls volleyball because of the coach, her son Seth (who was chosen by his peers as the 2017 Coach of the Year).

“They have a phenomenal team,” she said.

It seems that every day, Debbie runs into a former student who will give her a hug and chat.

One such incident surprised her when the gentleman said that she “changed his life forever and for that he will always be indebted.”

Debbie’s lesson to him was to think with your heart, not with your brain.

She feels that the best thing she’s taught her students is the importance of relationships with their family members, not just their friends. “Talk to your parents, talk to your siblings because they are the most important people in your life.”

Debbie’s husband, Paul, said, “She loves the kids but demands respect and she treats them with respect. She always tells them the truth she will let them know if they aren’t being respectful.”

“Debbie is like a second parent to the kids at Amity. She demands that they work to their highest potential, but also knows the importance of having fun,” Paul said.

Her popularity is evident at basketball games and other events when the kids start chanting “Deb-bie Da-vis,” out of the blue.

The Administration allowed Debbie to do the things she did because they knew it worked.

Amity Principal Anna Mahon spoke affectionately about her. “Debbie Davis is not just the face of Amity, she is the heart and soul. She has been a part of our school community and the greater BOW community for so many years and so many ways.”

Mahon continued, “The students love Mrs. Davis because they know that she truly loves them. Debbie is one of the most enthusiastic educators I know and she will be sorely missed by everyone, particularly during lunch when we no longer have her whistle to rely on or her signature yell while standing on a bench seat, “Clean off  your tables, thank you!”

Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin has only worked with Davis for a couple of years, but already has a deep respect and affection for her.

He said, “She embodies everything Amity Athletics stands for. She knows what’s right, what’s wrong, and she calls people on their behavior.”

George Geane and Debbie Davis

“You know she’s special when you meet her,” Goodwin said. “Everyone gravitates toward her and everyone knows her as a motherly figure.”

“What I will miss most about her is when she’ll close my door and say, “Ok, talk to me what’s the matter.” He added, “Thankfully, she will still help out next year, so we’ll see her, but I will miss the day to day interactions.”

Her friend and Relay Co-Chair Lynn Plaskowitz said, “Debbie is a very special person. She loves the kids and puts her heart into everything she does. She is respected by everyone and has a great sense of humor.”

Davis said she has mixed emotions about leaving Amity.

She will miss her best buddy Betsy in the Amity Athletic Department, with whom she has worked for many years and never argued even once.

She will no longer work 14 hour days and will have more time to spend with her grandchildren.

She can get up at any time she wants in the morning, take a swim, babysit the grandchildren and simply enjoy life. But don’t worry Amity. She’ll still be around at the games with her signature yell,  “Come On Amity!”

Orange Live wishes you the very best in your retirement, Debbie. You are a Very special lady and we treasure your friendship and wisdom over the years.

Visit our FACEBOOK page to leave a comment, share a memory or wish Debbie well. 

Derby-Milford Road Closed Due To Reconstruction Project

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Jun 132017

The reconstruction of Derby-Milford Road between Turkey Hill Rd and Fawn Dr has begun.

The road has been posted as “Closed to Thru Traffic” at Turkey Hill Rd and Prudden Lane. The road will remain closed to thru traffic, however, it is passable to local residents and emergency vehicles. Residents should use caution on that portion of the roadway.

The primary contractor is Complete Construction, however, Regional Water Authority, UI, and Frontier will all have crews on the project.

Access to the UNH Orange Campus should be made from the Southern end of Derby-Milford Rd. from Grassy Hill Road. Detours have been posted specifically for UNH traffic.

Detours have been posted specifically for UNH traffic.

Construction is scheduled to take approximately 6 months.

The Best Of The Best In Amity Athletics Honored In Orange

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Jun 132017

Three incredible Amity Spartans, Andy Hague, Max Scheps and Teddy Hague

The Amity Athletics Booster Club hosted its 61st Annual Block A Athletic Award Dinner at Grassy Hill Country Club on Sunday, June 11.

