Orange Police Stop Suspects Following Car Theft

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Oct 302018

An Orange resident on Ferry Road sent us this timely message today.
Hi all friends, family, and neighbors in Orange. Early this morning between 12:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. my car was broken into and rummaged through, and a car was taken from our driveway on Ferry Road.
Luckily, due to ‘suspicious activity police’ located the car a street over on Crofut road. Police apprehended a couple of suspects and a couple got away, but they did not have enough evidence to arrest.
Police mentioned if anyone has cameras that it could be of help because they likely were checking other cars in the area.
We were lucky enough to get most of our things back but would like to find who did this and prevent it from happening to anyone else in our community.
Please let the Orange PD know if you have any information, please share and STAY SAFE!