The best of the best in Amity Athletics gathered at the event, which withholds the names of the winners until they are officially announced by his or her coach following a brief biography.

In addition, four retiring coaches/educators also were recognized for their contributions: George Taylor, Rick McGowan, Gary Lindgren and Debbie Davis.

Girls Basketball MVP Emma Gehr

Following are the 2016-2017 MVPs in their respective sports: 

Baseball – Max Scheps

Boys Basketball – Tyler Thomas

Girls Basketball – Emma Gehr

Dance – Sophie Benjamin

Boys Cross Country – Kyle Beaudette

Boys Golf MVP Charlie Czejka

Cross Country – Emily Criscuolo

Field Hockey – Jenna Thomas

Football – Colin Beaulieu

Boys Golf – Charlie Csejka

Girls Golf – Bridget Barnsley

Boys Ice Hockey – Nick DeGennaro

Girls Ice Hockey – Tess Csejka

Boys Indoor Track and Field MVP Kyle Beaudette

Boys Indoor Track and Field – Kyle Beaudette

Girls Indoor Track and Field – Natalie Iwaszkiewicz

Boys Lacrosse – Mark Della Torre

Girls Lacrosse – Ana Carney

Boys Ski Racing – Henry Molot

Girls Ski Racing – Mary Foley

Boys Soccer – Matthew D’Onofrio

Girls Swimming MVP Megan Lasto

Girls Soccer – Jennifer Hauser

Softball – Brooke Matyasovsky

Boys Swimming – Colin Roy

Girls Swimming – Megan Lasto

Boys Tennis – Marco DelSanto

Girls Tennis – Daphne Kreiger

Girls Track and Field – Amy Chen

Boys Volleyball – Ari Kaufman-Frankel

Wrestling MVP Nathan Shilling

Girls Volleyball – Kathleen Walsh

Wrestling – Nathan Shilling

And here are some special awards, and scholarship awards:

Versatility Award – John Ahern and Emma Gehr

Scholar Athlete – Teddy Hague and Bailey MacNamara

Sportsmanship Award – Nathan Shilling and Natalie Iwaszkiewicz

Unified Sportsmanship Award Valeria Asperelli

Paul Mengold Outstanding Leadership Award – Andrew Hague

Albert J. Seymour Memorial Award – Matthew Hill and Jessica Ferraiolo

Thomas G. Laugeni Memorial Award – Ari Kaufman-Frankel and Kathleen Walsh

Steven J. Zeider Memorial Swimming Award – Zachary Babbitz

James Dunleavy Memorial Hockey Award – Zachary White

Coach of the Year Seth Davis (2nd from Left)

Mark E. Greco Memorial Hockey Award – Nicholas DeGennaro

Jeremy Saxe Memorial Scholarship – Alexander Friedman

Thomas J. Ross Memorial Manager Award – Daniel Chodos

Coach of the Year Award – Seth Davis

Assistant Coach of the year – Chris Parisi

Outstanding Service Award – David Teitelman

Athlete of the Year Award – Colin Beaulieu and Emily Criscuolo

Not Presented At Block A Dinner

Joseph Ciancola Memorial Baseball Award – Andrew Hague

CIAC Scholar Athlete Award – Bailey MacNamara and Jethin Gowda

Jeffery Ramadon Lacrosse Scholarship – Mark Della Torre

Marietta Mattei Outstanding Citizenship – Andrew Hague



Are You Going To The Orange Business Expo?

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Jun 112017

The 15th Annual Orange Business Expo will take place at the High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Road, on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Expo is free to visit and open to the public and includes 56 vendors and these programs:

Blood Mobile organized by the Orange Visiting Nurses Association

Seminar:  Estate Planning provided by Floman DePaola

Passport Raffle – Free Entry to all that Attend

Zoo Critters provided by Beardsley Zoo

Body Fat Testing and Physical Fitness Advice provided by Crunch Fitness

For more information, call the OEDC Office at 203-891-1045, or via email at asliby@orangeedc.com

Jun 112017

There is one very disturbing trend that we see every year around graduation week, and that is the THEFT of congratulatory balloons from the tri-town area.

Kids, remember, if you didn’t get any balloons of your own, you do not have the right to STEAL someone else’s.

Last year in Orange, someone or a couple of people went around and cut the strings on bundles of balloons, at the expense of the family members who dished out $5 each for the gifts.

It is uncertain if the nasty culprits simply let the helium filled mylar balloons fly or if they took them for themselves. In either instance it is wrong. The loose balloons most likely will end up killing sea turtles or whales (so congratulations, genius).  And the sudden appearance of these grad balloons on your own mailbox several days after the deliveries were completed, earmark you as a selfish individual.

If the individual(s) is/are caught they could face charges of criminal mischief or sixth-degree larceny (depending on just how many balloons you stole) and won’t it be embarrassing to have THAT on your record when you go for a job interview? — It tells a LOT about your character.

Four Types Of Contaminated Rawhide Recalled

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Jun 112017

If you give your dog rawhide chews, be aware of this recall.

United Pet Group, a division of Spectrum Brands, Inc., is recalling several brands of rawhide chew products because of an unapproved additive (quaternary ammonium compound mixture).

These items are:

  • American Beefhide, Lot numbers start with AH, Expiration dates of 06/01/19 through 05/31/20.
  • Digest-eeze, Lot numbers starting with AH, AV, A, AI, AO or AB, Expiration dates 06/01/19 through 05/31/20.
  • Healthy Hide (including Healthy Hide–Good-n-Fun and Healthy Hide–Good-n-Fit), Lot numbers starting with AH, AV, A, AI, AO or AB, Expiration dates 06/01/19 through 05/31/20.

The company has received limited reports of illness in dogs with symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. The company identified the additive in manufacturing plants in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia and voluntarily issued the product recalls. The compound mixture is commonly used in disinfectants, detergents and fabric softeners and is not approved as an additive to food products.

According to the recall report, “Exposure to quaternary ammonium compounds through direct ingestion may cause the following symptoms in dogs: reduced appetite, and gastric irritation including diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms may require treatment by a veterinarian depending on severity.”

Jun 112017

As you may have noticed, the convenient event calendar that once graced the left column of our front page has been missing for a while. This happened after an update and we haven’t been able to get it back yet – but we’re still working on it.
Many people, including us, depended on the calendar for a quick reference of upcoming events.
As a courtesy, we’re going to go through all of our postings to make an at-a-glance listing for everyone.
We’ll keep it updated and place it on the front page as often as possible.
This is for convenient (nearby) events.
Sunday, June 11 — (FYI) Block A Dinner [Amity Athlete Awards] at Grassy Hill Country Club, Orange, at 5 p.m.
Tuesday, June 13 — The annual Amity High School Senior Breakfast sponsored by the PTSO will take place at the school at 9:30 a.m. prior to mandatory graduation rehearsals. The PTSO is looking for donations of food and drink items and gift cards for the raffle from local restaurants and families. They also need volunteers for set up.
Wednesday, June 14 — The 15th Annual Orange Business Expo will take place at the High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Road from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Expo is free to visit and open to the public and includes 56 vendors and special events.
Wednesday, June 14 — Last Day of School Orange Elementary (tentative) Min. Day
Wednesday, June 14 — Amity High Graduation on the football field at 4 p.m.
Friday, June 16 —  The annual Tip-A-Cop fundraising event to benefit the Spacial Olympics will take place at Chip’s Family Restaurant, 321 Boston Post Road from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Saturday, June 17 — Orange Conservation Commission will host a bird walk with Frank Gallo, at the Turkey Hill Preserve beginning at 8 a.m.
Thursday, June 29 — The Orange Senior Center welcomes everyone to enjoy a free concert featuring The Vybrations on the Orange Fairgrounds, 525 Orange Center Road from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Come early for the Farmers’ Market!